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Default Risen from the ashes: Halo RP: Action

First Sergeant Samuel Fawkes woke, the door to his cryo chamber sliding open with a hiss. He stepped out, naked and grasped a towel from the rail next to him. Wrapping it around him, he saw a marine approaching. The soldier greeted him with a salute and directed him to a locker containing his clothes, which he hurriedly put on. He saw no one around the changing rooms. Good. He thought. He'd asked to be woken a little before his squad, so he could get his bearings and a proper briefing together, he knew the mission, but didn't want to demoralize the troops with a horrible, half made assessment of the battle. Freezer burn was causing him to ache all over and he cursed the awkward system which cryo-sleep used.
He made his way briskly and calmly towards the briefing room. As he was walking down the corridor, several technicians ran past him, one hitting him hard in the shoulder as he passed. Fawkes span around from the force of the impact and the technician fell sprawled on the floor.

“Sorry sir.” He mumbled, picking himself up. He was about to run off again, but Fawkes put a hand heavily on his shoulder, pulling the technician round to face him.

“Where are you in such a hurry to go?” Asked Fawkes, both irritated and curious.

“Slipspace drive needs repairs, sir, we’ve gotta get there fast, don’t want to end up like Georgia.” Replied the technician.

“Georgia?” Fawkes asked, perplexed.

“The UNSC Georgia, frigate class, slipspace drive malfunctioned and-“ The technician stopped. “Actually sir, you probably don’t want to know.”

Then, without another word, the technician ran off after his fellows. Fawkes watched him running, feeling a little uncertain. What happened to Georgia? He wondered.

Shaking the thought off he walked away, towards the briefing room, where he would meet up with his new squad. Reaching the briefing desk, he opened up the personnel system in the archives. He searched up 'ODST: Squad Phoenix: Active Roster. Skipping his own, Fawkes read the rest of the team's files.

Name: John Lancaster
Rank: Corporal *Note*: Demotion from Sgt.
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Service started: 2525
Service Record: Maintenance staff, Combat role on Ilaris, Deployment on DATA CLASSIFIED: TEIR 1 INTEL, Service to ONI on multiple accounts.
Fawkes was intrigued by this one, from maintenance staff to to secret ONI missions beyond even his relatively elevated clearance in just 12 years, that was an impressive record. Ilaris was no walk in the park either, that planet fell hard and fast. Casualty reports were huge, on both sides. Fawkes wondered about his demotion. What was it for? Hopefully not assault of a fellow soldier or cowardice. As long as it's neither of those, Thought Fawkes. Then he's good enough for me. He pulled up the next file.

Name: Tristan Payne
Rank: Private
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Service started: 24/7/2509
Service Record: Defensive role on Miasma, Combat role on Miasma, Deployment on Operation: ACHILLES (Faliure), Service to ODST 148th company.

Fawkes had known about the Miasma campaign, that was a tough fight, the combat was incredibly drawn out, when the planet was glassed, fighting had been going on for months. This one, Payne, would be a pretty tough soldier. Operation: ACHILLES had been hard to find, he'd only just had the clearance to do it. Spartans and ODSTs hunting for an Elite Field Marshal, a damned high value target. Turned out to be a trap, lot of men dead. Still, this one was almost definitely going to be a good soldier.
The next file came into view at Fawkes' command.

Name: Logan Alexander
Rank: Corporal
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Service started: 12/3/2527
Service Record: Combat role on Omegon IV *Note*: caused minor grunt mutiny.

Fawkes chuckled softly at this, He'd heard of that when he'd been deployed on Omegon IV, quite some way away from the event, but word had travelled very fast. He was getting the lad that did it. The rumors flying around at the time had created a sort of contest between ODSTs and most of the rest of the UNSC forces there. The ODSTs stuck firmly to the belief that one of their own had caused the grunt mutiny, whereas everyone else thought it was Spartans who had done it. Fawkes was pleased to know that the true culprit was indeed an ODST. He summoned up the next file.

Name: Martin Baker
Rank: Lance Corporal
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Service started: 01/12/2521
Service Record: Extensive combat role on Rethymno.

Rethymno, now that had been one of the most heroic UNSC defeats that Fawkes had heard of. First and second Covenant assaults had been repelled, by extreme skill, luck and determination from it's defenders. Many lives had been lost, but each one had gone down fighting. Rethymno had been taken when a huge frontal offensive from the covenant, including no less than three super-carriers and dozens of corvettes had struck almost simultaneously. The reports said that the fighting was bitter, but nothing could have stopped that sort of force. Fawkes thought that this Baker fellow would have had to be a damned fine soldier simply getting out alive.

Name: Claire Collins
Rank: Private
Age: 24
Gender: female
Service started: 2524
Service Record: Service Ilirium

The only girl in the team. She'd been on Ilirium, she'd probably been a part of the massacre. Tens of millions were killed there, the UNSC forces that were deployed had been minimal, less than one hundred and fifty marines. They fought well, but didn't stand a chance. If this Collins girl had made it out alive, she was, at the very least, lucky and probably pretty damned skilled. Luck was the best trait a soldier could have, in Fawkes' opinion.

Name: Zetan Sherman
Rank: Corporal
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Service started: 05/7/2518
Service Record: Anti-insurrectionist combat, awarded medals for bravery.

Fawkes had heard of Sherman. An old friend from Squad Gorilla had told Fawkes about him. He remembered the phrase 'Tough bastard' coming up, as well as hearing that he'd been an Innie POW for three weeks, before escaping and dragging the Innie leader with him. A valuable member to the team, to say the least. He pulled up the final file.

Name: Private Joseph Davis
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Service started: 2528
Service record: Defence on *Data corrupted/unavailable*

Fawkes was mildly annoyed, the lack of data as to this trooper. The trooper was obviously fairly green, but he'd been told that Davis had been a part of an alleged 'suicide mission', which ironically saved his life. An old friend of Fawkes', the man who had trained Davis, had said that the kid was perfect to get Phoenix back to it's original prestige. He was, 'Brave and a perhaps a little crazy' according to the trainer. All ODST qualities. Thought Fawkes.

Fawkes fairly impressed in all cases. These guys have been in some of the thickest fights in the war. He thought. They’d better be as good as the files suggest. Then a marine walked in, clutching a thin data slate. The young marine saluted to Fawkes, then handed over a data slate.

“Message for you, sir.” He said. Fawkes looked at the small screen:

To: 1st Sergeant S. Fawkes

Sergeant Fawkes, this message has been sent to inform you that you're squad is being selected by ONI to work alongside a Clearance 1 unit. They have been issued with orders to follow your commands unless they contrast with their primary objectives. They will be meeting you at the same time as your new squad.

Yours sincerely,
Jacob Vermoy, ONI

Clearance 1, thought Fawkes as the marine silently left the room. That could mean one of two things: Either he was getting ONI Spooks, or Spartans. He didn't know which idea he liked less. If it was a Spook, they would have some high and mighty mission which would almost definitely get the squad killed. Fawkes would willingly fall in the defence of humanity, but he would at least like to know what he was dying for.
On the other hand, while he had no problem with Spartans personally, but the same could not be said of the rest of his team. He knew for a fact that several members had bad blood between them and Spartans, as well as the generally borderline aggressive competitiveness that ODSTs showed towards Spartans.

Then he turned to the briefing table, a holographic display of the planet and the ships around it coming into display. He watched as the ships slid past each other and red dots flickered into life on the planet’s translucent surface.
After ten minutes he straightened up, walked over to a spot meaning that the holographic projector was between him and the door. He stood there, waiting for the new team members to enter.

Welcome everyone! The 'Georgia' thing is much more for the benefit of Red vs Blue fans than anything else, Btw.
You are just waking from Cryo-sleep. You have no weapons or armour at the current time, just make your way to the briefing room, this post doesn't have to be too long. Just describe a thing or two about what your character is seeing/thinking.

Just the same, except for the fact that you have been briefed by Captain Vermoy to meet you're new CO (me).

P.S. This is my first ever RP as GM, please tell me if anything has been done wrong.

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zetan's eyes opened,the light blinding at first but soon his vision returned to him.he had been in cyro-sleep, the effects of cyro-sleep weren't desirable but he wasn't on to complain.upon regaining his vision he climbed out of the chamber and wrapped a towel around his waist.he walked bare footed across the cold floor to a locker containing some of his clothes.he looked around and saw the other members of squad Phoenix getting ready aswell.once he had fully dressed himself he walked over to a marine,the marine said to him "follow this corridor and you should find first sergeant Fawkes waiting for you."
quietly zetan walked along the corridor peeping into the rooms to see what was going on,he passed a few worried technicians but he didn't stop them as he couldn't care less about there stupid problems.zetan was approaching the room now,he was the first one there but he could hear someone else.upon looking behind him he could see another member of his squad walking along and strangely blurted out zetan's name,zetan didn't know much about his squad and he didn't want to,all he cared about was that they didn't get in his way.

ooc. if this isn't enough just say

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Joseph slowly opened his eyes and glanced around. His vision was slowly adjusting as he swallowed. “Damnit,” he whispered flexing his arms and legs. It felt like he had been running for hours, not waking up from cryo. “That old man was right,” Joseph said taking his first step from the pod, “that stuff tastes terrible.” He could still remember the training clear in his mind. 'You may feel some discomfort as you awaken. This is normal and should pass in only a few hours, depending on how restless you really were. Remember that there is an inhalant administered during your sleep. You will do good to ingest that stuff, even if it tastes like runny eggs.' “Would rather have the eggs,” the young marine said moving toward his locker.

Joseph slowly shook off the grogginess and began to feel a little more like himself. By the time he pulled clothing on others were moving. He could hear the sound of bare feet slapping against the cold deck plating. “Morning,” Joseph boomed back into the room as he pulled the last of his uniform on. The feeling of 'freezer burn' in his joints was already lessening. The damned meds were bleeding out of his system. Good, Joseph thought with a smile. Now it was time for him to bleed some of the concoction from his system entirely.

“Sir,” a marine said as Joseph moved into the coridor. Joseph spun and looked. Another grunt, private by the uniform. The two snapped a salute to each other. “First Sergeant has request you meet him in the briefing room.” “Thank you,” Joseph said with a parting smile, “By the by you wouldn't happen to know where the pisser is would you?” The marine pointed. “Thank you kindly,” were the last words before Joseph padded down the hall.

It was a releif to be rid of part of the drugs in his system as Joseph moved back into the hall. “Alright,” he said to himself glancing around, “The head, the cryo room, let me see...” His voice trailed off as he tried to remember his breifing. Joseph had arrived late, almost missed the boat. Not exactly the best impression. Everything from there was a whirlwind in his mind. A quick show and tell about the ship, stowing gear, and then sleepy time. Looking around Joseph almost wondered what all the tech's were up to. Must be somthing compleatly spacy, he decided. “Now what... Oh yeah, briefing room,” he said after a few seconds.

As Joseph moved he spotted another of the squad. Good, he though, won't be stuck in there alone with the CO. Alright just gotta remember the name... it was a Z name... how many of those could there be? Zed, zedda, zelda... no that's not it. Zet-somthing.
As they began to march toward the room names still filled his head. Damnit what was it? As he approached Joseph still tried to remember the name. The other ODST trooper turned revealing the uniform patch, rank, and... “Zetan,” he said, “That's it.” There was an awkward silence at least as far as the young private could tell. Joseph snapped to attention and offered a salute. “Morning Sir,” he said politely. It was rather hard for him to remember that he was possibly the newest member of the squad, shareing the lowest rank with one other. Joseph waited for what would happen next, be it a blow off or a friendly reception after blurting out the Corporal's name.

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Waking quickly, Felix waited for the lid of his fridge to pop open, before stepping out and grabbing a towel off the rack next to him. Wiping himself down from head to toe, he ignored the burning in his joints and nausea from the freeze as he walked over to the lockers where their uniforms were stowed as he heard the other half of his team, Anthony, get out of his fridge. Dressing quickly and quietly, making sure his uniform was immaculate, he turned to Anthony. " Since we are going on another trip with some ODSTs, try not to scare the shit out of these ones, eh Tony?" he said, chuckling slightly. "Hurry up" He said with a slight grin as he left the cryobay, heading towards the briefing room.

As he walked briskly down the halls of the ship, his mind went back to the briefing they had had with the ships Captain, basically telling them they were to be under the command of an ODST first sgt by the name of Samuel Fawkes, and they were to obey his orders unless they conflicted with their mission objective. Arriving at the briefing room, Felix stood next to the door waiting for Spartan 019 to get there before entering.
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Logan stumbled out of the cyro-pod and fell to his knees before spitting out a thick, sticky liquid onto the deck. He hated cyro pods, hed rather sleep on the floor. A hand grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to his feet with little trouble, He grabbed a white towel and turned around to thank the person but he couldnt identify who it was. everyone was putting on towels or stretching, not paying any attention to him. It didnt matter. He pulled on a grey shirt and long black pants before putting on his socks. He was dimly aware of his joints being very painful but he ignored the pain and continued to get dressed.

Logan heard a voice informing someone that the seargent was waiting for them. and briskly strode after the four ODSTs that were already leaving the room. He tried to get the aftertaste of the nutrient goo out of his mouth by spitting a few times before entering the next room...

this is also my first rp pm me if i did anything wrong

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
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Payne was instantly hit by a huge wave of nausea the second he woke up. There seemed to be a commotion going on outside the pod.
'Dammit, the thing won't open!' A engineer shouted
'Try harder! Fawkes wants him out now, trust me, you don't wanna piss off those odst types, 'specially not him' Another shouted.
'Erm, ladies, get me outta this pod before I smash it open myself' Payne warned, flexing his fist to make his point.
At last the poor engineer managed to pry the pod open and Payne strode out, then berated the pair. 'Seriously, you're meant to MAINTAIN the bloody pods'
The engineers both nodded then nervously scuttled out of the room.

The room was bare save for the pod and a locker. Payne opened the locker to examine it's contents. Payne looked up and down in disgust.
'Where's my knife? Where's my bloody knife?!'
A voice over the intercom chimed 'Private, it was removed and destroyed due to being Covenant contraband'
Payne uttered a foul curse, removed the contents of the locker and slammed the door in annoyance.
He pulled on the black naval shipboard uniform that were provided and used the cleaning kit to provide a quick maintenance of his metal hand.
'Hold on! When I went into cryo I was with the other ODSTs, why am I in solitary?'
The voice came over the intercom again, instantly answering him

'Private, before you join the rest of your team, there are two officers here to brief you on your conduct.'
The door opened and two officers in full military police armour walked in, both carrying weaponry, Payne noticed.
'Come on! I've been out five minutes and you already want to arrest me?!' Payne shouted, outraged.
'No private' One of the Military Police spoke, a woman, 'We are simply here to brief you on your conduct. It came to our attention that you have recieved 17 disciplinary counts against you. 5 for insubordination, 3 for possession of Covenant contraband, 6 for openly hostile acts against members of Spartan forces aboard a USMC carrier, 2 for openly hostile acts against members of Spartan forces in a theatre of war, and one count of being highly intoxicated on duty'
'Well, you see-' Payne was cut off as the MP started again.
'Private Payne, despite this you have almost double the amount of commendations for bravery and achievement than disciplinary counts, which I guess is why ONI sees it fit that you are placed somewhere where you can disrupt the enemy, not us. Which is why you have been placed in a combat orientated ODST squad under First Sergeant Fawkes. You are to be gived free reign and access to all areas of the ship as per standard ODST procedure. However, one tiny slip up, and no amount of ONI bullcrap is gonna save you, do you understand?'
'Yes Ma'am'
'If I had my way we'd jettison your pod into space, WITH you in it'

Payne left the room under the watchful gaze of the two MPs. 'I get the impression they somewhat don't trust me' Payne thought, amused.
He stopped a passing crewmember. 'Oy! Which way to the Briefing and Ops centre?'
The crewmember turned around. 'First thing, OY! is not a proper way to address someone. Furthermore I believe you should add a 'Sir' to the end of that sentence, owing to the fact that I am actually the captain of the ship'
Payne looked on, bemused, spotting the sign directing him to the centre. 'Never mind, your majesty, I'll find it myself'
As he left the annoyed Captain behind and made his way to the meeting place he chuckled inwardly to himself, 'Been awake 10 minutes and I've already managed to piss off three important people'

(Sorry for the long post, I've got not much better to do XD )

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John was cold. He opened his eyes and was breathing hard.
He growled and flexed his muscles. When he hit the sides of the cryo pod he remembered where he was.
"Right..." he said.

The pod opened and an engineer helped him out.

John could see other pods were already opened. Three pods to his left a young woman stepped from a pod, refusing to let the engineers help her.
He looked at her, smiled and winked.
She shook her head and walked off to the showers.
"Whats her deal?" an engineer asked.
John patted him on the back.
"Women, eh?" he said laughing and he followed the woman to the lockerrooms.

He took a quick shower, realising his brain was still warming up as he couldn't keep track of his thoughts.

He grabbed some pants and a dark t-shirt. He fixed his hair, securing the mohawk, and went on his way.

He joined the young woman in the corridor and made his way to the briefing room.
"John." he said, offering his hand.
"Claire." she replied. She shook his hand and smiled at him.

Before they could continue their introduction an engineer walked towards them.
"Corporal Lancaster?" he asked.
John confirmed the engineer's suspicions.
"Sergeant Fawkes wants you in the briefing room right now, sir."

"Off course." John said. "Lets go." he said to Claire and they picked up the pace.

When they arrived at the briefing room John could tell he was late. The squad was already gathered around the hologram.

"Good morning." someone shouted through the room.
'Oh, this is going to be great.' John thought to himself, maybe thinking out loud.

John saw their faces, most of them looked like properly experienced veterans, which was good. He could count on them, right?

"Really great." he mumpled, making his way to Sgt. Fawkes.


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It was like being water boarded. Suddenly everything was cold and she was breathing hard.

'Cryo pod. ODST. Mission?" she thought, trying to assess her situation. She felt nausius, though only briefly.
The pod opened and an man in engineers atire offered to help her get out.
Claire didn't accept his offer, she could get out on her own.

TO her left, a man was stretching and flexxing, he probably just got out of his cryo pod.
He saw her and smiled. He winked at her in a charming way, but she wasn't impressed.
She shook her head and started walking towards the showers, the sensation of moving feeling slightly awkward.
She heard some voices behind her but didn't hear what they said.

The warm shower was a relieve, she hated cryo, she hated being cold, she hated not being able to wake up on her own. The stream suddenly ended and she grabbed a towel.

She grabbed some clothes which didn't really fit but that didn't matter. She tucked the tanktop into her pants to make it slighly less awkward.
She walked into the corridor.

She made two steps when the man from before joined her.
" John." he said, offering his hand.
"Claire." she said, shaking his hand and smiling friendly.
It was only now that she noticed how tall John was. Was he a SPARTAN? No, he was human, it was pretty obvious.

An engineer approached them.
"Corporal Lancaster?" the engineer asked.
Claire wanted to say no but John already answered.
"Aye." he said.
"Sergeant Fawkes wants you in the briefing room right now, sir."
"Off course." John said. "Lets go." he said to her and they picked up the pace.

When they arrived Claire saw she was one of the last to arrive, no problem.
She tried to read the faces of the men assembled, but her mind was still a bit numb.

"Good morning." someone shouted.
She smiled.
'They'll do.' she thought to herself and she followed John, making her way to the squad leader.

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The door opened and 2 figures stepped in. The sight had 1 or 2 of the ODST’s scrambling for pistols in empty holsters. “Bloody Spartans” 1 exclaimed, a slight bitterness and anger in his tone. Felix stepped forward. “Spartans 046 and 019 reporting for duty sir,” he said, snapping to attention.

“At ease gentleman” Fawkes said.

Felix fell back into his normal mindset. Make friends and blow shit up. The other Spartan remained perfectly still but finally, after a few tense moments and a dig in the ribs from Felix relaxed. “Who do you want dead now sergeant?” I said in a voice as cutting as it was cold then gave a humourless, callous laugh…

Cryo-sleep. Perfect way to pass the time during long jumps. Freezer burn was the main problem. Go in with a cast on a broken limb and you’d come out with the skin raw and blistering. Dreamless too. Good. All I ever saw were the faces of my dead brothers and sisters. All 298 of them. Dead on K7-49.

Matt falls, a plasma bolt burning through his thigh. I try to go back for him. Will pulls me back, makes me keep on running. He goes back himself. I turn, brace the sniper against my shoulder. My first round blows a Sangheili major’s head off. My second hits a collection of plasma canisters. They go off in quick succession, incinerating screaming Grunts. A roar to my right. Felix is under attack from 3 Sangheili Zealots. I shift aim, focusing on the nearest one’s head. I am suddenly tackled, the rifle flying from my grip. I scream in rage and hate as the Sangheili raises his energy sword.

I lash out and he staggers back, clutching the side of his head where my knife juts out. He falls. Will is dead, hit in the face by an Mgalekgolo’s energy cannon bolt. Matt climbs to his feet, screams at me to run, turning to the Mgalekgolo. He takes one down with a burst of rifle fire and a grenade. The second roars and slams him aside with its shield. He is already dead. Trusting my life to the Gods I turn and fire. My round rips through the throat of the Zealot pinning Felix.

He is already climbing to his feet, snatching its energy sword out of the air as he turns to the other 2.

I hear a roar and a strange slithering sound as the Hunter raises its shield to bring it crashing down on my head. I duck and roll to one side, dodging the blow by millimeters. I slam a palm into the Hunter’s unarmoured midsection. I clench my fist and tear it away, ripping a clutch of the Lekgolo free of their hive brothers. I draw my magnum and step back, opening fire. The Hunter staggers as the heavy rounds slam into it. It raises its cannon. There is a strange sound. It sounds as if the Hunter is laughing. Then Felix is there.

He tackles the Hunter, bringing it down with a clatter. He rolls away from it and tosses me his shotgun. Before the Hunter can stand I rack the slide and fire. It blows the Lekgolo apart.

I toss it back to Felix and he catches, pumping the slide as he does so and, turning, blasts a Sangheili backwards. All around us our fellow Spartans are dying. There Shane and Robert go down. They had been carrying Jane. All three were dead, the Covenant already streaming away to attack others. We run. There is nothing we can do…

I woke with a gasp. Damn that thaw period. They put me into natural sleep and the dreams come. Thank God it’s so short. The pod slid open and I sat on the rim, head down as I shook the dreams from my mind. This was a time to be ready for combat.

I stood and nodded to Felix.

We stepped to the lockers almost in unison and got dressed.

Turning to me Felix began to speak. “Since we are going on another trip with some ODST’s, try not to scare the shit out of these ones, eh Tony?” He chuckled slightly. He turned and, as a parting word said “Hurry up.” As he did so a slight grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. Then he stepped out.

I had been dressed quicker than him but he had said that because I was toying with the small knife that slid into the sheath concealed in my left boot. The holster at my hip was empty to my great consternation. We were working with ODST’s for Christ’s sake. These guys believed Spartans like me and Felix were freaks of nature usurping their ‘rightful’ position as the best soldiers humanity has to offer.

Still Vermoy had said to play nice so I placed the knife back in the locker.

My mind ran over the briefing as I walked. This sergeant. Fawkes. Was the leader of the famous, or infamous, ODST ‘Squad Phoenix’. He was said to be good. I would wait to see him in action before judging. I joined Felix at the door and we stepped through…

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Fawkes looked up from the holo-map as the squad filed into the room.
They were all here, good. Thought Fawkes. He looked around at the assembled ODSTs. They all saluted when they entered. "At ease." he said calmly and they all assumed less formal poses.

Fawkes picked out Payne as he took his spot. "Private Payne, I hear you've been making friends around the ship." He tried and failed to suppress a grin, remembering Captain Norwich's outraged voice as he had spoken to Fawkes of the trooper's lack of discipline. Norwich was universally known as a stuck up prick, very few crew members were willing to defend him and even fewer liked him. Still, he outranked basically everyone on board, so whilst he was treated with little more than contempt by most, it was well-disguised contempt. When he'd been contacted by the distraught Norwich, Fawkes had promised to speak with Payne about the incident and now he had. He cleared his throat and looked around at the assembled ODSTs.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen." He began. "As I'm sure you already know, I'm First Sergeant Fawkes. It's my pleasure to welcome you to Squad Phoenix. We're approaching the planet Elysium now." He tapped a button on the holo-projector and an image of the planet came up, revolving slowly.

"Alice." He said. The soft, female voice of the ship's AI, Alice, came from the projector's speakers.

"Elysium: This planet is home to a comparatively small number of people, about ten million. About 80,000 of those people own a fifth of it's habitable area. It contains the second largest collection of holiday homes on any UEG controlled planet, the first being Luna, or course." Alice paused for a moment, before continuing. "Exactly seventeen days, four hours and fifty three minutes ago, a Covenant fleet came into contact with Elysium's defenses. The Covenant attack has caused significantly less casualties than expected owing to the lack of heavy orbital bombardment employed by the covenant. They have only used in-atmosphere assaults on the planet, however, in numbers that are more than sufficient to overrun the current defenses of the planet."

Fawkes cut in and Alice became silent.

"Basically, the Covenant haven't glassed Elysium yet, which means that they want something down there. Now as you all probably know, if the Covenant want's something, then it's probably bad news." He paused, allowing each squad member to formulate their own ideas on what the Covenant may want with the planet.

"We don't know what they want, but we can be sure that it's on the planet. So the overall objective is to kick their ugly asses off this planet and keep them off."

Two tall people walked into the room, Spartans thought Fawkes. He realized, with a sudden, uncomfortable jolt, that the squad did not know about the 'special backup' they were receiving.

"Oh, yes." He said, feeling a little nervous. "I just learned that ONI's got something special in mind for us, so we're going to be fighting alongside a Spartan headhunter team." He gestured to the Spartans who had just entered, he didn't expect the squad wouldn't react too badly. Even so, he'd asked for two marines to serve as a security detail, just in case.

OOC: Alright everyone, this is a sort of half-update, this is a chance to react to the various pieces of information before the action starts. Say what you want to say etc. This post doesn't have to be too long, an average of 2-4 paragraphs, though I won't object to more. But the next update will be around Friday-Saturday, unless someone has a good reason to object to this.

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