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Default A Grey Knights Roleplay - The Trazil Incursion (Recruitment)

One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness

One last blade, forged in defiance of fate

Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered

And my final gift to the species I failed.
-Inscription upon the Arcus Daemonica, attributed to the Emperor of Mankind.


You are a Grey Knight. One of humanity's greatest defenders, and none of them know that you exist. They will never know for they were not meant to know. Humanity can never know of the war that we wage, for it is our burden and duty to keep them in the dark lest their souls be corrupted. The Archenemy has spread across the galaxy and attacks in ever-increasing numbers, and our brothers are spread far across the Imperium battling against these incursions. But for each one that we repel, another two begin. And now another threat has reached our notice, one that could be the end.

The planet Trazil, a Hive World on the Eastern Fringe, has appeared in a vision. Prognosticator Hyperion claims that soon it will become a cauldron of Daemonic energies, and that if this heresy is not stopped the planet will become a staging area for a Daemonic crusade that will force our chapter to abandon our other duties and band together to stop. Such a crusade could be fatal to the Imperium at this critical time, we cannot afford to let this happen. Trazil is an important world that cannot be lost for it is also home to the Argent Churches, a series of shrines that house seven of the Imperium's most powerful and holy artefacts. Exterminatus is not an option. Only a concentrated strike against this cancer is acceptable.

Purifier Tethys has been assigned to lead a squad to this world and investigate for signs of heresy. Squad Tarthus has been chosen for this duty, the loss of Justicar Artus at the Infernalis Warzone is unfortunate but there is no time for another to be assigned or selected from their ranks. And to appoint another leader would make the Purifier's position untennable, the squad is to follow his direction in this undertaking. An Inquisitorial representative is being assigned to the squad, he will handle the necessary politicking while the squad searches for signs of the heresy to come. We cannot know if the vision is accurate, only that it must be prevented if it is true.

Your story begins in orbit of Trazil onboard the Stormraven Word of Janus, Purifier Tethys and the squad are flying down towards the planetary capital of Arkis to meet with the Council of Praetors that governs the planet. Be alert, as any of these people could be corrupt.

Be vigilant brothers and remember, We are the Hammer!


1. No God-Modding: No killing other players and any other actions of that nature.

2. Post-Length: At least two paragraphs of four sentence length per update please. I will endeavour to make sure you have enough material for such a post. At least one post per update.

3. Commitment: If you cannot post for an update let me know and I will advance your character for you, it will be in a standard direction and I will not make any major decisions for you.

4. Respect: Respect the other players, even if your characters dislike each other do not start arguments with the other poster.

5. Enjoy yourself: Self-explanatory.

Character Sheet

In the roleplay you will be playing as one member of the five-man Squad Tarthus, a Strike Squad, or a Tactical Squad in any other Chapter.

Name: One name only, Grey Knights have no last names. The only names that are not allowed are the names of Saturn's moons as those are given to Grey Knights that are marked for greatness.

Age: Anywhere from one-hundred and fifty years to four-hundred and fifty years.

Appearance: What do you look like under your armor. You may have any chapter-approved markings like Imperial scripture, scars, cybernetics and the like. But nothing that you would get outside the chapter like tribal tattoos or armor paints.

Personality: What are you like as a person? Grey Knights may appear more stoic than most but they still have the mostly full range of emotions.

Background: Absolutely no background about where you came from, as you do not know this and nobody within the Chapter does either. Your background should consist of your training, some of your notable accomplishments as all Grey Knights have some, and perhaps a bit about the Khornate Daemon incursion known as the Infernalis Warzone where you lost your Justicar to a Soul Grinder.

Weapons/Equipment: Terminator Armor, Storm-Bolter, Nemesis Sword, Frag and Krak Grenades, and One Nemesis Stave for One Player only.

Psychic Powers: Only one ability. A Grey Knight is adept at one power and deficient at others, make up your ability and I will tell you if I think it is too much. Your powers cannot be used constantly.

Accepted Characters

1. Ardias (Midge913)
2. Deinycthios (Vaz)


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Sorry, that I may not be able for this, if only I could will be great

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I am hereby reserving a spot for a future application. I like the idea LotN.

Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
The chaos gods abandoned Horus most likely because they saw the can of whoop ass coming their way and wanted out of the way so as not to get fucked up!
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I'll see how much free time I have by the end of the week, if I've got enough, then I'd be happy to join.

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same as hogglord for me
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Here is my offering:

Name: Ardias

Age: 417

Appearance: Ardias is a grizzled veteran of a thousand campaigns and the weight of his experience rests heavily on his weathered face. Eyes of the deepest blue shine out from underneath heavy brows, liberally sprinkled with grey. His closely shaved mane of hair bears more grey, a testament to a life well lived. His stocky frame is corded with rock hard slabs of muscle, but he moves with a figthers grace. Across his breast and back are tattooed various litanies of purity, words that he recites everyday, strengthening his mind against the predations of chaos. Despite the formality of his appearance and despite the scars that mar the side of his head behind his left ear and down the right side of his face, there is a kindness and geneality the rests in his features. The crows feet at the corner of his eyes and the slight wrinkling of the skin at the corners of his mouth give clues to the light hearted nature of this man that has seen a hundred thousand horrors, across a thousand different worlds.

Personality: As most of his brothers, Ardias is a rock of solid temperment in the face of the foes they face. Neither excitable or dull, Ardias is a man of mellow persona. For centuries he has tried to be and succeded in being the a rock of confidence for his brothers to rally around. He will not flinch in the face of any danger, he will not scede ground, he will not give in. His tenacity and stubborness have become a bedrock for his unshakeable courage on the field of battle. He is comfortable around his brothers, reveling in the comradery that he shares with the men that have lived through the unimaginable horrors the galaxy has spat out at them together. Ardias is known for always speaking his mind, his opinions delivered in a matter of fact manner, though he will always differ to his superiors regardless of his own thoughts on the matter. He is dependable, showing time and time again that he is willing to sacrafice everything for the good of the mission and the chapter.

Background: Though his origins before induction into the chapter are a mystery, even to him, his four centuries as a Grey Knight have been dotted with accomplishment. He has but the vaguest memories of being aboard one of the Black Ships, but why he was there, or who he was during that time have been lost . His first true memory was being brought to Titan, scared and alone, and being told by a faceless knight that he had potential. The next decade were a blur of surgeries, bio-engineering, psychological conditioning, each procedure more arduous than the last. He recalls enduring them with the same stoic nature that he now faces everything in his life. It was as if he knew he was destined for more than what he had come from and that to get there he must weather the pain and challenge. In a haze of lights, pain, and tribulation he came into his knew life, granted his power armor and his name, a new name of strength and purity.

For the next 2 centuries he fought as member of a strike team, battling the forces of chaos from end of the galaxy to the other. From Epsilon VII, where he and his squad brought down the terrifying Bloodthirster, Zaa'ntharx, on the eastern fringes, to an unnamed world on the edge of the eye of terror, where daemons, large and small, dotted the landscape for as far as the eye could see. Wading into the worst horrors imaginable with nothing but his force blade, incinerator, and brothers at his side.

In his 357 year, he was blessed to receive a venerated suit of terminator armor, and at that time assiged to Squad Tarthus where he has remained since. As part of that squad he has taken part in many campaigns against the Archenemy, each bringing their marks of accomplishment, his proudest moment taking the head of a Herald of Tzeentch, the infamous daemon sorcerer, Xit'Thaptix, on the ravaged fields of Thersilon minor. Though he never sought out glory, he and his squad, lead by Justicar Artus seemed to always find themselves in the thick of the fighting, and somehow, together managed to come out with a victory in the Emperor's name. It seemed that they were untouchable, protected by the very light of the Emperor himself. This was to change in an instant in the fields of war in the Infernalis Warzone.

Daemons of Khorne were everywhere. Malicious, bloodthrirsty being pour out of the warp rift that threatened to engulf the entire planent. Surrounded on all sides Squad Tarthus battled on, holding the line. It was then, that the might Soulgrinder, a mismatched beast of metal and daemonic flesh pounded into them, wounding several of the squad, and killing Justicar Artus, crushing the mighty warrior in a claw surrounded by foul power. The rest of the squad, only managed to retreat with their lives.

It was then, as they licked their wounds and tried to regroup, did the summons from Purifier Tethys come, requiring them, despite being leaderless to report for battle. In no time Ardias and his brothers found themselves decending by Storm Raven to another indescript world that floated in the heavens. Hearts heavy, but minds directed in purpose. Perhaps on this world they could prevent the slaughter that had happened on so many worlds, so many times before.

Equipment: Terminator Armor, Storm-bolter, Nemesis Sword, Frag and Krak Grenades.

Psychic Powers: Psychic shield: drawing on his psychic abilities, in the most dire of times, Ardias is able to create a large shield of pure psychic energy that he weilds in tandem with his Nemesis Sword. This shield is capable of deflecting the mightiest blows and the most powerful spells, though it is rather taxing on him to maintain.

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Accepted. That's a good character.

Also this RP will need five people minimum, if I cannot get that many I will not go through with it.


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Cheers. Lets hope that some other folks get moving with some characters then!

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i like the look of this rp. But i have my fingers in countless rp pies so might be a bit tied up.

I had to point it out. In the first post you said 'We are the Hammer'. But i am sure that it is the IG that are know as the Hammer and not the Grey Knights. Not niggling but i noticed it due to being an ex IG enthusiast.

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Nope. Its an old Grey Knight prayer.

'I am the Hammer, I am the mail about His fist! I am the spear in His hand! Though we are lost, I am the shield on his arm...' etc

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