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Default The Keybearers (Action!)

The city of Dauth. Capital of the Arkaran Royalty and their domain, the prime authority on the world of Destora. It was a thriving metropolis, a place on the forefront of technological development and innovation. Vast skyscrapers cloud the view of the ground and sky and the air was often filled with the hum of hovering vehicles.


Yet now, it was silent. The sky had darkened into a night that had lasted the past month, and the lights of the buildings were all but blinked out. Advertisement boards flickered with nothing but static casting shadows of unseen occupants and fading memories.

Approaching one such board were three individuals bearing the insignia of the Keyblade Temple of Light. Two young men and a young woman stared up at the screen for a few moments, wreathed in the light of the dimming portal behind them. Moments later the portal had closed and they stood only in the dying light of the billboard.

Dawn, Bayle and Varun, the three of you have been sent here to investigate the cessation in communication between the temple and the authorities of Dauth. An initial inspection upon your arrival shows no signs of life, but perplexingly, there are no traces of Darkness to account for the disappearance of everyone within the city. You can speculate at this point, but for the most part you have no real leads to follow.

--- --- ---

Across the town there was more sign of damage, seeming to hint that there was an epicentre to whatever event had befallen the place. Darkness ebbed and flowed about, receeding after a few moments to reveal the arrival of three more Keybearers, these clearly attuned to the Dark.

Titus, Hazim and Magar, the three of you have been dispatched to your temple likewise to uncover why the world has cut off all communication. Dauth had always been known to keep regular contact and for it to miss a scheduled update required response in the form of a swift investigation. The section of the city you emerged into has been wrecked and demolished, with no signs of any inhabitants. More perplexing is the lack of any accompanying residual darkness normally associated with a heartless attack. You can speculate for the moment, but for the time being there is little to discern.

--- --- ---

The peace was not to last, as the presence of visitors caused the dormant presence to stir once more. As the two groups approached the city centre from opposite sides, an explosion in the town centre caused both of them to increase their pace...

--- --- ---

Kyranus, Maleek, and Rumbling Earth, the three of you arrived directly in the city central square for the same reasons as the others. Before you could approach the City Governance building before you a wave of creatures materialized seemingly from nowhere. Initially they resembled mere shadows cut down easily by Rumbling Earth’s Quake magic. A second wave sprang up moments later, to be scythed down by Kyranus’ keyblade as he threw it in a wide returning arc. But no matter how many you cut down, more continue to rise. Defend yourselves!

--- --- ---

Light Wielders, you will arrive from the north, Dark Wielders will arrive from the west to join battle with the Disciples of Balance. Swarms of heartless are piling into the city center from nowhere, most of them merely shadows, but there were inevitably neoshadows among them. You can comfortably eliminate a few dozen shadows easily enough, or you can instead choose to target the far more dangerous neoshadows in an attempt to weaken the link between this realm and the Dark. (note that you will initially be unable to slay any neoshadows until the next update)

Nobody can use further Light or Dark techniques at this time, the presence of multiple disciplines means more finesse is required to prevent further disruption. You must rely on Keyblade Techniques and magic to end this battle.

As trying as the situation may seem, your actions will determine the outcome of the battle as detailed below...

--- --- ---

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I materialized in the centre of the courtyard. My fellow temple members Tav'eran Maleek and the curiously named Rumbling Earth appeared beside me. Turning I surveyed the scenery and was markedly surprised that it was empty, the normally bustling city seemingly uninhabited. Despite this and for no lack of trying I could sense no trace of darkness and so I did not expend the neccesary willpower to draw my Keyblade just yet although I did don my armour with a faint mental impulse, feeling it flow from my mask to cover my entire body.

I glanced at my comrades and stepped forward, they doing the same beside me. However as we did so something brushed my mind and I snapped my head up, my Keyblade appearing in my hand. I gazed at the building to my right and saw a shadow move. Then it was joined by more many more. "They come," I shouted as the weight of their presence settled on my mind where before it had not been there. Without pause Rumbling used quake to scatter them but more came. We had spread out and I smiled beneath my mask.

I bent my legs slightly and pulled my arm back. I thrust my keyblade forwards, letting go of the hilt and spinning it as I did so. I watched it arc forwards and scythe through the ranks of the foe. I grinned with triumph as it sliced them to pieces before returning to my grip. More foes appeared and it twitched as if hungry for their blood. I howled and hurled myself forward, refusing to be daunted by the sheer mass of them. I cut down foes left and right, Darklight slicing through them as if they were parchment. Still more rose and I even spotted the hulking shapes of Neoshadows.

Now there was a challenge. I sprinted forward to get to grips with one of them and my keyblade slashed forward, clearing my path. I leapt up and my Keyblade narrowly missed the Neoshadow's head as it swung. When I landed I was surrounded by shadows and I spun in a circle, Keyblade held out straight, carving through them. I turned at the Neoshadow charged and I closed my eyes for a moment, letting the power of the keyblade infuse my body. When I opened my eyes they were pure white as the magic indused adrenaline fuelled my system and I began to attack, my blows as fast as lightning...
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As Veran and his companions approached the city center, he did his best to take in as much information as he could. He felt no darkness. Odd, he thought.
Before he could gather very much, there was a distant explosion. It had originated from the center of the city. They increased their pace. What could have caused that? He had a nasty feeling that he would find out soon enough.
As they came up on the town center, Veran saw three beleaguered Keybearers in the center, fighting a horde of shadows. He also saw another group of Keybearers coming up on the town square to the right of him.
There was very little to consider in this situation. He knew that he had to help his fellow Keybearers. Veran struck the small jewel on his left shoulder, summoning his lightweight scaled armor. He drew his keyblade in a small flash of light, and threw himself into the legion of shadows.
Veran gracefully flowed from one place to another, between shadows, making a beeline towards the nearest neoshadow. As he came upon it, he began to dance with the creature, fighting defensively, as he was taught during his time in the Temple of Darkness. He struck lightly, seeking the opponent's weakness, all while dodging in and out of the shadows.
The shadows around him were quickly preoccupied by other Keybearers, leaving him mostly free to deal with his chosen opponent.
As his combat with the neoshadow heated, he began to gather energy for a Critical Strike...

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As the portal of light began to close behind Dawn and her fellow temple companions, Dawn took a moment to adjust to the sudden darkness they found themselves in. All of the buildings around them were dark and the only light came from the stars overhead.

This is unusual..., she thought.

But yet, the more she searched for the reason of the blackout she realized that there was no reason for it. With a glance to her left, she saw that Veran and Bayle had arrived at a similar conclusion. Before she could discuss the blackout with them there was a faint explosion in the distance, near what seemed to be the center of the city. With a shared nod the trio began to jog towards the site of the blast, only to find three Keybearers fighting what appeared to be an endless swarm of shadows.

I recognize these Shadow's from my training... This can't be good..., Dawn thought.

As she saw another trio of Keybearers approaching them from her right, she realized how dire the situation was. With that, Dawn summoned Lilium and charged into the Shadows with Veran and Bayle to take some of the pressure off of the three keybearers already fighting.

Dawn gracefully tore from Shadow to Shadow, almost dancing with her enemies as they flew towards her. She swung Lilium with confidence, knowing one missed strike would unbalance her and leave her unguarded with so many shadows around. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Veran engaged in a heated fight with a Neoshadow and began to fight towards him in case he required support.

As she neared, Dawn noticed Veran gathering his energy for a Critical Strike when a cold chill went through her. It was the Neoshadows that were the real threat. The Shadows were a mere distraction.

Dawn fought to protect Veran as he charged for his Critical Strike, and prepared to use Sanctuary to protect him whilst executing it.

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Bayle Kasibalas frowned sharply as he stepped out of the portal. He frowned for two reasons; the first was personal; he always found technologically advanced cities such as Daurth slightly wrong. They were too clean, the buildings too high and the people too arrogant and soft from easy living. The cities of his planet were sprawling, great industrial hubs that belched smoke and were aglow with the fires of early industry. Airships, great propeller driven balloons threaded the sky as street urchins infested the warrens below. It was dirty, dangerous and confusing but it was home.

His second reason for his deep frown that accentuated his hawkish nose and animated his usually slack face was far less trite, though a great deal more dramatic. Things on the world of Daurth were terribly, terribly wrong. It was dark, it was silent and there was no one about. It did not bode well for their mission.

Setting off with his companions, both a goodly span of years younger than he, Bayle took the lead and walked in the centre, unconsciously assuming the position of the leader. It came naturally for him, engrained from long years as a professional soldier, and an officer at that. As he walked Bayle mused on the calibre of his partners. Both were young, and no doubt untested in true organized warfare. He wondered if they would be able to follow his orders, or if they would even prove competent. Frowning again he shrugged the matter aside, they would either rise to the occasion or be revealed as chaff, there was little he could do to determine either.

Their small group walked further into the city, the streets still dark and lifeless. There were still no signs of rather but rather the opposite, smashed windows and crashed conveyances littered the streets. It was like there had been a silent and invisible war. The more they walked the more disturbed Bayle became. All his soldiers’ instincts told him something was awry and it took a conscious effort not to break into a low lope, scuttle to the nearest piece of cover and draw his weapon.

As they came to an open square Bayle caught the fading glow of another portal. The soft light dissipated to reveal another group of keybearers, a group from the Temple of Darkness judging by their auroras. Contempt roiled within Bayle, he had no time for those who let their emotions rule them. It was unwise to seek strength in them, for they were the result of momentary passions. Logic and reason were to be reloaded upon. While perspective could change Facts never ceased to be facts. The only hint to Bayle’s thoughts however was a slight tightening of the lips and a narrowing of his eyes, his impassive mask of a face hiding the depths of his feelings.

A large explosion shook him from his analysis and he took off running towards the source of it, along with the other bearers. Before the Hall of Governance stood another group of keybearers, these one’s assailed by creatures of shadows. Waves of the foul things poured from the surrounding buildings and streets, seemingly materialising from the darkness.

His blade coalesced into being at the scent of danger and Bayle gripped it tight. Ready to bawl orders to the others he turned only to see them dash forwards, straight into the melee. Cursing, he followed them in, the time for planning lost. He resolved to have stern words with them later concerning their lack of discipline.

Immediately he saw Varen make for one of the larger Neoshadows, and prepare a Critical Strike. Knowing the move would take time and concentration to execute properly Bayle moved to clear a space around the younger keybearer even as Dawn did the same. Unlocking his fever pitch Bayle moved like quicksilver, in a dozen places at one. He made precise, killing strokes, never wasting a blow or a movement. Economically he moved in a circle around the two other Light Templars, a blur of shining blade and darkened coat.

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As Hazim stepped forth from the swirling darkness, his first thoughts were of the images of Eritrea; the towering structures and screens hinted at the power and technology at the behest of the might civilization that once ruled across this domain. However, now all was silent, Hazim found himself jumping at shadows, his eyes darting from alleyway to alleyway as he felt himself being watched. The street that the keybearers found themselves in did not escape whatever catastrophe killed this world unscathed, piles of rubble and the burnt out wrecks of some kind of aircraft littered the ground. Once again, Hazim found himself contemplating on his fellow practitioners of the dark temple; he had first met them recently, in preparation for this mission and had spoke only a few seldom words with each. The man Titus grinned with menace behind his eyes, and seemed to relish the defeat of others over his own victory; and Kharn walked like one used to being the king of the dogs and the unfortunate, one used to crossing the line without hesitation, and one who craved dominance. In short, Hazim Al Mercutio found himself partnered with two very dangerous men, and that alone meant that he should get along with them rather well indeed.

That strange sensation of forced hesitation in you next step, of a sense of dread and concern for something which you just cannot place, of something causing your heart to skip a beat before continuing, as if not willing to discover what; it was a feeling that had been drilled into Hazim since long before the keybearer temples. They called it 'forewarning', the slight hints given by a keyblade; to Hazim, it was his gut telling him that danger was around the next bend. Nonetheless, Hazim was still taken aback as the fireball quickly pierced the eternally blackened night, and almost felt himself thrown off of his feet as the shockwave quickly caught up with the sudden violence. Without a word, Hazim began sprinting towards the site of the battle, Saif nestled in his hand certain that his fellow keybearers would be hot on his tail.

The battle had commenced in earnest by the time the dark bearers arrived, Hazim saw the followers of balance besieged by the ranks of shadows, and the practitioners of light throwing themselves into the fray. The situation seemed in stark contrast to the empty streets mere blocks away, a scene of never ending hoards of foes swarming in from every possible place, even from seemingly nowhere at all. Hazim focused his gaze on the Neoshadows directing the attack and swiftly moved towards one; the keybearer kept to the edges of the courtyard, skirting the edges of the combat, his steps hardly making a sound. For a moment, Hazim considered enveloping himself in the shroud, but frowned as he saw the other temples' disciples press their attack; if they all began accessing the powers of that place then the entire world would come down upon them. Seeing the Neoshadow before him with its back turned, Hazim seized the opportunity and deftly twirled the short blade of Saif in his hand so he held it by the tip; the cold metal infused with power, Hazim hurled it at his foe, the shining blade cutting through all obstacles until it embedded itself hilt deep into its target.

The howl of the neoshadow was unlike any sound Hazim had heard, it was as if the his very heart was being assailed by a sonic bombardment. The neoshadow turned on the spot, searching manically for its aggressor; its hate filled eyes settling on Hazim, who was already rushing through the path created by his passing blade to meet it, Saif once more in his firm grip, all thoughts of stealth cast aside. This fight would be tougher than he first thought.

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Default Magar

The city was quiet and empty, dead, it's carcass abandoned even by those that would thrive on it. There was no trace of darkness anywhere, it was unnerving, what could have caused this and yet left no trace. The two men walking beside him carried themselves with the confidence and arrogance of born killers. Like him. It could be interesting to see how their... working relationship developed.

But his reflection was interrupted as there was an explosion and a fireball plumed from the city centre. The three dark wielders broke into a run, sprinting towards the commotion and emerging into the central square to see six other keybearers already there, three of light, three of balance. They were engaged against a veritable horde of shadows, a fe Neo-shadows scattered among them.

He leapt forwards, smashing into a shadow feet first, before punching another into it's fellows. He held out his hand and swung it, the keyblade appearing while his arm was in motion, slicing a great swathe throught the croud before him before he brought it back in front of him, held in both arms. He leapt into the crowd, whirling the blade in a wide arc, somersaulting another shadow and bringing the blade down to catch his fall, impaling another as he landed.

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Rumbling Earth arrived at a unsettling place, together with two other Keybearers of balance. Rumbling Earth had still not got used to worlds, where they built buildings that could house his tribe many times over. Buildings that would stand side by side, but this sight was even more disturbed than usual. Rumbling Earth had learned to associate these large towns with a flow of life unlike his home, thousand of people moving back and forth, shoulder by shoulder not noticing each other.

This city had no life, only destruction. No screams of pain and mercy, no blood and suffering. Just a unnatural silence and a darkened sky, only flickering billboards casting the massive place into a weird shadow play of death on the facades. There wasn't even any lingering feeling of darkness.

The way his fellow keybearers acted, Rumbling could sense they were as confused as him, they did not know either. But before he could form any theory, or ask the others who they might believe would hold knowledge of a similar situation, they were assailed from all sides. Rumbling Earths who had walked in with his armor on, activated his keyblade Gram. Striking hard into the ground of the central plaza, cutting through the stone of the walkway. From that point towards the unnatural forms of the shadows, the ground was shaking, concrete, asphalt and walkways was rupturing until the line reached the skittering shadows. There the ground quaked, and with the sound of a small explosion, opened up. Several shadows speared by stone formations bursting up from the ground, even more swallowed by holes in the ground that closed over them a moment later, there screams sounding pitiful.

A second wave sprang forth moments later, quickly slaughtered by Kyranus mastery of his blade. But it was still not enough, more and more shadows sprang forth and rumbling earth started to spot the bigger forms of what he assumed to be neoshadows. The true threat recognised, he also spotted several other keybearers had arrived at the battle. Several of them was heading towards these neoshadows, there death would weaken the multitude of the lesser shadows. Rumbling Earth quickly realised that several of the other keybearers including those he had arrived with, was better suited to handle the neoshadows than he was. Roaring over the noise of battle Rumbling Earth yelled to Kyranus, Maleek and any other with good hearing.

"Ill move South East away from you and our fellow keybearers gathering as many shadows as I can, before ill unleash the power of explosion. You guys hunt down some neoshadows or help the others, whatever you feel is the best course of action. Just stay clear of me."

With long strides roaring like a bull ox in heat, Rumbling Earth moved south east, away from the other keybearers. His Axe swinging left and right in huge swings, several shadows either to slow or unable to move away, cut in half by the sharp axe. Thou many more was able to dodge the slow powerful swings. Once Rumbling earth was forced to his knee, several shadows clambering around him trying to pin him to the ground. His armour protecting him from harm.
A dozen or so shadows tried taking a hold of his axe, to disarm him, with a mental command Rumbling Earth made the magic of lightning dance across his axe frying the shadows, there screams and stench filling the air. It was enough for Rumbling Earth to struggle free of the shadows, standing up taking another few strides away from his companions. Turning around Rumbling Earth believed to be far enough away that he could risk using explosion, he couldn't spot any neoshadows close enough to be affected by explosion, but he still hoped he might be lucky. But he had certainly attracted a good deal of attention from the lesser shadows, and now was the time to show them the error of there way.

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Tav'eran stood, stripped to the waist, the top half of his form fitting body suit tied up above his hips, as he worked a slow meditative form of the ancient unarmed combative art favored by his gladitorial instructors on Neonach. His corded muscles rippling in the dying candle light, as he flowed from one form to the next, arms moving in perfect execution of each stance, his legs stepping from one position to the next with a dancers grace. From the outside looking in one would have seen a calm, focused, poised warrior. None would have imagined the turmoil that churned inside of him, invisible, unapparent in his graceful strides and movements. Slowly, bit by bit, he focused himself, fought down the chaos of emotion that threatened to overwhelm him as his movements grew faster, the Ri'Shok'Do coming to a close.

His body glistening with sweat, his chest heaving in exertion, he opened his eyes to find those same startlingly green orbs staring him in the face. The light of madness and purpose, warring in his mind, flashing in their depths as the mirror in his arming and training chamber caught his reflection. With a smile he saw that one of the Order serfs was standing in the door way to the room, eyes respectfully averted, awaiting his instruction, the rolling armor stand holding his armor waiting in arms reach. Grabbing a towel from the mirror stand, Tav'eran wiped the moisture from his arms and chest before sliding his arms into the upper part of his body suit and motioning the servant forward with his equipment. In the mirror he watched the mans eyes, usually dull and uninterested, take in the lattice work of scars across his back as he zipped the form fitting fabric up the back and began to assist Tav'eran with the rest of his armor. In moments he was outfitted for war, his legs, chest, shoulders, and waist adorned with protective pieces. It was when the man began to assist him with his bracers that he lost his patience. While securing his right bracer, the mans fingers brushed across the raised and puckered scars on his forearm, large enough to be visible underneath the skin tight suit of Tuan fabric, and he recoiled. Tav'eran's eyes flashed in sudden manic anger, and with a bellow of rage he grabbed the man by the back of his tunic, shoving him out of the room into the hallway beyond. "The mark of a slave offends you, does it?" he roared, the frantic surge of emotion breeching his imposed control. He barely registered the serfs hasty apology, as the man scrambled down the hallway and out of sight.

Returning to his chamber, he yanked the right bracer on, securing the straps with his teeth before he donned his strange looking gauntlet of flexible metal, another reminder of his past, and experimentally tested the activation tab for the retractable blades. With a snicker-snack of metal sliding on metal the three wicked blades extended from their hidden ports, and he tested the edge on the towel he had just used. Razor sharp as always. He had won this strange prize in the last of his arena fights, the material alien, the mechanics beyond his comprehension, but he valued the weapon a constant brother to Elgahian. His equipment secured he donned his helm and left his chambers without a backward glance, a smile on his face at the upcoming mission, the incident with the serf and its resulting rage already forgotten.


Stepping from the portal with his companions, Tav'eran found himself in a city square, not unlike one he would have found on his home planet. The boulevards were wide and well travelled. Fountains and cared for gardens adorned the square. But as soon as his feet hit the pavement he could tell that something was amiss. The quiet seemed to stretch on forever, as if some great gods hand had covered this tortured land with a heavy blanket, smoothering the noise and life from its surface. Hover vehicles lay overturned in the street, store fronts peered blearily into the square devoid of movement, and the sense of wrongness just deepened.

Almost at the same instant his gaze snapped to the same area as Kyranus' and Tav'eran saw the shadow move and he watched as Kyranus tensed, his keyblade appearing in his hand. As if called by its brother, Elgahain materialized in Tav'eran's right hand, the blades of his left guantlet snapping open, eager to taste the semi-corporal flesh of his enemies.

"They come," Kyranus shouted as waves of shadows poured from the openings of what had once been the city governance building. As they came, Rumbling Earth's great axe appeared in his hand and with a grating bellow, like stone grinding on stone, he slammed the head of the great weapon into the street before them, calling on the powers of earth to aid them. Shadows were crushed beneath waves of roiling concrete and debris, smoothered in the detritius resulting from the earthquake that radiated out from the blade of his axe. At the same moment Kyranus drew back his arm and threw his keyblade in a wide arc, cutting down shadows as it streaked through their unending number.

Tav'eran focused on the tumultous whirlpool of emotion that surged within him, and focusing on Elgahain, he drew in the power of his keyblade. Things seemed to slow slightly to his eyes as a feverish energy filled his limbs. As Kyranus flung himself against one of the Neoshadows that now appeared, Tav'eran launched himself into a large group of shadows trying to assail his brother from his flank. Elgahain became a blur of motion, hacking, slashing, stabbing, he fought the unending wall of lesser shades and they died as they came, falling to his keyblade and claw. None were able to pass him, giving Kyranus a clear shot at the more potent enemy. With a roar he threw himself into them once more, his weapons flashing, his mind laying memories of brawls in dark pits and cavernous arenas before his eyes. Each taking on a face of one he had killed, or maimed, or bested the now became lost upon him as he fought as he had always fought, with ferocity and cunning of a wild beast.

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Titus stepped out of the blackness that surrounded him, arrogantly putting one foot in front of the other as he walked onto whatever cesspit of a world he had been sent to. The world had not made contact with the temple of darkness for a while, which he had been told was unusual.

Personally he didn't really care about these small things, the fact that the leaders of the temple were wasting his raw skill and talent on trivial things like this showed how foolish they were being. He looked at his two companions, both competent wielders of darkness, but were they worthy of fighting alongside him. He studied his companions for a moment, before looking at their surrondings.

Based on first impressions he wasn't impressed, however he could see how wary they were of each other and him, meaning that they weren't stupid. Titus flashed a smile, his brilliant white teeth the perfect opposite of his darkened armour and their surroundings.

He looked at the city around them, far too quiet for this to have been a small incursion from the dark. Perhaps the leaders of the temple hadn't quite wasted his talent yet. He walked with the others as they studied the city, moving silently a pace behind the both of them. He could end both their lives in a single second, if he summoned his keyblade he thought to himself, amusing himself with the thought of death at the tip of his blade.

However his fantasys were dashed when he, and the others, heard fighting going on nearby. The two of them rushed off, adament to get to the fight and help whoever it was in trouble. Titus followed at his own pace, though he moved quickly, something might fall to his blade yet.

They arrived in a square, seeing members of the Temple of Balance fighting against a horde of shadows and Neo-Shadows, whilst at the same time three members of the Temple of Light appeared on the opposite side. The others rushed into battle, summoning their keyblades as they sought to help the others. Titus followed, at a walking pace, if they couldn't survive until he got there, well then they were not worth the effort of saving in the first place.

He lazily summoned his keyblade into existence, even as he felt excitement ripple through him. He saw the others focussing on the Neo Shadows, this would allow him to deal with the lesser shadows so they didn't mob him, and if his fellows failed to take out the Neo-Shadows, he would be free to do so.

He leapt forward like lightning, the first shadow didn't even see him as his red keyblade tore through it. Titus was a blur of movement, ducking under a swipe at his head he brought his keyblade in a two handed thrust into the one shadow that dared attack him so far.

However his attack brought the attention of more shadows, and they rushed over towards him to deal with him. Titus let his smile widen as he leapt to meet them, hacking two down with one swipe of his sword, and with the return swing taking out another. He kept his guard low as he leapt from one shadow to another, carving a path for himself through them.

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