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"Don't worry, Spartan, we're here to pick you two up, that was always first on the to-do list."

I laughed bitterly beneath my helmet. Then, schooling my voice to cool indifference, I re-opened my COM and said. “Never doubted it sergeant.” That may have been true in Fawkes’ case, but with some of his fellows, particularly Payne and Collins, I doubted they would have cared had I died painfully down there. We moved off into the forest, I moving at less than my normal pace to allow the ODSTs to keep up with me, though I was desperate to break into a run.

Still we travelled at a fast pace and it wasn’t long before I could hear the gunfire and I saw the ODSTs notice so a little later. It was the chatter of automatic rifles and the shrieks of semi-automatic weapons as well as the deep thud of a portable mortar. We quickened the pace and I swiftly outstripped the ODSTs. But when I reached there I slowed and scanned the area, seeing the enraged, psychotic Insurrectionists. I studied them, watching their movements. I even let the ODSTs engage them before I did.

The Insurrectionists were evidently all utterly insane or drugged, for they kept on going from wounds that should have put them down for good and never used cover, simply standing in the open and firing wildly. Ninety percent of their shots missed but the wild spraying was keeping the ODSTs pinned down.

With a snarl, my COM still online so that the noise was broadcast to the ODSTs, I pulled the turret round. “Get down!” I roared and squeezed the trigger. The heavy rounds tore through the Insurrectionists, ripping off limbs and sending bodies flying as the shells flew out of the side of the weapon. I laughed, the insane laugh of the damned, as I killed. I used the bullets like a farmer uses his scythe at harvest, sweeping them in great arcs to cut down the foes that screamed curses even as they died. I could see the round count in the turret rapidly decreasing.

It was into double digits now and still decreasing.

I heard the scream of the Insurrectionist even above the chatter of the machine gun and turned, bringing the great barrel around with me. The man, screaming hate, lunged a knife at me and stopped for a moment in disbelief as the blade snapped off at the hilt. That hesitation gave me the time to bring the turret round so that the barrel rested between his legs. With a vicious smile I pulled the trigger.

Turning away from the screaming Innie I checked the ammo count of the turret in the top right corner of my visor. Thirty two rounds remaining. I trained the gun on one particular Innie who was charging me. The rounds punched through his abdomen but the bastard kept coming, kept dragging one foot in front of the other. I ran the bullets up his torso. The shots to his chest made him stagger and begin to fall and the one to his head blew his body backwards several feet. Twenty six rounds left.

An Innie put several bullets into my shield and I ripped the turret sideways, my finger squeezing on the trigger to send a hurtle of bullets at him. His cover was splintered to pieces by the fire and he staggered back from the shattered wood. I put three rounds into his chest. Twelve rounds. Even as his corpse was blown backwards I saw Fawkes pinned by three Innies who worked like true soldiers, switching firer when one needed to reload so that there was always a steady stream of bullets keeping the ODST pinned. The turret chewed through them. Two rounds. I moved forward, hunting the mortar that still hurled shells into the sky.

I found it, manned by three Innies with two men standing over with assault rifles. The two guards died, the back of their skulls blown out by the turret’s fire. The three manning the mortar hadn’t even managed to turn before I’d dropped the turret and was among them. One of them died with a snapped neck from a savage sideways kick that twisted his head round to an unnatural angle. The second swore and attempted to run. I kicked the back of his knee with my right foot and as he started to fall forwards I wrapped my left arm arm round his neck, put my right hand on his forehead and twisted brutally. The crack seemed unnaturally loud in the clearing. Then I realised that I had been shot.

I turned to look at the final Innie. It had only taken a few seconds from when I pulled the trigger on the turret till then, but still she had managed to draw her pistol and train it on me. I nodded in respect

I walked towards her and when she started to pull the trigger again I stepped to one side and snatched the weapon out her hand. I pulled the slide off, released and crushed the clip, disassembled the trigger mechanism and bent the barrel, all within two seconds and all without looking. I tossed the shattered pistol aside and cocked my head at the Innie who had now drawn a knife which she held in a shaking hand. “Remember this kindness. I am not the enemy here, the Covenant are,” I said as I turned and walked away, leaving the woman alive...

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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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Rounds kissed the wall around Felix as he took cover, a few of them ricocheting from his shield. Peeking out of cover he reloaded, frowning as he saw what looked like innie reinforcements coming in.... something was different about these men, and he had just enough time to see a blue tattoo on one of their faces before the mans head exploded. Scanning left to right, Felix breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the ODSTs along with his fellow Spartan take position and open fire. " Good of you to finally show up, I see you brought friends. " he said over a private comm to Anthony as he popped out of cover and killed 3 of the 7 innies rushing his position before his rifle clicked on empty.

Swinging the rifle around on its strap, Felix' hands where a blur as he drew his twin magnums and fired, managing to kill the 4 innies in as many shots the last man crashing to the ground 4 feet from him. Something wasn't right about these men, the way they threw away their lives needlessly worried him but before he could check the bodies rounds cracked around him and he was forced to take cover again, emptying his magnums as he moved behind a crumbling wall. " I need a fucking vacation..." he grumbled over the coms as he reloaded his weapons.
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Fawkes approached the wounded insurrectionist, one of the man's legs had been torn off by gunfire and he was slumped against a stone. He gazed up at Fawkes blearily. He was one of the ones with the odd tattoos. The tattoos reminded Fawkes of something, but he couldn't think what.

"Tell me what you know about your base," Fawkes said. "If you cooperate, we can get you medical attention."

The insurrectionist made a rattling, gurgling chuckled, then spat in Fawkes' face. Fawkes recoiled as blood splattered his visor. He pulled off his helmet and looked in the man's eyes. "Without our help, you will bleed out."

"You think I care if I die?" Wheezed the wounded man, his eyes now locked on Fawkes'. "You brought this on yourselves, you must pay for what you've done. You lead hundreds of billions to their deaths in the name of your own arrogance. We will fight you, we can save humanity from the endless void, you can't stand against all of us."

The man's eyes shone with fanatical pride. "We're the first, we carry the torch that will lead humankind down the road to eternity. But you have already spurned your chance, you are the sacrifice we must make, and I make it gladly."

Fawkes was pulled back by somebody behind him as the wounded insurrectionist pulled out a grenade, the pin already free. The man was engulfed in flames and splattered Fawkes with gore.

Fawkes slowly got to his feet and looked around. He scanned the trees to see an insurrectionist woman slipping into the trees. She was too far away to pursue and she wasn't running towards the insurrectionist base., but the opposite direction, she wasn't a threat.

Fawkes spotted something in the corner of his eye and froze. "Spartans." he said in a voice filled with forced calm. "How many of you are here and have that camo equipment?"

"Just the two of us sergeant." one of the Spartans replied. Fawkes nodded slowly, then suddenly drew his magnum and unloaded several rounds into the shimmering patch of air in the trees. As the rounds impacted, shields flared a d an elite was revealed. It roared, drawing a plasma rifle and firing a handful of shots, they went wide. Several others lent their fire to help Fawkes and the alien twitched and fell. Fawkes realised where he recognised the tattoos from, they were the same as the glyphs on covenant technology. These insurrectionists were in league with, or being used by, the covenant.

Fawkes assessed the situation. He looked around at the marines that had been with the second Spartan. There were three who could still walk and wield their rifles, one more had taken a round to the hand, so he couldn't fire his gun. The man was brave though and refused to wait for evac, saying that he could at least fire a pistol. Fawkes gave him his magnum and ordered him to carry the mortar that the insurrectionists had left behind, he had Collins pick up the shells, she knew her way round explosives and Fawkes felt confident that she'd be able to keep a stash of uncared for, civilian made explosives in usable but safe condition.

As they left the clearing Fawkes relayed this new information to the squad. Fawkes ordered the Spartans to lead them to the source of the jamming. They travelled through the forest towards the position for about half an hour before reaching the position. They stopped just out of sight of the walls. The fort was smaller than Fawkes had expected, withperhaps a 20 meter by 15 meter perimeter. It had one floor and crenelations with turrets ringing the roof. Fawkes noted that several of the emplacements were covenant plasma turrets. Alongside patrolling Innies were a handful of grunts and a few jackals.

"Right." He began. Gathering everyone together he began to explain the first stage of the plan. "The marines will operate the mortar and provide covering fire with McKnight, make sure the roof has no active defenders and keep them pinned down for as long as you can. Spartans, you move up to the front door, when it opens for a response team to come out, take them down and keep the door open, you can move up unseen. Once it's open, we can move inside and take out the jammer. Collins, we may need you to take down the jammer." Fawkes flashed everyone a small grin. "Any questions? No? On my mark then."

everyone will have to describe their version of the events ver the update to some capacity. You have been issued special objectives and I will PM the kind of resistance you will be facing.
Josie: Cover the setting up of the mortar and pick off defenders once it starts firing.

Spartans: Rush up to the doors in stealth and wait for a response team to come out, then keep the doors from being closed from the inside.

P-OD: Help set up the mortar then join Fawkes and the other ODSTs for the attack.

Everyone else: Prepare for the Spartans to clear the doorway then move up. Try to suppress those on the walls as you move up.

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