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Korvus crouched in the bushes as the "bait" advanced forward. He did not envy them their unappealing task, not only having to serve as a lure for the Chaos Marines but also to have to deal with the unbending Ultramarines. The latter was the part that he was mostly thankful he did not have to deal with and that the brute Cleite would have to suffer instead, he could stay back and serve as reinforcements if need be, plus he knew that eventually a crack about the Codex would come out of his mouth and the Ultramarines would be all over him and trying to lecture him on the greatness of the Codex and that their Chapter should stick closer to its tenants rather than the teachings of Corax. Korvus snorted, the day that happened was the day he would spend his own life in combat pointlessly and with gratitude.

Before he could make a sarcastic remark about the Ultramarines he heard the throttling of a jet engine and looked up to see a pair of blood-stained talons driving right at him. Narrowly bringing up a gauntlet he grabbed the taloned-boot and used its momentum to hurl it over his head and into the dirt. It was then that Korvus got a better look at his attacker, he both grinned and inwardly sneered at the hideous traitor before him. Its hands and feet were taloned and it walked on all four, scuttling like a bird mixed with a reptile. Its helmet was sharp and narrow, like a raven's skull, but carved into the shape of a screaming daemon with scars running through both of its eyes. Its armour was the typical random nature of the Red Corsairs, a mix of reds, oranges and blacks. Its gauntlets were so filled with claws that a weapon would be superfluous, and indeed the heretic didn't carry a blade. Its howl was horrific as it lurched forward, it's jets boosting itself forward like a rocket towards the lone Raven Guard.

Korvus saw Shaan and Reshi band together and would have joined them but the Raptor stood between him and his fellow Raven Guard. Quickly drawing his chainsword he gunned the ignition and met the traitor's charge with a powerful side-strike that threw the traitor off-course and opened up a large gash on its helmet, which bled black ichor. The traitor screeched and its claws exploded into life, lightning crackling across each bladed finger. Korvus barely had time to enter a defensive stance when the traitor barrelled into him again, this time striking the blade head on with one talon and using the other to score a cut across the silver aquila on Korvus's chest-plate. Snarling Korvus drew his bolt pistol with his free hand and shot the traitor's leg, the Raptor wailed and smashed the pistol from his hand, trying to drive its claw further in while its other claw threw sparks into the air as the chainsword ground against it.

Korvus lashed out with a head-butt and bought himself a second, enough time to tear his chainsword free and drive it into the traitor's shoulder, he kept his calm as he carefully bisected the traitor from shoulder-to-hip, accepting several scratches from the razor claws that left scars on his shoulder pad and across his gorget. The chainsword roared as it cut through the traitor, it's severed top-half falling to the ground. Turning his gaze he saw Shaan and Reishi firing at the traitors and moved to support them, grabbing his fallen pistol from the ground, and snapping off-shots at the circling Raptor pack as he went.

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Sergeant Korvis, Shaan, Korvus and Reishi engaged the traitor marines. One had already been cut down by Korvus, the body of the Power-Armoured Red Corsair now was split in two, and they were an enemy down. Shaan and Reishi had been yet to kill a Red Corsair, leaving the enemy sharing even numbers with them, although the Astartes' morale had been boosted by the death of one of their marines, even if it had been Korvus who had slain it. Striking from the shadows where possible, the Raven Guard utilized their training instructions against the Raptors, who were engaging their loyalist counterparts in battles both in the sky and on the jungle floor. Sergeant Korvis took the jump pack on another Red Corsair by striking from behind, but before he could deliver the killing blow, one of his red-armoured allies attacked the Sergeant from the side, causing him to break away, fall back to the shadows - where he could strike again at the oncoming attackers.

Cleite: You watch the Ultramarines, lead by Kalan, follow the Raven Guard past you as though they move to aid Tev, still not speaking. It appears they were genuine after all when you see them engage the Red Corsairs in direct combat, but this still raises doubts. Why are they here, even if they are loyal? What is their objective and why are they going outside of the Codex Doctrines? And remember what the Sorcerer did to the Chimeras - could the Ultramarines only be a temporary ally?

That was when the Ultramarines entered the fray, lead by Librarian Kalan, and it proved that the injured squad was true to their word, giving the loyalists fresh hope and surprising the Red Corsairs. Although they did not fight with the stealth tactics that the Raven Guard did, the Ultramarines were still a formidable force even with the Red Corsairs still having the advantage of the air, although Korvis' Astartes were countering that.

All: With your Ultramarine allies, you now find yourselves outnumbering the Red Corsairs. Your side has thirteen marines - including a Librarian, someone who is clearly Ultramarine Sergeant judging by his heraldry, and a Raven Guard Sergeant, whilst the Red Corsair Raptors now only have four astartes, and one of them has a crippled jetpack. Your goal is simple - defeat them, using the Raven Guard way. Remember, you are fighting with a fellow first founding Chapter, the Ultramarines. Do you attempt to show off your fighting skills and demonstrate your 'superiority' over the sons of Guilliman, or do you see the advantage of working with them.

GM's Notes: You will have to work together to ensure that the same Red Corsair does not get killed twice by different people. There are four. One Ultramarine can be killed, although again, you may have to decide who gets to first write about the update for that one. (Ideally, the first person who posts - so the others can highlight their reactions).

If anybody has any issues with this post, like there was a few with the previous one, contact me as soon as possible either by PM or in the recruitment thread and hopefully I can sort it out. I'll admit that I'm not the best Roleplay out there, despite running two/three in the past, they all failed and I'm trying to get a complete one this time. I should have this finished by the end of the year at the latest if all goes to plan, but hopefully I should be able to finish it sooner.

Deadline will be Saturday 11.
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Without a word, the Ultramarine librarian began to follow after Tev towards the distant sounds of fighting. The Ultramarines that had been guarding the drop pod followed suit, covering each other from potential attack as they made way through the foliage. Cleite snorted at this display, not because of their actions, for it was a sound tactical move, but more-so the fact that their attempts to move silently were sad at best. Without a word to Roath, Cleite made his way along the advancing groups flank, sticking to the shadows of the forest as his training had taught him to do and before long they were upon a scene of the rest of the squad fending off attack from similar foes.

Cleite recognized the hunched forms of raptors and a sneer painted itself on his face without thought. Traitor marines in general were a bastard perversion of their ilk, but raptors were even worse. Some, he had learned over the years, were little better than frothing animals; and indeed a raptor fighting the honourless Korvus was doing so on all fours. Despite not having a weapon beyond claws, the thing was giving the veteran warrior a hard time, but ultimately the reach of Korvus’s chainsword proved the better.

And then the Ultramarines entered the fight, taking aim with bolters and spitting out lethal hails of fire. The rounds appeared to have the desired effect of throwing the traitor marines off, forcing some to fall back from advantages and causing direct damage in other cases. Despite this sight, despite seeing the likes of raptors being gunned down or cleaved, Cleite forced himself to remain out of the fight. If he rushed from the trees now, he would give himself away to these Ultramarines, give away the fact that Tev was not the only one who had been searching for them, and giving these Ultramarines a better idea of their strength.

No, if they turned out to be nothing more than another trap then they could not all be ensnared in it, squad Korvis would need any and all advantages it could muster in the end. And so, instead of taking to the air and taking the life of a vile traitor, Cleite clenched his teeth and simply observed; keeping his senses open for any further movement to indicate enemy reinforcements.

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