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Default Action Thread: The Barbastan Crusade - Behind Enemy Lines

The Barbastan Crusade - Behind Enemy Lines

"In the darkness all men are equal, save those that embrace it."

~Kayvaan Shrike, Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard 3rd Company

It is the fifty-fourth year of the Barbastan Crusade, an ongoing battle in a seemingly endless war which pitted the Imperial forces from all aspects of their arsenal, from the mighty Adeptus Astartes to the Sisters of Battle, against the seemingly endless warband of the Tyrant of Badab himself, Huron Blackheart, who has also made a temporary alliance with other Chaos forces in order to conquer the Barbastan Worlds. The Raven Guard were one of the many chapters that responded to the conquest of Huron Blackheart, dispatching the second company under command of the fearsome Aajz Solari to aid other Chapters which included the likes of Salamanders, Space Wolves and Silver Skulls.

The Barbastan Crusade thrusts the participants headfirst into one of the most important wars at the end of the forty-first millennium, and in this particular roleplay, Behind Enemy Lines, the focus picks up after a Raven Guard attack has gone horribly wrong, and the only survivors of this assault are seven Adeptus Astartes, who are now stranded several miles behind enemy lines, and with all vox-links jammed, the Raven Guard must do the impossible on the world of Thorodon Major, and that is to journey into the heart of the nearby Chaos-controlled Fortress Fort Indomitable, and with but six astartes, stand up against a whole outpost of traitors, renegades and worse.

The Raven Guard were in trouble, and Sergeant Korvis had known this long before he crawled out of the smouldering wreckage that had previously been the Thunderhawk Corax’s Honour, that had been assigned to their small force for this mission. It had been a glorious craft that was truly deserving of its title, having deployed Squad Korvis safely to the battlefield before in many encounters, and now, for it to be destroyed here and now, in this location, was not right. The Thunderhawk deserved a much nobler death than being hit by nearby enemy anti-air missiles, as it still had several years of service to the Raven Guard left in it.

Speaking into his vox-communicator embedded in his helmet, the veteran Sergeant responded, ++Squad Korvis, report in. Squad Korvis, report in. Is anybody out there?++

There was no response. Crawling out of the wreckage with a frown on his battle-scarred face, the Sergeant observed the terrain. There were trees, trees everywhere in such close range that informed Korvis that this must be some sort of jungle terrain. Utilising his helmet scanner for enemy threats, the Raven Guard detected that there were several approaching from the rear of his position, behind the Thunderhawk, using the gap that had been created by the crashed transport as a means of navigating through the dense jungle terrain. There was fifty cultists, poorly armed, approaching the Raven Guard, but they were still a threat. the HUD in Korvis' helmet he had a full loadout of bolt-pistol shots left, having been resupplied before the mission had begun.

They were quite far away in the distance, about three miles away but gaining rapidly. With no time to waste, the Sergeant checked his HUD once more, and the life signs informed him that the impact had caused casualties amongst his squad, and it was not just Corax's Honour that wouldn't see another battle again. Brothers Reyon, Lenux and Kai had fallen. Like the Thunderhawk, they didn't deserve such a fate. They deserved more honourable deaths, thought Korvis. Much more honourable fates than this.

Scanning the surrounding area once more, he detected that six of his brothers were climbing to their feet slowly and wearily, checking their own equipment and getting their bearings, no doubt coming to terms that three of their battle brothers would not fight another battle. Knowing that Reyon, Lenux and Kai were now with the Emperor, the Sergeant waited until Tev, Shaan, Korvus, Cletie, Roath and Reshi, his surviving squadmates, had joined him before speaking."Tev, Korvus, collect the geneseed from the bodies of the fallen. They are with the Emperor now."

He didn't catch their responses as they went about their tasks. Once they returned from their tasks, Korvis continued, fully aware that the enemy were gaining fast. Soon they would be in shooting range. No, thought the Sergeant. 'That is not the Raven Guard way. We do not engage enemy cultists in open battle. There could be more reinforcements waiting. And every load of ammunition counts.'

"Sergeant, what our are plans of action? Do we engage?" asked one Astartes. Korvis did not catch who had said it, but evidently, the warrior had not thought what the Sergeant had.

"No," disagreed Korvis. "We don't know how many of them are out there. For now, we withdraw. Wait in the shadows. We are only four miles from our primary objective - Fort Indomitable. We will continue through the jungle. Take as much as you can and be quick about it, we do not want the enemy using Raven Guard weapons."

The Astartes responded with the positive. For now, they would withdraw. But each warrior was thinking along the same lines. Their brothers would be avenged. The Chaos scum would pay dearly for the lives that they had cost today.

GM's Notes: Okay, so apologies for this, but a huge thanks to Darkreever and Santaire for giving me some advice about this. Hopefully I won't screw things up again, and once again, apologies for those that are going to have to re-work their updates.

All: Like the first attempt, this is an introduction post to get you used to the style of roleplay that I will be conducting. It won't all be like this though, as as the game goes on, things will change, variables will be added, and well... you'll have to see for yourself. For now though, Describe your views, and your experiences, of the events that have just taken place.

A few hints: Where do you start the roleplay? Were you knocked unconscious by the attack, or did you manage to not black out throughout the crash-landing? What about the fact that three of your battle brothers have fallen? Were your Astartes close to Reyon, Lenux and Kai - or did they not get on well? Were you rivals?

++The Emperor Protects++

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Corvane was sitting back when the world erupted into flames. He was thrown about the cabin like a ragdoll as the proud Thunderhawk plummeted to the ground. Somehow he had managed to hold onto his seat as the Thunderhawk made contact with the ground. A few seconds of unbearable grinding was abruptly brought to a haly and Corvane was thrown forwards. He landed heavily on he wall turned floor and lay still. His helmet flickered and his vox was dead. He could feel blood running down his face from where his ear was bleeding. His armour quickly sent effective painkillers to heal the wound and eventually Corvane's helmet resumed normality. Although the vox stayed dead. Corvane looked around for any sign of his brothers and saw to his releif that Brother Reyon was close, lying still as he was. Corvane staggered to his feet and crossed to where Reyon lay. Corvane crouched and rolled the body over before gasping and falling back. Reyon's helmet was crushed completly and there was no chance of survival. Corvane stepped back and searched quickly for his weapons. With his chainsword and bolt pistol in hand Corvane made his way to where light shone in to the wreck of the Thunderhawk. As he clambered out he heard Korvis' voice ring out. He turned to where his sergeant stood and called to him "I'm am fine Sergeant Korvis. But Brother Reyon is dead. Sergeant, what our are plans of action? Do we engage?"
"No," disagreed Korvis. "We don't know how many of them are out there. For now, we withdraw. Wait in the shadows. We are only four miles from our primary objective - Fort Indomitable. We will continue through the jungle. Take as much as you can and be quick about it, we do not want the enemy using Raven Guard weapons."
Corvane nodded quickly and turned back to the Thunderhawk. He moved inside quickly and entered what used to be the weapon hold. He grabbed hold of as many weapons he could and carried them out to the rest of the squad.
"This was all i could take. Although it saddens me to say i beleive that the destruction of the great machine to prevent the cultists form taking our weapons is the best course. I volunteer to perform the task if you should beleive it to be the right course."
With that Corvane waited for his Seargents orders.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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The gently shuddering of the Thunderhawk was therapeutic to Aethon as he checked his pistol and chainsword, again and again, the habit coming from a deep-rooted obsession for perfection. A quiet whine, not consistent with the background noise, permeated his ears, seconds before a huge explosion consumed the front of the vehicle. Aethon stood, and then promptly was thrown off balance and back into his seat as the Thunderhawk tilted downwards. Numerous alerts were thrown up on the lens of his helmet, and then a third explosion punctured the hull right next to his seat, the explosion ripping a ragged hole the size of a door in the wall. Looking out, the Astartes quickly made the decision to jump out of the falling vehicle. Gunning his jetpack engines, he flew out, but became immediately entangled in the jungle-growth. He was still high when his foot caught and spun him into a tree.

Aethon Tev came around quickly, and saw debris and rubbish litter the ground. Looking around, he saw himself looking at the shadowy, smoky silhouette of a vehicle about fifty feet to his right. ‘Corax’s Honour,’ he thought disbelievingly, even his Astartes intellect shocked by it, the sheer destruction that had been wrought upon the blessed vehicle. ‘So many times ...’ Shaking his helmeted head, he came out of his reverie.
++Seargeant Korvis, sir? Squad Korvis?++ he said into his comm unit, trying to raise anyone. All he got was static, so he cut his comm on. “Dammit,” he muttered, checking the motor on his chainsword by revving it gently.
++Korvis Squad? Repeat, Korvis Squad++ A doomed attempt, he knew, but he felt it was necessary to try. The dense jungle terrain pulled at his Mk. VI armour, almost as if it was actively resisting his attempts to mobilise himself.

Remembering his training, Aethon set his helmet to scan the surrounding terrain for enemy movements and also ran a status check on his armour, ensuring he was fully protected against whatever was out there. An alert blinked on his screen, a message screamed across his neural receptors. In an instant, he was on his feet, processing the scene and battle-ready. Endorphins ran through his body, and the thrill had him on the balls of his feet, seeing everything and processing it even quicker than his adopted physiology usually allowed. Aethon made his way to the rest of the squad, gathering his wits and coming to terms with the fact that some of his brothers wouldn’t live to fight again. ‘Three of them ... Three.’ The thought didn’t seem to process, no matter how many times it raced through his head.

He heard Korvis’ order, and it shocked him out of his reverie. “Yessir!” he responded, far more enthusiastically than he felt, before moving to the broken body of Kai, quickly stripping him of his armour to remove the geneseed. “Emperor be with you,” he murmured, before doing the same with Reynon’s, leaving Lenux, the only dead squad member that Aethon wasn’t really close to, for Korvus to tend to. Whilst his hands didn’t shake as he did so, the process caused an unusual sense of numbness to settle over the Astartes body. He started to think back to previous engagements -
Aleron XIV ... Aethon lay on the ground, stunned by a shot to his helmet chest, rupturing some primary systems that had forced him to reboot his systems. A platoon of cultists approached cautiously, and he anxiously awaited his systems to start up, ready to kill them. And then, just as they reached him, lasguns and various heavy weapons primed, the sound of multiple blasts, bolts, resonated through his helmet, and then the whir of chainswords, revving as they tore flesh and armour, hit him. A grim smile crossed his face and he got the message - System Performance - 52% (Suitable) - and climbed to his feet ...

Proximity Alert - Hostiles - 2 Miles. The message flashed across his visor and through his brain, and again, shook him out of his reverie. He checked his monitors, and gathered the clips from Reynon’s and Kai’s bolt pistols. He then started moving off into the depths of the jungle, trying to do so as stealthily as possibly, constantly checking his sensors and scanners.


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Fire flared up a Alesso, causing him to step away from the onrushing wall of flame. He staggered towards the cockpit of the juddering thunderhawk, intending to ask the pilot for the damage report. But before he made it half way, the thunderhawk flipped sideways and hit the ground with crushing force.

Shaking his head, trying to clear the ringing in his ears and the incessant beeping of the various damage notices in his helmet HUD. He looked over to Kai's seat, seeing the battle brother lying face down, motionless. Alesso hurried over to him, crouching by the warrior. There was no indication of life, nothing to show that the battle brother still survived. Alesso turned Kai around pulled off his helmet and was met with wide, open, lifeless eyes. His arm and legs had been severed, he was clearly dead. Alesso was too stunned to react. Kai, dead. Not possible. He couldn't fathom it. Eventually he brought himself together, kneeling over Kai's body, he got to work.

He heard sergeant Korvis "We don't know how many of them are out there. For now, we withdraw. Wait in the shadows. We are only four miles from our primary objective - Fort Indomitable. We will continue through the jungle. Take as much as you can and be quick about it, we do not want the enemy using Raven Guard weapons." Four miles from fort Indomitable? Alesso was shocked, but didn't show it.

Alesso clambered out of Corax's Honour, scrambling over the flaming hull. Kai was dead, he couldn't get the image out of his mind. The brother he had stood alongside for over fifty years, dead. Alesso heard the Sergeant order Tev and Korvus to collect the gene-seeds from the fallen, a duty that is usually gifted to the Apothecaries, drawing the Gene seed from fallen battle brothers. Alesso had taken the necessary gear from his fallen comrade, both frag grenades, all three krak grenades and additional ammunition for his bolt pistol. He had also replaced his chainblade with Kai's, though the difference was minimal. Kai had always been ready to assault, hungry for close-quarters combat, he would have been disappointed not to let his blade taste heretic flesh on this campaign.
Alesso checked the other squad members, listening over the vox for their calls. Neither Lenux or Reyon replied, surely they couldn't be dead too?

Down behind the thunderhawk, Alesso was under less immediate danger, so he used his helmet's mapping display to confirm their position. Sector Three-Five-Nine. Eighteen miles from front line. Twenty four miles from forward base. Four miles from Target: Fort Indomitable.

Looking back over where the enemy were approaching, using his advanced targeting systems built into his helmet. Fifty heretics, too many for the squad to combat in their current, shell-shocked state. He turned towards the forest, moving away from the approaching heretics and checking his weapons.

OOC: This OK?

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Korvus awoke with a sharp sensation of pain in his temple, gritting his teeth together as he rose up, steadying himself against a beam of metal hanging from the wreckage. Sucking in a breath he cursed and rubbed his temple, if he'd had any knowledge of his biology beyond what he'd been bothered to ask the Apothecaries about he would have performed some tests to see if his performance was inhibited. But there was no time for that, if he wasn't up to it he'd be dead very soon and that would be that. Most would consider that callous and fatalistic but Korvus considered it to be realism, he was going to die in some battle eventually and there was no reason it might not be this one. Space Marines didn't all die killing the leader of an enemy invasion in heroic last stands against impossible odds, some just took a bolt to the head and dropped or got charred in an explosion, like this one.

Opening his eyes he surveyed the Thunderhawk wreckage and kept himself from groaning. A great machine, meaning it was head and shoulders above most people, dead without even seeing what had actually killed it. Looking at some of the impact marks and debris it was clearly a surface-to-air missile designed to kill gunships, a heavy one if it could bring down a Thunderhawk with only one shot. Corax's Honour was gone, and while Korvus rarely cared if any of his battle-brothers died he felt sad for the machine that had ferried them. It couldn't be fixed, and would rot here in a shallow grave until cultists stripped what metal remained to make crap body armor and flimsy fortifications. Amateurs, he thought to himself.

He noticed that others were rising around them, but three were missing. Korvus mentally shrugged as he deduced who the dead were, Reynon and Kai had never really bothered him though Lenux had been an ass and worse he hadn't nearly been as competent as he'd often boasted. Korvus wouldn't miss him, nor would he miss Reynon and Kai though he was not happy to see them go. The sergeant turned to look at him and Korvus nodded briefly, he respected the sergeant as much as he could really respect anyone. He was a hardass but he got results and wasn't incompetent or a glory-hound like many marines, that alone was enough for Korvus to at least consider him worth something, not a great deal but enough that he wouldn't be better use as a servitor.

"Tev, Korvus, collect the geneseed from the bodies of the fallen. They are with the Emperor now."

"Yeah sure, assuming there's anything left to collect." Korvus sighed, gathering gene-seed was not something he enjoyed. It made him seem like he cared more than he actually did about the men around him, but it had to be done. He clambered back into the wreckage to find the bodies, Lenux was the easiest to find and to write off. A metal beam had pierced his head and most of his neck, with that and the exposed chest cavity even a brain-dead initiate could tell that his gene-seed was as dead as he was. Moving further into the smoky interior Reynon was slumped across his seat, the top half of his crushed head several feat away from his body. Reaching for his cutter Korvus pushed back the head unceremoniously, he doubted any of them really gave a damn how their bodies were treated anymore contrary to what the Chaplains preached, and cut into the throat carefully. It was like operating on a nuclear reactor, you had to be very careful not to trip anything that would make it go boom and kill you horribly. The two bundles of black fibre were easy to locate, though harder to extract safely. With some precision, and the ability to focus even under artillery fire, Korvus gently extracted the bundles and placed them into a canister at his belt. Kai was not far away, his legs severed along with his right arm, face down in a deep pool of blood. Flipping him over Korvus repeated the procedure and extracted the gene-seed, placing it in the second canister.

Emerging from the Thunderhawk Korvus tapped into his vox and reached the Sergeant, he heard the order to fall back and prepared to do so even as he blinked the reply rune into activation and updated his status. "Reynon and Kai's gene-seeds are here, Lenux's is crushed. No big loss really, now can I hand these things off to someone else, preferably someone less likely to forget about them?" - The Kabal of Shattered Souls Project Log - Check out Talk Wargaming for reviews by Lord of the Night.
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Like a stone dropped from the side of a cliff; it was the best way Cleite could describe what was happening to him in these moments. He tried to gain some form of control, but these attempts were often robbed from him by fleeting consciousness. Events, all of the last few minutes, rushed across the warrior’s mind as he recalled how he had come to be free-falling from the sky.

The thunderhawk had been riding fast and low, using the tree-line to hamper most surveillance in order to better transports its payload. The ‘payload’, Cleite and the other members of squad Korvis, had been going through final weapon checks; Cleite himself had just stowed his chainsword in the vessels gripping at this side, his bolt pistol already in its holster on his hip. Much was dark in the transports main hold, for why would warriors like these need much in the way of light when they could see fine in near pitch?

Without warning though, the thunderhawk lurched to the side in a violent buck as if to avoid something. The maneuver tossed sergeant Korvis from his feet, and Cleite had reacted without truly thinking. Rather than assess what was going on, the warrior had instead slammed the release on the grav couch restraints and made to stand. And it was at that moment that whatever the thunderhawk had been attempting to dodge struck home, and a decent chunk of ceramite and adamantium was blown from the transports side.

Blindsided by the damage, Cleite was unable to prevent himself from being sucked out the hole and into the open air; only just avoiding colliding with the ships wing after smashing his helmeted head against the side of the ragged hole on his way out.

He was like a stone dropped from the side of a cliff, tumbling without grace or care and fading in and out of consciousness while a genetically enhanced brain let loose a swath of chemical to keep Cleite alive. With a hiss of pain the warrior opened his eyes and splayed his arms and legs, arresting his tumble in time to register the fact that he was fast approaching the jungle canopy below. With a grunt of effort and pain, his body acted on instinct while the mind railed at what to do. For only a second he forgot who he was, what he was, and that moment of confusion nearly cost the warrior his life. Then it came rushing back to him, that he was Sciathan Cleite, both a warrior and a soldier who’s very life was dedicated to serving the Emperor and defending His Imperium. More than that though, Cleite was Raven Guard, a member of squad Korvus, an assault marine armed with a jump pack.

Just as Cleite began to come into contact with the jungle canopy, he activated the thrusters of his jump pack, pushing the engines in order to cancel as much of his downward momentum as possible. The effort would have forced him to black out, had his body not been flush with adrenaline. Instead he would get to witness shattering branches on his haphazard descent before finally coming to a jarring halt on the ground below. Pain shot out along both legs and up his spine only to be numbed by pain-killers an eye blink later.

Standing to his full height, Cleite watched the thunderhawk crash into the earth, carving a gash in the ground and throwing debris like it was nothing. Carefully, the assault marine made for the crash, to seek out survivors and retrieve his chainsword as well. He did not know what had caused the ship to crash, but no doubt whatever had done so would surely not stop there.

Cleite tried reaching other members of the squad through the vox system in his helmet, but was answered only by static in the wake of his calls. That most certainly could not be good. He thought to himself as he picked his way closer to the downed thunderhawk; there were fires from where the ships fuel lines had ruptured during the crash. Despite that and his trepidation, Cleite made out movement at the base of the ship, dark armoured shapes wearing bulky packs like his own.

The scarred face of sergeant Korvis himself came from the side of the stricken ship as Cleite approached, noting the sergeant’s decision to fall back in the wake of approaching hostiles, likely those who had some hand in the squads most recent events. Ducking back through the damage that had tossed him out before, Cleite removed his weapon from its holding area where he had been not an hour before, cocking his head when Korvus entered the thunderhawk and moved towards the prone forms of Reyun, Lenox, and Kai. The older warrior began to move the bodies, handling them with all the care of a mad grox at the controls of a plasma-fusion core.

Before Cleite could do anything, the older warrior had finished the work of another. When an apothecary was not able to perform the reclamation of the geneseed, such an act fell to the squad sergeant if he had lived long enough to be trained in such a thing. It was an honour in its own right, but Korvis had chosen instead to pass it off, and to the callous Korvus it appeared.

"Reynon and Kai's gene-seeds are here, Lenux's is crushed. No big loss really, now can I hand these things off to someone else, preferably someone less likely to forget about them?"The older warrior informed sergeant Korvis with all the care of a brat. It was all Cleite could do not to strike the bastard; but instead he chose a different action that might normally put a smile to his face under better circumstances. “It would not be a big loss if you had been in Lenux’s place, now not only are we less three brothers, but we have you as well to impede us.” He said, grabbing the containers as he did so. “They were the sergeants warriors and your brothers, if keeping their legacy alive is too great a task for you, then I will gladly take such a thing unless the sergeant would take them.”

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Alesso stepped up at Korvus' words: "Reynon and Kai's gene-seeds are here, Lenux's is crushed. No big loss really, now can I hand these things off to someone else, preferably someone less likely to forget about them?"

"If the sergeant would allow me the honour," He began, biting back a rush of harsh words that he wished to say to Korvus. "I would request to carry Brother Kai's Gene-seed, Brother Reyon's too, if you wish it."

He looked at Korvus, scowling under his helmet at the disinterest the assault marine showed to the death of three astrates and their sacred organs. He bristled at the comment about Lenux, though the battle brother had shown a little too much bravado at times, he had been truly brave and a fine warrior. He sheathed Kai's chainsword, holstered his pistol and strode up to Korvus, waiting for Sergeant Korvis' reply.

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'Bloody skeyt… nuffgh… of a slumrat whore's… hmgmuff… left tit!'

Damir hissed the oath through clenched teeth as he managed to shift the collection of twisted limbs and wreckage pinning him firmly in the churned loam of the forest floor by a only few centimeters at best. He could feel his overlapping shield of ribs compressing under the weight and was sure that, had he been wearing his helm, the warspirit of his battleplate would have been indicating the stress levels he was under in a belligerent scroll of warning runes across his vision.

As it was, his helm was maglocked securely to his hip right above his bolt pistol which was, in turn, solidly wedged under the wreckage with the rest of Damir Roath.

The angle at which he had been trapped, along with the bulky presence of his jump pack, made getting any sort of leverage on the debris a test of sheer stubborn strength. A test in which, though he loathed to admit it, Roath was come up short. He could hear the others clambering around the remains of their craft and gave a dangerous hiss when the words of Korvus reached his ears. If it wasn't for the twisted metal and broken flora that held him in place, Roath's fist would have found his battle brother's mouth for such slander to their dead kinsmen,

'Speak another word of dishonour towards our fallen brothers and I will personally see that you join them, Korvus! Every drop of our blood is precious and sacred for it bears Lord Corax's gift. Lenux was a great warrior and his passing will be mourned by those of us who knew his worth, that his legacy ends here is an indescribable loss to the Chapter as a whole. So shut your mouth before I shut it for you, brother.'

Damir snarled the words as he dug his armoured fingers into the metal sheathing of the wing section; the armoured plating was still smoking slightly from the blast. With a cry of frustration that was far closer to the angry shriek of a wounded Roc than Roath would have liked, he heaved upwards with all of his gene-enhanced might. With a squeal of metal on metal, the section lifted centimeter by agonizingly slow centimeter. The servos in Damir's armour gave a low whine of overbearing, and he could feel body flush with battle stimulants as he continued to force the load higher off his chest.

'I will carry Lenux's Corvidae if none bears argument to my claim… once I get out from under this pile of skeyt that is.'
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Sergeant Korvis glanced around at his squad as they made their way into the Jungle. Corvane had volunteered to carry as many weapons as he could, and while they would probably not be used by the Assault Squad that often, it was better to have them controlling the weapons than in the hands of the enemy. The dead corpses of Reyon, Kai and Lenux would have to be left behind, as would their armour - as much as Korvis regretted it. At least they still had the geneseed of Reyon and Kai - however, Lenux's had been crushed in the impact, and as Korvus had confirmed, his legacy would not be passed to another chapter recruit.

Holding up a hand to silence the insults exchanged between Cleite, Roath and Korvus, the Sergeant spoke, "Now is not the time for bickering. Korvus, you will be disciplined for your lack of respect shown to our fallen brothers once this mission is completed."

The Sergeant managed to free Roath from the wreckage after a couple of minutes of struggling with the metal that had once carried Assault Squad Korvis across many a battlefield. Once they were both on their feet again, the Sergeant answered his question. "I would allow you to carry Lenux's geneseed but his is too heavily damaged to be extracted. You and Tev can hold Reyon and Kai's geneseed until they can be safely extracted. I trust that you will guard them like it was your most treasured possession, unlike Korvus here."

"Now though, my brothers, we shall withdraw. We can avenge our fallen on our own terms. Into the woods."

He didn't need to hear the affirmative to know that his squad obeyed his orders.

All: Another generalised update here, I'm afraid. As you make your way away from the crashed Thunderhawk and into the Jungle, you are forced to hack and slash your way through the thick trees with your chainswords in order to get through. After about a mile of nothing but thick jungle, you find that you have come across a small road, protected by various checkpoints, that you can see about a mile of. In the distance, you can hear the sound of Chimeras (full number unknown to the squad) approaching from out of sight, and realise that they are heading in the direction of Fort Indomitable. Sergeant Korvis orders you to remain as silent as possible until the Chimeras have passed. How do you react to this? Do you think that you should be out there, fighting the enemy or do you agree with the wisdom of your Sergeant?


GM's Notes: I should note that however tempted your character is, you should not engage the enemy under any circumstances. They may be more cultists, but you do not know how many of them reside in the Chimeras and the Sergeant has assured you that there are plans to deal with the APCs. There will be action in the next update though, so stay tuned.

Also, a final note, just remember for those of you that have a few grammar/spelling errors remember to check them before you post.

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Alesso tore through the branches, feeling slightly disappointed. He wished he had been able to carry Kai's gene seed, Korvus had no respect for the sacred objects. As he slashed through another vine, he heard the unmistakable trundling noise of a Chimera APC. Korvis ordered the squad not to engage and, judging by the number of vehicles Alesso could hear, this was a wise decision. There could be any number of opponents there and nothing the squad possessed could reliably dent the armored machines.

Still, it couldn't hurt to look at his quarry, Alesso cut himself into a clearing and clambered up a very thick tree. He hauled himself up, branch by branch, until he could see the huge road on which the transports were traveling. Using his enhanced optics, Alesso could see roughly how many APCs there were.
"Emperor's mercy," He breathed "There's dozens of them."
He leapt down, reporting his sightings and the rough numbers to Korvis, though it was probably a fairly pointless exercise, the squad wasn't going to engage either way.

Alesso then stood still, one hand gently rested on his pistol, the other hung at his side. He sifted once again through the mission briefing, waiting for the sergeant to give the next set of orders.

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