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Default Age of Imperialism - Conscription Thread

Age of Imperialism
As a new century dawns on the people of Europe; a new age: an age of empires, new governments and new world comes with it. The 19th century will be one of new technology, industry and of course; new empires. It is time to lay down your sword, and pick up your gun; the age of Imperialism is here.
Although Heresy may be quite against conquest Role plays but I have given this one a lot of time, thought and effort. I am determined to make this work and go well. The Age of Imperialism is a Role play set in the mid/early 19th century where the player will take the role of the leader of a fictional nation and guide it through the era. In this case the players will be leading a country that never existed, and the other countries that did: Great Britain, Germany, France etc will not be around in this role play. However that does not mean that some cultural and locations wonít be in the game. For example you could have The Empire of salsquas, the ethnic groups in that empire being the salsquas and Spanish, if the empire had territory in parts of Spain.
In short the map, the area of the role play is set is Europe, has been wiped clean of nations and itíll be your job to put some new ones in there.

The Rules
1. Respect the choices and decisions of the other players, if they feel the need to massacre an entire culture donít rant on about it, declaring war is a lot easier.
2. If you find another nation has moved troops inside your border, donít get angry; you can declare war on them and because the said empire attacked you without a formal declaration of war none of their allies may help them. This is because they have shamed themselves with such a dishonourable move.
3. Although itís a little difficult in this game, no god modding at all.
4. If youíre not accepted into the game then donít about it.
5. Youíre not a nation of hardened veteran super soldiers, you have your limits and war isnít the only way to achieve power or territory.
6. Do some role play, donít just say ďmy guys are moving hereĒ actually role play it: give detail about the event from the account of your nationís leader, a civilian at the scene or perhaps one of the soldiers.
7. Enjoy yourself.

Creating a Nation & its leader
Below is an example of how to design a nation and a leader to go with it. All examples will be in Italics. Please note that due to death, abdication and rebellion that you will be lucky to keep the same leader throughout the game.
Name: King Wolfgong Erberstack II (The name of your chosen leader, make it fit with the culture he comes from and what government your nation has. For example: a kingdom would have a king/queen a democracy would have a president)
Age: 59 (I shouldnít need to explain this bit)
Background: Erberstack was often bullied when he was much younger, out of the large royal family he was the weakest and with four brothers in front of him, there was no way he would take the throne. However they all died from a mysterious virus he was named the next king. (That should be the minimum amount of info in this section, but feel free to include as much as you want)
Ideals: Unlike his father, who still had he head stuck in the Old ways of the monarch and feudal systems. Erberstack has allowed modern ideals into his nation, meaning it can grow and prosper. However he is still a keen Monarchist. (Basically explain how your leader thinks the nation should be run)
Appearance: (you may use pictures and/or text in this section)

There is an example of a leader in this role play, now Iíll show you a nation. The government and ideals of this nation can also change due to the reasons above.
[IMG]file:///C:/Users/lewis/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image003.png[/IMG]Name: The Kingdom of Austro-Germany
Flag: (every nation has their flag, describe yours with text or pictures. You will need some kind of flag to distinguish you on the map)
Government:Kingdom (Governments avaidable: Kingdom, Empire, Republic, Communist dictator, Facist Dictator, United States, Federation, Tribal Nation, Revolutionary. If you want more detail of the government types just ask, however these are somewhat vague because each type has a sub-category which you may explore. Or create your own!)
Background:The Kingdom of Austro-Germany was offically created when wolfgang Erberstackís father: Hans Erberstack III managed to get a claim to the throne of Austria and absorbed it into his own kingdom. However a series of nationalist rebellions rose up, Hans was forced to destroy every one of them; causing discomfort within the nation. To aviod the same happening he renamed to the country to the Kingdom of Autsro-Germany, thus making the Autrians feel much more wanted. (describe the history of your county, prehaps itís a long-standing empire? Or a newly formed republic? Explain!)
Current state: Despite the unification of the two people there is still unrest within the nation, and without Hans III to guide them the entire country could split into two. (What is the current state of your nation? Please note it wonít always be in a state of economic growth or something nice, mass rebellion perhaps? An oppressed population maybe? You decide)

A note on Government types: Just because your government is an empire doesnít mean your leader will be in favour of that government. Perhaps he/she wants the country to become a democracy? By the way, in case you donít understand a few government types, here they are.
Tribal Nation: Usually ruled by the most powerful tribe these nations are kept in place with family, religious and ethnic ties. They are generally considered to be uncivilised counties who have yet to establish and official Government.
Revolutionary: The best example of this is probably post-revolutionary France when the monarch had been removed and no one really knows what they want. The country is usually led by whoever can control it for the longest. There is no telling how long this will last; it could end with the country being split in separate states or until a one group managed to defeat the rest.

Armed forces
Although war isnít always the way forward youíll need soldiers to protect your country. Each army in the game will have the same strength and numbers and it will be down to military tactics, terrain and morale to win a battle. If you feel like you need to use two armies together to win a battle go ahead. Each Army consists of 10,000 soldiers; this number is only for the purposes of battle losses. There are four types of army you can build in this game, here they are.
Cavalry Division: 6000 Cavalry, 4000 infantry. The speed and brute that a cavalry Division provides it excellent in attack, this meanings they gain +2 bonus when attacking an enemy army. (See the next section on how combat works)
Artillery Division: 4000 Engineers, 6000 Infantry. Because of the effectiveness of Heavy Artillery defending locations is now easier. They gain a +2 bonus in defence.
Infantry Division: 7000 Infantry, 2000 Cavalry, 1000 Engineers. An even balance of defence and offense, this division gain +1 bonus; in attack or defence.
Conscript Division: 10000 Infantry, in the time of great urgency every province of land, under the orders of their leader, can hastily assemble an army of Conscripts. To protect their homeland, however they have poor morale and barely any training, as a result they gain -2 to the score of the battle.

The Battlefield
In this section I will describe how a battle is fought, battles in this game are won with tactics, terrain, troops and leaders. For the sake of simplicity and the understanding of players the battle system isnít to complex, and works on Variables. Firstly we have the two armies and the terrain theyíre fighting on. In this battle we have the Kingdom of Austro-Germany versus the Republic of examples.
Kingdom of Austro-Germany Ė II Infantry Corps
Stance: attacking Division: Infantry Division Morale: 100%
Republic of Examples Ė 1st Artillery Regiment
Stance: Defence Division: Artillery Division Morale: 100%
Terrain: Hills
Firstly we need to establish the variables of the battle, this is the way you decide the winner of the battle. The aftermath and the casualties will be decided by me depending on how well, or badly the battle went. Blue variables will only apply to defenders, and red variables will only apply to attackers, green applies to both.
Terrain Variables
Plains: +2 to Cavalry Farmland: +1 to Infantry
Forest: -1 to Cavalry, +1 to Infantry Hills: +1 to Artillery
Desert: +2 to Infantry Mountains: -1 to Infantry and Cavalry
Beach: -1 to Cavalry, +1 to Infantry Urban: +2 to Infantry, +1 to Artillery
Other Variables
Morale below 50%: -1 to all Morale below 25% -2 to all
Cavalry Division: +2 to all Artillery Division: +2 to all
Infantry Division: +1 to all Conscript Division: -2 to all
Overwhelming force: +1 to the bigger army
The Battle
II infantry Corps: +1 Infantry Corps
Total Score: 1
1st Artillery Regiment: +2 Artillery Division, +1 Hills
Total Score: 3
As you can see the 1st Artillery Division won that battle by 2, so the battle Report would look something like this:
II Infantry Corps
Morale: -30% Casualties: 1488 Infantry, 221 Cavalry, and 290 Engineers.
Total Casualties: 1992
1st Artillery Regiment
Morale: -2% Casualties: 289 Infantry, 65 Cavalry, 79 Engineers
Total casualties: 433
The losing army would then retreat into friendly territory and after a period of time they would regain morale and lost troops.

If an army manages to hold an enemy territory for one turn then it is occupied, if one nation manages to occupy all of another nationís lands then the occupied country is beaten. Meaning the invaders may demand pretty much anything from the defenders; such as land, soldiers, colonies; be imaginative! However, later on another country (if part of the defenders nation has been taken or the entire country annexed) may fight to free the defenders meaning they are their own country again.
Colonization is the passive way to claim land, and itís a lot easier. During your post simply say: ďI want to colonise hereĒ and wait two turns, then youíre done! Itís that simple. However you can only colonise one province of land at one time.
During your post you will have a chance to carry out diplomacy with other countries. The most common actions you can take will be declare war and form an alliance. However there are not set limits with this, you can request just about anything; you could request some land, or armies to help you in a war. However for the diplomacy to work you need the other nation to accept.
Not-so-random events
The not-so-random events are a little way of making the game a bit more interesting; every update youíll be given a not-so-random event that has been tailored to your country. For example if you have a population of say, Swedish people that you have oppressed and generally ground into the dirt, then they might rise up against you or stage a rally. You could react to this in different ways: kill off the ringleaders, send in soldiers or ignore it. Whatever you choose will have an effect on your country and its people.
World events may take place that require your attention and effect every nation, not just your own.
The World Map
Here is the world map, if you nation is allowed into the role play then I will choose three suitable provinces for you to start off with. You may request certain areas if you like, that does not mean you will get them.

(world map to be added shortly)
Well that just about covers itÖ
I hope Iíve managed to cover everything I hoped to put it, by the time this goes on heresy Iíll probably have realised Iíve missed out an important aspect of the game. Things like how posts will work and other details will go up onto the action thread, anymore writing will just bore people to death!

This thread currently supports: link

Update 1.1! (this overrules any previous statements)


Having gone over the requisition system I decided to add a form of industry for the game, instead of gaining requisition from provinces they will be gained from farms and railroads. As standard you will get a few areas of farm which will provide a basic supply of Requisition, from there itís up to you what you spend it on.

Farmland will provide one requisition every turn, where as a railroad will provide two every turn, simple. Now led me show you what you can buy with your requisition:

2 requisition Ė upgrade any province (excluding desert, mountains, farmland and urban) to farmland.
3 Requisition Ė Upgrade any farmland to a railroad
2 Requisition - Fortify any province, which will add 20% more morale to friendly troops. (Please note that fortifications can be destroyed)
3 Requisition Ė upgrade any fortified province to a Fort, any friendly troops stationed there will get an extra 1+ to battle score. . (Please note that fortifications can be destroyed)
2 Requisition Ė Build a port on any coastal province (allowing you to build transport fleets at this province)
3 Requisition Ė Build a Naval base at any port (allowing you to build Combat fleets at this Province)
3 Requisition Ė Build any land Division
2 Requisition Ė Build a transport fleet (only at port or naval base)
3 Requisition Ė Build a combat fleet (only at port or naval base)

As you can see the different building types come in two Ďtiersí with each providing a bonus in different ways, the third Ďtierí will become available later and will provide a unique bonus. With the old system of everyone just getting requisition from provinces wouldnít work because: everyone begins with the same amount of provinces and colonises at the same rate. So everyone would get the same amount of requisition and become evenly matched. Whereas with this different people will follow different routes, one player might focus on railroads while the other on forts, and of the course someone else may split between them. Nifty, right?

Naval Warfare

Ok, so naval warfare is here and works the same way as war on the land, with combat scores. If you look at the new map then you should notice that the sea has been sectioned off into Ďseasí so you wonít all be moving around in the same messy blob. But now itís time to introduce the ships and we have two: Transport and combat fleets:

Transport Fleets
They do exactly what they say on the tin; these fleets can quickly transport land armies across the ocean but are incapable at fighting sea battles, although they are quicker than combat fleets, Contains 20 ships.
-1 when fighting combat fleets

Combat Fleets
Your primary fleet for blockading (Ďseeí below, ha ha) and sea battles and are much tougher than transport fleets, Contains 20 ships.
Combat fleets only take -1 modifier when fighting in the open ocean.
Less than 10 ships: -1 to attack and defence
Open Ocean: -2 to attack and defence
If a combat fleet is blockading: +1 to defence

Overseas Colonies

Before your nation had to adjacent to an unclaimed province to colonise it, well Iíve scrapped that rule and introduced a new one. Firstly send a transport fleet to the colony you wish to claimed and thereafter it will be Ďstuckí there for one turn and after that one turn the land will the claimed and the ship can move freely. If you happen to be in a war situation and an enemy army moves onto the said land, the colonisation stops and the fleet is free to move.

Government focus scrapped

I have decided to scrap the government focus, itís not all that good to be frank but colonisation only takes one turn, yay!

Occupation rules changed
Well, they havenít really been changed but the occupiers can now smash things, but to prevent them from totally ruining your economy they have to pay requisition to smash certain stuff. Say player A wanted to destroy Player Bís fort, it would cost him half the requisition used to pay for it. If itís a decimal then round it to the highest number; 1.5 is half of three so it would be 2, if it turns out to be a 0 then just add one, simple! However, you can only smash one thing per turn. However, if you want to claim the said land via war then I advise not to smash anything.

Farseer Darvaleth - The Holy Kingdom of Winterreise led by Crusader-King Donatus von Blacke

Rems - Akkadian Empire led by God-King Sargon of the Akkadian Dynasty, fifty first of that name, King of Kings, Regent of Heaven, Divine Vessel, Celestial Son, Namer of Men, Keeper of Truths, High Judge of Law Satrap of Akkad, Babylon and Syria, Master of a Million Men, Master of Horses, Commander of the Chariots, Guardian of Akkad.

Thebluemage2 - The Realm of Izgurka led by Heffin the Logical

Bane_of_kings - The English Empire led by
Emperor Mycroft Northwinson II

Romero's Own - The United States of Caledonia led by
President Alexander Grovinsky

Jackinator - The Religious Republic of Equas led by
President-Cardinal Thomas Marechal

Akatsuk13 - The Darcsen Empire led by
Voivode Konrad Siegfried Vykos

Yru0 -
Empire of Hiigara led by Emperor Oda Nokubura

brendxb -
Illyrian empire led by Supreme Commander Johansson Mclanahan

Anilar -
Kingdom of Vendsyssel led by King Andrew Anchor Olsen the 3rd

Originally Posted by Klomster View Post
Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )

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An interesting idea. Will have to give this some thought. Just reading your introduction, im thinking there is missing some fortification options, which is paid for using requisition.

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Ok, as of the 16th June 2012, I have converted this post into something useful. Hopefully Anilar will delete his post above.

A quick rundown of Cultures - these are all the cultures currently present in AoI

Parisans are the name given to the people who live in the area around and in the Paris Committee, They can be compared to the real-life French and generally have real-life French names and suchlike.

The Turkmen people AoI's equivilant of turks, although they are not exactly the same. Turkmen are a friendly race of people who generally don't ask for much, because of this they opt for simple lifestyles. They are found in the Turkmen Federation, the Darscen Empire and the Akkadian Empire.

They are the dominant culture throughout western europe, living in every nation in that area. These Gauls are essentialy the same people who ceaser fought against over 2000 years ago, although in real-life it is a dead culture here they are one of the oldest races of people in Europe.

The word Celts is a term used to group the people of Scotland and Ireland into one culture, in AoI they share alot of similaties which is why they decided to form one nation, the Cletic Union. The Celtic language is extremely similar to Gaelic welsh.

Suprisingly, Estonians live in Estonia which, currently is a colony of the Kingdom of Vendsyssel. Unlike many cultures in europe they are not sueing for independance from there colonial masters. Instead they strive to please all they meet and aid them in whatever way possible.

A long time ago the Izgurkans were struggling for indepedance, and now they live in a fledging empire. Izgurkans hail science as if it was a god, while all other relgions now part of the Realm of Izgurka face discrimination.

The English, typically, live in England. The rich enjoy an easy lifestyle with fine wine and good food while the poor sweat their backs over hard labour. One the whole the English have alot of faith in their royal family, but that was only thanks to Mycroft Northwinson II.

The Kierran people reside within the safe confines of the Religious Republic of Equas, they are the decendants of wealthy europeon missonaries who came to Africa many years ago. They are profoundly christian, and consider themselves above the hundreds of minoroity groups in Equas.

More to be added soon! PM me if you have any information on your culture!

Originally Posted by Klomster View Post
Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )

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Ah shit, I put alot of effort into that and nothing to show for it.

Originally Posted by Klomster View Post
Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )
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I'd love to join up, always desperate for one of these types of RPs to get off the ground; but I've already taken on more than I think I can chew all the same praise for the setting and the thought put in.

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I wouldn't mind joining this either. Not sure at the moment what kind of nation I should build yet but I'll think of something in the next couple of days.

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I might create a nation as well, I think the reason you've not had much response yet is the long list of rules looks a little complex at first glance. I'm sure once you have a few nations the others will follow .

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This definately looks interesting, I'll have a go at a nation and leader over the weekend and draft up some questions as I think I have a shakey grasp of the rules
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Things are happening!!!

I know its a lot to take in but just keep going. If your having trouble google some of the nations from the 19th century. If you have any specific questions PM me or post here.

Originally Posted by Klomster View Post
Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )
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Im still thinking, and a bit busy working these days. Hopefully ill get around doing something about it thuesday or wednesday.

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