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well in a few posts above, deathbringer listed you as part of the twelve character sheets that he expected to have, prompting him to close recruitment. Of course he will have the final say, but I would say throw it in and see what happens.

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Hey! I have an itch and the only cure is gory sci fi sequences. Let's get this thing started! Let's accept some characters and get this RP started already!

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Calm down there mate. Db has a life outside Heresy rp. It will be accepted when it is and rushing him wont make things any better.

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indeed, good things come to those that wait

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Name: Peitor 'Doc' Simmons

Age: 48

Sex: Male

Appearance: Doc has a rough, stubbled face a wide jaw and coarse, scarred features. His face is a mess of grime and scars, though none are altogether too impressive, merely little nicks and scratches. His eyes are a bleak grey. He is stocky, Standing at 5ft 8 with short, dark-grey hair and constantly messy, blood-stained flak jacket and simple, fairly worn combat fatigues.

Personality: Stoic, Gruff and brutally honest, Peitor isn't always the most confidence-inspiring medical officer, but his medical knowledge and battlefield experience are valuable to his allies. He is often mistaken for having a rather grim personality, but he enjoys humour as much as the next man. He views his duty to be winning battles. He realises that this can only be done by an army of men, no one man can do it alone, so Doc fixes all the soldiers that get wounded, ensuring that the most possible people can keep fighting for as long as possible.
As he once served in the vaunted Cadian shock troops, Doc has never lost his military professionalism from this esteemed guardsman force.

Quirk: Doc is a man who has seen, for want of a better phrase, some serious S***. He's seen an explosive round in someone's heart detonate on a operating table and rip the faces off three medics, he's seen men with Nurgle infection deteriorate and rot before his very eyes. This can cause a few little 'issues' and, as such, when Doc is under stress, he occasionally has 'little ticks', these vary from a twitching eye to even a small spasm of one side of his body, though they are infrequent and only under extreme stress.

Background: Doc was conscripted as a white-shield at the age of fifteen. He was issued a rifle and assigned to the 88th Cadian regiment. His squad was quickly promoted up to full guardsmen for all of them showed initiative and skill, except those who died of course. As a guardsman, Doc first showed his skill in the field of medical action. Under fire from eldar snipers, Doc's sergeant got hit in the chest. Doc dragged him into cover, taking a round to the arm, but ignoring the pain. Once behind cover he pulled out the jagged shuriken to of his arm and used it, with his knife, to dig the jagged shot out of his sergeant's chest. The then bandaged the chest with a torn shred of his tunic and this saved the sergeant's life. Doc made corporal and was issued a medal for his services. After several other impressive medical feats, he was recruited into the Cadian Medical Corps and began his duties with impressive results. He served as a medic for six years, becoming a valued member of his company. He moved from Conscript to company medical officer in a mere five years, an impressive medical record for anyone. He has now spent over thirty years in the guard and is nothing if not a veteran.

One relic from a past life: Medical scanner. This device allows Doc to see the location of bullets, broken bones and shrapnel. It can even detect the extent of tumors, burns and infections. It is a small box, around twelve inches high, eight inches wide and an inch thick. It works when held anywhere within a meter of the wounded individual, though the closer one gets, the more detailed and accurate the analysis.

Reason for induction into the penal legion: Doc's life was perfect, chief medical officer of the 88th cadian under Colonel Grisham. One day that changed. Grisham, a front line officer who was unafraid of shouldering the burden with his men, was shot by a stray lasgun from a rebel guardsmen. He was replaced by Colonel Calder. The man was a tyrant. He never so much as stepped onto a battlefield, sending the company into the thickest and nastiest battles, leaving Doc in technical field command. One time, whilst fighting in a ridge against a rebel armoured company with barely any anti-tank gear. Doc couldn't take it. He ordered a full retreat of the remainder of the company, personally carrying a wounded soldier back to the forward base. When he returned, Calder used his rank and influence to talk down Doc and have him court marshalled. He would have been shot, had his skill as a medic not been so well known. He was subtly diverted to the penal legion in the hope that he could make even the most unsurvivable military forces last a little longer.

Reaction to induction: Being inducted into the penal legion has had less effect on Doc than most, he simply sees it as another place for him to fight the enemy and keep imperial troops alive.

Specialist skill: As his nickname suggests, Doc's has a great skill as a medic. If someone is injured, provided no vital organs are missing, he can probably fix it.

Notes on gear: Though essentially standard, his combat knife is slightly thinner and sharper, so that it works as a better scalpel.

Relationships with other characters:
P.M. me if you want to have a history with my character.

If I'm too late then I would like to put it up as a reserve character for potential drop outs.

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Oh look, another medic joins the penal legion

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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description whore
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Aloha everybody

(Recruitment is officially closed as I have my 12 sheets... if we get drop outs i will open again)

I am officially up to date with all my rps (woop) and have accepted 9 charactors thus far

see the first post, with all names accepted though I'm pretty sure you all know it (plus if you click on the names, the sheets come up which I think should make the whole thing lovely and neat)

Hogglord and especially Signatus, this is totally my bad, I have been shockingly busy with work lately and didnt want to give you a half arsed review, your charactors deserve better and thus I will be reviewing tonight, latest tomorrow morning gmt.

Jam if you could get those updates done asap I'd be really greatful

Can i just say of the other 3 charactors I'm happy with the concept and can see no reason to reject them, its just adding in a few details and tying it all together, so we are on the last stage of dotting the eyes and crossing the t's and if i can, I will have this up by tomorrow night

So yes we should be scratching that itch very soon.

Thank you all for your patience
As a little tidbit of information though I'm sure it won't stay your hunger

A few little facts about how the Saben Penitentiary 23rd Deceased are organised and how they operate

A little over a thousand strong, the Saben Penitentiary are organised into 5 platoons of roughly a two hundred each which are split into 4 squads of 50, each managed by a penal custodian. They report directly to a Lieutenant.

The Lieutenants report directly to Colonel Erkl Kritz and Major Arnold Bradshaw.

The pair both remain either on board their ship which is officially called "The Emperor's Forgiveness" however is colloquially known as "The Graveyard".

The ship in question is actually owned by the Colonel himself, whose father was one of the owners of a huge plantation on one of the larger agriworlds in the Saben system. Upon his demise the business was sold by Kril, who had already been a Lieutenant in the Saben Penitentary 14th for 3 years and had no interest in returning to tend crops.

Upon his promotion to Colonel of the newly created Saben 21st the regiments deployement was stalled by problems with a shortage of Imperial Navy vessels after a rather destructive campaign with a smaller ork Space Hulk which had pushed into the subsector.

With orders pressing and the Colonel desperate to prove himself he purchased and renamed the ship, which had been taken by the Imperial Navy after it's captain was discovered smuggling huge amounts of Narcotics.

Deamed unsuitable for transformation it was to be scrapped, however upon review by the colonel he offered to purchase the ship at a reasonable price, provided the Imperial Navy provided a crew to staff it. Over the years the Colonel has spent incredible amounts of money upon the ship (though do not be fooled, the colonel rents the ship to the saben penitentary and after costs for damages and a little bonus to an exo account of the chief warden makes a tidy profit and gets to live his dream of waging war across the galaxy).

Over the years it has evolved and upgraded from the small squat little ship it once was, to a small squat little ship that can hold feed and train a penal legion company. Though the shields have been upgraded and the warp drive replaced, the main revelations have been upon the inside, where a false hold allowed the merchant to smuggle huge quantities of illegal substances unknown by customs. This has been switched out and segregated to make use as storage for the new human cargo this ship carries.

Much like its colloquial counterpart, The Graveyard offers no guarantee of a good nights sleep or a comfortable rest....

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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So be it.
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Edits - is this good???

Character sheet

Name: Lucius Vermillion

Age: 19

Appearance: He has piercing blue eyes that seem to stare into the depths of your soul. It is said that the eyes tell all - this is a philosophy he ascribes to and it is also true about him. When he is angry, his eyes seem to be on fire - though the rest of his body may show nothing - and when sad, or depressed, they soften. If you want to know him, just stare into his eyes.

He has shaggy brown hair that looks as if it hasn’t been washed in months (probably because it hasn’t), and an impeccable smile. He is around 6" tall and strongly built - if not for his constants smiling, he would be a very intimidating person. Even with it, few would want to mess with him, especially if they see him fight - He's not particularly skilled, but he never stops smiling. This disarms less experienced foes better than any knife could.

Quirk: He is almost always smiling, unless something horrible is happening. It's very disarming to witness, especially in a fight - having his cold, cruel smile staring straight at you would send a chill through even the most experienced of soldiers.

If Lucius isn't smiling, those around him had better take heed - something is about to go wrong. Some say that this is a gift, some a curse, and some call for his death - but most do not realize the seeds of precognition visible in his smile.

Background: He was born to nobility on the feudal world Maeva, a planet in the domain of the Astral Hunters (self made chapter, name still being decided, paintscheme avatar). His father was the head of a large district, and was famous for having destroyed a cult of tzeentch starting on the planet without help from the Astartes, using only his own men and a free-lance detective Michael Straube. He was a former Colonel in the royal navy, and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.

Lucius was planning to join the military, but before he left for the recruiters he saw his girlfriend one last time. He used his spare key to enter her house and went up to her room, finding her dead on the ground. Her body was mutilated almost beyond recognition, and she had obviously been brutally raped and tortured before her eventual death. He fell to the ground sobbing, and reached out to her and plucked the necklace he had given her for her birthday. It was a pendant with both their initials encircled upon a winged heart (he had ordered it specially made).

He was leaving the room when the local police force came rushing into the house. They saw him and subdued him, and he blacked out. He returned to consciousness in a dark room where they attempted to make him confess. He refused, using the image of her body as a reason to hold out - the real killer had to be brought to justice.

Numerous people testified against him, against his character and that he had indeed been in the house long enough to commit the murder. One man in particular caught his eye, an evil looking man with an eyepatch who wore a deadly looking knife at his side. The man claimed to have been his deceased lover's mandolin instructor, but Lucius knew this was false because he had been the one teaching her. The man said that she had told him of her fears that Lucius would snap before leaving, and that she was terrified. Instantly, Lucius knew he had to avenge his love. He waited, and the sentence was ordered. There was no direct proof, but there was enough circumstantial evidence to sentence him to a life in prison. Lucius knew this was perfect, he would find a way to end his antagonist. His father didn't believe he could do it.

He was sixteen then. He stayed in jail for two years before his father decided to give him a chance to prove himself. The murderer was brought in after being caught consorting with a known smuggler. He would have been released after confessing, but he wasn't given the opportunity.

Lucius carefully picked the lock, knowing he wouldn't escape the next layer of protection but not caring. He snuck up behind the guard by his antagonists section of the jail and silently slit his throat, gasping with terror as the crimson red liquid flowed down his arm and onto the ground. He paused to regain his resolve, and determinedly approached his foe.

The murderers faced each other, only a metal door separating them. The external opened the door, and the internal cowered in the face of a knife. The two closed distance, each with desperation in his eyes - only one walked away.

They put Lucius on trial, this time easily linking him to the two murders he committed, with his own confession. The trial was over, his sentence declared, and Lucius turned to see his father staring straight at him. The two smiled, and the boy realized he had never seen his father so proud. Lord Vermillion turned and whispered something to the judge.

They offered him another choice other than death - a chance to serve in the Penal legions of the Imperial guard. He accepted, but didn’t get what he bargained for...

One relic from a past life: Lucius was able to keep his fathers mandolin after expressing his mastery of it. Apparently the Commissar who recruited him had a thing for music… Then something about moral… or something… All he knows is that he will stay sane, and he may well survive.

Reason for induction into the penal legion: The murder of his lover's killer and a nearby guard. His silent destruction of his foe (and more importantly the influence of his father) led Lucius to survive, but in the Penal legions.

Reaction to induction: He was excited at the prospect of not dying. Still though… He's not particularly happy about being trapped in the military equivalent to hell for the rest of his life. He wants out, to return to his father.

Specialist skill: He is an expert Mandolin player, and is able to put many animals and beasts to rest using it, as well as calm the nerves of other people. It is how he relaxes, and though he plays it constantly, his ever-changing harmonies ranging from melodic to downright harsh never get tiring to listen to. He is rarely asked to stop (and when he does he ignores it), but rather to play only a specific type of music. This often ends in his stopping, because he gets bored after a while but does not wish to aggravate others unnecessarily.

Relationships with other characters: none as of yet, but he is fairly open to making friends… as long as they don’t mess with his mandolin.

If you go down to the woods today, be wary

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Right all charactors have been added to the orginal post meaning we have our full 12

just waiting for hogglord and signatus to post their edits and then I will get this thing going. Nonetheless while we wait I'm going to start writing the action thread with the aim to post it as soon as they've had time to update.

This should be beginning very soon

Thanks for your patience

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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description whore
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Action thread is half written, it's bloody long already. Haven't heard from signatus but his edits were minor and hogglord has fleshed his out very nicely so I'm going to get this moving and post up the action thread tonight or tomorrow (hopefully tonight)

I would just like to say when you see the wall of text.

All of that does not have to be included in your update.

This is to give you an idea of what has been going on, the torment you have been suffering, to give a basis for any reflection on your hardships so you can really cut loose and focus on anything you feel like.

As an incentive, every single one of your charactors has been mentioned in the wall somewhere for shits and giggles with a little bit of god modding in a very innocent way, but i hope you enjoy it

I promise I will try and make other updates shorter

Lets get this show on the road

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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