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It looks interesting, but I might have to drop out of a few things in order to participate in this and I'm not sure if it'll be worth it

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Ehh, been a while since I did a good RP. Lets do this.

Character Chart

Name: Visk
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Race: Vorcha
Archtype: Soldier
Subarchtype: Soldier

Primarily an orange-brown color with black points (Face, hands, feet). Bright blue warpaint is applied in strams around the eyes and chin, drawing a great deal of attention to a very large set of unnervingly predatorial red eyes and pronounced teeth. Visk is larger than a normal Vorcha, probably due to his unnaturally long life and the obvious hardships entailed in such a lifespan. He wears moderate body armor, though not by any conventional means- It appears to be more bolted together plates of metal that were cut to shape from various sources. The origin of these metal plates is unknown, as few have the courage to ask and fewer have the patience to sit through his bloodcurdling rants.

Primary Weapon: Talon V
Secondary Weapon: Visk is fond of a thick, jagged blade made from the same metal his armor seems to be cut from.


The vast majority of Vorcha die before 25. The few that live longer inevitably become terrifying and cruel threats. Visk is no exception. In a species where violence is the answer to everything and death is cheap, Visk thrives by excelling at the former and spitting in the face of the latter. Even from a very young age, he was extremely aggressive, having killed his first rival by the age of four. The parents of the child were unhappy, so they attempted to kill him in return. He narrowly escaped, but returned that night and killed them too. In this Visk showed he had one quality his kindred did not generally exhibit- Intelligence. Not the kind that makes the world a better place, mind you, rather the kind that makes you afraid. Visk showed he was not a mindless animal, but that he was an alert and vicious predator. He was destined to lead. And lead he did. At the age of 16 he was the head of a notorious pirate gang whose name was unpronounceable by other races, but generally just became to be known as "The red ribbons", as the ship they had stolen had been decorated with red stripes and war paint, much like its occupants. The crew was held in line through a combination of fear and primal respect for Visk's bloodlust and cruelty. Visk preyed on trade routes for years until he got cocky and began homing in on what he thought would be easy prey- Volus merchant ships loaded with weapons and trade goods bound for Palaven and the Citadel. His plan was to simply swoop in, disable the ships, kill the crew, loot the cargo, and be gone by the time the Turians arrived. It worked at first- Visk and his crew were rolling in credits and black market goods in no time. Unfortunately, Visk's first lesson in humility came from the front end of a Turian cruiser. A particularly juicy target was laid out as bait for Visk- A Volus cargo vessel with a malfunctioning engine. Life signs and weapon signatures were spoofed. It wouldn't fool anything cutting-edge, but the Red Ribbons were certainly not in possession of highly advanced ship sensors.

Sure enough, Visk took the bait. However, the Turians had made a critical mistake in their plan. The ship did not fire off an SOS as soon as Visk came into contact with them. He boarded anyway, not sure if it was a trap, leaving half his crew behind. His ambition and greed ended up being his undoing however- The moment he saw no crew, he knew it was a trap. By that point, it was too late. The Red Ribbons' ship was eviscerated by the first shot, killing the occupants and puncturing the Volus ship's hull with shrapnel. Furious, he set his men to fixing the sabotaged engine. As the destroyer drew closer, hailing Visk constantly, Visk for the first time in his life felt outmatched and outgunned. His fear made him even angrier.

The Turians had underestimated Visk's ability to get the ship working, but they had destroyed half of his crew, his ship, and a large portion of his stockpiled wealth. He virtually disappeared, furious at his own failures, instead ending up on Omega to squander what he had left of his vast fortune on cheap thrills. He kept the fragments of his old ship that were lodged in the hull of the Volus vessel and set the tattered ship on a collision course with the nearest Turian colony, and set what was left of his crew loose with their portion of the wealth, fully aware they would go waving their credit chit around like morons and get their heads blown off- But that was the price they paid for their stupidity, and if they didn't do that and actually survived to spend some of it? Better for them. When the Reapers struck, Blood Pack mercs began trawling through Omega for troops. When they learned Visk, the Vorcha pirate king, was somewhere on Omega, they began an active find-and-recruit operation. Visk, however, made it clear he would not take orders from lesser Vorcha or from Garm, and Garm was none too pleased. In a fit of rage, Garm called Visk out in a duel. Visk, not being a fool, declined with eloquence only Vorcha know. Upon hearing the news, Garm went to kill him in person, but Archangel's timely intervention began absorbing so much of Garm's time that Visk became an afterthought. Content with the continuation of his retirement, he made Omega his home and gained a reputation at his favorite establishments- Almost as if Visk's life-altering Turian encounter had reformed him. This was far from the case however; He stopped bar fights and beat up drunk patrons causing trouble because they annoyed him, not because they annoyed other people. Still, they seemed to like him for it, and gave him free drinks when he kept the peace, which was good enough for him.

Omega went largely untouched by the apocalypse happening in the rest of the galaxy, with the notable exception of an influx of wealth from pirates and a fiasco involving a plague- But the plague didn't kill Vorcha, so Visk didn't care. Then Cerberus came.

When the Adjutants attacked, Visk's thirst for battle was re-ignited; He hadn't felt the primal urge for killing in some time, and he welcomed the feeling. His vast wealth allowed him to buy armaments stolen from Cerberus themselves, specifically a highly upgraded Talon shotpistol. He had the shards of his old ship cut and shaped into armor for him to wear and a blade to kill with, and he set to work organizing the Vorcha to resist the creatures. Cerberus arrived to help exterminate the threat, which every person in Omega thought was odd- Omega was almost completely non-human in population. Why would Cerberus not simply blow the station up? When the horrible truth came to light, it was too late- They had already been beaten. Aria T'Loak was exiled, and many left after her, including Visk. However, Visk's blood boiled at the betrayal and the loss of his home, and his first act upon arriving on the Citadel was to demand to join whatever force was being sent to kill Cerberus. Upon discovering his identity, C-Sec wanted to arrest him immediately, but their hands were stayed by the new Commander Bailey, who saw Visk as possibly valuable. At worst, he would die fighting geth, reapers, Cerberus, and all the other horrors the apocalypse was throwing at them.

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im still here and watching, just reviewing the applications.

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Brendxb: profile is fine for the most part. only bit i'm concerned about is the 1v1 wit ha brute, mind you it's doable, but not something you'd want to do all that often.

Lord Ramo: as always nice profile. the N7 training isnt so much as training as being nominated for it. you get nominated, and head down to rio. there are 7 ranks of N, 1-6 is all basicaly just hurdles for some of the most intense training in the galaxy, N7 is awarded once you actualy overcome all of those and proceed to show exemplary service. you can get all the way to N6, pass all hte tests, and still not be promoted to N7

Iron Angel: the firestorm's a no go, you already come pre equiped with a wrist mounted flamethrower built into your omnitool. recomend utalizing another weapon. if you're going for bloody and primal, recomend going with a Graal Spike Thrower, carnafex, or a talon (who doesnt like a shotgun the size of a pistol?)

forward note, heavy weapons are a no, and i dont mean heavy in a relitive, but i mean like rocket launchers, flame throwers, nukes, ect.

once each of you replies witht a proposed change if need be, i'll go ahead and add your card up to the approved list.

still need more guys and gals, krogans arent reconized yet, neither are our favorite birds with a stick up their ass, asari are still mia, as are a variety of others

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.
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You spelt operation wrong mate, just saying it was the first thing I spotted.

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kk on the brute and just saying he did need rescue afterwards so he wasn't all that glad about the fight. Also came down to luck over skill finding the gun so don't worry he isn't some supper killer soldier and would probably lose against a brute in CQB.

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Name: Vas Moreh

Age: 1 month (although he can access memories from centuries before)

Sex: (‘He’ considers himself male)

Race: Geth

Archtype: Engineer

Subarchtype: Geth Engineer

Appearance: Little distinguishes individual Geth to those outside of the consensus, save for a few; indeed until recently an individual platform could not be considered an individual Geth under any circumstances. Moreh, however, like many Geth, have begun to display certain levels of individuality. Moreh’s grey-black carapace is dented from battle-damage, scars which have only not been repaired as they do not impair his functioning; the intricate swirls and patterns which represent the Vas Moreh, Moreh’s adoptive home, is a stark contrast to the dull tones of the rest of his platform. In addition to this, Moreh takes immense pride in the meticulously cared for ‘Nova Cluster’ medallion pinned to his carapace, which is his most prized possession, although one of his only ones. However, since the uploading of the Reaper code in the Battle for Rannoch , clusters of Geth programs have become aware and spawned consciounceness. The programs located on Moreh’s platform were one such example.

Primary weapon: Geth Pulse Rifle III

Secondary weapon: Omni Tool (He’s an engineer, it might as well be a weapon :3 )

Biography: Vas Moreh has memories stretching centuries which he can recall with almost perfect clarity and ease, the cumulative experiences of all the disparate programs which joined to create his consciousness. Yet Moreh considers none of them to be truly his, likening them to a database or references rather than actual personal recollections. ‘He’ as an individual did not exist to feel the events or to live through them, so the memories remain cold and distant, only taking form in retrospect. For this reason, Moreh has been ‘alive’ for less than two years. When he was first ‘born’ Moreh’s first feelings were of confusion, fear and then unknowing; Geth were capable of true thought for the first time, and even the consensus lacked the experiences to draw on for answers to the many questions that they were asking. Moreh was on Rannoch, his platform having taken part in the conflict that engulfed the planet, and he wandered aimlessly for days, seeing the same sights that were recorded and surveyed so thoroughly by the consensus but seemed so new to him. Eventually, Moreh stumbled into a homestead being established by Quarian colonists from the vessel Moreh. The Quarians were kind and accepting families, overcoming their initial apprehension with welcome, and Moreh found his first purpose in life aiding the individuals he soon called friends and kin, claiming the name of Vas Moreh his own. It is in communities such as this that the Geth and Quarians began to coexist and trust one another once more, but beyond Rannoch the galaxy was convulsing under the jackboot of the Reaper invasion, and the Geth rallied to honour the promise of the Legion platform to the Shepherd-Commander. Moreh found himself deployed to systems within the Turian Hierarchy, the disciplined warriors relieved for the reinforcements the platforms brought. It is upon the cold desolate landscapes of scorched Turian moons which Moreh displayed an aptitude for combat, feeling at home and at peace with the engineering corps of the Turian forces, his almost innate knowledge for technology proving invaluable with their supply lines so often cut short. Together, Turian and Geth held on to the barren rock which sported a number of fighter and bomber bases, with the ground forces repelling attack after attack, often sleeping in rooms which hours before had been combat zones. The fighting was relentless and constant, yet the Geth matched the tireless pace, requiring neither sleep nor rest for day son end; in one such clash, the soldiers managed to retake their outpost after being pushed into a last stand in the mess in a battle which lasted for 52 hours of practically non-stop fighting. By its end the Turian base commander, covered in blood, oil and sweat, tore his own Nova Cluster from his uniform, before planting it firmly in Moreh’s hands, laughing at the Geth’s request for further orders as soldiers lay exhausted and fatigued from battle stating that Moreh would make a ‘damn-fine Turian’. To this day the medallion is a constant fixture on Moreh’s chest, a symbol of pride which formed an anchor to Moreh, still trying to figure out the complictaions of consciousness. Although none have yet informed the Geth that the medallion is in fact technically the property of Turian Hierarchy as the Base Commander did not have the authority to bestow the commendation upon him; those who have considered doing so have thought better of it upon taking in the battle-scorched platform which bears it.

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