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Default Risen from the Ashes: Halo RP (Recruitment)

Risen from the Ashes

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) are a special operations capable organization of the UNSC Marine Corps that specialize in orbital-dropped shock infantry and special warfare tactics. ODSTs are recruited from the Special Operations Groups of every nation of the Unified Earth Government and are a strictly all volunteer fighting force. Every ODST candidate is a veteran from another Special Operations outfit and therefore has already gone through at least two layers of screening and months of intense training — not counting the years of training received before volunteering for the ODSTs. There are no age or gender restrictions — as long as the candidate meets the physical and mental requirements they are guaranteed the opportunity to try out for the ODSTs. ODST units are not embedded within conventional UNSC forces; they do however participate in joint operations, and tend to be force multipliers - increasing the effectiveness, willingness, and morale of those they fight alongside with. ODST combat teams usually consist of six to eight ODST Troopers - with each combat team specializing in a particular mission set, but they are expected to be flexible enough to adapt to any given situation.

You will be a member of the ODST 188th company in Squad Phoenix. A unit of ODSTs known for their ability to drop into the hottest battlefields and return unscathed. Recently, this reputation was lost by the death of most of the squad. One surviving member was Sergeant Samuel Fawkes, now he is about to receive the replacements for the squad.

Meanwhile, the UNSC is gearing up to send a counter-op against a covenant strike. The aliens have attacked the planet 'Elysium', as usual the local defense is nowhere near sufficient. The UNSC is sending a force of five Ships, led by the destroyer-class ship, the UNSC Will of Forseti. On board this fleet are several companies of marines and 188th ODST company.
Unknown to all but the highest clearance officers in the force, an ONI prowler also slides alongside, carrying a deadly payload, Spartan Headhunters, as well as various ONI operatives.
Elysium is a planet of untamed wilderness for two thirds, kept for the pleasure of the richer inhabitants of the planet, who enjoy the sweeping views and exotic wildlife. The other third is a dense mega-city, ranging from thick suburban flats to beautiful, executive buildings. The covenant have taken a special interest to the planet, as they have not made any attempt at orbital bombardment. This means that there is something on the surface that the covenant wants, the UNSC don't want them to have it.

1. No Godmodding!
2. Minimum of 1 post per update, no maximum, but at least 6 sentences per post. If you can’t post for some reason, contact me and we’ll work out what needs to be done.
3. Updates will be once every 5 days, unless everyone has posted before that time and I have the update ready, or something is stopping me from posting, in which case I will notify you.
4. No harming other players, you’re ODSTs, the elite, the best of the best and unless agreed by both players, no attacks on one another are allowed.
5. I’m looking for 3-7 players (plus 1-2 Spartans)


This is a list of the weapons you have access to, you don't need to know the special names like M392 Designated Marksman rifle, as DMR will do just fine.
This applies to all the weapons, the long, more technical names are there purely because they look cool.
The weapons you have access to vary depending on the squad position you have taken.


M7S Caseless Submachine Gun (Supressed SMG): 900 Rounds Per Minute, fully automatic, Medium ranged, medium power, fast reload. 2X Scope. Rounds per clip: 48

BR55 Battle Rifle (Battle Rifle): Three shot burst, long-medium ranged weapon, high power, medium reload. X3 Scope. Rounds per clip: 45

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR): Semi-automatic, long-medium ranged weapon, high power, medium reload. X3 Scope. Rounds per clip: 15

MA5 Individual Combat Weapon System (Assault Rifle): 550 Rounds Per Minute, fully automatic, short-medium ranged weapon, medium power, medium reload. No Scope. Rounds per clip: 32


M6S Personal Defense Weapon System (Magnum): Semi-automatic, medium-long ranged weapon, medium power, fast reload. 3X Scope. Rounds per clip: 12

*M7 Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG): 900 Rounds Per Minute, fully automatic, Short-Medium ranged, medium power, fast reload. No Scope. Rounds per clip: 48
*only a sidearm if you are a demolitions expert or a Spartan


M90 Close Assault Weapon System (Shotgun): Pump action, short ranged weapon, high power, slow reload. No scope. Rounds per clip: 6

Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel (Sniper Rifle): Semi-automatic, long ranged weapon, high power, medium-slow reload. Adjustable X5/X10 Scope. Rounds per clip: 4

M319 Individual Grenade Launcher (Grenade Launcher): Single shot*, short-medium ranged weapon, medium power*, medium reload. No scope. Rounds per clip:1

No scope
*The grenade launcher’s shot is an explosive that lets out an EMP burst, the shot’s detonation can be postponed at the choice of the firer.


M41 Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon (Rocket Launcher): Semi-automatic, long ranged weapon, high power*, slow reload. X1.8 scope. Rounds per clip:2

M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (Spartan Laser): Single shot*, high power, no reload. X2.5 Scope. Rounds per clip: 4
*The Spartan laser takes roughly 2.5 seconds to charge it’s shot.


M9 HE-DP grenade (Frag Grenade): Medium blast radius, medium power, medium range.

M168 Demolition Charge(Demolition Charge)*: Medium blast radius, High power, no range.
* The demolition charge can only be taken by Demolitons experts.


Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle (Drop Pod): Single Occupant, 2.6 meters wide, 5.5 meters high. Movement: Freefall. Weapons: Holding slots for longarm at the side and space for a holstered sidearm on occupant. Main use: Rapid tactical insertion.

D77-TC Pelican (Pelican): Max 17 occupants (10 seats, 2 pilots, 5 standees). Weapons: Frontal M370 Autocannon, 1 rear-mounted M247H Heavy Machine Gun as well as overhead racks for larger, man portable weapons (Snipers, Rocket launchers, Spartan lasers, etc.) Main use: Troop transport/deployment.

UH-144 Falcon (Falcon): Max 5 occupants (2 gunners, 2 passengers, 1 pilot). Weapons: 2 side mounted M247H Heavy Machine Guns. Main use: Reconnaissance, mobile fire support, deployment of small strike teams.

M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (Warthog): Max 3 occupants (1 gunner, 1 driver, 1 passenger). Weapons: M247H Heavy Machine Gun. Main use: Rapid assault, reconnaissance, mobile fire support.

Character sheet:

Name: Obvious, but you can include your rank if you wish, Nothing above corporal and the list is shown Here
Spartans are different, they have a first name and a 3 digit number (such as John-117 or Carter-259) and hold navy ranks, do not excede Petty Officer First class.

Age: Between 20 and 40 (Spartans cannot exceed 20)

Gender: obvious

Appearance: You know the drill. Spartans, in armour are reasonably tall, like 6'0-6'8

Personality: Simple again, no strong and silent types

Background: Where do you come from, what Special Operations group were you in before? Etc.

If you are a Spartan, then your background is slightly different. Where were you born? What did you specialize in during training? (this last one I'm going to have to ask for Stealth, marksmanship, CQC or something similar, no demolitions or engineer types.)

Position: You may take 1 of the following.
Standard: unlimited players, 1 Standard Weapon, 1 Sidearm and Frag Grenades
Demolitions: 1 Player, 1 Heavy Weapon/Grenade Launcher 1 Sidearm, Demolitions Charges and Frag grenades
Sniper: 1 Player, Battle Rifle/DMR/Sniper Rifle, Sidearm and Frag grenades
CQC: Shotgun/SMG/ Assault Rifle, sidearm and Frag grenades.
Recon: Same as standard, different roles in game is the only difference.
Spartan III 'Headhunter' commando: 1 Standard/Special weapon, 1 Sidearm/Assault rifle and Frag grenades
Depending on your role, you will have different armour types. Here are the different armour types:
Standard ODST
Spartan Headhunter

Gear: Considering your position, what weapons from the options list are you taking? These may vary from mission to mission, but give me a preference.

Example (My Character):

Name: First Sergeant Samuel Fawkes

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Stands at about, 5’8, with a wiry, muscled frame. Fawkes has vivid blue eyes and short brown hair. A scar runs down his left cheek, which he gained during his service on Harvest. His face has a very thin layer of stubble running across it. His gear is the same as any ODST’s, with the one exception of the picture of a phoenix rising from a fireball, the squad symbol, imprinted in the centre of his chest. The same symbol is tattooed on his left upper arm.

Personality: Fawkes has often been considered to be charismatic and very loyal to his fellow squad members, this trait does not supersede his obligation to the mission, however. He is punctual and good at thinking on his feet, he functions calmly and effectively under pressure and is easily capable of assessing a battlefield situation under enemy fire.

Born on Harvest, Fawkes joined the UNSC forces as a marine in 2523. Later on he was inducted into the top secret ORION project, where he was a part of several major counter-insurrectionist combats. When the covenant first arrive all of Fawkes’ family were killed.

Fawkes joined the ODSTs,Squad Phoenix, and during Harvest campaign, he and his team earned medals for impressive actions against Elite infiltration team, saving the life of Captain Aldsworth, who was commanding the defense of a major outpost. Fawkes was also deployed on Eridanus II, where he helped with civilian evacuation under heavy enemy fire. Eliminated High ranking Brute leader during retreat and caused a temporary disruption amongst local Covenant forces. Squad Phoenix quickly gained a reputation for being the first to petition for the hottest combat zones, diving in and returning practically unscathed.

Then disaster struck. Phoenix was deployed in a counter strike against the attackers in New Constantinople, the team moved in and brought down several waves of grunts and jackals, spearheaded by the odd elite or brute, when the building to their left exploded violently. The building had been rigged with charges a week previously and the detonation had failed, leaving primed explosives hidden in the city. All but three of the ODSTs were killed and another two died in the retreat. Only Fawkes escaped onto an evacuation pelican a day later.

The Sergeant was devastated, but determined to continue Phoenix’s legacy. He called for the best ODSTs he could get his hands on. Selecting from lists of soldiers from other ODST squads and those newly recruited into the ODST forces. Finally, after weeks of searching and deliberation, he made his decisions. Those he picked were ODSTs who he thought were Phoenix material, he wanted soldiers who were brave, skilled and crazy enough to do the missions only Phoenix could. Those he selected were the finest available troops.

Position: Squad Leader (Standard):

Gear: Battle Rifle, Magnum, Frag Grenades, Combat knife.

ODSTs (up to seven of these guys, pick your specialization etc.)
1. Squad Leader - First Sergeant Samuel Fawkes (HOGGLORD)
1. Standard ODST - Corporal 'Scorpion' Lancaster (Sangus Bane) Here is a link to Sangus Bane's awesome and in depth narrative of his character.
2. CQC ODST - Private 'Mad dog' Payne (Shattertheirsky)
3. Marksman ODST - Private Jennifer McKnight (Josie)
4. Demolitons ODST - Private Claire 'Hawk' Collins (Pimped Out Deamonette)
6. Recon ODST - Private First Class Shawn Stout (Avenhold)
7. Standard ODST - Lance Corporal Zetan Sherman (Son of Azurman)
8. Standard ODST - Private Joseph Davis (G0arr)
SPARTANs (one spartan to begin with, if we excede 5 ODSTs, another Spartan can come into play)
1. S-019 - Petty Officer 2nd Class Anthony (Santaire)
2. S-046 - Petty Officer 2nd Class Felix (Angel Encarmine)

This started off quite different and has undergone severe edits in places, so please note any discrepancies.

Reservations (This is for people who want to join, but there is no room, they will be contacted either when people drop out, are kicked out or if I feel up to adding more players):

Casualties (those who have dropped out/been kicked out):
Sniper ODST - Lance Corporal Martin Baker - (Silb)
Recon ODST - Corporal Logan Alexander - (Techpr1est)
Recon ODST - Corporal Lewis Hooper - (Mannfred)

Note, if a player has been kicked/has had to drop out, they are still welcome to re-join the RP (or be put on the waiting list, should the player compliment be full), provided they are confident that nothing foreseeable will stall them or inhibit their ability to participate in the future.

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Just wanted to point out that spartans are actually a lot taller than 5'8, books said they were 2meters and bigger, which comes out to about 6'5...
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The spartans in the RP are IIIs. I thought that was only II's that were really tall, but I may be mistaken. I'll double check and make the necessary changes.

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oh your doing IIIs, nvm i thought there was a spartan II in this one lol i will have an ODST up later today or tomorrow
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Should we post our character sheets here?


Please have a look at my space marines.

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Since the headhunters are paired using personality compatibility, anyone want to get with me and make a pair of Spartan IIIs? shoot me a pm
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Yup, post up your characters here!

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Santaire and I will be putting up a pair of Spartan IIIs for the headhunter team, going to pm to get them right but we will have them up soon
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so what do the recons do exactly are they just for a weapon class or do they actually do something from the rest like scout ahead of the unit?

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
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Hey HOGGLORD and interesting concept you have going here. I will see if I can get a character posted in the next couple of days. Also I thought I should let you know that several of your links to armor pics are broken.

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