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Fall of Empires, Rise of a Republic

fall of empires,rise of a republic

welcome to our galaxy known by many names amongst the advanced races it contains (to the zuntrak it is known as the coeliuk galaxy for example) and in this galaxy there are many sapient races from the promkra of guntral to the transok of linthal but amongst this large collection shine stars that have advanced far beyond there fellow settlers and have achieved travel amongst the stars and settling on worlds not of there origin.these are tales that have forged a legend in the history of our galaxy in the words of those who forged it but has been translated into your english i believe you call it.

“vol’trin come here i need to ask u something.”

“yes kra’wor what is it you want?”

“do you think this is a good idea,do you believe this plan will work?”

“of course,when have your plans ever failed.”

“theres a first time for everything,a first time for everything.”

a Zuntrak vessel lay still,it stood there in space above the surface of the planet ortyak III.the vessel was large,the length of an average moon and the breadth of a large city.at the vessels head was the great hall,this room was a large dome.the floors made from a crystal like substance,the walls were a great window looking out into the blackness of space.at its center a great tree from there home land of cruzamko surrounded by a small pond.stood at he far end looking out at the planets surface stood two Zuntrak.Vol’trin foe’s bane of froltra commander of the armies and fleet and Kra’wor fire heart of Cruzamko leader of the Zuntrak and head of foreign negotiation along with religious teachings.these two had lead there race forward and had both reached great roles as leaders of there whole race but they knew it would not last.they knew that contact with other races was inevitable and would eventually lead to war!and Kra’wor had posed a plan,he had sent emissaries to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to find the most advanced races they could and invite them to a meeting of peace on the surface of Ortyak III.one by one there ships arrived and as shuttles headed down to the surface thy knew it was time,time for negotiations to begin and to mark the beginning of the next age.

“Kra’wor my lord,the hive representative is here to see you,”comes a voice from the ships computer.

“let him in”

the two turn and walk slowly towards the door.as they approach the doors they slide open and a creature enters.a tall creature,roughly 7 foot and hunched over stands in the door way.he wears no clothes for his body is protected by a carapace and an insectoid like head sits on the end of a medium length neck.

“Kra’wor of the Zuntrak,it is an honor to finally meet you in person,”introduces the bug.

“ah you must be the representative of the hive worlds,much has met my ears of our alliance.now i must prepare my shuttle to the surface,you can stay on board a bit longer if you like but try not to take to long or well have to start without you.a shuttle craft is prepared to take you and your guards to the surface when your ready.”

upon bowing to each other the two Zuntrak walk past the ambassador down a long metallic hallway towards the landing bay.

ooc. ok guys this first update will be mainly you getting ready to start negotiations wether that be on your ship talking to the crew or on the surface gazing at the other races that have arrived.

Klomster=you arrive by craft to the Zuntrak ship,as you and your guards wander the ship you look about the ship watching the zuntrak hard at work.eventually you reach the head of the vessel and only a door stops you from entering the great hall.as a lone guard calls your name through a radiowave device you wait for the doors to open and to greet the leader of the zuntrak.once the two zuntrak leave you have a choice of either exploring(if so talk to me first) or just heading back to the landing bay and heading back to the planet.

the rest=ok you have a choice of either starting out on your lead vessel and either talking to another member of your race or wandering the ship or you can be landing on the surface via shuttle craft and then heading towards the meeting.

the meeting= the actual location for the meeting is a large crystal dome on top of a grassy hill,out front is a landing pad and in front of that is were you will gather before you are lead into the dome.

ok relatively short update just to get us started and the ship bit just so that we can get a proper feel as to what the race are like.

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Kædæ sighed as the Sheinta Class Personnel Shuttle took off, somehow buffeted by a non-existent wind in the landing bay of the Meulianan Cruiser, the lead of three ships sent to this meeting by the Fædanærie. “Oela, water, please,” he requested of one of his aides, a young member of the Udæn who had proved exceptional for her tender age.

He settled back into the gel-pod seat that had been created uniquely for him, the absorbent material protecting his brittle, ancient bones. He watched as Oela nodded politely, and stood, quickly making her way to a sidebar where she took a glass and filled it halfway with pristine water which sparkled under the uundairn-powered lights, noting with approval her quiet, efficient demeanor. “Thank you, Oela,” he murmured when she pressed it into his hand. Another sigh passed his lips, and he took a deep breath. ‘New experiences such as this at my age,” he thought to himself with a wry smile; which caused one of his two Snæren guards to cock his head in question, but the old Fædanærie-Elect waved it off with an interestingly colourless hand. Tapping on the touch-screen buttons which resided on the right arm of his gel-pod chair, a slight pneumatic hiss sounded, almost deafening to Kædæ in the respectful silence that enveloped his shuttle craft, as a large screen lowered from the ceiling until it rested at eye level with the old Nyæni politician. A series of blinks later, and the feed split into three; on the left, full screen height and half wide, was the video invitation requesting the presence of a representative from the Nyæni race to this meeting. The right hand half of the screen, split in half horizontally, showed a three-dimensional image of the planet, which changed between various filters, and a video feed from a camera placed at the front of the craft. He absorbed the details, and sooner than he’d have thought possible an automated voice, smooth and calm, penetrated his concentration.

‘Can all passengers please brace for atmospheric entrance. I repeat, can all passengers please brace for atmospheric entrance.’ A hushed bustle overtook the spacious cabin as the other four occupants busied themselves. Kædæ blinked his ruby red eyes, which glistened in the soft light, and pressed a series of buttons on the arm rest, and smiled briefly as a gel-pad harness secured itself around him.

The ship bucked gently, the first signs they were about to enter a breathable atmosphere, and the Nyæni Uutanaat tried to regulate his breathing. ‘I’ve always hated re-entering atmosphere’s,’ he bemoaned inside his head, eyes closed.

He thought of his family; the wife back home who had begged him not to accept the assignment. He recalled his response, too sharp; cutting, ‘It’s my duty. As your husband, a Tælan, Entiniraan and as one of the elected Fædanærie of the Nyæn. I’m going.’ He shuddered, slightly abhorred by how he’d reacted. She’d been shocked; he had never spoken to her like that before. And then, before he knew it, a voice was talking to him.

“Kædæ, we’re coming in to land. K... Kædæ?” He opened his eyes, blinking at the natural light filtering through partially tinted windows, becoming more transparent by the second. He, once more nodded, and turned off the screen, before sending it rising back to the shuttle’s ceiling.

“Make ready, Oela. This gathering could mark a new stage of Nyæni history. And you will be there to witness it.”


Half an hour later, and the Sheinta had been settled neatly on the grassy flatland before the crystal dome whilst Kædæ composed himself. He finally emerged, using a walking stick made of Niindali Noerneft. He was flanked by his Snæren guards, each wearing silver-white robes under their ceremonial armour; swords sheathed on their backs. Kædæ kept his face studiously blank as he made his way to the crystal dome, impressed with his surroundings. The air smelt clean, and there was little excess noise permeating the air. “Olea, walk with me,” he requested, his voice rather quiet but commanding obedience, even though that wasn’t his intent. The aide appeared at his side almost instantly, a comp-tab ready in her hands. “I would like you to make your own minutes of this gathering, as well as you can. And also, find out which other races and civilisations are represented. We must have all the knowledge we can to reach any decisions. The Council has entrusted their power to us in this matter, and we cannot make the wrong decision, lest we go down in the history of our race in infamy.” The statement, though sounding pretentious to the Fædanærie-Elect even as he said it, rang oddly true, as if he hadn’t truly realised the implications before he voiced them. His primary aide nodded, and he dismissed her with a wave. ‘And to enter the den of the lineiren [lion] we await,’ he thought as he awaited the other representatives, taking a deep breath and wishing for a seat. 'Too early for my old bones,' he thought, before chuckling. He knew he was still as hale and hearty as could be wished for.


OOC: So, SoA, I'm hoping this is a satisfactory opening post

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Ivan was aboard the helm of his ship looking through the window at the quantum gate network as the colour and ever winding tunnel spanned out in front of him and whizzed by. All around him other cybrans worked keeping the ship on the way instead of randomly whizzing off into some other part of space. Ivan breathed in and asked for a status report from the pilot known as Hex5. "We will be arriving in a few secounds Son of the father." He replied and turned away working on the consle in front of him. Ivan looked at his reflection. He looked like a ambassador who had never seen combat before not the man who had passed his studies with flying colours and held off a terrorist attack against his father. His outfit was black with red trim and the symbol of the Cybran over where his heart was.

"Do you dislike the outfit my boy' asked the voice of his father in his mind. All Cybrans are linked through their AI with those most important people to themselves like fathers and mothers and through marrige their partners. 'If im perfectly honest father the outfit makes me look like a diplomat not the warrior I am' he replied wiping his hand over the cold metal of his forehead. 'My boy this is not about how you personally feel but for the benefit of the Cybran nation. Oh yes' Dr Brackman retorted and by the way he put it their was no more questions then the blue of quantum network turned into the black of space.

The shockwave of the ship leaving quantum space rippled through and shook the other ship slightly if this was on a planet the ground would of been a crater and scorched ground from where the ACU left quantum network. The other ship was huge much bigger then their diplomat ship and looked like it could house an entire city onboard. "We have arrived son of the father" said Hex5 looking up from his consle and at the massive ship. "send out engineers to construct a return gate for us" ordered Ivan as he left the bridge and headed towards the landing vessel.

Ivan was on a seat looking out at his ship as he saw the engineers fly out and start building a massive cundrical like object. His communications expert sent a message out saying that it was their way of getting home but he wasn't sure whether they would take heed of the message or just destroy the object which would be bad they only brought enough mass for one. 'Don't worry my boy they will not destroy the gate.' said the voice of his father and being soothed by the voice of his father he calmed himself down and prepared to represent his nation.

He landed in the space port and straitend his shirt and openned the door to some of the species he was just about to meet. They began to talk to each other and his AI got to work translating their language and saving the information in a data base in the main Cybran node. so far he knew how to strike up a conversation but this would be only one of the many languages he would have to speak to ensure the saftey of his race.

Walking down the steps the new spicies approached him and spoke in the language his AI was still decivering. Smiling he nodded and hoped it was the right action. One of the aleins gestired for him to folloe and he did thusly. He was led to some form of transport and was put on board and the vechile sped off. 'The translation of the language is complete what a facinating discovery. Oh yes' said his father as information which his AI just recived flooded into his brain.

He arrived at the building and walked inside into a waiting area. Ivan looked around and walked into lobby and found a corner to sit in this would allow him to translate the languages of the other spicies without drawing attention to himself and with this he prepared himself
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The three Sep'Pas cruisers entered atmosphere, half-invisible. They were small, but only visible to the very trained eye. They zoomed down at breakneck speed, slowly shedding their invisibility, and halted abruptly at the roof of a forest. The craft slowly descended, and disgorged their passengers into the heart of an unknown environment.

"All scanners green. Just the 21 of us, sirs." informed Huz'Talok, the delegation's Ksi'Tek. "The trees register negative for hostility."

"Thank you, Huz'Talok. Should we get going?" replied Zan'Trut, looking from the Ksi'Tek to the Su'Jan. His first meeting with Anz'Kull was scary at the least - a chosen warrior, born to die at a predetermined time, on a predetermined day, in a predetemined Fel'An. And that's short of his combat capabilities. He shuddered to himself at the thought.

"Yes, I believe we should. Eli'Jan, spread out." began the Su'Jan. "Be watchful for the others. We may be promised safety, but we should be on guard anyway."

And so did the four-legged host begin to plod through the forest, not attracting any attention. At the front walked the Su'Jan, his armour over all but his head. The Eli'Jan, the chosen guards, handpicked by Anz'Kull himself, circled the group. At the centre was Zan'Trut, pondering and keeping his mind open to Mag'Lo to replenish his Maj'Fol supplies. Finally, the other Fel'Ra - scientists, priests, healers, artists, assassins and politicians - went between the ambassador and the Eli'Jan. Though not as cohesive as one would imagine, the host was quite together.

The Mos'Kul was deep in imagination, rarely for him. He wondered deeply about exactly who and what he would meet and converse with. Would they make his job easy? Or would they force him to become known for trying and failing? Would they be exotic, impossible beings? Or would they be like them - furry and deceptive?

He, of course, had the burden of one of the greatest tasks of any of his race - his mere words could spell death or prosperity for thousands. He could bring these races closer to his, or send them far as enemies. Should things go massively awry, he had his spell, and 5 of the greatest living Jan'Sou warriors.

His thoughts began to dissipate as he drew nearer to the meeting place. They had already left the forest by the time he had finished thinking of the bad scenarios, and by the time these thoughts (including the good scenarios) were finished, they were in the middle of a massive plain, with a grassy hill not too far away. Atop the hill was a massive glass dome, and a landing pad was recognisable on the other side. At this point, Anz'Kull sent a pair of Eli'Jan back to the ships to guard them.

Continuing on, Zan'Trut moved ahead to talk to the Su'Jan. "Do you have a moment?" he asked. Upon a small nod, he continued. "For I have a question. Do you mind staying near to me during the meeting? I need to know what's best for us militarily, and I am not versed in warfare."

"I would be happy to. It might even scare some of these Opa'Dwe if they wish us harm." replied Anz'Kull, as they began the ascent of the hill.

"Thank you. I tell you this now rather than before the trip, as some of the council may have seen it as weakness."

"I said nothing of it being weak or not. I shall decide when the negotiations have started." concluded the Su'Jan, as the party ascended the hill. Two Eli'Jan moved forwards to flank the Mos'Kul and Su'Jan, as they stood adjacent.

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The vibration of the entry into the planet's atmosphere coursed through Erishak-Shuroz'Zelsas, a sensation he rather enjoyed. The Overlord would attend this conclave and hear what is to be offered. Whether or not it would be beneficial for the Dominion, for the Shi'Urs'Ak, would remain to be seen. He closed his ruby eyes, harkening back to a conversation back onboard the Uri'Shek'Ur with the words of Hierophant Isyk'Yr echoing in his ears. "My Lord what if these Esh'ur make use of the ultimate blasphemy, the Gods would not be pleased of our allegiances". Erishak chuckled as he remembered his reply, "last time I checked, our beliefs are restricted to us only". Nursing a bio-glass of Bloodvine, the Overlord supped its contents, relishing the sweet taste of the wine, wandering away from the situation he pondered whether or not they would share his appreciation of it.

Either way he had a few bottles to give to those who would try it, possibly laying another foundation for an alliance. His mind called for a mirror-shell to manifest, the shuttle's flesh opened up and from its organic depths came a fin of reflective chitin. For this occasion, Erishak chose to wear his armour, the Zla'Serak shell shimmered with power. He also wore a pair of gold and bone earrings, an abdominal robe of Nyaeni skin pierced with bone and his red and white hair was divided into four braids. Ever the cautious one, the Overlord took his favoured weapons with him, the bone-venom sword Arzl'Gath, his left hand was clad within the needled form of the gauntlet Mak'Akli'Tar and on the same hand lay the venomphage ring. Erishak adjusted his tail with a few rings of gold and placed a sheath over its blade and curled it around his waist like a belt. 4 figures then entered the chamber, clad in golden chitin armour, cloaks of flayed Menoetian skin and glaives of crystalline bone one unhelmeted Moloch spoke "my lord, we are landing now", he nodded "very good Akl'Shur Mek'Hash'Ar".


The crystalline architecture of Ortyak III, to Erishak, was breathtaking. Clearly this was hand carved, a natural means to make beauty. However the sight of the planet's transports, no doubt belonging to other cultures, and mechanical as well. This left a sickening taste in the Overlord's mouth, his people's major dislike coming to the fore. His mind then wisked to the Menoetian Empire, wondering if they will attend, he licked his teeth. They were good warriors and certainly had a fiery taste. "Now Akl'Shur to the meeting we go, to encounter others and fate itself".

will this do?

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Dur’fa’e opened his eye. He then blinked, twice. Looking around he saw that he had awoken while they were travelling in the vortex. Colours of every shade flashed past as he travelled down a tunnel of light. Dur’fa’e looked around him and saw, as he expected, around twenty other Flusen from Tribe Jamina. With their sandy fur blowing in the wind and their green eyes glowing they were an peculiar sight. Their mental song was impressive and Dur’fa’e opened his mind and joined his Tribe brothers in carrying them through space. Their destination was a distant planet that the Chief had detected multiple asteroid fragments on and so had sent Dur’fa’e to collect them. This was the first journey of its type, the first to go beyond Crinitus and her moons. But Dur’fa’e did not fear the unknown, he embraced it.

As Dur’fa’e helped to propel them through space he felt a presence approach and heard what only could be described as a polite mental cough. Dur’fa’e left the mental song and his eye dimmed. He blinked before opening his eye again and meeting gazes with the emerald eye before him. As he met looks with the Flusen he heard the voice of it.

“Jamina Council member, Dur’fa’e. I wish to inform you that we are nearing our destination. We should be there shortly. What would you have us do upon arrival?”

“Thank you. I think it wise that we first investigate the planet. We do not know it’s climate or size so we should find out before searching for the asteroid shards”

“Wise words indeed”

Dur’fa’e nodded as the other Flusen moved away. Dur’fa’e looked around once more before tuning his mind once more to the mental song that was propelling them through space. And sure enough soon enough the song came to an end and they left the vortex. Dur’fa’e quickly left the song, his eye dimming once more. He moved as quickly as he could to the large group of Flusen and spoke to them all.

“I am sure you all know why we are here. And our priority is indeed to secure the asteroid shards and return them to the Mind Pool. But I see this as an opportunity to visit a new world and learn it’s secrets. So follow me as we explore this new world."

A single note of agreement echoed from all the Flusen and Dur’fa’e turned to face the new world. They were in a thick forest, and in the distance Dur’fa’e could hear water crashing against rocks. He blinked once more before setting off into the new world.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Default The Menoetian Empire

Deimos looked out of the starboard observation deck and sighed. No doubt his actions in the following days will put his name down in Menoetian history. What worried him was what will he be remembered for? The Stratēgos who weakened the Empire by joining an alliance with inferior races who try to ruin the grand culture and heritage of Menoetius? Or the Stratēgos who plunged the the Empire into a long and bloody war against an alliance of technologically advanced enemies?

His personal feelings were clear. The Empire doesn't need any of these inferior races, we've forged an empire and defeated countless enemies ourselves. The reflection of the grinning silver skull mask covering half of his face a grim reminder of the battle that had made his name. Why should help these aliens?

However, the Red Empress herself had took him aside before this mission and implored him to look at the alliance treaty, study it and consider it. Having allies is something we Menoetians have never experienced, we have always fought againt anyone who is different. Let us see what we can offer each other...

Deimos was jolted out of his thoughts by a voice sounding throughout the ship.

"All hands, brace for atmospheric entry"

Deimos turned round and felt the low rumble of the ship straining as it entered the planets atmoshpere. He leaves the observation deck and heads towards the command deck.

"Have our scanners found anything?" Deimos asked his Navigator as he entered the command deck.

"No, Próta-Stratēgos. We can see other ships but there technology is... different. It's not compatible with ours. It'll take at least a day before we can get any sort of information on these aliens."

"Very well, keep it up. Prepare my shuttle."

Deimos left the command deck and headed towards the hanger bay. Waiting by his shuttle were his honour guard and his second and third in command. Stratēgos Aléxandros and Lochagós Ēlektra. They salute as he approaches.

"Kaliméra Próta-Stratēgos. Am I to join you on the surface." Aléxandros enquired.

"No Aléx, I'll just take Ēlektra. You stay here and keep the men ready for battle."

"You suspect something Próta-Stratēgos?" Ēlektra chipped in.

"No Ēlektra, I just dont trust aliens. Aléxandros, if you recieve the signal 'θανάτου' the situtaion on the surface has been compromised. Rejoin the fleet and inform the Council that negotiations have failed.

"But Próta-Stratēgos-"

"That's an order Aléx"

Deimos entered the shuttle with Ēlektra and a guard of 4 men. Aléxandros had suggested using a pair of the Athēnâ class mechs as an honour guard but Deimos didn't want to show off our big guns... yet.

As the shuttle plummeted towards the planet, Deimos looked on as Ēlektra checked and sharpened her dual spathí. Preferring to forgo any firearms, she was a beautiful whirlwind of death in combat. Somewhat a legend in the fleet, the men of the honour guard looked at her, barely concealing their open mouths. Deimos smiled, he didnt need to show off. Everyone knew what he was capable of with his Kólasi pistol and his augmetic arm.

As they land Deimos see's that the meeting place is in the middle of a lush green clearing. In the centre there is a hill and on top lies a large crystal structure.

"That must be the meeting place... Let's get this over with."

Deimos marched out of the shuttle, flanked by Ēlektra and followed by the guards.

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The craft shook violently as it entered the atmosphere, Lorna hated this part of space travel, and it showed. She looked over at her formal guard, Admiral Lev Kellum of the Ember of Apocalypse battlegroup, the Compact had spared no expense in ensuring that their first meeting with these alien races was one from a position of strength, Lorna felt a pang of jealousy over the man's calm composure, he almost didn't even seem to notice the violent shaking, and was staring into the distance, obviously contemplating what was about to happen; then again, Lorna thought to herself, he was once with the Orbital Cavalry, so this landing must be quite tame for him.

Admiral Kellum was running through all the possible ways in which the meeting could go horribly wrong, and that was scenarios which he had the abilities to fix, he tried not to even think about the ways that it could all be a political feth up. Not for the first time he wished that he could've brought the battlegroup into orbit, as it was he had been ordered to keep the fleet at the system's outskirts so as not to upset their hosts, any strike craft from the Ember would take almost a day to reach their position, by which point it may be too late. Then one had to consider the sector which the fleet was leaving only the Kursk and the Stalingrad to defend, their absence had been widely advertised, despite Kellum's objections, and he expected a spike in piracy which the reduced battlegroup had to deal with. As the shuttle finally came to a stop on the landing pad, Kellum sighed at his situation, he could only hope for the best.

The party exited the landing craft with practised efficieny, not wanting to make a single mistake on such a momentous occasion. Kellum spared glances at the other designated landing zones, noticing some were empty and taking in the diversity of the alien vessels, some didn't even look like they were mechanical! Then, as his gaze drifted, Kellum groaned inwardly, they were here. The Nyaen and the Compact had encountered each other in the past, and what the Compact had first thought was a golden opportunity for a beneficial trade agreement erupted into a series of brief skirmishes that killed many on both sides. Only hastily arranged negotiations pushed back all out war, something which neither side wanted, but Kellum still had a bone to pick with those things. Lorna too, noticed the Nyaen vessel, she had expected as much, if the Compact had been contacted then so too would their close neighbours, it just made her job a lot more difficult than it had to be; she could only hope that her Nyaen counterpart was no fool and they could avert some kind of diplomatic incident in front of so many other races.

Upon reaching the great dome that dominated the sky, Lorna turned to her escort, with one of her trade mark smiles plastered on her face, enough to shoot any man down; "Admiral, I haven't had the chance to personally thank you and your men for escorting me here, as I understand it one of your stature and rank has many pressing concerns." Kellum rose his hand, not biting, he liked this Lorna Corvitz, but she was a politician so he knew what she wanted, he'll pose for the photo shoots and the hand shakes, but he had a job to do. "Please Miss Ambassador, you're too young for likes of and old fighter like myself."
"Too right ma'am, and the Ember would kill the Captain if she caught him cheating!" the young soldier had a mischievous grin and Lorna laughed along with the other men despite herself, releived not for the first time that the famed Admiral before her was a soldier and not one of her rivals, the respect he commanded with his men was evidence enough of what he might achieve in governance. Lorna nodded her understanding to the Admiral, he wanted to keep his distance from the backroom scheming, before they entered the great meeting chamber.

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The metal pod was great, and you could be awake inside. Interesting.
He had never quite grasped the concept, and still didn't really see the point of moving spawn from one planet to another, no matter where they were they did an equal amount of work.

He also saw a tree in the massive Zuntrak metal pod. And after pondering for a while asked one of the Zuntrak.
The Zuntrak was first a bit scared by having a massive insect addressing him without warning, but quickly calmed and answered the question.

-"Why do you have a tree in your pod? Wouldn't it take less space if you processed it and stored the nectar?" The ambassadors voice was slow, clicky and sometimes stuttered on sounds.

The Zuntrak proudly answered that this was a tree from their home world, it was a prominent sign of their roots and their strength.

The ambassador just looked at the Zuntrak. Clearly confused.

-"But the tree is full of nutrient, wouldn't it be more wise to make it into nectar and store it?" The Zuntrak was almost upset at the ambassadors ignorance, but realised how different they were, and came up with a reply.

-"Well, we're letting it grow, so it can become big and strong, so we can get more out of it later." The Zuntrak was pleased with his response.

The ambassador looked at the tree, clearly still confused.
-"I guess that is a way to do it...." The ambassador just left after that remark, the Zuntrak then went back to his tasks.

The Zuntrak had wanted him to join a meeting, it would be on the planet below, this pleased him, he didn't quite feel comfortable in a metal pod, even if it was as large as a large hive.
A wall spoke his name, he was needed. He went towards the small pod area, the Zuntrak called it "the shuttle bay" he didn't really know what that meant, but it was something like "the place with small pods".

He entered a small pod which some Zuntrak thought he should enter, he sat down with his two warriors.
They were confused, as they ever were. The kept defending the closest thing they had to their hive. Him, and he often communicated to them to tell them to guard him.

On some occasions aliens had tried to harm him, and only by helpful others had he escaped harm.

The shuttle launched, and quickly approached the planet below.
Soon he would meet other aliens, this would not end well.

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Above the surface of Ortyak III, ten thousand Olori materialized, each individual about one hundred miles from other of their kin. In the centre of this fleet, the Omega 'looked' down upon the planet below, and called two of his guards to him. A mere second after the call was made, the Omega's guards appeared by his side, awaiting further instructions from their commander. "How strange," the Omega mused, "I assumed that, considering we are interacting with a sentient species, we wouldn't meet on such a primitive world."

The platinum ball, now curious as to how intelligent these lifeforms were, ordered his guards to merge with him; they complied, and the three melted into each other, producing a ball nineteen feet in diameter. Satisfied, the Omega and his guards descended onto the planet below, breaching the atmosphere and all of Ortyak III's cloud layers in minutes. Slowing down, the three Olori separated one meter off the earth below them, which the Omega noticed was covered in bright green grass. The three of them were on the side of a hill, where upon the top a crystal structure awaited them.

"This is more promising." the Omega spoke to the Olori besides him-and, at the same time, to the fleet above-before levitating towards the structure, both of his escorts behind him. Almost immediately, the Omega noticed that there were multiple, semi-primitive landing bays scattered around the base of the hill. Some where, to the Omega, somewhat advanced, though he found with distaste, that most where considerably less impressive than anything the Olori could achieve. One of them was empty, presumably reserved for him. The Omega laughed to his companions.

"You have nothing to fear, return to the fleet in orbit and await further instruction." the Omega ordered, and upon his 'word', the escorts left to return to their Olori brethren. Now alone, the Omega continued his trip up to the dome.

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