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Ok, Self-proclaimed master of Conquests RPs is here now.

This looks pretty good and the respeonse has been great, but: If this is indeed a conquest RP then how will people actually play? I see no rules to this or anything along those lines and that concerns me a little.

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Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )
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Well karak the reason I haven't gone for a conquest rp is because Ino scraps about how to do them that's why I was going for a non conquest statistic thing but if your can offer any advice whatsoever it is most welcome

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If an immovable object is struck by an unstoppable force, how many potatoes will fit in the jelly mould?
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Race Name: Kai

Planet of Origin:
Shaal, the planet is roughly two thirds the size of earth. It has three oceans, but with a very small salt content, the average being little over 0.8%. Around these oceans lie lush vegetation areas for several hundred miles around. Outside that area, the remainder of the planet is mostly mountainous desert, a sea of black sand, this is where the Kai's evolutionary predecessors lived. Now the Oceans and cultivated areas are owned by a bloodline. The three bloodlines are basically the three states, each is a mighty force in it's own right and each is fiercely proud. The leaders of these bloodlines answer only to the Lord Arbiter.

Average Life Span:
It is difficult to tell, estimated 250-280 earth years, though few survive that long, owing to death by less natural means and some have been reported to have lived much longer.

Settled Planets:
They live only on Shaal, but have captured another six planets, enslaving all the local inhabitants, four are used for farming, Vloorum, Lier-rol, Haak, Korra and Neruum. Each contains livestock and/or utilizable crops to feed said livestock.

The last is Groar'Nrom ( translates as The Eternal Tomb), wich is a very small planet, with little atmosphere and no noticeable life forms. The Kai use it for keeping the records of it's race's heroes. The name of every prominent warrior is inscribed on one of the walls on one of the temples that the Kai have constructed all over the planet's surface. The greatest of these temples is the victory hall, a mighty construction which houses a life-sized statue of each Suzerain and Lord Arbiter, their names and a list of their victories.

Common Features:
The Image thingy doesn't work, so Here's a link (I didn't draw this, just did some work of photoshop). They have a graceful, loping gait and their spines change colour in accordance to emotion, this can also be forced as a display to ward off enemies. Females have a crest instead of spines, but they work in exactly the same fashion. Their skin can also change colour for camouflage purposes, though this is limited to the native colours of their homeworld, they can produce various shades of green from the forest, and shades of grey and black for the deserts. Their senses of hearing and smell are very good, they can hold their breath for up to 2 hours and have an underlayer of eyelid which is transparent, allowing them to see underwater unimpaired.

Spoken Languages:
K'lek - An instinctive language for Kai, though covering merely the most basic communications, a language based on sounds, such as chirups and clicks, many of which are of too high frequency for human hearing. This is normally used to issue commands, such as ordering another to stay put or attack, or for a Kai to call it's kin to a feast.

K'roar - The more complex spoken language of the Kai, this allows for speeches, diplomacy and other more complex fashions of communication. This is also the language in which K'roar-shi'groar is based.

Spoken Languages:
K'roar-shi'groar, literally translating as K'roar in silent eternity. This is used almost exclusively for historical records of notable individuals.

Levels of Leadership:
Each separate rank is displayed by a word at the front of individual's personal title. As well as their rank title there are several other prefixes to those ranks to denote seniority through their skill in combat:
Ro - Hero, Very skilled
Va - Skilled, veteran
Ki - Young, new

The Kai value honour and integrity above all else. The master of their kind is the Lord Arbiter, named because their word is law, and their say in matters are final until deemed otherwise by the Lord Arbiter himself or his successor. Typically any candidate for Lord Arbiter must spend the equivalent of several years in the deserts, so as to remove any ties to their original clan, making them a fairer ruler.
Title: Shaal

Next are the three Suzerains, selected by besting his predecessor in single combat. each commands a bloodline. Every time a new Suzerain is selected, all three Suzerains have a tournament of duels, whichever bloodline's Suzerain is the victor has his name inscribed upon the walls of the Groar'Nrom victory hall.
Title: Thra

Third in the Kai hierarchy is the nobles, each are powerful individuals, both physically and from a political standing. Nobles are generally from the controlling family of their bloodline and will own much finer nests than the lower ranking of their kin. Nobles act as file officers in a time of war.
Title: Zar

Fourth are the warriors, these are basically the civilian caste amongst the Kai. They are each trained in the ways of combat and follow the same strict code of honour as the rest of the Kai. The main difference between them and their more high ranking kin is the fact that they have the most basic nests and the fewest servants.
Title: Rosh

Fifth are the thralls, they are races that have been defeated by the Kai and are forced into slavery, very rarely do these beings attain warrior status, but the Kai will respect their wishes if they should choose to fight. In this circumstance, should the thrall fight well and fall in battle, their name will be mentioned in Groar'Nrom.

There is one more rank in the Kai, this is a well kept secret of their kind. The Shi, The Silent. They are a band of warriors, a bloodline in their own right, less than two hundred strong, who are known for their ruthless efficiency and silent work. They are the assassins, the silent servants of the Lord Arbiter, sworn in unquestioning service to him. They are given entirely free reign in their methods. They are also given access to the most closely guarded and rare of the Kai technologies, such as Shadow Armour - a full body suit that renders the wearer almost entirely invisible, bending light and replicating it's surroundings and the rare sniper rifles, one of the few weapons the Kai can utilize that works at long ranges. The Shi use these weapons and many others to deadly effect. They act as Special forces, assassinating enemy leaders, making reconnaissance on enemy positions and functioning as the Lord Arbiter's bodyguards at times.

Their species originated from the black deserts that cover most of Shaal, they eventually reached the lush, green forests and foliage that ring the great seas. There they evolved to the point where they had developed various societies, made up of little tribes. Almost immediately, these tribes began warring amongst themselves, the strongest began drawing in members from tribes they overthrew, becoming larger. As these expansions took place, so did the Kai improve their technologies. Eventually, only three tribes remained, each commanding one of the great oceans. These tribes were constantly warring and feuding. This changed with the arrival of the first Lord Arbiter. A single Kai came from the desert, besting the leaders of all three tribes in single combat and declaring the race united. He then put the bested leaders back into their commanding roles and declared himself as Lord Arbiter, leader of all of the Kai. From that day onwards, the Kai have sought to increase the boundaries of their empire. Sadly, the Kai dating system is practically non existent, they date their times via Ages, unspecified periods of time that end when a significant change takes place, their more ancient history is mostly known from word of mouth, meaning that the facts could easily become corrupted.

At some point they mastered space travel, sending fleets across space to challenge other races that might deny their claims to supremacy. After several wars with other species, the Kai took over their system, which is an unusually fertile one, almost all the planets allowing life to grow.

1st Age - The Age of Darkness. This is all the time before the three main tribes were formed.
2nd Age - The Age of Anarchy. This is the time where the three main tribes warred, before the coming of the Lord Arbiter.
3rd Age - The Age of Unification. This age began at the coming of the Lord Arbiter.
4th Age - The Age of Conquest. At this point, the Kai began to reach out into space.
5th Age - The Age of War. This is where the Kai discovered their first race, after realizing that the race was unwilling to join in unification, the Kai declared war.
6th Age - The Age of Power. The Kai have begun to enslave the various races across their system.
7th Age - The Age of Defeat. The Kai encounter races as advanced and more advanced than themselves, after several failed wars and realizing they have found equals, the Kai slink back into their own system.
8th Age - The Age of Redemption. This age is just beginning, the Kai have become strong once more, but also less aggressive, they are attempting for the first time in two ages to initiate negotiations.

Space travel has been a part of the Kai society for a very long time. As the Kai have such an unspecific dating system, it is difficult to to tell how long though. The Kai ships are built from between half a mile to a mile in length and are built to contain roughly two to three hundred of their kind. The ships shape is like a colossal dart, a very thin tip, making the bridge, followed by the thick main body and at the end are the engines. Inside there are nests, spherical rooms with smooth walls, containing only the warriors weapons and armour. There is a feeding hall, where the Kai will eat, various training and sparring halls, in which they can test and hone their skills and the weapon decks, where the ship's defenses are placed. The ship's weapon decks are basically all around the outer walls of the main body of the ship. The Kai only utilize two kinds of shipboard weaponry: Anti-fighter guns, using their standard spike-based weaponry, but with a powerful explosive within it's core. The spikes launched from these weapons are over a meter and a half each. The other weapon is for ship to ship combat, these are boarding pods. Each can contain up to eight Kai and is built with trio of claw like blades at one end. These blades are pressed together at the launch, when they punch through the hull of the opposing ship, they spread apart, forcing the hull open and releasing the attacking Kai. Once all of the pods are in place, they begin to emit a shield around the boarded ship, before pumping breathable air into the ship and the immediate area around it. This means that the Kai can freely travel through the ship, unencumbered by their atmospheric suits. Once the Kai have successfully boarded the ship, they typically destroy all of the undamaged critical systems and then leave via their boarding pods, which close up and return to the original ship, leaving it ruined and empty, riddled with holes.

Close combat is still a very important part of the Kai's combat methods and many of their weapons have not changed much aesthetically since they were wielding stone bladed spears. These have changed to be more effective, however, as they are now covered in a dense disruption field, which means that they can be set to be very sharp or utterly blunt and anywhere in between. They have two main close combat weapons, the spear and the energy gauntlet. The spear is simple, a leaf bladed, double edged spear that will sometimes have ornate decorations on it, depending on the status of it's owner, these have a disruption field around each blade, these weapons are given to their owners once they pass the rites of passage into adulthood. The energy gauntlet is a much more complex, it is a fairly basic shape, simply a cylinder that is slotted onto the wrist of the user, there is also a small handle onto which the user holds to activate it, this is pressed closely to the hand of the user, so as not to impair the use of his or her hand. once activated, it can be focused into a triangular blade that comes out of the end of the gauntlet, reaching around a meter in length, the blade is an almost transparent texture, like liquid glass, when activated. There is a smaller version, a small wrist band which creates a dagger sized blade, this cannot create the second setting. The second setting is the shield, in which case the gauntlet produces a circular energy field, roughly a meter and a half in diameter, also looking akin to liquid glass.

At long ranged, the Kai's weapons become more basic. Most exist in the form of a one handed, pistol sized weapon. There is one main weapon, available as a standard firearm to all Kai warriors. Named the fang rifle, it can fire 16 cm spikes, capable of ranges up to roughly 80 meters and has a high armour piercing capability. It has two standard fire settings, rapid and single shot. Rapid has a much lower armour piercing power and range, also lacking accuracy. It lets out a hail of spikes that will cause serious damage to internal organs and still be capable of tearing through most forms of non-shielded armour, so anything that doesn't utilize energy shields. The single shot setting is much more powerful, the gun fires the shot at much higher velocities and has a higher ability to damage energy shields, shattering them in as little as one or two shots. The more complex weapons are gifted to skilled warriors or the higher ranking members of the military. These can vary between different warriors, including custom made weapons and items taken from slain enemies.

The armour worn by the Kai is very dependent on the individual and his respective rank. Most Kai warriors and nobles wear thin metal armour, unjoined to allow for heightened flexibility. As the ranks go higher the armour becomes more ornate, though many Kai choose not to wear armour, declaring it to be more honourable to dual their foes without any protection more than what their weapons can afford.

If in space, however, the Kai use skin tight, zero atmosphere suits and helmets that fit closely around their heads. The Kai dislike using these as they press down their spines or crests, so they will typically remove these helmets as soon as is safely possible.

allies and enemies: Anyone who wants an alliance/emnity, PM me. I can work it into the backstory.


Real Name: Thel'Kor

Title: Arbiter Ro'Shaal Thel'Kor of the Shi bloodline

Rank in culture: Lord Arbiter

Appearance: Standing at 2'6, Thel'Kor has very dark skin compared to most of his kind, a token of being spawned in the deserts of the Shi. His eyes are a deep amber.

Backstory: Originating from the mysterious order of the Shi, Thel'Kor grew up learning how to fight silently, be one with the shadows and stalk his foes. After a while of training like this, he was proven to be a master of all kinds of combat. The one way of the Shi that The'Kor failed to grasp was the art of silence. He abhorred the concept of killing an unsuspecting foe. Eventually, he left the Shi, challenging the Lord Arbiter to a duel and slaying him in single combat. He then proceeded to duel all the Suzerains and bested each one, taking his place as Lord Arbiter. He led them through The Age of Defeat, scoring several great victories before realizing that the Kai were incapable of winning their conquest. Many of the Kai belive that a strong ruler would have led the race to victory and doubt Thel'Kor's claims. Aware of the potential for treason, Thel'Kor knows he must prove himself time and again, until all the malcontents are silenced, one way or the other.

Age: About 180 earth years, Kai years N/A

Personality: Honorable and ruthless, Thel'Kor has led his people for a very long time. He has led the Kai from one age into another. He is respected and feared by all who know him. He has one trait that is very rare amongst the Kai, he knows when to back down. Thel'Kor will willingly engage in diplomacy with any race he deems worthy of his attentions. His weakness is true of all Kai, his pride is his most prized possession and he protects it fiercely. This can mean he make poor judgements under extreme stress.

Weapon of Choice: He has two ornately crafted energy gauntlets and his personal spear, covered with fine and intricate carvings.

Field officer will be made shortly

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Race Name: Olori (O-lore-e)

Planet of Origin/The Surface Appearance: The Olori have no planet of origin, though they do speak of worlds known as their birthplaces. These worlds

Average Life Span: 1000-3000 Earth Years/1-3 'Generations' (Generations can be divided into five 'Segments', each equivalent to two hundred years.)

Settled Planets: The Olori don't settle on planets. Rather, they convert them into something similar to the Birthplace, through methods best kept secret from the other intelligent races of the galaxy. They tend to convert barren planets, rather than planets teeming with life.

Common Features: The Olori are formless, semi-liquid lifeforms with the ability to change their shape. Commonly, the Olori manifest as a levitating ball of solid metal about six feet in diameter. When an Olori changes their shape, the form they are currently in loses it's solidity, before it reshapes itself into whatever form it desires, so long as it maintains the exact same mass. They are still recognisable by their metallic, featurless appearance, no matter what form they take. Olori are born exclusively from birthplaces. Every Olorian Generation, a birthplace splits apart, and each part breaks up even further until the pieces mutate into fully grown Olori. These Olori then form a group and travel the galaxy, crossing large distances using a certain method, explained along with their other technologies. When reaching the end of their lifespan, Olori start to change colour, becoming bronze by the time they die. When an Olori dies, it's particles seperate, until there is nothing left of the Olori.

Despite their lack of internal organs, bones or even nerves, Olori can be killed with normal weapons. Breaking an Olori while in a solid state kills them instantly, for example. On an unrelated note, Olori are commonly silver.

Spoken Languages: The Olori do not speak, instead, their thoughts are transmitted into the minds of others, translating what they're thinking into words that can be understood.

Written Languages: Again, due to their nature, the Olori have no need for written or spoken languages.

Levels of Leadership: In each batch of Olori, one of them is gold in colour. The Olori follow this gold Olori, and refer to it as the Alpha.

Backstory: The Olori are ancient, though they were not among the first races in the universe. That honour goes to the species that made them. Olori were once tools created and used by a highly advanced race the Olori call 'The Master Race'. Even the Olori do not know what happened to them, only that they left instructions to the Olori, instructions which they follow almost religiously, yet keep secret from other intelligent races.

Technology: The technology used by the Olori is biomechanical in nature, incorporated into their bodies at a molecular level. All Olori possess at least three pieces of technology: a Liquid-Solid Converter, which allows them to change shape. A Displacement Drive, a unique device that, when activated, allow an Olori to seperate their bodies and reassemble them over dark matter, letting them cross treumendous distances in a few days. And finally, the Olori have a Unification Coverter, which lets a bunch of Olori merge together when in a liquid state to form a large Olori-based mass. There are some Olori that have weapons installed into them, in order to defend a group of Olori when needed. Olori weapons are charged and fired by the will of the user; they collect dark matter and then fire it in the form of a concentrated beam of energy. These weapons are useless to Olori without dark matter.

Allies and Enemies: The Olori are passive in nature, and treats all other races with respect. When threatened, however, they will hold a grudge against the offender and their species for eternity, and will atempt to wipe them out completely.


Real Name: Unknown

Title: The Omega

Rank in culture: Representative of the Olori race. This title outranks even the title of Alpha used in Olori groups, and has the same power as would a King of medieval times on Earth.

Appearance: The Omega spends most of his time as a levitating platinum ball, seven feet in diameter.

Backstory: The Omega was created Two Generations ago, the very second the previous Omega met his end at the hands of primitives during a exploration of the primitive's homeworld. The Omega's first actions were to lead his race in eradicating the primitives and converting their world into a birthplace for the Olori. During his reign, the Omega has brought the Olori into contact with multiple alien races, some semi-sentient, some primitive. Being contacted by the Zuntrak, the Omega plans to lead his Olori not only into negotiations with other sentient lifeforms, but also through the later stages of 'The Master Race's' instructions...

Age: 2076 / Two Generations

Personality: Like most Olori, the Omega thinks logically, ignoring factors introduced through emotion. However, unlike the majority of his species, the Omega is quite vain, refering to himself as a superior creature in all respects compared to other races. Like all vain individuals, the Omega is quick to anger, and his race has bore grudges caused by his self-important behaviour. Never the less, the Ambassador has retained the title of Ambassador for two Generations, and he has no intention of allowing himself to lose his power and respect amongst a mainly equal race. The Ambassador identifies as male, for the sake of convenience when communicating with other species.

Weapon of choice: See Races section above.

Here it is, my application. Enjoy.

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Race Name: The Compact

The Compact is an alliance of different species and factions all bound together out of necessity. Originally, The Compact Accord began as the Coalition Treaty which was designed to unite two species against a common aggressor which was invading their region. These two factions were the Terran Hanseatic League, a corporate giant which had united the nations of their planet, and the Demiurg, a stubborn and industrious race.

Following the founding war, the Coalition found itself the dominant power in a region of space it had not even known was inhabited by so many others until the Kree had attacked. It was decided that the military focused nature of the Coalition Treaty was ineffective in the new world the two races found themselves in, and after much debating the Compact Accord was drawn up, an economic treaty which united the Demiurg and Hansa under a single parliment which governed all actions of the Compact as a whole. Newly designed Hansa vessels were soon floating amongst the stars, laden with Demiurg goods from the great mines, the Compact emerged into its region of space as an economic and industrial juggernaut, quickly carving out a sphere of influence without resorting to conflict, but rather through an economic monopoly. It was during this period of expansion when the Compact truly became what it is today, with the addition of many smaller civilisations yet unable to break away from their solar system's gravity well joining the great alliance.

The final Alliance took shape with the absorption of the Surrogate race into the treaty, completing the leading hegemon of the three major races of the Compact.

History: The great founding war that forced the creation of the compact left an irreparable scar on the psyche of both the Terran and the Demiurg people, although following the conflict captured technology allowed for rapid reconstruction and restructure of forces to present a united front to any potential future aggressors.Vessels quickly began to expand the Compact, new worlds and outposts fuelling the insatiable economy in turn helped resulted in even more expansion and growth. The Hanseatic League dominated the space lanes, flooding the market with profitable trade and goods from the Demiurg mines, factories and even the mighty shipyards of D’Arvan. Derivatives of the Treaty were used to annex smaller civilizations peacefully, allowing the Compact to grow a mighty Empire.

However, as the Compact continue to grow and the coffers were filled, the military became more and more sidelined, they still received adequate funding, if not surplus thanks to the economy and their protection of the convoys from roaming pirates, but their leaders had grown docile, confidence in the Navy’s abilitiy to guard their new Empire, and against Pirates it was adequate. Unfortunately, Compact Space was growing faster than the Military could defend it and some military leaders began to question the effectiveness of the outdated tactics with the reality of defending an ever-growing region of space. Another re-think of the Compact's military strategy was required, but no solution could be found as the ageing fleet was being tasked with a far too large area to patrol. However, it was a young and ambitious Demiurg tactician who finally solved the conundrum that threatened to be the great weakness of the Compact, and turn it into their greatest strength. Captain Kadien witnessed how particularly troublesome pirate groups would utilise a single large ship as a base for smaller vessels to cover more area, the better their luck of finding an unescorted merchantman. Whilst routing the group, he analysed the tactics and saw how they could be incorporated into the Compact navy's doctrine, he soon ordered a retrofit of his own ship as a testing bed for his schemes.

The great change was the increasing use of strike craft warfare, with a relatively small fleet capable of projecting a great military force over a very large area with the use of small and agile craft. The results impressed the Admirality to such an extent, that the entire navy was overhauled and the great coffers of the Hansa dipped into to fund the construction of a new fleet based around carrier strike groups. The massive restructuring not only resulted in an overhauled fleet but also the Demiurg’s industrial processes, with their shipyard factories becoming more streamlined and efficient by necessity to fulfil so many orders. The first combat trial of this new force would take place in one of the greatest conflicts undertaken by the fledgling compact, and help incorporated into it the third hegemon race: The Surrogates.

The Surrogates are a predominantly cybernetic race, with the steady destruction of their natural ecosystem on their homeworld, forcing them to alter their own bodies and move a guiding hand on evolution. The result was a species that saw themselves as superior to primitive organics, and soon they became a feared force in their region, enslaving numerous smaller factions. However, in came time when an even greater evil sought to conquer the Surrogate worlds, and in desperation, the ruling council plead for assistance from the Compact, and the reinforced alliance obliged.

By the time the war was over, the compact navy had been put through its paces, and although casualties were sustained, the tactics of guerrilla warfare in space caused enormous losses in the enemy's capital ship fleet, with the large lumbering vessels easy pickings for the nimble fighter swarms of the Compact. In return for their assistance, the battered, but living, Surrogates were adopted into the Compact, although their race has even to this day, lived with a great shame of their past sins, and seek to atone for them in the defense of the weaker members of the compact.

^The Surrogate Wars

Settled Planets: The Compact numbers roughly a hundred worlds, although many are newly colonised with a population of ten million or less, roughly 20 only have around one million colonistis. 48 Compact world’s however are regarded as ‘More Developed’ and form the core of the alliance.

Spoken Languages:
With so many different languages spoken within the Compact Parliament, not only of the three hegemon races but the many smaller factions, most of which are only of a single world, and even client nations with separate treaties, the Parliament early on agreed to have (Compact) Common spoken and written in official Compact matters, favouring no other single language.

-(Compact) Common

Written Languages

-(Compact) Common

Levels of leadership:

The Hegemony – The three leaders or representatives thereof, of the three hegemon factions of the Compact. Technically equal to the council of the Compact in weight and equal to one another, the Chairman of the Terran Hanseatic League actually wields the most power due to that race’s dominance of the Compact.

The Chancellor – The elected leader of the Council, who serves for a term of 8 years.

The (Compact) Council – Members elected to represent their faction’s interests within the Compact as a whole.
In addition to these there are other political rankings and military positions, such as the Admiralty Board, in command of the Navy, and the Secretary of Defense.

Technology: That of its member factions, although the navy has largely become standardized due to the influence of the Hansa, with extensive use of carrier based vessels and tactics allowing the navy to cover extensive areas with fewer vessels effectively. As such, the Compact has developed significant radar, fleet communications and tracking technologies, in addition to some stealth technologies designed to help mask the positions of the main fleets whilst in battle.

Allies and enemies: (Will add later if any comes up ;) )


race name: The Terran Hanseatic League

planet of origin/the surface appearance:
Terra –
Terra is an incredibly Earth-like world, but the Hanseatic League had risked destroying it’s ecosystem during the industrial age, with significant global warming and exploitation, luckily they stopped at the brink, but many argue that it was not becuasethe Terrans saw any error in their ways, but rather could better gather the materials off world than mine their own world, and that it would be economically harmful to destroy it. Pristine Nature Preserves border mighty shining cities made of towering glass skyscrapers, the fruits of a booming economy, but one thing remains omnipresent on the world, the dominance of the Hanseatic League, the Cities are the bases of the great economic juggernaut, and even the apparently natural Nature Preserves are in fact kept in the perfect condition thanks to complex control of the local conditions, nothing is untouched.

average life span:
80-200 years, depends largely on how much augmentation the individual has access to.

settled planets:
Technically the Hansa only has direct control of it’s home system, that of Terra, and all settled planets are under the control of the Compact parliament, but the Hansa is the most powerful of the 3 Hegemon races and due to its large trade network can have significant leverage on many small client nations dependant on the Compact.

common features:
They look very much like humans, in fact one would only really find a difference at the genetic or cellular level.

spoken languages:
A number of Languages evolved on Terra, but by the time of the Compact, (Terran) Standard was being promoted by the League. (Compact) Common is also widely spoken and there is a major motion amongst the Compact to make it the official language of all 3 hegemon races.

written languages:
(Terran) Standard and (Compact) Common

levels of leadership:

The Chairman of the Terran Hanseatic League – Many years ago this position would’ve been titled that of CEO of the Hanseatic League, but since the corporate alliance’s dominance of its planet, many felt that some change was needed. The Chairman is elected by the board for a four year term but elections are only necessary every second 4 years, as the Board votes whether or not they are required.

Member of the Board – Essentially similar to a ruling council or senate, some seats are elected by the people of their region, although it is rare for anyone on the board to have not risen in the ranks of the Hanseatic League before joining.

Beneath these positions there are other executive branches and positions, as well as the Hansa merchant fleet, the Navy, which they dominate, and the normal citizenry.

The Hanseatic League began as an alliance between several major mega-corporations on Terra originally to better aid their profits, however, soon enough these corporate entities realised that the divinsions of their race was more harmful than beneficial, even to the bottom line, and so set about unifying Terra under the Terran Hanseatic League.
Today the League dominates trade in the local Region of Space, and is the most populous member of the Compact, with Terrans often seen serving in the Compact army and Fleet. The Compact Navy itself is a direct expansion of that of the Hansa, as they are more heavily invested with their mighty merchant fleet.

The Hansa uses more traditional technology, although that does not make it any less effective or advanced. Kinetic railgun armanments are often fitted on their vessels and thermonuclear power stations are one of the more common sources of energy. Hansa ships are some of the most efficient in the galaxy, cost effective and relatively easy to mass produce they form the backbone of both the Compact Navy and the Merchant fleet, although over the years the Navy has seen more and more integration with the Surrogates and particularly the Demiurg who build the majority of the craft.

allies and enemies: Member of the Compact

race name: The Demiurg

planet of origin/the surface appearance:
D’Arvan – at first glance a largely barren world, with mighty mountain ranges, and deserts. There a number of forests and seas, but it lacks any particular large ocean. It is somewhat larger than Earth, creating a heavier gravitational pull, leading to the Demiurg’s more stocky size.

average life span:
200-250 years, although the oldest Demiurg known lived to the ripe age of 300.

settled planets:
As with the Hansa, they technically own only their homesystem, D’Arvan, but with the Demiurg’s affinity of mining and industry, many mining colonies and facilities are largely staffed by their kind, as are the mighty Shipyards, with those of D’Arvan filling orders from small merchant vessels and strike craft to mighty Dreadnaughts and Carriers.

common features:
They resemble Humans but are shorter and stockier, they are generally an honourable and honest race, stubborn as **** too. In the mines all are equal, all are brothers and sisters and must look out for each other, helping to form a sense of common goal and unity.

spoken languages:

D’Arvani – It is often heard in the factories and mines of the Compact, with even non-Demiurg workers taking it up.

(Compact) Common

written languages:


(Compact) Common

levels of leadership:

The Demiurg are divided into a number of Clans, each having their own King or Queen. Every decade they vote amongst themselves for one of their own, or of nobility, to lead their race.

Chancellor – The Head of the Royal Council.

The Royal Council – Made up of the ruling Monarchs of the Demiurg.

Aristocracy – Nobles, although there ARE subdivisions and some overlapping with the Bourgeoisie.

Bourgeoisie – The ‘Middle Class’ anywhere from wealthy homeowners to mighty tradesmen of noted valour.

And of course the general citizenry.

The Demiurg Clans have existed for as long as history cares to remember, and they have warred, made peace and generally co-existed for all that time. However, once they reached the stars, the Clans grew closer and closer, realising than a collective effort was needed. During the founding war of the Compact, the Demiurg united against the common threat, creating the Royal Council.

The Demiurg are natural builders and miners, committed to their tasks, they fuel the mighty Compact with everything from ore to gems, household appliances to warships, even agriculture has been focused on the Demiurg, the producers of the Compact. Regardless, in a time of war, they are the first to pick up their weapons and the last to leave the field.

The Demiurg often use laser or ion technology, generally in mining; they also have a number of technologies designed to aid them living in hostile environments, which more often than not exist on lucrative worlds. Strip-mining technology is also being developed by the Demiurg, with large vessels capable of mining entire asteroids in a matter of days already parts of the fleet.

allies and enemies: Member of the Compact.

race name: The Surrogates

planet of origin/the surface appearance:
Ka’has’shi – a barren wasteland, long since exploited of its natural resources, the world, even to begin with, was never truly pleasant, and with a sun that bathed it in a major storm every second century or so, the Surrogates had to fight to survive. In addition to this, due to a slow rotation, half the world burns for half a year (roughly 5 earth months) under roasting sunlight whilst the other is plunged into a deep night.

average life span:
Naturally only 40-50 years, due to the harsh conditions on their world, although biologically they could live to almost 150 if they were under better conditions. With augmentation, they can exploit this, and Surrogates can easily live to 300, but the wealthy can live even further, with some nearing the age of 600.

settled planets:
As members of the compact they only have control of their home system, Ka’has’shi. (Worth noting, that Ka’has’shi was a name given to another, more hospitable planet in the same system as their homeworld, both share the name with the ‘new’ homeworld the focus of the Surrogate population due to the devastation of the original homeworld, although many surrogates still live there, and it some restoration projects are under way).

common features:
They can look somewhat different to one another due to different augmentations and bionic limbs, but they are traditionally humanoid in appearance, with a pale blue skin and no hair. They also use large amount of cybernetics, most notable on Surrogate soldiers who are entirely enclosed in their robotics.

^Surrogate Warrior

spoken languages:
Shi – The native tongue of the Surrogates, although in declining use thanks to the rapid acceptance of (Compact) Common, although it can still be found in a number of military terms used throughout the Compact.
(Compact) Common

written languages:
(Compact) Common

levels of leadership:

The Surrogate race was at one point an Empire, but following the Great War in which it joined the compact, the Emperor was killed in battle, and his successor abdicated his throne in preference of a republic.

The Lead Council – The ruling individuals of the Surrogate people, they have a rotating leadership, with a term lasting a year before the member must step down, although the ‘leader’ has little more power than the others, and acts largely as a ‘speaker’. Each member of The Lead Council must by elected by the current Lead Council in addition to the General Assembly.

The General Assembly – The ‘senate’ of the Surrogates if you will, all its members are elected.

These are in addition to military and other (generally lower) civilian rankings.

As a consequence of their planet’s hostility, wars between the early Surrogate factions were often fought for resources necessary for survival, these wars eventually began harming the planet even more, so the Surrogates began augmenting and enhancing their biology, desperate to survive. By the time the race finally united and began to expand into the reaches of space, their world was all but dead, with huge swathes of the ecosystem obliterated. Reagardless, the Surrogates had survived against the odds, and this fact, coupled with the advantages of their enhanced biology in relation to pure ‘organics’ lead them to become arrogant, selfishly believing themselves supeirior to all. The Surrogate empire was founded on tyrannical rule and oppression of the ‘lesser’ species; however, in the Great War against the Kree empire, coming in force following the Compact’s defeat of its satellite state, resulted in its destruction and the formation of the Surrogate Republic which exists today.

Upon joining the Compact at the end of the war, with the Kree all but destroyed, the Surrogates had hardly suffered better, with roughly 60% of their population dead they had to rebuild from the ground up and even to this day the Surrogates have little major populations beyond their home system. The surrogates are deeply ashamed of the actions of their Empire and seek to atone for their and their ancestor’s actions.

Within the Compact the Surrogates are often used in the army, primarily for special forces due to their advantages thanks to their cybernetics and also due to their relatively lower population.

The Surrogates heavily utilise robotic and laser technology, in addition to cybernetics. They also have a number of life support technologies, which allow them to survive the harsh conditions on a number of locations (ie; the ‘old’ homeworld).

allies and enemies: Member of the Compact.


Warrior Character:

Name: Lev Kellum

Title: Admiral

Rank in culture: The commander of a carrier battlegroup, Kellum could be even higher in the rankings, but refuses to be pulled further behind a desk. He is famed throughout the Compact and wields significant political weight because of it, often all that allows his superiors to allow his often unorthodox and brazen tactics.

Age: 110

Appearance: Kellum is a career soldier, and it shows in his weathered face. Memories of war and combat rage behind his dark brown eyes. Traditionally, Kellum wears his captain's uniform, proud of his vessel which he has captained for the majority of his career and taken through many engagements. Early on in his life, Kellum like many others who had lived full lives, refused extensive youth rejuvenation surgery, standard procedures that go hand in hand with augmentations that extend the natural lifetime of a Terran, which although do reduce aging, still give its appearance until the age of about 50-60. As such, Kellum may appear old, with graying hair and somewhat wrinkled features across his dark skin, yet he remains able to stand toe-to-toe in the ring with any of the younger soldiers under his command due to a rigorous training regime enforced upon him since childhood by military parents, in addition to extensive augmentation and enhancements to his body. Due to this, he is very fit and this combined with his air of authority and confidence, creates a rather imposing figure that the men below him obey, his allies respect and that his enemies fear.

Personality: Kellum was brought up by military parents to be a soldier, and military life has embedded itself in every aspect of his personality. Confident, yet not outspoken, Kellum can convince others of his view with charisma but is more than willing to sit down and listen to grievances than to solve a problem with ultimatums and weapons. Loyal to the compact and the men he commands, Kellum would gladly give up his life for them both, it is his own philosophy that if men are willing to die by his orders, then a commander must be willing to die for them too, and he has been reprimanded on many occassions by superirors for refusing to abandon his men, the most notable being a major boarding action of the Ember of Apocalypse, and refusing to retreat with the rest of the commanding officers, Kellum took up arms with his men and helped drive the enemy from the ship, as such he recieved a demotion from Fleet Captain, but was swiflty promoted by a higher ranking member of the admirality board.

History: From his early childhood, Kellum wanted nothing more than to be a soldier in the Compact army, however, his dreams shifted after he witnessed the display of force by one of the Compact's first devoted carrier battlegroups, and he attempted to enlist as a Navy pilot at the age of 17, however, with the fleet not yet fully refurbished, the recruiting offices turned him down in favour of more experienced candidates. Not disuaded, Kellum signed up at the booth next door and enlisted in the Marines. Kellum was ordered to report to the 9th Orbital Cavalry accompanying the battlegroup of the carrier Death's Woes, the flagship of the famous Captain Kadien. Over the years Kellum distinguished himself as a courageous and formidable soldier, swiftly rising in the ranks, but it was during one mission that went horribly wrong that he gained the Fleet Commander's eye.

Part of a small team sent to recon ahead of a main invasion force, Kellum and his comrades were ambushed and hunted across the wilderness, unable to contact their supeiriors they managed to escape on their own by commandeering a hostile gunship, which Kellum piloted with such skill in not only escaping, but dealing a major blow to the hostiles below, that he was re-assigned to the Death's Woes strike craft squadron. In his first term of service as a navy pilot, Kellum proved a natural in the cockpit, and merciless to his foes; it was not long before Maeus was given his first ship command of a small frigate, but Captain Kadien wished to teach the young captain that war was not the only way, and rather not the desired method either, it was here that Kellum learnt that the key to a military victory, is to not fire a single shot unless absolutely necessary. Kellum learned from the great commander and took his teachings to the field, however, during the Surrogate wars 80 years ago, Captain Kadien was killed when the Death's Woes sacrificed itself to hold back an advancing enemy fleet, this event shook Maeus to the bone, but he recovered with a new sense of obligation to his fallen mentor and to the compact as a whole. It was following this act that the 1st fleet was broken up suffering heavy casualties, and Maeus was given command of the Ember of Apocalypse, a vessel which he has taken to hell and back, over the years, and became a household name amongst the compact during the Surrogate Wars, with Kellum either commanding either naval engagments or 'In the mud' with marine detachments on the ground.

Weapon of Choice: The strike craft and battlegroup of the Ember of Apocalyse is always his first choice, the Ember is an aging vessel compared to the more modern carrier vessels, but has been retrofitted by the Demiurg shipyards so proficiently that more often than not it outclasses them, particularly as super carriers become more and more as command and control centers and strike craft bases than warships. There have also been many motions to change the name of the vessel from the more dark title popular during the Surrogate wars to one of the more uplifting names that politicans find would present a better image to the people, all requests have been flatly denied by Kellum who states that he "never lost the Ember on the field, and damn well won't to some pen pushers."

On the ground Kellum is proficient with much of the Compact armies' arsenal, but often goes in with a standard assault rifle or medium ranged carbine, preferring tactical options to specialization. His armor is also almost indistinguishable to the standard Orbital Cavalry's, now the elite of the Compact, save for the Surrogate special forces divisions themselves, save for the insignia of the Fleet on his shoulder, rather than any 'mud-kicker' rank.

Political Character: (still adding)

Name:Lorna Corvitz

Title: Member of the Board (Hansa)/ Hansa Representative to the Compact/Ambassador of the Compact

Rank in culture: Lorna Corvitz is a rising star within both Hansa and Compact politics, being the youngest Member of the Board in the history of the modern Hansa when she joined, she quickly proved herself a shrewd politician and gained the eye of the current Chairman, becoming his protege, and expected by many, his likely successor.

Appearance: Despite nearing 60, Lorna physically looks no older than 30 thanks to advancements in rejuvenation and biological augmentations within the Hansa becoming available to the upper class; for one of her status she is seen as young, with a long life ahead of her. Even without augmentations, Lorna is a stunning woman, and doesn't shy away from using her vibrant nature and youth to her advantage.

Backstory: Coming from a family of wealthy merchants, Lorna was their fourth and youngest child, and therefore didn't have much expectation for joining the family industry, as such, she was destined to become a pampered daughter of an industrialist, but the young Lorna had mighty ambitions and used her heritage as leverage to join the Hansa government office, rapidly making her way up the ranks. By the age of 30, she became the youngest ever elected Member of the Board and her popularity only increased because of it; rather than fall in line and go through the motions like most of the inexperienced Members she strove to make a name for herself, and both her rivals and allies discovered that she was ruthless to any who stood in the way of her ambitions. Lorna's sudden rise to prominence drew the eye of the ruling Chairman, who was intrigued by the fiery young woman and took her under his wing, essentially becoming her mentor. By the time she was elected as a representative of the Hansa to the Compact council, none could doubt this woman's ambitions, and many consider it only a matter of time until the entire Hansa follows her lead, if not even more.

Age: 60 (physically 30)

Personality: Lorna is ambitious, and that makes her dangerous, she expects nothing less than the top and is willing to get down and dirty to get there. In term of her political ideals, she sees war and the military as an extension of the Compact government, as well as that of the Hansa, simply one way to solve a problem, sometimes it's the preferable method, other times it is not. When offered the chance to represent the compact at the meeting she leapt at it, the potential benefits of the Compact were huge, although, like many, she is weary of losing her independence, the Compact has 'unified' more than it's fair share of smaller races.

Weapon of Choice: Although she's not a soldier, Lorna has ensured that she is proficient with firearms and carriers a small pistol on her person, just in case.

Ok I just have to be a Sheep and post these ;):

^ The Ember of Apocalypse is a Kadien Class Super Carrier, the first class of Super Carrier built by the Compact, and still is as deadly today as it was over 80 years ago, if not more so. It holds both an Interceptor and a Bomber squadron, allowing it to both combat strike craft and capital ships, although it also holds more craft in storage if the active squadrons suffer heavy losses. In addition to this it can carry landing assault craft for the Orbital Cavalry and planetary assault gunships to support any ground based operations. The Ember however, is no pushover in a frontal fight either, although it cannot go toe-to-toe with a battlecruiser or higher capital class vessels, it is more than prepared to fend off lighter tonnage vessels that stray past its escorts, although in a close quarters fight the carrier is designed to take the damage rather than dish it out, staying together long enough to soak in fire as it's escorts rally to its defense, whilst being able to recover later and still operate its squadrons.

^The Nyx class Super Carrier is a much newer design than the Kadien Class, and shows it off, taking full advantage of being designed from the bottom up with the latest technologies. It has become the most common Super Carrier in the Compact Navy in it's brief history, and can field as many active craft as the older Kadien Class. However, the Nyx is more designed towards Command and Control, projecting its power and co-ordinating its fleet, depending heavily on its escorts and squadrons for defense. In addition to this, additional space is taken up by more command and control equipment, meaning that less inactive craft can be placed in storage. All of this results in it being a true force to be feared when coupled with a fleet, but in a war of attrition, many strategists point out that lessons could be learned from the constantly refitted Ember of Apocalypse.

The Space Power Projection Command Ship, is the newest in a line of Escort Carriers developed by the Compact to fill the void created by the relatively small number of larger Carriers and Super Carriers. Escort Carriers were originally designed to escort convoys of merchantmen which were deemed an inefficient expense of a full carrier battlegroup, but over the years they have proven their worth, and the SPPCS is also designed to be incorporated into larger fleets, and the Ember of Apocalypse co-ordinates itself with the Kursk and Stalingrad escort fleets, which, although officially part of the Ember's battlegroup, are often seperated by significant distances in order to better cover their sector, although can support each other with strike craft if necessary.

^ Just to prove they do battleships and stuff too ;)

Yes it's Space Battleship Yamato and no I do not care We have fluffy balls and cats of death let me have my moment....pretty please? :3

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ok loving the races so far,didn't expect so many good replies considering this is my first rp but i will try my best to be a good gm.i will leave the recruitment thread up for another couple of days so that i can get the action ready so if any one else wishes to join thats how long you've got.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
If an immovable object is struck by an unstoppable force, how many potatoes will fit in the jelly mould?
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Real Name: Savar Magnus

Titles: Gold Battalion Commander,
Sparrowhawk Ace Squadron Leader
Starship Captain
PDF Chief Tactitian
(various other command positions of lower class.)

Rank in Culture: Very high (is that the right way to put it?)

Appearance: 6'5" blue eyes, curly brown hair, athletic, very large hands, likes to wear denim casually.

Backstory: Raised an orphan having never known his parents, along with Savar's natural intelligence and fighting skill made him an ideal choice for the commando program in the formative years of Ceta space.
Then, there was no proper army, merely the V Guard, a small garrison on each world for pyrate defence. The Space Navy was powerful, and their fighter pilots were (and are) an elite force.
The commandos eliminated the few major threats before they could act. He was the commander of his squad (un-named for security reasons) containing the current four Elite Battalion commanders; Takar Lernov, Jonas Kyte, Janine Marren and Savar himself.
During his time as a commando he was brought into service as a Squad Sargent and was promoted to Squad Captain within two years of active service, due to his actions preventing a terrorist group leader Surlaw's plan to slaughter the entire senate in a bombing on Pegasus itself.
His Squad was considered the best just four years later.
That year they discovered an ancient temple on the seabed of Pegasus whilst searching for a possible Surlaw undersea base. In the temple they found energy crystals like those used in the weapons of the federation, but of unimaginable power. The contact with the crystals caused the reawakening of the powers lost to their people when the 24 Pegasiens from the future died 100,000 years ago.
However, the sniper of The squad at that time was Mikeal Lernov (later KIA and replaced by Janine), the brother of Takar, yet he received no powers. After returning to the commando HQ on Pegasus they told their findings. They had brought a footlong shard of crystal back with them, it and their powers were fully tested by scientists.
The commanders of the PDF decided to keep their powers under wraps.
Their abilities wore off without contact with the crystals, so they were each issued with a shard of crystal in a sealed locket which they could open when needed.
Unknown to them as they continued their search for Surlaw, a few Pegasien scientists began extensive research into the crystal...
Three years later they foiled the plans of Surlaw once more, stopping an all out war with the PDF. In doing so they led the first ever ground attack of the Volunteer Guard. Leading a full company each against the 1st drone army which outnumbered them 10:5.
This action caused the PDF to bring the first four elite battalions out of stasis (that's another story) and promoted the squad's members to be the first battalion commanders.
Over the past 200 years they have honed all their skills to perfection and the PDF is still adamant the four battalions and the Guard is all the Federation needs....

Age: 36 physically, 243 due to enhancements from military.

Although often quite quiet and pragmatic, Savar likes a joke (especially with Jonas Kyte, his former squadie) and doesn't shy away from his men off duty. In battle he is a roaring symbol of valour, generally he is found in the thickest fighting, commanding his army through the feed in his HUD.
In the senate or on diplomatic duties Savar is a smooth talking, smiling politician. He has an honest approach to diplomacy and won't hide the problems or agree with a more powerful Senator if he thinks they're wrong.
On leave Savar spends his time building and designing anything mechanical that is allowed by the laws of physics, he is an excellent pilot and mechanic and loves to customise his personal vehicles and weapons.

Weapons of Choice: MKIV Crystal Rifle, Superheated Broadsword, two Battle Pistols OR
MKIX Command Battle-suit with two tri-barrelled pulse mini-guns (one on each arm) with beam function, one left shoulder mounted microrocket launcher, one right shoulder mounted phasecannon sniper and the same superheated broadsword.
Both loadouts with remaining standard equipment e.g. Grenades etc.

Sorry if the background section is really boring, it's hard to make it flow on my phone! Lemme Know other problems.

"Those are Eldar? I thought they'd be taller!" Unknown Guardsman
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Oooh, several interesting races.

Although, i sort of hope not too many others join, since i would have a hard time remembering everyone.

New coming players should NOT listen to me, if they want to play you are more than welcome.

Question for the GM.
Can i and everyone else assume the bugs have at least one or more encounters with the other races?
Considering my unusual spread.

And sorry Yru0, but i can only envision your race as going around with age of sail ships in space wearing tri-corns and having dwarfs on board

Looking forward to playing :D

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yes if both players want it you could have encountered any of the other races.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
If an immovable object is struck by an unstoppable force, how many potatoes will fit in the jelly mould?
Renegades 9:flesh is weak

Eldrad Ulthran:
"He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it."

inquisitor czevak:
"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know."
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Sorry if I'm a tad late, but I'm writing a sign-up at the moment. It might be up today, at latest tomorrow. It's already quite large (over 3,000 without the character), and I'm really looking forward to this.

Basically, I'm posting to say: I'm nearly done, please don't stop the signups on me.

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