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description whore
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Okay, I got nothing done last night, apologies, tonight should get some more pm's out but it is a friends leaving drinks so lets see what state I'm in after that, might not go, feeling tired. If so I will be sending pms and writing the action thread beginning

I will be updating the original post when i begin accepting charactors which will be monday. So could everyone who has registered interest or suspiciously lurked and feels like joining try and have there charactors up by monday.

I'm off from work so I'll be able to pm any, and there dont seem to be many from what I've seen, changes to you guys and then obviously get this started hopefully tuesday

Just to give a rough idea of the head count and so I know what I'm doing:

So we have our 6 charactors thus far

Midge913: Charactor submitted
Maelstrom48: Charactor submitted
Dasomen: Charactor submitted
Angel Encarmine: Charactor submitted (edit's look great but ill give it another skim a little later but looks mint to me)
Romero's Own: Charactor Submitted (delighted you decided to join despite the mamoth project you've just undertaken)
High_Seraph: Charactor Submitted (good to see your keeping safe mate, not seen you in a while lad, glad my last dalliance into gm dom wasn't enough to keep you away)

Jamob: Awaiting charactor
Lord Ramo: Awaiting charactor
Hogglord: Awaiting charactor
Signatus:Awaiting skulky charactor

Unxpekted22: Friendly lurker

I've also had two others register interest in passing though we shall see if that comes to fruition me may hit the maximum of 12 which is great (pushing it) but absolutely fantastic

so excited about this
get them up guys

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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So be it.
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Ooohh right ill post that. I had it done like 2 days ago, but then thanksgiving happened...
This is the finished one.

Name: Lucius Vermillion

Age: 19

Appearance: He has piercing blue eyes that seem to stare into the depths of your soul. It is said that the eyes tell all - this is a philosophy he ascribes to and it is also true about him. When he is angry, his eyes seem to be on fire - though the rest of his body may show nothing - and when sad, or depressed, they soften. If you want to know him, just stare into his eyes.

He has shaggy brown hair that looks as if it hasn’t been washed in months (probably because it hasn’t), and an impeccable smile. He is around 6" tall and strongly built - if not for his constants smiling, he would be a very intimidating person. Even with it, few would want to mess with him, especially if they see him fight - He's not particularly skilled, but he never stops smiling. This disarms less experienced foes better than any knife could.

Quirk: He is almost always smiling, unless something horrible is happening. It's very disarming to witness, especially in a fight - having his cold, cruel smile staring straight at you would send a chill through even the most experienced of soldiers.

If Lucius isn't smiling, those around him had better take heed - something is about to go wrong.

Background: He was born to nobility on the airless hive world Umayyad, home of the Astral Hunters (self made chapter, name still being decided, paintscheme avatar). His father was the head of a large district, and was famous for having destroyed a cult of tzeentch starting on the planet without help from the Astartes, using only his own men and a free-lance detective Michael Straube. He was a former Commissar in the royal navy, and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.

Lucius was planning to join the military, but before he left for the recruiters he saw his girlfriend one last time. He used his spare key to enter her house and went up to her room, finding her dead on the ground. Her body was mutilated almost beyond recognition, and she had obviously been brutally raped and tortured before her eventual death. He fell to the ground sobbing, and reached out to her and plucked the necklace he had given her for her birthday. It was a pendant with both their initials encircled upon a winged heart (he had ordered it specially made).

He was leaving the room when the local police force came rushing into the house. They saw him and subdued him, and he blacked out. He returned to consciousness in a dark room where they attempted to make him confess. He refused, using the image of her body as a reason to hold out - the real killer had to be brought to justice.

Numerous people testified against him, against his character and that he had indeed been in the house long enough to commit the murder. One man in particular caught his eye, an evil looking man with an eyepatch who wore a deadly looking knife at his side. The man claimed to have been his deceased lover's mandolin instructor, but Lucius knew this was false because he had been the one teaching her. The man said that she had told him of her fears that Lucius would snap before leaving, and that she was terrified. Instantly, Lucius knew he had to avenge his love. He waited, and the sentence was ordered. There was no direct proof, but there was enough circumstantial evidence to sentence him to a life in prison. Lucius knew this was perfect, he would find a way to end his antagonist.

He was sixteen then. He stayed in jail for two years, biding his time and becoming stronger. Finally he found a way to escape, and he used a shiv he had crafted to take down a guard and then hid the body. He spent months searching for the murderer of his love, and finally found that bastard.

He was a mandolin teacher, and had taught Lucius' father. That is where he found the man, sitting with his father instructing him. Lucius stared in disbelief, and hesitated, debating killing the man with his father there. His father, however, had no such restraints, and pulled a lasgun off the wall and open fired. Lucius ducked under the table and returned fire, hitting his father's legs and then got up and finished him with a single shot to the head, tears running down his face. His father had never looked so proud.

He chased after the escaping murderer, not realizing that he himself fit the category, smiling to himself as he felt the distance closing. He gunned down the man, but didn’t kill him, only crippling him. He looked into his adversary's eyes and gouged his eyes out slowly, cutting him in multiple places and smiling grimly. He finally ended the monster, his work completed. He returned to the house, and picked up his father's mandolin. He hugged it to himself closely, crying and laughing at the same time. He stayed there for hours, and was eventually found by the authorities. He didn't resist, allowing himself to be taken - his work was finished.

They put him on trial, this time easily linking him to the two murders he committed, with his own confession. However, they admired his courage and daring, and so offered him another choice other than death - a chance to serve in the Penal legions of the Imperial guard. He accepted, but didn’t get what he bargained for...

One relic from a past life: Lucius was able to keep his fathers mandolin after expressing his mastery of it. Apparently the Commissar who recruited him had a thing for music… Then something about moral… or something… All he knows is that he will stay sane, and he may well survive.

Reason for induction into the penal legion: The murder of his father and lover's killer. He hunted the murderer down ruthlessly, and was forced to kill his father as well - this both impressed the court and required a death sentence, so they took the alternative and gave him a change to serve.

Reaction to induction: He was excited at the prospect of not dying. Still though… He's not particularly happy about being trapped in the military equivalent to hell for the rest of his life. While he kind of repents his actions, he also wants out - the two will most likely conflict often...

Specialist skill: He is an expert Mandolin player, and is able to put many animals and beasts to rest using it, as well as calm the nerves of other people. It is how he relaxes, and though he plays it constantly, his ever-changing harmonies ranging from melodic to downright harsh never get tiring to listen to. He is rarely asked to stop (and when he does he ignores it), but rather to play only a specific type of music. This often ends in his stopping, because he gets bored after a while but does not wish to aggravate others unnecessarily.

Relationships with other characters: none as of yet, but he is fairly open to making friends… as long as they don’t mess with his mandolin.

If you go down to the woods today, be wary
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Will have a post up saturday evening mate.

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visit roleplay threads!
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If you recognize some things DB, I am bringing back a few traits from an old character I liked but didnt really get to use. For all intents and purposes he is completely different from before though. Also my imagination seems rather stunted at the moment but I want to get this up tonight, so I leave it up to you to determine the quality.

Name: Thavian Rivette

Age: 32

Appearance: Thavian has well toned muscle and incredible endurance. Just over six feet with a hardened face, gritty cheeks, buzz cut light-brown hair, brown eyes, a flat forehead, smooth chin, and stubble facial hair with a couple of scar patches that have stunted the growth of hair beneath them. The faint remnants of freckles that were more apparent when he was a child cover his nose and the unscarred portions of his upper cheeks beneath the eyes.

Quirk: Talks to himself, and to others he has met and talked to before even if they aren't actually there.

Background: Thavian was born and raised on a world in a neighboring system to Aridon. His homeworld, Ridion, has been scarcely scarred, for only a few acts of war have struck into it over the millenia. Ridion's populace is a clean one, with little crime and a proud and strong faith to the Emperor of Mankind. Its tithes are given with pleasure, and its housing comfortable having stayed away from hive construction as much as possible. Fortunately for Ridion, it is a medium grade tithe world, and not a heavy one. Otherwise it would likely be blemished with as many spires as any Hive world has in the Imperium's galactic radius.

Thavian was born with genetic flaws, though, affecting his ability to fit into the stout society. A few family members apparently had similar symptoms in the past but none nearly as bad. These flaws are all psychological, as his physical genetics are in great condition. With an inability to control himself from speaking his thoughts more often than not, and speaking to people not actually around him he was quickly made an outcast. His family wasn't sure how to fix the problem and any attempts failed, but it was enough to make him aware of his flaws and attempt to curb them. He still tries to stop his habits to this day. However, as he ages other bonds in his already weak mind have began to break and his ticks have become physical as well such as throwing random fits, which are sometimes rather violent and directed at those trying to help him, clearly confused as to what their intentions are.

He got very good at running. He was free when he ran, and would go long distances so his talking wouldn't bother people. Eventually he began building muscle as well. Working his muscles was the only thing in his life he hadnt lost control of by his early twenties.

Despite his efforts, the people around him couldn't see past their beliefs and fears. Thavian was different and rumors of something other than genetic flaws began to spread. Some thought it was a cover up for something worse, even members of his own family started to believe these things. With Thavian babbling to people next to him that no one else could see, the Emperor stricken populace believed him heretical more and more. He must have been a witch, or perhaps possessed by something.

To his neighbors, and to the local arbites, Thavian's behavior became an illegal sort. He never actually committed any other crimes, though. A decision was made to send him off to the nearest penal legion. The people in his community felt a weight lift off their shoulders when he was shipped away with the few other criminals of Ridion that year. They felt they could sigh in relief, not having to feel bad about their decision. They had gotten rid of Thavian, but in a good way. He was with criminals where he belonged but could fight for their beloved Emperor at the same time, which he was deemed still worthy of since the only crime he had actually committed by the time of his departure was being born.

He has been with the Saben Penitentiary since early in its formation, that being around five months. He has completed all initial training regiments and has recently been assigned to a newly forming squad. He has ye tto see true battle. He has received several marks and scars because of his flaws getting him into trouble and fights. None of his scars are anything major, and most are from the first few months when no one knew he had mental issues. During his training he has so far proven to be an extremely solid soldier, for a penal legionnaire at least, and many other legionnaires came to an understanding about him, though certainly far from all. He's not huge, hes not small, and he's no long-time veteran. He's not a specialist, nor a genius of any kind, but his peers have found that when put against multiple enemies he can be one beast of a trooper, a natural. Because he cant control his thoughts or mouth, his brain diverts the focus gained from a lifetime of anger 100% to his body's movements in the heat of battle making his reactions and precision dead on point.

Relic: A beautiful stone he found while running one day.

Induction: Once he stopped getting in fights so often, he actually came to like it better than Ridion. Everyone else in the penal legion was a freak too....

Specialist Skill: He's a fantastic runner, and in battle his reaction times and precision shots are nothing to mess with. He's no sniper by any means, but a good shot in firefights.

Relations to others: He has a hard time communicating, but if anyone is looking to be around someone who's not actually such a bad guy, he's one to go to.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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description whore
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Well we have 8 submitted charactors, which is fantastic, so glad to have this interest as i really do have a lot of ideas rattling around for this one, really cant wait to get this going

Sorry for the delay on the feedback, last night escalated quickly

Midge913: Charactor submitted
Maelstrom48: Charactor submitted
Dasomen: Charactor submitted
Angel Encarmine: Charactor submitted
Romero's Own: Charactor Submitted
High_Seraph: Charactor Submitted
Unxpekted22: Charactor Submitted
Jamob:Charactor submitted

Lord Ramo: Awaiting charactor
Hogglord: Awaiting charactor
Signatus:Awaiting skulky charactor

Charactors by monday if possible people, will be officially accepting then some great submissions

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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Looks like a brilliant roleplay.

I won't join right now - Because, even though I have a character in mind - I'm not exactly confident in my posting times.

If a space opens up, pop me a pm.

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'Yes, lord.'
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I recognize the parts of that one from your storm trooper in the patchwork company... awesomeness Unxpekted
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The Emperor Protects
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Too big to fit in a PM apprently. But here we go, let me know if owt needs changing mate.


Name: Samuel DiStefano

Age: 27

Appearance: Standing at just under six feet and at around a hundred and eighty pounds, DiStefano, cuts a wiry and lean profile, sculpted from a lifetime of training and duty. He has a diamond shaped face and prominently high cheek bones, with the violet irises often seen in Cadians standing out against his pale complexion. His hair would be a light shade of brown, tousled and unruly, leading to it being shaved down all over to ensure a tidy and disciplined appearance. Hs the numbers three seven three tattooed on the underside of his left forearm in the style of a stencil.

Quirk: An ex-smoker but a creature of habit, DiStefano, often carries a packet of smokes with him yet never actually smokes any, instead going through the motions all the way to the point of getting a lighter out, before putting everything away again.

Background: Born on the fortress world of Cadia, the choice of what DiStefano, wanted to do with his life was largely out of his hands. Like all children of the gate world, he intimately knew the workings of a lasgun before he knew how to do basic arithmetic or even read for that matter, though he would discover that he was fairly skilled in the former once actually taught how to. As soon as he was of age, he was inducted into the youth army of his Kasr, and from there into his first Whiteshield platoon as the vast majority of the worlds population are. Whilst by no means unskilled, he remained the 'grey man' through training, neither excelling in any particular area, nor failing in others.

As his platoon entered the later stages of their training, they were assigned to the three-hundredth and seventy-third shock trooper regiment or the 'three-seventy-third' to complete the final phase of their training alongside an actual frontline unit. Designated as the his squads signaller and given training on how to use a basic vox-caster, a role in which he rapidly became more than capable in. He first saw combat on the agri-world of Caxton VII, the three-seventy-third having been tasked there to combat a heretic insurrection that was taking place on the world. He didn't balk in his duty to the God-Emperor and killed his first man without hesitation or remorse, fighting proudly as a dedicated servant of mankind and as one of the most famed armies in the galaxy.

After the pacification of Caxton VII, a long and arduous campaign, his Whiteshield platoon was inducted into the regiment proper, joining the ranks as fully trained shock troopers. It was then that he had the stencilled image of the three-seventy-third ritually tattooed onto his left fore arm. He was then assigned to the command element of his new platoon to act as his new lieutenants signaller, a role now vacant after the last battle of the campaign.

Over the next decade or so, he fought in numerous campaigns across the Segmentum Obscurus, though mostly within the Calixis sector. Over this time his skills a vox-operator had ever increased, with him now fulfilling the role of the command post signaller of his company, a role that was highly respected and came with the privileges of often being in the presence of high ranking officers. It was on the frontier world of Tygress II within the Drusus Marches sub-sector that the incident responsible for his assignment to the penal legions occurred. Imperial Forces had been sent to the Tygress system to answer a distress call after a space hulk containing a minor force of Orks appeared in the system.

The fighting on Tygress II was as tough as any DiStefano had seen in his colourful service, as only fights with Orks ever are. During a pitched battle four months into the campaign, the companies of the three-seventy-third were under the real prospect of being overrun by a tide of green skins who had unexpectedly descended upon them. DiStefano was given the order to declare a broken arrow and re-task all available air assets to their location in an attempt to repel the horde and return the initiative to the Imperial forces. The first waves he called in caused devastating casualties to the Orks, as Lightning fighters strafed the ground and heavier marauder bombers carpet bombed the green skin lines. As the enemy faltered, one of the right most companies surged forwards to take advantage of the weakening flanks of the enemy. DiStefano continued to call in airstrikes as they pressed forwards, but then to his horror, he saw a pair of Thunderbolt bombers roared in on an attack vector that would bring the flanking company directly in the path of their bombs.

For the first time in his career, DiStefano froze, unable to do anything to stop the bombers as they unleashed a stream of death from above. The screams of the dying men blared out of the vox along with cries of outrage and confusion. In a state of shock, he couldn't even begin to form a word, let alone continue to press the air strikes onwards with more targets, even as his commander bellowed at him to snap out of it and continue the fight. He still couldn't move. With another vox-operator taking over the strikes and the arrival of reinforcements, the orks retreated from the battle. Responsible for the death of thirty-seven men and so called cowardice afterwards, he was stripped of all rank and insignia and sentenced to live out the rest of his service to the God-Emperor of mankind in the Saben Penitentary 23rd Deceased.

Reason for induction: Causing the deaths of thirty-seven men in an airstrike and for cowardice.

Reaction to induction: DiStefano finds it hard to adapt to the warfare style and organisation of the 23rd deceased, having been used to the rigid structure and discipline of the Cadian Shock Troopers and the utter professionalism and skill of his once brothers in arms. Often prays to the Emperor for forgiveness and that he safeguard the immortal souls of the men he killed. Doesn't tell anyone the real reason for his sentencing to the penal legions, instead claiming he was dismissed after having been caught for the more minor crime of stealing rations for himself.

Relic: 'The List'. Carries a rolled up and waterproofed list with the names of the men killed in the fateful airstrike, which he reads over in his head constantly, determined to remember all the names of the men on there off by heart.

Specialist Skill: Vox-operator. Highly skilled with a vox-caster and able to jury-rig efficient communications off any comms system he should find. Though he hides the skill set away from others, lest they pry further and discover his real reason for joining them.

Relationship with other characters: Whilst he is by no means aloof or arrogant, DiStefano privately holds many of the other men within the unit with a hint of disdain and distaste. In his eyes, no one can replace the Cadian brotherhood he once shared, nor can any other unit share the effectiveness of the shock troopers. Only time will tell if he is right in this assumption.

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I've tried to post up my character twice but my computer keeps crashing.

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Withdrawn due to personal reasons.

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