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Alexander raised his miniguns as heard faint voices coming back towards him down the hallway where Thor and Poet disappeared mere moments before. Alexander could pick up figures moving through the shadows, a larger group than he was expecting, and he didn't lower his weapons till he saw that Thor led the group. Thor smartly motioned the group back to their tasks. Thor left no time for any questions directed towards the strangers, who after Alexander could see them, looked like another Valkyrie team.

Alexander looked across, and seeing that he no longer needed to clear the path, wiped the sweat from his face with the back of his hand. He glanced at his hand and saw it was smeared with blue. He cursed under his breath and dropped his twin miniguns before pulling out a cloth and wiping his face clean of the running dye and sweat. He quickly pulled out the small pot of paint that never left his pocket. He closed his eyes as he lost himself in the patterns he drew upon his face. He finished and looked across at Thor who was seemingly waiting for some sign or signal to begin. Alexander tucked the paint and cloth back into his pockets.

Suddenly the comms burst into life and Alexander heard a voice.

"Major, I am in position. Two hostiles neutralized. The room is full of people major, 8
security personnel, 8 to 10 scientists, and two in business suits."

Thor wasted no time turning to Buck, ordering him to fire the breaching charges. At the same time he told the new voice over the comms to fire at the security personnel at will.

Just as Buck moved to detonate the charges Alexander heard another voice he didn't recognize crackle across the comms,

"Fenris to Odin."

Alexander just had time to take in the shocked faces of his companions to this news that meant nothing to him before the charges flared and the wall crumbled to the ground. Thor leapt forward, leading his men into the breach. Alexander quickly moved to follow him, clenching his miniguns tightly. He sensed a presence beside him and, glancing over he saw a man as big as himself. The two giants shared a silent greeting as they charged through the breach in the wall.

The room they entered was huge in its layout. The explosion of the wall had obviously caught the ACS personnel on the other side by surprise; their forms frozen in the midst of tasks as Thor led his soldiers out of the access tunnel. Alexander heard the sound of a suppressed weapon fire twice watched as Security Guards fall to the floor. This seemed to signal a panic, the scientists started to run for the exits, three in all, as the security forces present begin to draw their weapons.

Alexander flipped a table on its side and fell down behind it as bullets began to fly. He heard Thor bark orders at Loki and one of the newly arrived Valkyries, a woman by the looks of it, telling them to intercept the scientists and technicians, preferably taking them alive. To Buck and the giant new arrival he barked for them to start placing charges around the generator room, Alexander had not placed the giant of a man as a demolitions expert but then everyone has hidden talents. To Poet and two of the new arrivals, twins , he sent them after the remainder of the security forces before he turned his own attention to the men in suits. Alexander knew the plan, draw the security to make it easier for Odin and his team, and he didn't have a problem with killing anyone that stood in his way.

Realizing no orders had been directed at him, Alexander held back. He watched as the rest of the team leapt forward, Loki moving after the techs and scientists, Buck and the brute from the new arrivals moving off to place their charges and Poet and Thor rushing to meet the security forces that have grouped against them.

Alexander was about to lay down his miniguns and charge into the melee when a door to the room slammed open and no less than 10 more ACS men come running into the room. Alexander smiled as he took in the new arrivals. Six of them were obvious soldiers, military rifles springing to shoulders as they entered. The other four were Security forces, handguns in hand.

For once Alexander was happy to have held back from combat. The twin minigun barrels begin to spin and before the ten ACS could react the deafening roar of the two bullet-hoses drowned out all other noise as a hail of bullets sliced into the soldiers and security officers. Blood sprayed over the door and when Alexander stopped firing and the barrels came to a stop once more not a single man was left standing. Confident that he had succeeded in stopping the others being outflanked Alexander turned to the main combat, ready to deliver a rain of death on any unfortunate to get his attention.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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Once again all proved why they were soldiers, and not just soldiers but the best. Going from quiet stealth motions undetected, to the surprise that Thor had found new friends, to frantic chaos of full on combat together with orders to keep civilians alive and placing explosives. And all without blinking twice, thou Buck could feel the adrenaline and his pulse rising, as he broke through the hole in the wall, that his charges had just blown. In a matter of seconds Thor had directed all under his charge to there respective objectives.

Buck followed his orders immediately, moving towards the generators firing a few shots with his handgun on the group of soldiers, thou he didn't hit any. But it was enough to distract them a little bit, before they were engaged in hand to hand combat. Buck finally could introduce himself to the brute of a man, who apparently was the other teams demolition expert. Dixie. To Buck he seemed a little dim witted, as he mumbled Dixie as a response. But Buck reasoned he must have hidden talents, as someone truly stupid would not be on one of Nafi's elite teams. And Buck's suspicion, was quickly confirmed, when they in the noise of battle, and roaring miniguns, started to place there charges.

Dixie moved quickly among the generators, his huge hands nimbly placing charges, working with the detenators and wirings. His long arms making it easier for him to reach places on the generator, that Buck would have to climb to reach. So in order all the generators was being armed with explosives, so they could be blown by either Buck or Dixie. Depending on who would get the order.

During the operation, Buck had activated one of his marbles, just so he could use its camera to follow the battle. So he saw Loki sprint across the room, and stunning the scientists and workers. He saw Poet and the twins of the other team fight the guards. The grizzly work of Big Al and his miniguns doing complete overkill on a group of reinforcement. And he saw Thor get challenged by the men in suits, there training making them able to keep up with Thors ruthless fighting style. Probably because they were almost just as ruthless, even as Buck placed more charges, he moved his marble closer to the fight, between Thor and the Suits. With a little luck he could maybe get his marble on one of the suits, punching skins with its tiny legs could maybe distract one of the suits long enough for Thor to get the upper hands. And in the unlikely case Thor lost, someone had to stop the suits, and a big bang could do just that.

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Loki's hand went to his pistol grip as he heard unfamiliar voices coming from the corridor Poet and Thor had disappeared down mere moments before. A group came into view, far larger than he had been expecting and he drew the pistol from its holster.

Thor came into view leading the group and Loki holstered his pistol again, relaxing slightly. The major motioned Loki, Buck and Big Al back to our tasks. He raised his SMG, covering the wall where Buck was laying his charges. A few minutes went by, silence filled the tunnels as the Valkyries waited on Thor's order to blow the wall and move in. Loki took the time to work out what team the newcomers were part of. It was more difficult than usual, for their commanding officer was absent and he would have given Loki a much better idea of which team it was.

He settled on the Dark Knights.

Then he watched the team operatives. The Chinese twins looked like soldiers, CQB experts. The big guy was a demolitions expert, the mine launcher he cradled like a baby made that obvious. The final one was a woman, a Cyber-Tech like him, constantly tapping on a wrist computer while her other hand made minute gestures in the air, manipulating her holographic screen. Though time had seemed to stretch forever, particularly to Loki's enhanced mind, it was only three and a half minutes before an unfamiliar voice came on the comms. "Major, I am in position. Two hostiles neutralized. The room is full of people major, eight security personnel, eight to ten scientists, and two in business suits."

Thor gave the order and Buck fired the breeching charges.

"Fenris to Odin."

The words were almost inaudible, spoken at the same time as the charges went off. Loki hardly slowed, pausing only to save it to his memory to study at a later date and to allow himself to speculate on why the Russian had taken so long to make contact. The wall crumbled and Thor led the Valkyries through, catching the ACS personnel stunned and reeling from the exposion. A silenced weapon coughed twice and two Guards fell. Their deaths almost seemed to be a signal that it was okay to panic and the scientists and technicians sprinted for the exits of which there were three. Thor barked an order at Loki and the new Cyber-Tech to halt them.

They pounded after the fleeing scientists, who were all going for the south exit. He put on a burst of speed, outpacing his companion and the scientists. He skidded to a halt before the doorway and stood with arms folded as the scientists charged. His companion gave him a glare that told him to get on with it and almost leisurely he pulled the pin from a stun grenade and tossed it into the midst of the fleeing scientists. He put his hands over his ears to protect his hearing from the grenade and dimmed his lenses to protect his eyes from the flash, though he still had to turn his head to the left.

The grenade went off and Loki moved in to secure the dazed scientists and technicians.

He also took the opportunity to talk with his new companion. He shook hands with her and finally allowed himself to regard her as a woman rather than a soldier. Pretty and curvaceous but with a steely gaze that told of unseen strength. I smiled. "Ethan, codename Loki, Cyber-Tech for the Night Stalkers."

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