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Nation Name: Anicea
Chosen Colour for Nation: Light Green
People of Importance:
Population: 8.2 million approx. although an exact census is impossible due to the recent influx of refugees.


National Traits

Cunning Linguists – Throughout their history, the Aniceans have discovered that war is not always the best answer to a solution which can often be far more effectively resolved with dialogue. Anicean diplomats and negotiators treat their work almost as an art, and as necessary to the country’s survival as its army and fleet, even if the words they say are threats to use said forces.

Homeland Security – The Aniceans like to keep to themselves and take the defence of their borders seriously. Counter-intelligence agencies work in tandem with naval patrols to defend the country, although with the recent influx of refugees, who knows what may get out?

Farmhands – Even before the founding of the Empire the Aniceans were famed for their agriculture, indeed before the mighty industries of Anicea, it was farming that helped sustain the fledgling country and allowed it to reach the heights it did.

Population Traits

Industrious – The people of Anicea forged an Empire in the past with the sweat of their brow, the blood of their hearts and the iron of their swords, when they are motivated, the Aniceans can truly achieve greatness.

Look at all the babies! – Although a moderately sized nation, the sudden influx of refugees following the invasion of the Shadow has caused Anicea’s population to explode dramatically.

Academic Traits

Academy of War – The Schools of War in Anicea are old as their heritage suggests, and can draw upon the knowledge of centuries. Although not as popular as some of the centres of military knowledge the Alliance could call upon, the Naval Colleges in particular still are amongst the leaders in their fields.

Science Academy – Technology has always driven Anicea in favour of magic, and their centres of learning are evident of this. The Univerisites and colleges of Anicea are respected across Kolnur for their rich histories - indeed many credit the Science Academies of Anicea for the first steamships, which now dominate its fleet - although access has been difficult for outsiders for some time, it has not been impossible.

Military Traits

For King and Country! – The Aniceans have always maintained a standing force as a deterrence to any Alliance aggression. The army are expertly trained and highly skilled, and was of modest size compared to the total population before the influx of refugees, as befit a nation that constantly stared down an opponent across the waves.

Soldiers of the Line – The infantry form the backbone of the Anicean army, they are highly disciplined, and skilled and are looked at as the honourable warriors of the nation. They will not falter, they will not fail and they will not let up.

Strategists – The War Academies of Anicea have produced officers and Generals who are among the best in Kolnur, and wherever the military of Anicea may act, there is always some plan in play.

Military Units Traits

Light Infantry – The lightly armed infantry of Anicea have largely fallen out of fashion in recent times, with the conscript armies disbanded long ago, although given recent events, there have been calls for the recreation of the Light Infantry forces as both a conscript army, and an elite section of the army.

Heavy Infantry – The backbone of the Anicean Army, the Heavy Infantry have become immersed in stories of honour, heroism and bravery throughout Anicea’s culture, and although dwarves are the most common, both Gnomes and Dwarves can be seen standing shoulder to shoulder in the shield walls as brothers and sisters.

Arquebussers – The arquebusser has taken up a prominent role in the Anicean army, completely replacing the archer soon after their weapon’s invention. Both Gnomes and Dwarves fill the ranks, supporting the lines of Heavy Infantry with the potent firearms.

Artillery – The Artillery batteries of Anicea are powerful indeed, sporting cannon second to none throughout Kolnur, with the improvements of the Gnomes closely guarded secrets of the Artillery and Arquebusser brigades.

Naval Traits

Ship Building – ¬The shipyards of Anicea have long been famed throughout Kolnur for their work, and have produced some of the mightiest vessels to sail the seas.

Ship Artillery – The devastating cannon that line the broadside of an Iron Navy vessel can loose a barrage capable of sinking lesser ships at great range and pierce the armour of the larger vessels that stray to close.

Ironclad – The Ironclads are the pride of the Iron Navy and the symbol of Anicean naval power.

Iron Waves – The Iron Navy has always been a distributer of Anicean foreign policy, both through peacekeeping and pirate operations as well as through acts of war. Whether feared or admired, none can doubt the power of the Anicean Fleet.

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits

This…is….my…BOOMSTICK! – Developed and improved by Gnommish sceintists, the Arquebusser has quickly become a mainstay within the Anicean army.

Alchemical Alloys – The mighty walkers of the Anicean army and the hulking Ironclads of the Fleet both benefit from the superior alloys that line their hulls, allowing them to weather the fury of battle thanks to the exploitation of Alchemy and Chemistry. Even the dwarven forts and strongholds could utilise bunkers made of Alchemical Alloys superior to stone.

Cannons – The cannon has become common throughout the Anicean military, whether it be in dwarven forts, onboard mechanical walkers, within the artillery brigades or even in the Ironclads of the fleet; they deal death and destruction to those who oppose Anicea.

Steam Engine – The steam engine is a more recent development in Anicea, but has quickly become adopted in everything from the mechanical walkers of the army, the factories in industries, the Ironclads in the fleet to even more situations between.

Mechanical Walkers – The land Ironclads of the Anicean army support the Infantry in battle, giving the force some much needed mobile strength in place of traditional cavalry. Powered by steam engines, walkers are also beginning to be used much more aggressively as their mobility and speed have increased dramatically.

Trains – Since the development of steam engines, railroads have crisscrossed the nation, allowing for the mobilisation of troops and for an economic boom in industries benefiting from the network. Some have come to call the trains the ‘Ironclads of Industry’.

Racial Traits

Dwarven defences – The forts and strongholds of the dwarves have held invasion, raid and storm, they are bastions of strength and will not give in without a fight.

Need more boom – The Gnomes of Anicea have long sought to utilise superior weaponry to counter their diminuitive size, although similar in height to the dwarves, they lack their build and strength. This lead to the rapid adoption and development of firearms, and now the Arquebussers and Cannon of Anicea are among the most powerful in Kolnur.


Legends tell that the nation of Anicea came into being from an alliance between a collection of dwarves and gnomes, driven in part by marriages between the royal families and the ruling classes as well as the desire to stand together against the dangers of the world. However, this Anicea would be unrecognisable with the one that exists today as much has changed in the land throughout its turbulent history. The formation of modern Anicea, however, was the result of what has come to be called the Anicean Revolution. For decades the land was under the iron fist of a tyrannical king, with his reign fermenting anger, hatred and discontent amongst the populace; many feared that the nation would tear itself apart if the King did not recognise the cries of his people. Indeed, many attempted revolts were forcefully putdown in brutal shows of force. This terror could not last, and the spark that rallied the disgruntled people to action was none other than the heir to the throne, an ancient Gnommish Prince. Although battles were fought and blood was spilled, the violence was minimal as entire armies joined their fellow countrymen in overthrowing their despot. The result of this uprising was the ascension of King Jagus I to the throne, whose first act of office was to establish a parliament that would work in tandem with the monarchy so as to ensure that the people’s wishes were always heard. The system that was eventually put in place was based on the ancient councils of the gnomes, as well as the feudal system of the dwarves, and it has survived as the system of government of Anicea to this day.

As time wore on, the nation of Anicea rapidly grew in influence and power, with the devotion and dedication of its industrious citizenry allowing it claw its way to prominence. Wars were fought, victories were enshrined and the economy of Anicea fuelled the imperialistic expansion of a Superpower. Two centuries before the formation of the Grand Alliance, Anicea was inarguably the most powerful state in all of Kolnur, or at the very least the most powerful nation that chose to throw its weight around. It was in this period that Anicea took the task of keeper of the peace upon itself, intervening in conflicts across the lands with its mighty army and patrolling the trade routes with an unrivalled fleet; Anicea mounted operations to quash civil unrest, pioneered economic aid packages and even played a role in the expulsion of bandit tribes that dared harass their merchants. However, rather than see the actions of Anicea as attempts to maintain order in the world, the country’s fellow nations soon grew irritated by the constant interventions and interference in what they considered to be domestic affairs. Soon, even the victims that Anicea tried to save resented the assistance and by the time the mighty Superpower found itself in its inevitable decline, it had no more friends to turn to.

The leading theory is that it was economic, but the decline of the Anicean Empire eventually lead to military withdrawals and the expulsion of its fleets form other countries’ territorial waters. Soon the once invincible Empire was hounded from every direction, being portrayed as the bully that dared to stick its manipulative paws where they were not wanted. The cancellation of trade agreements and the economic isolation was the last straw for Anicea, which made the decision to take the resources that needed to survive and heal its ailing economy. At first the invasions surpassed expectations, and the Empire’s armies were ordered deeper and deeper inland as politicians lost sight of military necessities and became infatuated with their own greed and the supposed ‘resurgence’ of the Empire. Although the Empire was past its prime, it was still stronger than any single nation and as such brushed aside all who opposed it. Amongst the cries of nationalism and imperialism, one voice was drowned out, that of the Navy, long since pushed out of mind as simply a deterrence force against pirates and bandits the Admirality became frantic as they saw the winds of change gather their strength, unnoticed by those in Anicea.

Two Hundred years ago the Grand Alliance was formed, and although the fledgling Alliance did not wield nearly as much power as it eventually would come to command, its Armies shattered the Anicean lines, not expecting a concerted attack. Within a week, all the gains the Empire had made in War was overturned, and by the end of the month the Empire was being pushed to the coast, lands that it had called its own for centuries being left behind in a no-holds-barred retreat off the mainland. The mighty armies of the Empire lay tattered and ruins and the Alliance prepared to mount an invasion of Anicea and put an end to the country’s tyranny. However, its forces came up against the Iron Navy, holding the line against the Alliance at sea until a shaky stalemate was earned through blood and iron. Eventually, the lives and sacrifices of the Navy lead to the signing of a treaty as the Grand Alliance chose that the losses of a protracted campaign were not worth the results, and decided that a demolished Anicea was as good as an obliterated one. Anicea survived but the Empire was no more, and it found itself cast in the Shadow of the greatest alliance Kolnur has ever known.

During the time of the Grand Alliance, Anicea became reserved and focused within its own sphere of influence, with a generation growing up bitter with the outside world and considering themselves all the better for not interfering in it and its countless problems. The one exception to this rule of self-imposed isolation, was the Navy which took on the role it always had, patrolling the seas against pirates and brigands, although when once it guarded the oceans, it was now restricted to the diminished Anicean sphere of influence. Many today argue that the continued enforcement of the Iron Navy was the only reason the Grand Alliance chose not to finish the job that it had started, and eventually the two powers learned to leave each other to their own devices. However, upon the invasion of the Shadow, even the Aniceans had to take notice of the world around them. The first indication of anything amiss to Anicea was the full-scale mobilisation of the Grand Alliance garrisons that they had been monitoring for the past 200 years; the immediate thoughts were of a coming invasion and fears of another great war. The truth, it was discovered, was far worse.

Whilst Kolnur burned, nations fell and the permnament deterrence against Anicea turned their backs on the island nation and made their way inland, the Council bickered amongst themselves as to how best deal with the situation, should they take advantage of the weakened Alliance and deal their rightful vengeance, or should they take any action at all? It wasn’t their problem, they reasoned and the Alliance had made it clear what they thought of Anicean interference. However, once again it was the Navy that took the lead, bearing witness to the fires on the mainland and the cries of cities burning in the night, the Fleet mobilised itself and decided to take the only action it could; for the first time in nearly two centuries, the Iron Navy sailed beyond Anicea’s territorial waters to stand shoulder to shoulder with its Alliance counterparts.
The end was never truly in doubt, the Alliance could not stand against such a force; however, the war with the Alliance did leave the Shadow reeling, at with its final cry of freedom and the flames of its funeral pyre, the Grand Alliance cast back the relentless armies of the dark – at least for a time. The fleets which the Iron Navy had fought alongside returned to their own nations, most of the crews wondering if there was anything left of their homes at all. As such, the Iron Navy once again took to the oceans in order to shepherd the fleets of refugees to sheltered lands; for many, the first indication that civilization was still existing beyond their shattered borders, was the glinting sight and steam cloud of an Ironclad off the coast.

Now, Anicea has found that it is not alone in this new world, and although some countries did survive, not nearly did as was hoped. The result is that refugees who were expected to move on to other nations had to be taken in by Anicea, causing its population to explode. Fortunately, the land had always maintained a powerful military as a deterent against the Alliance, so was able to maintain order and control, and the bountiful farms of Anicea could feed the masses. In spite of this, one thing was for sure: in this new world, no more could Anicea seclude itself and trust in the waves as its wall, although whether this is the moment for the Empire to once again ascend, or the final nail in the coffin of a fallen giant, only time will tell.


1000 Ironclads

90,000 Heavy Infantry
20,000 Artillery Batteries
3,000 Mechanical Walkers (30,000 total)
60,000 Arquebussers

OOC: Ok the bare bones here. I’m posting this up because I’m short of time thanks to exams coming at me this week, I’ll try to fix it up ASAP but I hope I’ve put enough up so as not to impede the creation of the map etc ;)

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Looking good at the moment and I'm happy to welcome Anicea once more, even if it has changed a bit. And it's enough for the map, don't worry.

Only a few more days till the map is finished (i hope) and from then it will only be a matter of time until this RP kicks off. Lets see those nations people.

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Nation Name: Kogan-sul
Chosen Colour for Nation: Yellow
People of Importance: Supreme Leader Alawat Khan, Forgefather Snori Fiendfoe
Population: 2 million Dwarves and 8 million humans

National Traits
-National Security
-I believe you have underestimated the sneakiness sir

Population Traits
-Look at all the Babies

Academic Traits
-Academy of War

Military Traits
-Golden Horde
-Mithril Armour (Free?)
-Masterful Cavalry
-Soldiers of the Line

Military Units
-Heavy Infantry
-Light Cavalry
-Heavy Cavalry

-Steam Engine

Naval Traits:
-Iron Waves
-Ship Artillery

-Born on a Horse (Human)
-Gems in the Rough (Dwarf)

The nation of Kogan-sul was founded by nomadic tribes fleeing an unknown enemy. Settling in the shadows of the great Mount Kogan, the tribesmen carved out a living from the land, whilst always maintaining their horsemanship skills on the open steppes which surround the region.

Legend has it that a warband stumbled across a dwarven outpost in the nearby mountains, fighting bravely but being turned back by the heavily armed and armored defenders. The ruling khan saw this as an opportunity to gain a powerful ally, and a pact was struck with the dwarves of Mount Kogan, hailing from Clan Fiendfoe.

Through the centuries the nation prospered, spreading to the nearby shores of the great sea. Trade grew, and eventually traders were a common sight in the city's bazaars. Dwarven merchants could be seen selling their wares, mighty weapons forged in the heart of the nearby fortress-city, and loads of bulk ore would routinely be shipped out for far-away ports.

The prosperity enjoyed by the nation did not come without cost, and constant military vigilance became a trait engrained into all. Several wars were fought, as well as punitive expeditions Through the crucible of combat, the humans and dwarves forged a unique bond.

While the nation has remained isolated in recent memory, the strongest enemy Kogan-sul has ever faced is closing in. Felling the ancient Alliance, the Great Shadow now threatens to consume the nation of men and dwarves alike. The smith-hammers can be heard in the streets, sharpening steel and mending armor. Supreme Leader Alawat Khan is raising a horde unseen in an age and Forgefather Snori Fiendfoe has summoned his war-council. Kogan-sul is going to war.

Note: The men and dwarves of Kogan-sul, through shared history have extremely good cooperation, even down to the lowliest conscript. The infantry and artillery elements of the Kogani military fall under the direct command of the Forgefather, whose heavy infantry make up the entirety of the regularly fielded force. Human conscripts fall under this command structure. Likewise, archers and cavalry units report to the human chain of command. Despite these differences, all elements of the military regularly drill together and as such maneuvers by all elements are in coordination with the strategy agreed upon by Snori Fiendfoe and Alawat Khan's military high command.

100,000 Heavy Infantry (Dwarven)
50,000 Artillery (Dwarven)
50,000 Archers (Human)
100,000 Heavy Cavalry (Human)
100,000 Light Cavalry (Human)
400,000 Conscripts
1000 Ironclads

Originally Posted by Putch. View Post
All I can say is holy meltafuck.
Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
a massive mess of incorrect information and patrotic [email protected]$%s wiggling.

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Um, Therizza, I'm pretty sure we are only allowed one racial trait per race, which would mean removing a dwarven and human trait =\

EDIT: Another thing I've noticed ... A lot of people are going for 'Look at all the babies'. I think I'm the second smallest nation out there? That's going to be fun ...

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looks like we're all hoping to become the dominant powers, rather than stick to a more story based nation I have to admit i am guilty of some of this
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sorry I havnt posted my nation yet sudden loss of a loved one you see will post up when able
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(RP looks awesome! ) room for one more?
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Originally Posted by Malochai View Post
...Another thing I've noticed ... A lot of people are going for 'Look at all the babies'. I think I'm the second smallest nation out there? That's going to be fun ...
I feel like the small child in the playground who starts getting beaten up all the time... then I turn and beat the everliving crap out of them.
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Nation Name: The Republic of Esterwynne (Pronounced Ester-win)

Chosen Colour for Nation: Silver or Grey.

Nation Government Type: Republic

People of Importance
The Council - 100 people who form the leaders of the Republic, they are evenly divided between Elves and Humans and a consul is elected from both, a man or woman who is willing to defend the land at all costs. The current consuls are Matrim, one of the greatest strategist to walk the halls of the School of War and Moiraire, one of the most powerful Elven Mage seen in Esterwynne since the death of the last Arch-Mage. Also important is the leader of The Warders; Lan Halfelven, a man and a Blademaster better would be almost impossible to find

4,917,013 at the last census, two million of which were elves and the rest human


Population Traits
Loyal - If there is one thing you can rely on when it comes to the people of Esterwynne, it is their unfailing loyalty to the realm. They would never dream of betraying their country

Academic Traits
School of War - The School of War at Kel Delvolwen is one of the greatest military academies in the world; second to none, but equal
with few. Within its walls have been taught some of the greatest military minds ever seen on Kolnur

Guild of Mages - The Guild of Mages is without a doubt the greatest of its kind. The lore within has lasted for millennia. It also holds the only record of Varokesh’s fate; to be used as a warning to all those who would attempt to use the vortex for selfish ends

Military Traits
For the Republic - The people of Esterwynne view military service as an honour and with good reason. Their soldiers are among the best trained, armed and armoured in Kolnur; the numbers of the army may be small, but there is no shortage of volunteers to replace those who fall in battle. If anything the only reason the army is so small is because there aren’t enough trainers to bring the soldiers to the level required

Elven Longbows - Each lovingly hand crafted by Elven artisans the longbows of Esterwynne are famed throughout Kolnur for their power. They are capable of punching arrows through heavy armour at close range and pierce light armour at distances of over 200 paces

Mithril - If there is one thing the dwarves envy Esterwynne for it is their Mithril mines. These mines, operated almost solely by magic, produce more Mithril than almost any other mine network in Kolnur and it is put to good use, armouring soldiers for war

Elven Craftsmanship - The weapons wielded by the soldiers of Esterwynne, from a foot soldier’s dagger to an officer’s long sword is crafted with Elven skill and woven with enchantments, turning what was simple metal into a killing device. The oldest blades even seem to have sentience infused into them, so great were the magics woven into their metal

Strategists - Trained in the Academy of War the Generals of Esterwynne are still some of the greatest in the world and with good reason for many of the Alliance's generals studied there also

Soldiers of the Line - The warriors of Esterwynne, though mostly famous for their mages are also famed throughout the lands for the masterful discipline of their front line soldiers. They have been trained to the peak of martial perfection and can march for days upon end and still be ready to fight at the end of it. It is for this that they are both respected and feared

Fearless - Fear is alien to the soldiers of Esterwynne, who believe that the only honourable death is one where your death accomplishes something. It does not matter what that something is, be it as simple as warning others of a bandit raid and dying on the way or as great as sacrificing yourself so that the many might live, both are honourable to the people of Esterwynne

Elemental Magic Traits
Mastery of Magic - There are none in Kolnur to match the Mages of Esterwynne in their command of the elements. At the Guild of Mages resides the wisdom of thousands of the greatest Mages Kolnur has ever seen and with the words of these great men guiding them Esterwynne’s mages have surpassed all in their mastery of the arcane. They are capable of controlling the movements of the earth, forming flames hot enough to melt stone, commanding the tides and summoning storms

Racial Traits
Elves - The Elves of Esterwynne are masters of the arcane arts, so much so as to put many of their human counterparts to shame

Humans - The humans of Esterwynne are explorers by nature with a yearning to discover more of the world and so the maps in the School of War are some of the most detailed charts in Kolnur

Military strength

The Fall - This is what the coming of the Shadow has come to be known as by the people of Esterwynne. After it was done, the armies that once caused the foes of the Alliance to tremble at their coming was in ruins. Where once over a million men marched at the call of the Alliance now less than fifty thousand remain living, the rest burned in pyres, the smoke plumes of which could be seen from the dragon peaks of Aleria

The Sentinels - The frontline soldiers of Esterwynne, The Sentinels are crossed trained as heavy cavalry and heavy infantry. Every one of them is adept with the lance, the halberd, the sword and the shield. It is they who make up the bulk of the armies of Esterwynne and the sight of the Sentinels marching to battle has put fear into the hearts of foes uncountable. The Sentinels, though made up of both races, are vastly composed of humans for they are more suited to stand in the shield-wall than the graceful elves who also call Esterwynne their home. Their number was shattered, decimated by the countless conflicts as they struggled to save the Alliance. All for nought. But the seven thousand remaining are veterans of The Fall and they will never take a backwards pace, even in the face of certain death. Where once fear was rare, now it has ceased to exist in their hearts.
Numbers - 7,513

The Guardians - Though they are not as feared as The Sentinels, they should be. The Guardians are trained as both light infantry and archers and it is they who cause the tracts of enemy dead from skilfully laid ambushes and devilish traps. It is they who darken the sun in battle with countless arrows. The arrows in flight make a sound that has come to be known as the Devil’s Harp Music for when they fall it as if Death himself has come to the battlefield and swept his scythe through the enemy. There are only six thousand of them remaining and they struggle to hold all the land they kept after The Fall. But they will never surrender
Numbers - 6,962

The War-Magi - These are not the fabled Arch-Mages, whom even the Arch-Lichs feared. But they are mages and they have no small supply of power. Mostly trained in fire and earth magics they immolate or crush their foes with ease though there are only a thousand of them remaining. But they are still the strongest mages in Kolnur. Woe betide he who dismisses that simple fact
Numbers - 1,150

The Warders - The mere rumour of The Warders joining the field of battle has ended countless battles before they had even begun. Quite possibly the best soldiers in Kolnur, they were renowned as such even before the Alliance fell to the shadow. It is they who halted the Shadow at the Battle of the Passes, the Siege of Karovonhra. It was they who drove the Shadow back and they who payed the steepest price. Once numbering in the thousands, nay the tens of thousands there are now less than five hundred remaining. But they stand unbowed and fearless. Should they march again as they once did, the Shadow itself will tremble at their coming
Numbers - 201

Total Numbers - 15,826


Bastion of Light
Champions of the Alliance
Founding Member

That should all be correct... I think

Edit: Mastery of magic is all the Elemental Magic traits combined

Oh and can we gain new traits over the course of the rp?

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How many troops do you actually have?
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