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Originally Posted by Malochai View Post
Dammit. I'll sort that out in a minute.
Yep that is all fine now.
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Name: Mathias Blackjoy

Homeland: Empire (Nordland)



Appearance: Mathias has a perfect face, that is untouched with blemishes. Along his jawline, a black beard can be seen accompanied by long flowing locks of black hair. The hair lays on his broad well built shoulders and body. Lastly, he stand 5' 9'' and near never leaves his suit of armor.

Personality: Of all the cruel men in the world, Mathias had to be amongst the top. He hated everyone and everything, except his one true love. Combined with unstoppable bloodlust and sadistic tendencies, he loved carving bloody paths throughtout the world. His manor alone was decorated with corpses and art made of body parts. Amongst the morbid scene, one beautiful gem stuck out and that was Alessa.

Background and History: 288 years ago, Mathias was born into this world. He was raised like all little princes were. With tutors during the day, and chasing princesses during the night. It wasn't long till he was trained in swordsmanship and even in combat. Eventually, he lead his fathers men against many a foe.

At the age of 28, his life changed. A sickness struck his lands, killing crops and people all around. Even his father fell to the sickness, making him lord. Wanting to stop the dread, he followed folktales to a necromancer. Upon slaying the wizard of death, he suffered froma sickness casted on him.

While bed-ridden, Mathias and his land fell apart. People left and lands died, soon he was alone and isolated. Priest and apothecaries came, but nothing helped. In his final day, a mysterious woman appeared in his bed chamber. She was beautiful, Mathias hadn't even wondered why she was there. It turned out the necromancer was her's, but she was fond of Mathias so gave him the kiss. Making him a thrall, and under her controll.

With years of learning and lust, Mathias became strong. Valerie and Mathias carved a blood path to Bretonnia, but once there she was smited. With his chains of enslavement gone, Mathias massacred folk from all around. Soon he was driven to hiding, and stuck to caves. With random pickings he survived, and wanted a bigger feast.

Mathias ventured to a isolated manor that was in the highlands. Once there, he masscared the family and security except for one. The one was Alessa, a 8 year old beauty that wasn't afraid of him. He eventually turned her, since she most likely would have died alone.

With his new companion, they grew close which was odd. Before they knew it, they had a father/daughter bond. She felt safe with him, and he cared for her. Eventually her family's manor became their home. From the home, they made a bloody reputation in Bretonnia. Years past, and they settled down to househeld feasts and undead guards.

Until one day Mathias sensed a change in the winds of magic, he sensed power. Sprouting his wings and with a scream he flew off towards the source.

Blood Line: Blood Dragon

Vampire Level: Vampire 250pts

Magic Level: 1 (Invocation of Nehek)

Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Fly Horror 95pts

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Red Drinker [Sword of Swift Slying] 25pts,Valerie's Amulet [Talisman of Preservation] 45pts, Full Plate 15pts, Shield, Nightmare 20pts, Barding 5pts.

Total Character Cost: 455 pts

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Goddamnit, had my character done andthen my laptop decides to crash....AAARRRGGGGHHH!
Will have it redone by tomorow night

Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
Originally Posted by xNoPityx View Post
The downside to a medium that allows the unlimited exchange of ideas, some people have some really stupid ideas.
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Name: Klaus

Homeland: Bretonnia

Gender: Male

Age: 221

Appearance: He stands exactly 5’10” tall, with a wiry build and does not exhibit a natural foreboding presence. His muscles seem to wrap around his bones rather than grow and therefore his size belies his strength. His hair is blond almost to the point of white going so far as to appear to have streaks of pure white running down it, while is cascades around his shoulders framing a gaunt face. His eyes appear to be a hazel color, but often times this veneer slips and you can see red. When he was cursed he was 28 years of age and therefore well beyond the confines of a boy and already growing into a man. His features and bone structure, frozen by the vampire curse, display a battle hardened face with eyes that are every thoughtful of situations at hand.

Personality: Ambitious would sum him up. Martial discipline and prowess ooze from him in his quest to free himself of the need for human blood. He seeks to go beyond what Abhorash achieved in sating his thirst by becoming a master of war and combat. He wants his name to be forever etched in the marble of his foes palaces, polished in their blood, and looked upon by their weeping kinfolk. He is, however, struck by moments of strong hatred for vampires a personality quirk he believes is a hold-over from his human heritage.

Background and History: Klaus was born in the lands of Bretonnia, hailing for the province of Montfort. He was the son of a lesser noble who had high hopes for his boy to one day becomes a full-fledged Knight. His dreams were straightforward and given his status in life well within his immediate reach. His training proceeded as well as could be expected of the boy, although many of his trainers and masters took note of the feverish burn behind his eyes that spoke of limitless ambition. That ambition served him well as a Knight of Bretonnia has he waded through the blood of greenskins and beastmen alike, ridding his land of the filth over and over again all the while serving his lord contently. Unlike most Knights he did not have the desire for leadership or mastery over the peasants, which he saw has beneath him – why should he aspire to rule over such filth?

During a battle against the beastmen he was wounded and limped off the battlefield, his company broken by the foolishness of his commanders. Within the forests of Montfort he was chased by the vicious creatures, and the tales of what he had to do to survive are by themselves worthy of remembrance. Eventually he made his escape and managed to return to his lord’s chateau. The experience had changed him and he now had little faith in the abilities of his superiors this was combined with a desire to serve a higher purpose in life than a sword-arm. He gave up all his titles, lands, and riches in the name of the Lady, for whom he had become very faithful in for delivering him (in his mind) from the beastmen.

He travelled the lands of the Old World from Bretonnia to the darkness of Kislev as a Questing Knight. His travels granted him much lore of the land as he vanquished bandit lords, necromancers, even Chaos worshippers all in the name of the Lady – hoping beyond hope that he would be granted a duel with the Green Knight. In the lands of Albion he encountered a monster known as a vampire, something the legends of Bretonnia had spoken about often but which he had never had any personal experiances with. The monster nearly killed him if not for the breaking of dawn, nearly crippled he crawled to a nearby village where the locals helped him back to help – much to his disgust. He vowed vengeance on the monster and insulted the peasants who attempted to ward him away from such a quest. He demanded to know where he could find someone competent on the vampires and was directed by the village elders to a small chapel in the northern regions of the Empire – dedicated to the War-God Ulric.

When he found the priest he was disgusted by his feebleness and apparently weakness but he desired knowledge to crush his foe. Once he explained his story to the priest, whose name was Krale the priest agreed to help but warned Klaus that vampires were not simply a foe one rushed off and killed – training would be needed. The trails set before him he viewed with contempt and bitterness. How dare this feeble old man demand anything from him? Regardless of his misgivings he completed each task as requested. He murdered a vampire coven, he sacked villages in the extreme northern regions of the Empire, he tracked down an challenged a number of alleged vampires, slaying them all. His strength grew and his wisdom increased by he kept his disdain for the common folk and Krale.

His final test was the kill a Questing Knight, one Krale informed him was in fact a vampire-sympathizer who had fallen under the dark fiends spell. Klaus hunted down his kinfolk and over the course of a two month hunt finally managed to bring him to battle. The clash was brutal and bloody for both knights but Klaus brought the man down. He was wounded and bleeding but still limped back to Krale where he presented the knights head to him. Krale took the head and asked Klaus how it felt to kill his own kinfolk. The Questing Knight responded that he felt nothing anymore only a cold void in his soul as he reflected back on the long path that had led him to this point in his life. He doubted everything at this point and eagerly desired to return back to Bretonnia, even if in shame.

Krale told him it would not be possible for in his final test he had succeeded beyond expectations and deserved a gift greater than anything the Lady could give him. Klaus was confused until the priest bared his fangs at him and a cruel smile crossed his face. He remembers nothing once the candles in the chapel went out. He awoke to find himself chained in the chapel crypts with Krale standing at the entrance with a brooding look on his face. He informed Klaus that he had been chosen by the followers of Abhorash because of his skill-at-arms. The Lady had forsaken him and now he would learn the true depth of despair.

For weeks Klaus was unable to break the bonds of his imprisonment because of his weakened state and lack of blood – once he did though he could not control himself and ran amok in the small town murdering seven people before he was able to regain control of himself. He fled into the forests and wailed for hours over what had happened. He lost his mind for a good four or five decades, he really cannot remember the exact time, where he nearly became Strigori. His mind was slowly reformed by an emotion he had long thought crushed – ambition. He finally saw through the blood haze of his existence and slowly but surely pieced his existence back together.

He needed goals and desires, he knew, and set out on an adventure in its own right. He served upon dozens of battlefields, sought out worthy opponents across the lands – even bested a pompous High Elf once. All the while he maintained his control over his bloodlust and kept it with martial discipline. Despite his misgivings for his own kind, he developed a string of contacts to keep him in the loop for his adopted species. When word reached him of Mordred Von Drakenblood and his call for a Blood Crusade his interest was snatched. His ambition was once against stoked and his goals came into alignment for the first time in over half a century. He did not desire to rule over this land that Mordred Von Drakenblood sought to conquer, but whatever he forged afterwards was of keen interest to him. He could never become a Grail Knight because of what he was but nothing stopped from him becoming a Dread Knight. He would become a weapon for this Mordred, if he was worthy enough to wield him, and strike down his foes wherever they rest. Once this new bloody kingdom was established he would no doubt be given a place of great importance in this potential master’s armory – a vicious tool to destroy his enemies.

Then and only then would he achieve everlasting remembrance – even if it was as a bloody monster.

Blood Line: Blood Dragon

Vampire Level: Vampire [Options: Full Plate Armor replaces Heavy Armor 15pts.] – 265pts
Magic Level: 1 [Aspect of the Dread Knight]

Vampiric Powers: Dread Knights [20pts], Curse of the Revenant [55pts], Master Strike [25pts] – 100pts Total

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Bloodmourne [Obsidian Blade, 50pts], Bulwark of Nightmares [Enchanted Shield, 10pts], Hellsteed [40pts]

Total Character Cost: 465

I decided to redo him. Is this up to snuff?

Originally Posted by Oldman78 View Post
The chaos gods abandoned Horus most likely because they saw the can of whoop ass coming their way and wanted out of the way so as not to get fucked up!
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Mine will be up wednesday evening

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I am going to try to get mine up this evening.

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hopefully mine will be up today.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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All fine now Blackguard.
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Name: Yakov

Homeland: Kislev

Gender: Male
Age: 327

Appearance: Yakov is tall, about 6 2”. Huge banks or rolling muscle protrude from his shoulders, which support massive bat-like leathery, wings. His face is like that of a bat, his nose upturned, his teeth elongated to giant size, and his ears grossly out of proportion. His body is covered in a multitude of minute scars and cuts gained from his unorthodox fighting style.

Personality: Yakov is a brooding type, he likes to be alone, apart from the corpses, and think about what he believes to be important. However it is usually about how he will maim the next corpse, or how he will kill again without being discovered. In all-out combat, Yakov thinks himself a excellent fighter who cleanly and efficiently dispatches his victims, however he is deluding himself. He flies into a rage like no other, and lashes out at anything that comes close, even his supposed allies. His fighting style has been likened to a hurricane or tornado, by those who have survived the encounters. However despite this, he has some control over how he attacks, usually preferring to incapacitate his targets by cutting the hamstring or gutting them, so that he can return to them later and toy with them as they slowly bleed to death, and only then will he feed.

Background and History: Yakov was born and raised in Kislev, the second son of one of the Boyars, Mikeil Spiakov. Over the first 18 years of his life, Yakov spent most fighting, not just protecting his father’s realm but venturing into the boarder realms of chaos to fight back. During one of these expeditions Yakov’s prowess with a sword attracted the attention of Konstantin Simonovitch, a Strigoi vampire that was feasting in one of the old graveyards near the chaos boarder. For several days Konstantin followed Yakov, noting his thirst for battle, and his skill with animals. One night he struck.
In the morning the guards entered his tent to find the back of the mammoth skin tepee sliced open, and the rest of the room covered in blood. And a body was lying in a pool of blood on the flood.
Meanwhile the real Yakov was being carried across the snowscape by Konstantin, to the graveyard where he first say Yakov. For the next couple of decades he trained Yakov in the ways of the vampires, how to move silently, how to kill more efficiently, how to use the magic of vampires and beast and eventually how to administer the blood kiss.
However after 60 or so years of this, Konstantin was hunted down and killed by a witch hunter by the name of Herterich Knopfler. After another 20 years of tracking his pray, Yakov eventually found and slaughtered Herterich leaving his body in several pieces.
From then on Yakov has slowly degraded, the flesh of the corpses he ate slows eating away at his mind, until he became more and more animal like, he forgot most of the teachings of Konstantin, except that of beasts magic, for which he has a natural affinity even without most of his training.
After a mistake in a spell, meant to bring him back to his former glory, Yakov was blessed with the wings of the animals he loved so much, and now flies from town to town, feasting on their dead, and sometimes slaughtering them in a orgy of blood.
Now Yakov has been attracted to the rumours of someone trying to find and awaken a long lost carmine dragon in Bretonnia and has followed these rumours to hopefully find more slaughter

Blood Line: Strigoi
Vampire Level: Oldblood
Magic Level: 1, Wyssan's Wildform(10 Magic Points)

Vampiric Powers: The Red Fury (50), Flying Horror (45), Supernatural Horror(30)

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts: Sword of Battle (20), Armour of Fortunes (35)
Total Character Cost: 500

40Kprayers and benedictions

see my guard army here

see my Empire army

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Name: Ezekiel Von Carstein

Homeland: Wissenland, Empire

Gender: Male

Age: 380 years, 6 Months and 2 weeks

Appearance: Standing at 6ft, tall and thin, handsome, with long pitch-black hair, tall and with a noble countenance, his eyes perfectly match his hair. His skin is unblemished and pale almost the colour of parchment. Ezekiel adorns a strange form of armour, created by forging and tampering with ancient magics, the armour neither constricts his movement, nor makes a sound when he moves, it fits tightly around his body, barely noticeable under his clothes. He wears many different clothes, depending on his current interests and desires. At the moment he prefers, over his strange armour, a dark, rich silk and linen clothing and a flowing, blood red cloak

Personality: Ezekiel likes humans, they are a source of great curiosity and entertainment to him. At times he will wander through imperial cities, observing their day to day lives, at others, he may kidnap several people, giving them curious combinations of tortures and pleasures, such as allowing them exquisite meals and bedding before informing them of the torturous poisons within their food and drink, Ezekiel will then observe the people, noting their screams and pleas, greatly enjoying the difference in reactions that he perceives. He may spend hours having polite conversations with imprisoned, tortures individuals.
Ezekiel is honorable, up to a point. He is also very vigilant, his years of experience making him (in his eyes at least) something of an expert in human emotions. He is friendly for the most part, but beneath the polite, friendly comments and fine trappings he adorns, a raging sadistic madman lurks, lashing out and causing suffering with horrible, twisted pleasure.

Background/History: Before his turning, Ezekiel was a lord of Wissenland, even then he enjoyed strange things, he threw lavish parties and practiced endlessly with blades, besting all opponents in the art of swordplay, Ezekiel was famous in his time for never being so much as scratched by an enemy blade, his ability to parry and strike almost supernatural. He studied endlessly in magic arts, uncovering forgotten secrets and forbidden arts, He wore the finest clothes and ate the most exotic and expensive foods.
Ezekiel kept few friends, each earning his favor through pleasing acts, his wife, Anastasia, stood at his side always, enjoying the same pleasures and skills as her husband.
Ezekiel was turned by one of his favorites, who walked up to him during a party and bit into his wrist. To all the onlookers, one of the count's favorites had just bitten the count, who had collapsed. The vampire was subsequently killed by a bodyguard. Ezekiel flew into a rage at the needless violence and tore the guard's head from his shoulders. This was when he discovered the first of his new vampiric abilities. He immediately turned his wife and remaining guards and favourites. After two years of violent and sadistic tyranny, Ezekiel and his followers were driven out of the city by angry, horrified citizens and witch hunters. Ezekiel eventually found himself within an old, abandoned manor, just outside the city of Sylvania, where he set up a home. It was then that he began his curiosity with humans, striking out and stealing people from their homes, subjecting them to his strange tortures. Over time, Ezekiel came upon strange things, first was a talisman, which seemed to draw shadows around him when danger approached, making him even harder to leave a telling blow upon. The other, was a sword, it was a thick bladed weapon, akin to a huge rapier, it could slide effortlessly through armour and was strong enough to withstand the heaviest and strongest blows.

Blood Line: Von Carstein

Vampire Level: Oldblood 350

Magic Level: 3

Lore of Vampires:
Hellish Vigor
Gaze of Nagash
Invocation of Nehek

Vampiric Powers:
Master Strike 25
Quickblood 40

Wargear, Equipment and Mounts:
The Nightweaver - Obsidian Blade + Enchanted Shield 60
The Shadow Caller Talisman of Protection 25
Heavy Armour (Included in Profile)

Total Character Cost: 500

(Is that OK? I know that the sword is a bit of a stretch, but I made some fluff for it. I just that I personally don't like heavily armored vampires with shields.)

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