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Build Castles in 49, 55 and 56
Request aid from all able to send it for the Shadow is now on two fronts and Esterwynne might not be able to hold

We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment - and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
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Research Against the Darkness

Recruit 1000 Cataphracts in 25,26,27,28,29,34

Withdraw troops from Likome

"My liege, the Shadow has struck Robualy to the north, and to the west in Likome." The commander, indicating the positions on the Great Khan's battle map, spoke plainly. "What are your orders?" Alawat Khan pondered for a moment, rising from his chair and pacing around the table. "We have been diminished, and winter is upon us. I think it imprudent to launch an attack in these conditions."

It was true, through conquest or otherwise, the Great Horde was not at full strength. The newly researched technologies wrought back in Kogan-Sul, though mighty, would take another season at least to be brought into the field. Alawat Khan issued his orders to withdraw the contingent from Likome and to hold fast through the winter. Behind the walls of the newly built castle, the Khan would wait out the winter, as he knew he would need next season's troops to go into battle with a hope of victory.

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All I can say is holy meltafuck.
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a massive mess of incorrect information and patrotic [email protected]$%s wiggling.
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Valark watched the dark shape through the watching-glass, it swooped over the distant mountaintops and out of view. It had been twelve days since the dragons had first been sighted. Valark hadn't heard of dragons save for in stories from ancient times, where his human ancestors had sailed forth in mighty skyboats to hunt them for their valuable scales or to protect thier homes. Panic had spread across the military in the Republic, engineers frantically trying to build new weapons by pouring over ancient tomes and children's faery-tales. It seemed both laughable and terrifying to Valark in equal measure.

"Captain." A regal voice behind him said. Valark turned to see Lord Hibracht striding towards him. He had a sheathed sword and pistol. The king was naturally skilled with the latter weapon, his aim rarely straying from fatal wounding shots, however he seemed only interested in swordsmanship. He had ordered the creation of a blade which he carried at all times. It was a fine weapon, with a curious handguard that curved down around his hand and the tip also had a curved edge and a flat edge. It was a clever design which allowed for decent stabbing capabilitiy, but also boased a great power in terms of swiping slashes which could split an unarmoured skull whilst upon horseback. However on foot, Valark feard that the blade was too long for the hoards of foes that the Republic was expected to face.

"Milord?" He asked, saluting as he did so. Hibracht smiled, waving the salute away. "I request two things of you."

"Of course milord."

"First that you must escort me to the palace, I must meet with lord Baggro, secondly, I would have you as my personal guard and advisor whilst I am there, I fear there are difficult decisions to be made in light of this new threat."

Valark nodded and the two began to walk towards the stables.


Resarching Dirigibles

Heavy Infantry trained in all territories

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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 12, Winter 17th Era 66 (Common: 1245-1246)

31st of Sunken Sun, 17th Era 66 (Common: 1245)

Having spent half a year toiling for the answer to magic, the Salth had found it. Hidden in Dark Magic’s very substance lay yet another kind of magic – Abmagic – which determined many of its qualities. Using this, finely-tuned spells had been developed to cause all kinds of ailments – a niche Dark Magic lent itself to. Fear, hatred, jealousy and other emotions became the mages’ to control, and spells like invisibility and voice changers became much more precise, and extremely powerful – even the greatest at spotting something amiss could not surpass the ruse, if the spell was cast correctly.

The city’s yearly trade boost had come again, stronger than the year before. Hardships meant that so beautiful a city was a desirable place to live, in peace and plenty to research as you liked. Irèsp and his ‘court’ (for want of a better word) lived a much more troubled life. For the first time in Salthiusar, magic had been restricted. The team who had made such advancements on Dark Magic were sworn to silence of magic’s nature, and the workings behind the spells they found. Its potential, as good as it could be, was far too dangerous for the world, Irèsp saw, like the whole team. Until defences could be made, it was not time to release it on the world – though some basic ones were. The ability to cause innate fear was one a Salth mage could hardly afford to miss, especially on the battlefield, as the case was at the time.

Likome’s damages had forced Irèsp to more action. Having already sent 5 contingents away, he was loath to expend more of his forces, but ne needed to. 3 of the Magi from Likome had returned with grave news and sad tidings. For one, part of Likome had fallen. It was a sad time, indeed. The Shadow needed pushing back. However, worst of all was what they carried. In a Spirit Capsule lay 98 dead. 98 Salth had died in one attack, the first to have done so under orders from Irèsp in thousands upon thousands of years. Among their number lay Guardian Sialaat. A Guardian had fallen. Though the Founding Festival had been over for but a day, spirits across the city had already fallen. Elves cried for the fate of their city as it would become – the Guardians, strongest combatants of them all, could not even stave off a death in this harsh land. The funeral procession of all 98 dead elves was a solemn affair, garments black as the magic they had so recently studied. The Salthiusar burial crypt, recently sung in preparation of such an event, lay ready for the elves. More naturalistic elves had been asked to arrange the dead in such a way as to be ready for interring. Lying as if asleep, each elf was sung into the crypt; one by one, with Irèsp, a crystal-singer and their families as their final companions. Each stood on his or her feet, looking as if ornaments, visible through the crystal.

The elves who had returned were given leave, nicely rounding the remaining forces down to 4 contingents. Messengers were sent out to each of the Alliance’s members, requesting that Likome’s forces be boosted. He prepared to send a contingent to replace the lost one, along with a few crystal-singers to help fortify any location they would defend in. The times were getting darker, and precautions would be needed.

The only redeeming factor was the dragons. Rumours and sightings had begun to become common, and hope began to spark in the city. Salthiusar had been around long enough to have seen not only the last Draconic Golden Age, but also their previous ascendancy and disappearance. They knew they would return, and no timing could have been better for them all.



-The Founding Festival is overshadowed by elven deaths, so the populace becomes more determined and angry towards the Shadow.
-98 dead are reported from Likome’s terrirory; 3 elves are returned from duty and a whole contingent (100 Mages, 1 Guardian) is sent to replace them. This brings Likome’s Salthiusar forces to a total of 505, as it was before.
-200 Mages are trained (well, inducted into the forces for use at any time) and 2 Guardians are recruited and trained.
-Salthiusar requests that all nations in the Alliance of the West give more troops to Likome, at least replenishing the original forces sent. An Alliance meeting in Salthiusar’s Alliance building is requested for the next season.
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Default Anicea: Winter 1245

Past Industrial action:

Castle finished in province 36.

Castle finished in province 67.

100 Ironclads finished in province 66.

Huscarls researched in province 66.

Current Industrial action:

Dirigibles built in provinces 66,67 and 68.

Training Academy built in province 36.

Research Explosive Rounds in province 66.

Military Actions:

100 Ironclads move from SP 8 move to SP 23.

450 Ironclads move from SP 24 to SP 23.

425 Ironclads move from SP 43 to SP 48 with the intention of lending their guns to any further attempt from the Shadow to push into Robualian lands.

A further 425 Ironclads move from SP 44 to SP 42 en route to reinforce those in SP 43.

100 Ironclads remain in provinces 66,67 and 68 patrolling the coast.

100 Ironclads move from province 66 to SP 48 to further bolster the force sent to secure Robualy’s coastline.

40,000 Heavy infantry, 30,000 Arquebussers, 1,000 Mechanical Walkers,and 10,000 Artillery batteries move from province 40 from province 36.

Garrisons of :
20,000 Heavy Infantry, 20,000 Arquebussers and 5,000 Artillery in province 66
20,000 Heavy Infantry 10,000 Arquebussers 2,500 Artillery and 1,000 Mechanical Walkers each in provinces 67 and 68.

Diplomatic actions:

The flag of Anicea now fluttered proudly above that of the Pure in province 36, the newest territory of the Anicean Empire and the first land of Kolnur which it had claimed in over a century. The annexation of the final vestige of the once mighty Pure was almost comical, and indeed many look back on it as inevitable since the implosion of the Pure Empire in c.1244. The commander of the local Pure garrison, the same man who had surrendered his forces to the Aniceans in a desperate attempt by both sides to prevent the repeat of the massacare that occurred in province 37 upon the Empire’s incursion, approached the Aniceans with another call for assistance. That bloodbath had decidedly defeated the Pure as a whole, unwilling and unable to mount a cohesive defence in the face of such force they crumbled on all fronts until only the Anicean protectorate remained. This could not last. With the capital gone and the Immortal Lord of the Pure written off as yet another of the countless bodies buried amongst the wreckage of his Empire, the Pure stood without a central government or leader and the society was breaking at the seams. Looting, riots and the hyperinflation of the now worthless Pure currency strangled the nation which convulsed in its death throes, until the Anicean forces overcame their hesitation and oath of non-interference. Anicean army patrols and units took up the vacant roles of policing the streets alongside their heavily undermanned Pure counterparts, and swiftly cracked down on any civil disturbances, restoring at least a temporary calm to the province. Next, the Empire began to phase out the Pure currency, maintaining a stranglehold on the local economy through nationalisation and control of the wealth so as to manage the price of goods in the meantime. Eventually, the society began to rebuild itself and establish its own provincial government; many would look back and question whether the Aniceans had been justified in their heavy handed reactions, but none for a moment doubted that they had been effective.

-Province 36 is annexed by the Anicean Empire as the Pure.

A Kolnur already battered and bruised by the infighting and squabbling of its peoples now faced a new kind of war as the Shadow once again assailed the border kingdoms. In what would be come to be known as the Year of the Shadow, the lands of Robualy and Likome felt the force of the hordes of the night, and for the first time the war that had seemed so far away came to threaten the coastline of Anicea itself. Struggling to hold back the tides, the Alliance of the West began to mobilise itself for the coming hardships, but Anicea found itself torn to aid a conflict on two fronts. After heated debates a line had to be drawn on how much Anicea could spare for the West, and troops were dispatched to meet the foe in the East in an attempt to assist the Robualians so that they together they can relieve the pressure on the besieged bastion-nation of Esterwynne. However, the kingdom had no intention of allowing its shores to be vulnerable, so the great ships of the sky began to take flight; the result of countless hours of toil in the great Academies of Learning, the dirigibles rose to counter the threat of the dragons and to finally give Anicea a means to take the fight further inland against its foe. The leaders of Anicea could only wait and hope that the nations of Kolnur could rise to face the challenge on their doorstep and perhaps rally around their defeat of the Plupori and the Pure, or else the great North Sea would become very small indeed.

-Anicea regretfully informs the Alliance of the West that it can spare no more than the 550 Ironclads it has already sent to Likome, as it moves to assist the fight in the East, but declares that the ships themselves would not remove themselves from the theatre for any reason until victory or defeat, even for the defence of Eastern Anicea herself.

-The Anicean forces that had been tested against the Pure are mobilised once more for the aid of a friend, responding to the call from Esterwynne.

-The Anicean government sends envoys to meet with both the Empire and the Turokhi to plea with them to make peace so that their forces can be freed to aid in the fight against the Shadow, declaring that the year 1245 would be remembered by future generations as either the day that Kolnur showed that it still stood strong together, or finally succumbed to the denizens of the dark.

-King Steelfarmer himself writes a letter on behalf of the nation sending its condolences to Salthuisar for its losses, mourning the first blow on the "Great Library of Kolnur".

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Territory 37- Train Derigbles
Territory 39- Train Derigbles
Territory 41- Train Derigbles
Territory 42- Train Derigbles
Territory 65- Train Derigbles

Check out my Angels of Retribution fluff!! All c&c is welcome
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Spring 1246

The Shadow has surged from the dark places of the world once more. The casualties inflicted against the Darkness at the hands of the defenders of Kolnur seems to not have phased it at all, for once more hordes of foul creatures and the undead pour forth.

To the East, the newly forged Order has been struck a blow as it loses the lands of Province 43 to the Shadows forces. Now cut off from any support from the Empire, the Order faces a struggle for its survival in a war at two fronts.

To the West, the creatures of the Shadow that landed upon Likome's shores just one season ago, turn their sights to battle once more, but not against Likome, rather against Darkorin. The ill-prepared and under-garrisoned Province 15 fell in a matter of hours.

None doubt that Summer will bring new attacks and more death. But how long can Kolnur endure under this constant pressure if it still refuses to unite.

New Traits

Military Traits

Born of the Shadow: There are precious few that have walked through the lands of the Darkness and returned to the lands of Kolnur alive. These survivors know the Shadow better than any other, and although they are few in number, they will be vital in these coming battles against the Darkness.

Flight Traits (You may only take One)

Speed is of the Essence (Requires Dirigibles) Among the nations of Kolnur, there are some who value speed above all else, and their Dirigibles reflect this attitude. Sacrificing firepower and armour for incredible speed, these craft can strike into the heart of an enemy's army and then be gone before they are even registered. (May take 1,000 "Fast Dirigibles")

Death from the skies An attack from above, from which there is no defense, can cripple an army before it even reaches the battlefield. There are nations of Kolnur that utilize their Dirigibles as "Bombers", specialized to rain down fire and destruction upon the armies of their enemies. (May take 500 "Bomber Dirigibles" and 200 "Fighter Dirigibles"

They shall fall Some among the nations of Kolnur recognize the threat that enemy Dirigibles and even Dragons can pose to their armies, and so they take Dirigibles especially built to combat and take down enemy flying craft. (May take 600 Interceptor Dirigibles)

We shall fight them in the skies Dirigibles are deadly new weapons in a war against other nations and the Shadow alike. There are many nations who decided to take the ever adaptive "Fighter Dirigibles" as there staple Dirigible while also taking small squadrons of the other Dirigibles to represent a balanced Air Force. (May take 400 Fighter Dirigibles, 100 Bomber Dirigibles, 100 Interceptor Dirigibles and 100 Fast Dirigibles)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg HO Map for JB.jpg (203.0 KB, 19 views)

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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“They’ve had their chances,” Gandogar sighed, regret obvious on his face. “Send in our soldiers. Give the order. Wipe them out. They have to learn that we mean what we say. I have already been too lenient. Give the order. All those who resist shall be killed.”

“Yes, Father. I shall be glad to!”


Province 7 - Train Interceptor Dirigibles
Province 9 - Train Heavy Infantry
Province 11 - Train Fighter Dirigible
Province 12 - Train Bomber Dirigibles

Province 9 to Province 8 - Move all troops
Province 12 to Province 8 - 1000 Mechanised Warriors
Province 7 to Province 11 - 1000 Mechanical Walkers
Province 11 to Province 8 - 20,000 Cavalry, 10,000 Crossbowmen, 10,000 heavy Infantry, 100 Magi

Military Positioning:

Province 12 -
Conscripts - 51,000
12,000 Heavy Infantry
12,000 Crossbowmen
35,000 Heavy Cavalry
297 Magi
300 Artillery

Province 11 -
Conscripts - 50,000
15,000 Heavy Infantry
13,000 Crossbowmen
29,000 Heavy Cavalry
397 Magi
500 Artillery
1000 Mechanical Walkers

Province 8 -
Conscripts - 98,000
21,816 Heavy Infantry
22,610 Crossbowmen
34,000 Heavy Cavalry
201 Magi
300 Artillery
1000 Mechanised Warriors

Province 7 -
2 Magi
6000 Heavy Infantry

Malochai von Carstein; Terror of Hunger Wood, Lord of Lichenhof Tower

Roleplay Characters
The Darkness - Conquest: Kerin-Curan
Darkness - Traditional: Glaïmbar Bokkadsson
Age of Dragons: Endras Amlugon
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Default Salthiusar (18): Turn 13, Spring 17th Era 66 (Common: 1246)

3rd of Sow, 17th Era 66 (Common: 1246)

“Schinrael!” Cursed Irèsp. “Darkorin’s lost lands now? Schinrael. The Alliance needs to meet, and soon.”

The council chambers had filled for the first time in Salthiusar’s history due to the risk that was mounting against them. The tiered rows of benches held representatives from every organisation from Salthiusar, including the farmers’ guilds from outside the city. With the new knowledge of magic’s fundamentals, the Guardians now knew how to scan for evil intent, as 20 were demonstrating at the time. Irèsp’s swearing was highly unsettling for the elves in the room, as he rarely uttered as much when his most important experiments failed.

“In light of the new circumstances,” Irèsp stood up to speak to all assembled in the room. “I suggest all we could do is to get the Alliance’s leaders to meet here. I don’t think any of them will want to go, but it will be necessary. Does anyone object?”

A few elves in the room suggested a few things, one asking whether their own forces would be bolstered for it – a firm no was its answer. Having settled it, a Guardian was dispatched to send an ambassador to each nation’s leader, requesting they hold a meeting in Salthiusar in exactly 3 months’ time, on the 3rd of Wither.

The only good news they had received was that an elf famous for his battle prowess had joined to be the new Guardian, replacing Sialaat. The mages in research had all been tasked to projects that could help in the war. Summoning, illusions, counter-necromancy, healing and the like were all pulled to the fore, the mages’ competitive steak beginning to show. Normally, others in Salthiusar would be highly disturbed by such a thing, but it served only to be good in the times they lived. A few prototype unbinding spells had been developed, but the magical expenditure they involved was too much – there had to be a better way.

-All member nations of the Alliance of the West are invited by letter and ambassador to a meeting in Salthiusar on the 3rd of Wither to discuss the alliance’s future and how to stay alive.
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The Khan was growing anxious, as he knew every moment they were not in the field, the Shadow was likely strengthening its grip. But the time was not right, not yet, the Khan told himself. If they were to move now, it could leave something open to attack. An unfathomable quandary, as the Shadow was no normal enemy, seemingly omnipotent, with no discernible supply lines, capital or granaries to raid.

As he sat pondering, staring at his battle map and manipulating the various figurines representing his forces, Captain Vachir walked in, a dower look on his face; though it was plain to see he was trying to put up a better appearance around the men. “My Khan, word from Salthiusar. They have requested your presence to discuss matters of the Alliance…”

Perhaps this is why Vachir looked so vexed. He knew that this meeting was of dire importance, but at the same time if the Great-Khan were to leave his horde for the discussion, with foreigners no less, the men’s spirits would be dashed. Vachir stood fast, handing the Khan the scroll, letting him read it for him. “By the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, what do they expect my answer to be? I am trying to win a war out here; I cannot desert my men at a time like this! This will not do, not do at all… damnit all, send word for Mafis, I want him here on the first steam train out of Kogan-Sul!”

Vachir smirked under his beard for a moment, as Mafis was the one who had brought the dispense to him. The man was a logistical genius, a managerial savant and knew the Khan since he was a child. He likely understood the effect such a journey would have on the horde’s morale, and had a proposition to make to the Khan, in person. Alawat Khan looked ready to kill something with his bare hands as Mafis strolled into the command tent, “Khan, I you wished for my presence? I am the one who brought the message, but deigned Vachir should deliver it as I was indisposed previously. As this is time sensitive, I will be brief. I believe the best course of action would be to send myself, and Captain Vachir, in your stead. You will stay here, as is your wish, rallying the troops and forward deployed in the event of a contingency situation. Do you concur?”

The Khan thought for a moment, weighing the potential benefits of his presence in the field and that of the meeting, and decided to let Mafis and Vachir go in his place. The men would continue training through the season, and hopefully word would come fast as to the decisions made in Salthiusar.

Research Dirigibles
Train Cataphracts in all provinces

Originally Posted by Putch. View Post
All I can say is holy meltafuck.
Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
a massive mess of incorrect information and patrotic [email protected]$%s wiggling.
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