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Default Update #13

Spectre (Lord Ramo), Osiris (Jackinator), Hermes (Karak) & Breaker(flash43): Moving low and quiet, you flit from shadow to shadow, moving in the cover provided by a rather dense grouping of buildings that are crammed together spreading out in a grid pattern from the main wall that you went over. From the plans you all remember these buildings were labelled as miscellaneous storage sheds, vehicle maintenance bays, and facility maintenance work rooms. From what you remember the map is accurate, a square of buildings 3 two story steel construction all purpose warehouses that all face a central vehicle fleet parking area. All of the lights in all of the buildings save three, two on the north side, furthest from you, closest to the chem plant proper, and a single one to your left, its garage doors open, the sound of tools ratcheting and working in the interior bay clearly audible as you pass. You peer around, looking for security cameras, an are able to see that there is one on each corner of each roof top, and you have little choice but to sneak by in the cover of darkness, hoping that whoever is monitorin those systems is doing a lax job. You take some comfort in the fact that these cameras would have had you all in view for a good span of seconds already so far and no alarm has been raised as of yet. Odin holds up a hand to stop the group. It is obvious that you are going to have to go by this occupied building to get make your way towards the main plant, and from the voices coming form inside, you can tell there are several people inside. Odin flashes battle sign to all of you (this is a series of hand gestures meant to convey meaningful information silently, as I am sure you all know. Since I don't want to try and describe those signs and then force you all to learn what they mean, I will issue the orders as spoken with the understanding that you all know that it is in Battle Sign)"Hermes, Spectre, 2 men, just inside, disable don't kill. Osiris, Backdoor, one more, same orders. Breaker, with me, we go upstairs, clear second level" With merely a nod to acknowledge his orders, you move in silent as ghosts.

Osiris (Jackinator): As you flow around the side of the building, you creep up to the backdoor which is propped open against the heat you can feel coming from the inside. As you slowly move your view so you can see more of the room, you see that it is indeed a vehicle maintenance bay, a single room that runs the length of the building its dimensions mirroring those of the bay on the front side of the room. In the center of the room you see a set of feet sticking out from underneath a heavily beat up old pickup truck, the man working underneath is singing along to some sort of music, far too loudly. You pulled the easy straw, the man tuned into his work and a set of headphones. Remember your orders, disable and secure. Deal with the mechanic.

Spectre (Lord Ramo) & Hermes(Karak): As you approach, stacked up for a tactical entry, Spectre in the lead, you burst quickly into the room, taking the two men in the large maintenance bay by surprise. There is no vehicle in here, but it looks like on of the men, a mechanic by his overalls and grease stained hands is working on some sort of small pump engine, he falls backwards of the stool he was perched on, falling to the floor, thankfully away from the large shelf of parts and fasteners. The other man, is undoubtedly Plant security, he wears a comfortable looking set of BDU style clothing, a worn baseball cap on his head with some sort of logo on it, but it is the full duty rig, complete with side arm that draws your attention. He is facing away from you as you enter and turns his attention immediately to his friend, laughing as he goes to help pull the man to his feet. It is only after the downed man, speechlessly points in your direction that he turns. Despite his amiable nature with his friend, as soon as he sees you his demeanor changes immediately, on hand flying to the radio receiver on his left shoulder, the other hand to the sidearm at his right side. Remember your orders, disable, don't kill. Deal with these two quickly an efficiently. [I will be available via PM and over MSN or Facebook chat for you guys if you need help with anything as far as working out your coordinated attack. Karak remember that your Medicae Gauntlet can produce a variety of tranquilizers and sedatives. I think it would be best for you two to decide which player is going to take on which opponent, then you can get with me to further the small fight scene.]

Spectre (Lord Ramo), Osiris (Jackinator), Hermes (Karak) & Breaker(flash43): Shortly after going up, Odin and Breaker come back down the stairs. Odin reports that all is clear up there. After stowing the now (hopefully) unconscious occupants of the maintenance building, bound and gagged, in a storage closet, Odin motions that it is time to move on. Stalking back out into the shadows, you move quickly towards the wall on the other side of the compound, pressing against it as you follow the back wall of the chem plant, the narrow alley way between the two structures only wide enough for single file, Odin in the front, Spectre on the rear guard. You find the access door, old and rusted right where the intel said it would be, and moving passed it a little, Odin gives Osiris room to work. Osiris you find a rusted combination lock, one that is quickly and quietly drilled out with your craftsman's gauntlet. However as you go to pull the door open, you feel the slightest tug near the top of the door, causing Osiris to draw a swift breath hands steadying the old metal door before it could open any further. [Jack i will get with you regarding the problem here for what you do will determine the outcome for the team at this juncture.]

Thor (deathbringer), Buck (Anilar), Big Al (Romero's Own), Loki (Santaire), & Poet (Angel of Blood): As instructed, Loki goes about dealing with the problem of the laser protection grid that runs the length of the tunnel. It takes him close to 10 minutes his hands moving in mid air as if he was typing on a keyboard that only he could see, and though the rest of you have all seen him do it, it is still something that is quite amazing to watch. His hands finally stop moving, his eyes stop flashing to and fro, and he jumps up from the crouching position that he was in a sudden motion that startles you all after so many minutes of inactivity. He lunges toward one of the walls and from the tip of his index finger snaps a metal spike, that he jams unceremoniously into a small hole in the wall that most of you hadn't even noticed. A smile creeps across his face as he stands there for a few seconds, then he laughs mostly to himself as he opens his eyes. As he joins the group, picking up the rest of his equipment, there is an audible hum, to you as Valkyrie soldiers anyway, as it sounds like a system is powering down all around you. Loki looks at you Thor and simple reports that you are all good to go. [Santaire, this one is a freebie and this time I have solved the problem for you without fear of repercussion based on your choices. I will send you a PM with what will need to be included in your post next time.]

As you all move down the main tunnel, thankfully on a catwalk that rests right above the effluvia that runs through the tunnel, you find that the way is unencumbered. There are no cameras, no additional traps or obstacles, and something about it just isn't sitting right to you. The hairs on the back of you neck stand up and you get the feeling that you are not alone. Despite this sensation, you reach the maintenance alcove just as was indicated in the briefing materials. The team ducks in but immediately hears the ringing of booted feet on the metal catwalks. It seems your sensation of proximity was not wrong in this instance.

Thor holds up a hand for the group to stop, his ears trained to the side trying desperately to garner more information form the sporadic sounds coming from ahead. Without another moments hesitation he flashed orders to you in Battlesign, silent directions coming through the gloom. "Buck set the charges- Poet with me." After a slight pause, "Keep in radio contact, detonate on my signal." Nodding he and poet ghost off into the darkness beyond.

Buck(Anilar), Big Al(Romero's Own), & Loki (Santaire): Buck you immediately head toward the wall that was indicated on the schematics and find that it is pilled up with construction debris. Big Al moves forward to help you shift things out of your way, while Loki covers the hallway that Thor and Poet disappeared down. Buck begin to plant your charges (remember that you are shooting for a surgical breech so keep that in mind when describing the tools and compounds you use.) Big Al you stand by, weapons ready for when Buck breeches the wall, your firepower obviously left behind to clear the team's entry into the basement area should it be necessary.

Thor (deathbringer) & Poet (Angel of Blood): You silently slide down the main sewer tunnel, Thor in the lead, and as you traverse over the next 200 feet, silent as befits your team's name, you are surprised to find that the noise from a head has gone absolutely silent. Save the slight scrathing of what sounds like miniscule claws on concrete. A few seconds go by before you hear a faint voice echo from around set of drainage pipes. "Major Castelan," A deep base voice says precedeing the appearance of a man from the shadows, his nearly coal black skin melting out from behind his chosen cover, his hands held up in a non-threatening manner. The man, who you recognize without being able to put a name to the face, wears Valkyrie issued gear, all black, his eyes covered over with blue lensed goggles, an assault rifle strapped to his back, the insignia on his collar marking him a captain. "Captain Patterson, Grimnir, of the Dark Knights," He says holding a hand out in greeting, "We were activated as your reinforcements Major. General Bentley thought you could use all the help you could get." As he finishes speaking four other Valkyrie soldiers melt out of the darkness around him, hidden up until know even from your observant eye. Smiling, the anticipation the Nightstalker's felt not a half hour ago during the briefing, obviously infecting these members of the Dark Knights, Grimnir looks at you and simply asks, "Your orders Major?"

Fenris(Komanko): The past 24 hours for you have been a test of our skills like you haven't seen in sometime. From the moment that you went over the wall, to the present you have been exploring this compound, unseen for the most part, and you have found that there are several disturbing bits of information that need to be passed onto the team as soon as possible. Despite the ease of your infiltration, you have been foiled almost at every turn by CED and surprisingly ACS military troops as you have attempted to Exfil and despite your persistence that it should, your radio comms cant seem to penetrate the outer wall of the plant facility, their patrols increasing in frequency such that you have no clear widow of escape even with your chameleonic abilities. The first several hours inside the plant you spent familiarizing yourself with its layout. Despite the massive grounds, the plant facility itself is only about four stories, with the main mixing and pumping rooms housed in the basement and sub-basement of the structure. You found much to your delight that the initial intel the team had received about this place was indeed correct, so even though you are anxious to hear from the rest of the Nightstalkers you can take comfort in the fact that they are entering with good intel. Over the course of your time here, you had to kill two security patrolmen, both of their bodies hidden away in deep boiler room in one of the sub-basements, but what really was the crowning jewel of the experience was the fact that you managed to steal a security access keycard from a lab technician working in the sub-basement. What struck you as odd about this piece of hardware was that it corresponded to nothing that you had seen in the facility as of yet, it a proximity card, and not a swipe card like the rest of the door access systems. It took you another ten hours, to figure out what door this key unlocked and the discovery you made there is the information that you are so desperate to pass onto Odin. Once again you try your comms, a simple "Fenris to Odin," the words loud in your own ears as you speak them even at a whisper.

[So as you can see Komanko has rejoined us, once more stepping into the role of Fenris. Komanko we can speak more about what you have witnessed over MSN over the next couple of days.

flash43- I have included you in this update only as a formality. If you post for this update you can once again take control of Breaker. If not I will be relegation Breaker to NPC status with all the possibilities that opens up. Let me know what your plan is as far as posting for him.]

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OOC: Good to be back.

Time passed slowly, yet, what was time? Eternal. It held little meaning to him. His death was certain, only the date and time weren’t set yet. As such he did not feel any need to hurry. He was careful, might have been overly careful, who was he to tell, nothing but a mere tool he was. Still, though time meant little it still mattered in the general scale of things, he had to gather as much information as possible before the rest of the Nightstalkers arrive even though he did not manage any radio contact with them since his entry to the compound. His last message was short but carried with it exactly the information that was needed, "Odin from Fenris, infiltration commencing, entering objective." He said it in his rigid voice. Since then, silence, only silence accompanied him, no radio contact was heard.

The entry itself was simple, not too difficult, two dead, none of import, both hidden in some unknown cellar, probably never to be found, their loved ones will mourn yet time will wash away their pain, pain makes us stronger, nothing ever motivated human kind more than the prospect and suggestion of pain. He allowed himself a bitter smile as the thought passed his mind. Another body, another candle blown, when the end comes only the strongest will stand against the coming darkness, each of their life candles will shine a hundred times stronger than those who were weak enough to be extinguished now. Still, all of this mattered little. Guards dead, nobody to stop him, he had some time to breach the defenses and enter the compound undetected, it would be some time until a team would come looking for some missing guards.

The hallways stretched on, every twist and turn looking the same as the previous, to any untrained mind it would've seemed like walking in circles yet Fenris knew better, Pyoter could see the slight differences, he could taste the air, each turn had a different taste, some reeked with a putrid stench, other smelled of chemicals, while others still carried no smell at all except that of the human beast. Even though he traversed the halls easily he was not alone, the occasional patrol passed, their pattern soon revealing itself to Fenris, he learned to anticipate their coming, understanding their timing after a few encounters. He was one with shadow, they could not see him yet they weren’t stupid, some of them were trained, not just petty guards... They could feel something was amiss, yet they could not put their hand on it. Some turned their heads staring at Fenris though never seeing him, others doubled back as if forgetting something in a desperate attempt to scare him out. They felt something was off... They truly did... For that, he admired them. After all, death is one's most ardent admirer...

He pressed on, each meeting unfolding in the same way, a look back, a turn around, a sigh, a small chat... Pressing on. Nothing to see. His contact lens were removed, his eyes shining in their pitch black color, like oil they flowed, thick, to meet his stare was to be ensnared in madness and death, like looking into a bottomless void, inhuman they told him... They might've been right. He kept following the guards, trailing behind them or above them, at some points even below them, he never lost sight, he always kept on. His prey was waiting, luring him to the nest, to his reward.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Trooper Jack was patrolling the walkways again, such heights did nothing but strike fear into him, feeling his guts churning at the mere prospect of going higher up the walkways. He always got the worst duties, cleaning, cooking, god damn near mountain climbing at this heights. If that was not enough he was quickly developing a terrible case of vertigo. With nobody but himself and the railing to hold on he clung to the railing like it was his dearest most trusted friend, he would never let it go...
He kept going up, he could see the distant forms of other guards patrolling the ground below, the stairs were coming to an end, soon enough he would reach the most terrible of all things, the damn bridge which connected to two sides of the room. It was a narrow bridge which hung above the ground, it was made of steel, each step on it like a bullet coming out the barrel, each step a roar against the deathly silence, two railings encased the small piece of metal. Again, he had to clung on to his dear life with the help of these railings. His assault rifle, which was loosely strapped to him and held in his left hand until now was swung back, it now lay against his back, the both of his hands grabbing the iron corroding railing instead. Step by step he moved on.
Step, step, the sound of metal hammering his eardrums like a battlefleet. Step, step, looking down he saw the great distance from which he will fall if he stumbled. Step, step, he saw the other side of the tiny bridged, even though it hung meters in the air it still seemed like an isle of safety compared to that. Step, step, in each step he cursed himself for ever signing with the ACS in the first place. Step, step, a shadow... A slight tug... Sweat... Fear... Air...
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Fenris watched from below as the guard patrolled the walkway and bridge above, it proved to be the quickest way to the other side of the room, the safest way. With catlike reflexes he leapet up the stairs, each leap carrying him several steps higher yet making no sound at all when he landed, he was quickly gaining on the guard, his acute senses feeling his fear and confusion, his muscles tense as each step carried him closer to his prey.

The guard began walking the bridge. Fenris followed from below, leaping from a rust covered iron railing he grabbed the metal bars underneath the bridge at swung himself after the guard like a monkey, each passing was timed with the guards footsteps, he made no sound as he slowly gained on his unwary victim. Swinging himself he gained some momentum and then swung himself upwards, carefully landing on the metal tiles like a jaguar in the jungle. He quickly jumped up on the railing and began walking on it, making no sound as he passed on the smoother bit of metal, his feet did not force the metal of the bridge downwards in large thuds. A small miscalculation brought him to near discovery. As the guard kept walking Fenris' shadow spread across the metal bridge, he failed to notice the lamp behind him, an amateur mistake, one which would cost him a life, though not his own...

He jumped off the railing towards the guard grabbing him from behind by his own weapon's belt which was strapped to his back as he held both railings, it was clear from his scent that he feared heights. Pulling the weapon's belt stronger he halted the guard and made any effort to struggle out fruitless, slowly he pulled the guard to him. He shall be a sign, for friend and foe. A quick push and the guard was bent across the railing, all air removed from his lungs as his body crashed into the metal rail. A rope. The guard's weapon's belt was tightly wrapped around his neck. The sound of metal against metal, the assault rifle secured between the railing and the bridge so it wouldn’t detach. A push. The man flipped, bones stretching, tearing, snapping... The guard, his neck snapped lay like a hunk of meat from a rack in the slaughterhouse, his body slowly growing stiff, the life seeping away from his lungs.
Breath in... Breath out... Breath in... Breath out... Breath in... Nothing to breath out...
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Fenris kept moving onwards, exploring the facility, it seemed that at least their intel was correct, most of what he remembered seeing in the schematic was exactly in its place, he was making his way down from the fourth floor, nothing of interest on the roof, just another corpse, slowly growing stiff in the harsh cold wind... One less lookout to be concerned about. His blades were still unblooded. He began making his way downwards, passing by the hanging guard, muttering an hello as he passed by, you should not ignore the dead...
It was time to patrol the basement, a maze of pipes, air ducts and narrow paths. Patrols were common in these parts, logically were defense was tight something was guarded, but why focus most of the defense in this part, what was so important about the subbasement? Good question, one which he intended answering.
Pyoter kept moving, he did not know what he was searching for but the maze lent him purpose, even if it was only the exploration of his surroundings and their mapping. He passed several rooms none of which held any interest to him. He kept walking onwards, he felt as if he was familiar with the paths themselves, like he traveled them many many times. It was dark, only small lamps on the side of the crumbling concrete walls gave out a dim light. Suddenly an irregular movement, none should be coming from that direction, he heard and felt before seeing, he was about to turn a corner, he had no time to stop or go anywhere else.

Bloody work it shall be, close quarter. He turned and bumped into two guards, a terrified look was on their face as they saw they very devil in front of them, scarred and pale with black eyes which shone with murderous glee or was it madness? The guard was trained, even well trained, still, it was not enough. Like a gust of wind Fenris's fist shot at the closest of the guards. All air drained from the guards lungs before he could speak or scream, another quicker than the eye move and an elbow connected with the guards face. The sound of cracking bone was heard and the guard spun around himself and fell to the ground, confused and stunned.

Before Fenris could turn to face the other guard a blow rocked his body and he was sent reeling backwards. The taste of blood filled his mouth, a split lip, the metallic taste of blood, invigorating, sweet... His tongue shot out and took in the blood from the wound, more blood quickly flowed out yet he did not care, he turned to the guard who was moving backwards with fright from this inhuman monstrocity. Fenris could see his blood on the man's assault rifle where he hit him in the face. He spat out blood, the combined blood and mucus landing on the stunned guard below. The guard cocked his weapon, he aimed at Fenris, he never did change the safety swith to single or auto, it meant that fenris had plenty of time before the guard would fire at him.

A knife flashed, the shrilling of metal cutting air, the thud of steel against flesh, the cry of pain. The guard dropped on one knee as the knife burried itself in his left leg, cutting through muscle and tendons. Before the guard could make another move Fenris's knee connected with his face, teeth spattered on the floor, a clenched fist hit the guard's temple, knocking him out cold.

Fenris stood up, dropping the guard back to the floor, he still had to deal with the stunned guard, looking back he cursed, he saw the guard slowly crawling away nearly making it past the corner already. Several quick strides quickly brought him to the crawling guard, with cold as the grave hands he grabbed the guard by the throat, pulling him up with inhuman strength. The man struggeled to breath as he was lifted from the ground. With brute force the scout slammed the guard against the wall once, twice, thrice... The guard passed out yet Fenris kept going, crushing bone, destroying it with his relentless assault against the wall. Even if the man survived he would never ever walk again, his spinal cord was shattered. Openning a nearby door he hurled the guards body inside. He turned his attention to the unconcious guard he left, blood was dripping from his mouth between broken and missing teeth, his shirt was slowly soaking with it. With merciless apathy he stepped on the guards neck, crushing his windpipe emotionlessly...

Another body was hurled into what Fenris now saw was a boiler room, two more lives were added to the depthless pit of death, two more candles extinguished. He knew that the day would come when only a few candles will remain lit, he knew that those will be the stongest of them all, shining so bright that they might banish the darkness that engulfed them, but until than... He will play his part, the extinguisher flame, bringer of the cold... The memory of their death already left his mind as he stepped out of the room. They were nothing but the dust of past.

Keeping his pace quick Fenris passed more and more rooms until he reached some room of interest, a noise was coming out, human noise, the sound of struggle and strain. Silent as the grave he opened the door, a single soul was revealed, it was struggling to fix some machinery and to reconnect some pipes that seem to have burst or just gone out of their correct placement. It cursed, it seemed that it was a creature which was capable of basic understanding of machinery and thought. More than he could say for the now dead guards.

The man wore black working trousers with a white robe, a classical scientist look, as if to approve of his remark he spotted a card dangling from the man's trousers, a name was written on it, Dr. M. Smith. It seemed like a keycard, something very valuable to Fenris.

Death stirred, yet he knew that it was not the man's time yet. He will only grant him soothing sleep today. Words erupted from Fenris' mouth, they were cold as if the grave itself opened up and spoke, emotionless, merciless, cruel... "The card, it will be taken, do not look at me, to stare is to die." The man was soiling himself with fear. Disgusting creatures, not even having the ability to defend themselves, he would need to be reminded next time when it came to killing unarmed personnel, they weren’t worth the air they breathed, none should've been spared. A quick pounce brought Pyoter's palm to the back of the scientist's head, momentum carried him forward and smashed the man’s forehead into one of the pipes, a concussion probably, brain damage, maybe even amnesia, it wasn’t a light hit, yet he did him a favor, none wanted to remember moments of shame, none wanted to remember death. The man fell, unconscious yet still breathing. Fenris took the card and like a shadow he melted into the surroundings. He saw the markings on the card, he understood its purpose, now a door had to be found.

It could be in the higher sections, there were no places to build secret entries, the only option was underground, the subbasements, might even be lower, they did not know if there was a underground complex here, the satellite couldnt penetrate that deep. Yes, it was the only option, the door had to be here.

Fenris moved silently through the underground, he stalked the subbasement studying it, inside and outside, after he passed each and every room five times, might've been even more he finally found the door, a slit in the wall lit up as he passed by, it seemed that the card was proximity based, it led to the secret's downfall. Gaining access Fenris strode inside yet what he found there was beyond his wildest guesses, something so important that it had to be delivered to odin immidiatly, so grand it was that even Fenris did not manage to stay even and emotionless after it's discovery... Pricless information that was. His heart skipped a bit as he stepped out of the hidden doorway.

"Fenris to Odin." Simple words with the promise of grand meanings.

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Alexander watched as, as he had been instructed, the techie, Loki went about dealing with the problem of the laser protection grid that ran the length of the tunnel. Alexander sighed a breath of relief. He had had no idea about the laser protection grid and without Thor he would have walked through it, triggering god knows what. Whatever it was, it would have hurt.

Alexander watched in silent amazement as the techs hands moved in mid-air as if he was typing on a keyboard that only he could se. Alexander knew that the boys back in Scotland had been working on a similar interface but it was impressive to see it in action. If he gained nothing else from this mission at least he would be able to give the SAS some tips about the tech.

Loki’s hands finally stop moving, his eyes stopped flashing to and fro, and he jumped up from the crouching position that he was in in such a sudden motion that caused Alexander to jump, his hands gripping the handles on his twin miniguns. The moments of inactivity had made Alexander forget he was in a hostile area surround by enemies.

Loki lunged toward one of the walls and with a small flick a metal spike extended from his index finger. He jammed the spike unceremoniously into a small hole in the wall that Alexander had not even noticed till then. A smile crept across the techs face as he stood for a few seconds, eyes shut. Loki laughed aloud as he opened his eyes.

Loki turned to re-join the group, picking up the rest of his equipment. There is an hum just on the edge of Alexander’s hearing and it sounded like a system was powering down all around him. Loki turned to Thor and simply reported that they were all good to go.

As Alexander moved along the main tunnel, on a catwalk that rested right above the effluvia that ran through the tunnel, he found that the way was unencumbered. There were no cameras, no additional traps or obstacles, and something about it just didn’t seem right. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end and he got the feeling that the team were not alone. Despite this sensation the team reached the maintenance alcove just as was indicated in the briefing materials. The team stepped in and Alexander found he had to painfully duck inside, the low roof constricting his large frame. All seemed alight but as soon as Alexander ducked in he immediately heard the ringing of booted feet on the metal catwalks. So his sense of danger was right.

Thor held up a hand for the group to halt, his ears trained to the side trying desperately to garner more information form the sporadic sounds coming from ahead. Without another moment’s hesitation he flashed orders to the group in the sign language that Alexander had come to call Battlesign, silent directions coming
through the gloom.

"Buck set the charges- Poet with me."

And then, after a slight pause.

"Keep in radio contact, detonate on my signal."

Nodding he and Poet disappear off into the darkness of the tunnel.

Buck immediately headed toward the wall that had been indicated on the schematics and as Alexander fell into step behind him he found that it was piled up with construction debris. Alexander smiled, moving forward to help shift things out of your way, placing his twin miniguns down upon the floor, while Loki covered the hallway that Thor and Poet had disappeared down.

Alexander gripped a heavy steel girder and with a grunt of effort, the muscles in his powerful arms straining and the veins in his neck becoming prominent he lifted the girder from the floor, moving it aside and dropping it down on the floor. He pulled away debris, rocks and wood, forging a path for Buck and his precious explosives.

After he had cleared the way Buck began to plant his charges, the demolitions expert setting to work. Alexander knew little of explosives and so the charges and compound the man used meant nothing to him. And so he returned to what he did no. He hefted his twin miniguns and levelled the barrels at the wall where Buck planned to breach. His thumbs rubbed the triggers in anticipation as he prepared to lay down a hail of gunfire the instant the wall was breached.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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He stood behind Loki as he worked, the cyber tech's eyes closed, fingers dancing in mid air, as he pulled and tugged at things he could not see. It was not the first time and would certainly not be the last God willing, yet still he could barely restrain the urge to clip the cyber tech round the head to snap him out of the madness.

He made do with a low growl, tongue flicking over his teeth, a low rumble emerging as he restrained his impatience, his whole body seeming to tremble with suppressed activity, like a dog on a chain.

The sudden motion of the cyber tech made some start, but Thor held himself still, unwilling to show weakness, to show how close he had been to flinching and reaching for his pistol, the true extent of his nervous energy.

A snapping noise before the tech jabbed at a hole in the wall with a triumphant thrust, like a fencer on the winning stroke, rewarded with a low hum as some system he had not seen powered down and the cyber tech smiled, giving him the all clear to move on.

He pushed on, doubling the pace to make up for the lost time, footsteps hurried yet still muffled as they pushed along the sewer floor, eyes scanning quickly across walls that seemed derelict, defenseless, the whole experience almost surreal, a creeping sensation of wrongness, like a foul stench on a cool breeze as they reached the alcove without difficulty.

No sooner had they reached, the sound of feet on metal made them shrink into the shadows, pistol and vibro knife appearing in Thor's hands as he strained his ears at the sound of voices above, the footsteps on the railings out of sync, indicitive of minimum of 3 maximum of 7 people in the distance. Hands emerging into the light he signed furiously

Buck set the charges- Poet with me."

He paused calculating the risk, 7 of the acs against 2 of the Nightstalkers seemed good enough odds, better protect the charges than run off on a goosechase that might not be real.

Plus Loki was set up for defense and Big Al, well if he had to spend anymore time in his presence he might knock the teeth out of that blue face

"Keep in radio contact, detonate on my signal."

With a nod to poet he ghosted off into the distance, following the low sounds that suddenly stopped and he slowed his pace, ears straining as he pressed onwards.

A movement in the darkness deep in the shadows and the pistol and blade came up as a face loomed from the darkness, coal black skin split by shining white teeth, hands held high as he stepped into the light, addressing Thor by name and rank

"Major Castellan"

The face was distantly familiar, the gear he bor unmistakably Valkyrie yet the weapons never lowered the snarl never wavered.

"Captain Patterson, Grimnir, of the Dark Knights,"

The man held out a hand only to withdraw it as Thor raised the pistol to aim straight between his eyes. The name was familiar, matched the face, matched the signature on the intel they were working off

"We were activated as your reinforcements Major. General Bentley thought you could use all the help you could get."

Four further valkyries slid from the darkness, the movement his first sign they were there, the revelation making him grunt in irritation... was he getting old... they could have killed him, not many people could do that.

The pistol never wavered, his voice sharp and business like

"Hands up... code 346... or I blow your fucking brains out"

The eyes seemed to smile even as they rolled, bored, by the scenario he had repeated a thousand time

The hands never wavered"Alpha priority 439."

Bentley's code, highest clearance, never good enough for Thor, not now he knew the man

He let his demeanour soften, at odds to the steely gleam that burned in his eyes his weapons still up

"The first words you and I ever spoke to eachother... "
the words hinted by a smile "old friend"
He'd met he git once, meeting at hq, spoke to him in the breakroom after, heard things about him from Odin though, all of them deadly.

The smile blazed again, bright and sparkling in the darkness"this coffee tastes like shit."

The pistol dropped and Thor snapped "It's your fault you made it," holstering the pistol as he extended a hand

Patterson gave a grim laugh, allowing has hand to be enveloped and rung without a trace of discomfort

"True enough Major, never really had the knack for it."

"Better at shooting the coffee cups from enemies hands so I hear Captain. I'd like to see it for myself"

Patting his rifle his voice low and determined "Show me where."

Thor nodded a jerk of his head to the other 4 "and the rest?"

" My people, " he will say waving a hand, "Isis, Thumper, Jumper, and Dixie."

Isis was curvaceous, enjoyably so, the seductive contours of her body at odds to the standoffish nature of her gaze, the hard stare reminding him of Loki with tits and he almost felt the urge to laugh.

He'd have to introduce them, might loosen him up a little.

Dixie was a big bastard, something Thor would love to kick round the ring for an hour or so, the mine launcher in his arms cradled like a deadly baby, he towered above the pair of chinese lads that interested Thor the most. He gave a low grunt eyes fixed on the pair, on the weapons, they bore, he thought he knew what they were but he wanted to check


"Thumper and Jumper are Soldiers, close-combat specialists. Isis is my genuis girl, Cyber-tech, seen her do things with computers that I didn't think were possible, she is responsible for most of the intel we have on this place. Dixie, he is big, dumb, thick-skulled, and obstinant. But he is an artist with explosives."

His voice sounded like Thor's, so similar except his ran with thinly veiled fondness, a fatherly love for his team, their objections a mild chuckle or grunted appeal.

He nodded absent mindedly eyes fixing on Thumper and Jumper, like the head of the pride eying up two young challengers

Their nods were respectful, heads suddenly together to whisper too eachother and Thor turned to Poet, standing quietly at his side

"That's Poet, he's useless but he gets the job done. Hence why he's coming with me to kill you noisy motherfuckers"

Nobody objected, yet all 4 threw a look at the big man, who shifted sheepishly, eyes on the floor

"thank fuck your as dark as your fucking name or I would have blown your head off and asked questions later"

Patterson seemed unphased, another beaming smile as he grunted

"Understood Major." yet Thor ignored him

"Now we're breaching the substructure to reach the main generator room. Is there a way we can get overwatch on our way in, I'd prefer to fight corpses than guards"

He gave a little nod to the rifle

"and if your eye is as good as your rep, thats what i'll get"

A small, spider like, drone, scuttle off the wall, across the floor, crawling up to Grimnir's shoulder as the man scratched his chin

"Give me a ten minute start. There is a series of maintenance catwalks, and guard walks that overlook the generator room, not to mention an open ceiling. As long as the intel is right, and Isis hasn't failed me yet, I can make it up there, prior to your breech."
"You have 5 minutes to confirm your in postion,and 6 before I breach. Make it count."

Unphased the captain literally disappeared before his eyes the smile the last thing to fade as he melted into the shadows.

Sneaky cunt, nightstalker material if Thor had ever seen one, like Fenris with a smile instead of an accent. He hadn't heard from him since the ambush, Poet said he was in here somewhere.

Bastard was as slippery as an eel, who knew what his motives were. A crook of his finger and he began to walk down the tunnel, a splash from Dixie as he begun moving and Thor stopped, turning and throwing an arm across his massive chest, eyes boring into the big brutish face,

"Your with the fucking nightstalkers now, so you bring your A*** game, OK? I've heard Patterson's a ruthless cunt when it comes to his team, but I swear to god you make a noise like that on my watch and I'll fuck you over so hard your mother will feel it"

The big man nodded in respect a dull grunt of "Yes Sir" as they filed silently back down the tunnel.

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Poet briefly watched Loki work his magic, still somehow amazed after all is years of service at the skills the cyber-techs like Loki utilised. Drawing his eyes away from the complex yet entrancing movements of the tech wizards hands he moved further back down the line to cover the rear as they waited, wolfing down a snack bar in the meantime, his enchanted metabolism starting to burn through it almost immediately.

Almost ten deathly silent minutes later, Loki suddenly jumped up from his crouch, the sudden movement startled him so much that he almost powered up both of his kinetic blasters and half his weapons gauntlet.

"Fuck me Loki, give us a warning next time" He whispered down at him over their internal comms, barely audible to even Big Al next to Poet "Nearly blew half this tunnel apart"

With the obstacle removed, the team double timed it down into the sewers, speeding silently across the catwalks. Poet couldn't help but notice the distinct lack of security down here, no motion sensory, cameras, booby traps, nothing. Did the ACS assume the laser grid would be more than enough?

Even as the though crossed his mind, they heard the telltale sound of boots ringing across the catwalk somewhere ahead of them, Thor instantly motioning for them to stop, then after a few moments pause he quickly signed for them to split off, Buck to place charges. Gesturing for Poet to follow his lead, he then tore off into the darkness after the footsteps, Poet quickly following.

They'd covered barely 200 feet however when the sounds ahead abruptly stopped. The two Nightstalkers held firm and listened in, trying to discern why and how the sounds had suddenly vanished. After a few seconds pause a deep voice spoke out ahead as a shadow detached itself from the wall.

"Major Castelan" The figure said, hands raised placatingly, rifle slung across his back, not that is stopped Poet from aiming his own rifle squarely at the mans throat, Thors pistol likewise remained fixed on the man ahead.

The man looked vaguely familiar though, and wore the uniform and insignia of a Valkyrie captain. Unfazed by the weapons still levelled at him, he held out a hand to Thor.

"Captain Patterson, Grimnir, of the Dark Knights. We were activated as your reinforcements Major. General Bentley thought you could use all the help you could get."

As he spoke, four more shadows revealed themselves around the pair. Poet instantly switched his aim, his rifle at a big son of a bitch holding onto a massive launcher. He powered up the kinetic blaster in his left hand and raised it to one of two asian looking operatives.

Being outnumbered and outgunned didn't phase him in the slightest, what did phase him was the fact that they were Dark Knights, with the patches to prove it, his old outfit before the Nightstalkers, a fucking good unit at that. He noticed Thor lower his aim having verified the captain at last and clearly knowing him from a previous life. He let out a pent up breath and a sigh of relief as he lowered his own rifle and powered down his gauntlet, this wouldn't have gone down well at all if the verification didn't check out.

Grimnir introduced the rest of his team, Dixie being the big guy, Thumper and Jumper the asians. Poet barely paid them any notice though, his attention having been stolen away as soon as the captain introduced Isis. He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed her straight away, perhaps because she was as ever concentrating on her wrist gauntlet, concentrating on some tech shit the cyber operative always seem to do.

They'd worked and lived together for years when he was a Dark Knight, fighting alongside each other the whole way, along with many a long night of poker discussing philosophies and other topics, along with other activities he wouldn't be sharing with anyone any time soon.

His attention snapped briefly back to the captain and major as Thor introduced him "That's Poet, he's useless but he gets the job done. Hence why he's coming with me to kill you noisy motherfuckers"

He shrugged at the intro noncommittally.

As Thor dived back into conversation with the captain, Poet moved from his side towards Isis. So deep in her work as always, she hadn't even noticed him alongside Thor when they faced off or even when he was introduced.

Stopping next to her and nonchalantly leaning against a wall, he casually remarked "You know I've always found guys like my guy Loki make much better cyber techs than woman do"

She paused, her fingers halting in mid-air, an elegant eyebrow arched as she turned to face Poet with a snort. He watched as a strange light in the back of her eyes dimmed and went out, before she stood looking at him properly, hand on hip,

"Shoulda guessed you would have crawled out for a stint like this." Her deep south accent having not changed on bit from how he remembered it, half way between a drawl and a purr.

He sniffed and looked around the sewer casually "Well you know, I've always been a sucker for a nice decor and good scenery" Keeping his tone and expression deadpan for as long as possible before breaking into a wide grin.

She broke into a grin as well, laying a hand on his shoulder, "Well, you sure now how to show a girl a good time. How you doing sugar?"

He shrugged off her hand and pulled her into a warm embrace, before letting her go and holding her shoulders as he looked her up and down, giving an over exaggerated appraisal, her strawberry blonde hair and green eyes as memorable as her accent.

"Been keeping busy, never could keep still. You don't look a day older since I last saw you, what was it almost a decade ago? Whats the secret?"

She punched him, a hard chuck on the shoulder, "Don't you start."

Her eyes flicked to look over his shoulder, her gaze locked on Thor.

"So that's him then? Right bastard from what I have heard," she says quietly. "But I suppose with what we have going on here," she says, gesturing to the surroundings, "we may need a bastard to do what needs done."

Poet couldn't help but hear the trace of pessimism in her tone, but dismissed it for now, looking over at Thor himself.

"That he is, looks like we both ended up in the company of rock stars. Don't worry though, behind the scenes he's really quite cuddly" When he looked back Isis was flexing her fingers idly, no not idly, hopelessly perhaps? "What's up? you seem…..well...not yourself?"

"It's this mission.... I don't know," she replied, her body letting of a brief shake. "It's just after so long, so many years in this unending fight, I can't believe we are at this point" she paused, then added "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."

His expression softened as he nodded emphatically "I hear that. It could all begin with this mission, the real downfall. Guess I'm so accustomed to the fighting, the attrition, the loss, no real end game in sight, until now. If we succeed here, we'll be on the road to causing the downfall of these bastards."

It was then his turn to pause, letting the silence hang in the air for a moment before shaking his head.

"Look at you. Only back together for two minutes and you got me going all deep and thoughtful again"

A smile appeared on her face again, only a ghost of one this time, but a smile nonetheless "Well at least you have time to think. I haven't had a spare moment for almost eight months. This place, this dreary shit hole has been my life."

He frowned at the disparity in her tone, saddened to see his once so cheerful comrade and friends morale brought so low, the ghost of a smile on her once ever smiling and desirable face looked forced, as if she wasn't used to the action any more. Noticing Grimnir depart and the others preparing to move, he laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Listen we'll talk about this later, over a hard drink and a game of Texas hold em, okay?"

A genuine smile this time brightened her features at his words.

"Now your talkin' hun. Between you and me, the new guys on the team suck at poker. It isn't even fun to take their money any more. And as for Dix," she jutted her chin in the giant's direction, "you'd think with the size of him he would be able to hold his liquor."

She threw her hands up in exasperation, "they stick me out in the middle of nowhere, this cesspool, my only assignment in 8 months, and they don't even toss me a decent man in the mix."

He turned to follow Thor, Isis matching his step "So where we at? Do we have eyes inside?"

He grinned genially at her smile, now more genuine, actually reaching her eyes. As she inquired about an inside man, he rolled his eyes.

"Who the fuck knows on that one. Just yesterday I came to scout this place with our scout, sneaky fucking Russian but good at what he does. Then the guy just vanishes in here, no word, no signal, nothing. Fucking modern day Houdini"

"I was wondering... No radio traffic from him?"

"Not a whisper, could be dead for all we know, or worse"

She nodded knowingly, "I wouldn't count him out yet. I couldn't tell without actually being in, but it seems that they have specialised RF dampeners. Don't cut ACS signals or data lines, but if it is an unrecognised signal it cuts it at the perimeter, in or out."

"That is what I was working on when I was so callously interrupted," she says with an elbow to your ribs.
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Loki felt a seemingly sentient presence resisting him as he tried to breach the system barriers of the laser defence system. He filed away details of it for later study for he had never seen such a thing in ACS tech. Despite its resistance, Loki managed to breach the system barriers in forty-five seconds. After that it was simple to dismantle the tampering alarms and warning systems, followed by shutting down the power distribution grid that powered the laser grid. Irritatingly, the strange presence seemed to follow him, readjusting power flow parameters and sensor sensitivities to thwart Loki’s initial attempt to shut down the net.

Every time he changed something the semi-sentient program readjusted to compensate for whatever damage he did.

Getting bored Loki reached into the sub-routines and base code of his opponent itself before, and not without a small smirk of satisfaction, he set it into a continuous feedback loop where it constantly damaged and repaired a part of the system which was inconsequential to the laser grid. From there it was a simple matter to shut down everything powering the net, finally ruining the whole system with a localised EMP deployed through his finger spike. After deploying it he stood still with his eyes closed and laughed softly to himself. He was still laughing as he rejoined his squad.

He looked Thor in the eyes and spoke four words. “Good to go sir.” Then they began to move on, Loki listening with a smile to the low humming that finally faded as the system powered down fully. They were walking on a catwalk and there were no cameras and no additional traps or obstacles but something was wrong, something felt wrong. They ducked into the alcove where the charges were to be set and a moment later heard the clanging of boots on metal. So, their instincts had been right

Thor held up a hand to stop the team and seemed to strain to hear more, to gain more knowledge from the sporadic sounds that carried to his ears. It took a few moments of hesitation but finally he used Battlesign to convey his orders; Loki and Big Al were to clear the basement after Buck blew it open.

Loki covered the hall Thor and Poet had dashed up, all the while wondering how the ACS had managed to create a semi-sentient program...

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Buck was watching as Loki did his magic, not that he could actually see what he was doing, it was clear that he was deep in a world that Buck couldn't hope to navigate in, just confirming what Buck had always believed since he joined the Nafi as a soldier. The Cybertechs was the most important members of the teams, no matter how sneaky deadly bastard someone could be, there was intel and systems that just didn't care about that. And it was clear that Loki was a bit challenged by this system, as it took a little while for him to shut down the laser detection grid. A sudden jump from Loki indicating he was finished, almost everybody flinched in there own way. Buck thought he saw Thor tensing up indicating that he was quite ready to unleash all kinds of hell and mayhem on whatever was threatening him or his team. But it went by so quick, Buck just thought it was his own imagination playing a trick. Buck had a in times past a tendency to make a short nervous laugh, when he was getting jumpy, but that had long since been drilled out of him, noise got people killed during stealth missions. But still a nervous smile ran over his face, as he raised his gun prepared for anything a bit too erratic. But nothing happened apart from Loki turning off the rest of the security systems with his freaky tech finger, a low deep hum sounding through the tunnels.

As the team moved forward on catwalks as silent as possible, some with more skill than others. Buck made a mental note that if he survived this, he needed a few more lessons from some of the stealth specialists. Even thou silent walking on loose metal catwalks with heavy weaponry and a pack full of explosives was something they weren't experts in. Buck had this feeling that there missing russian scout would still have been a ghost even thou he had carried Buck's equipment. But something was just not right, Buck felt he was being watched, even thou he knew Loki had shut down every security measure present. As the team reached the maintenance alcove, ringing of booted feet sounded above them, as a patrol moved somewhere above them on metal catwalks, not caring for stealth. It alleviated some of Buck's nervousness.

Thor shifted to battlesign, indicating that he an Poet would handle the patrol, Buck was ordered to prepare a breach in the wall. Together with Big Al, Buck moved to the indicated wall as Poet and Thor disappeared, Loki taking up position to defend the area. Big Al helped clearing detritus away from the wall, so Buck could get to it, quickly scanning and feeling over the wall, to spot its weakest points.
Buck reached into his backback, pulling forth one of his specially prepared wallbreach charges, which took less than 30 seconds to deploy. The central 2 pound brick was stuck to the wall, with a special glue that was explosive too. A thin ceramic cover outside the explosive brick enough to force the blast to go into the wall. 8 smaller 1 pound bricks was dangling from the centre brick, bound to each other and the center brick by explosive cords. The 8 bricks was placed in a pattern three on a line above and below the center brick and one to each side of the brick, in a rectangular 8 pointed spider web of explosives. To Buck it was a little piece of art, that would blow a nice doorway in the wall, and the team would only have to stay about 6 feet away. And best of all, the collapsing rubble would make more noise than the explosion itself. Buck stepped back to safety distance preparing his gun, signing to the others that charge was ready and they should be prepared. Making the small almost soundless click on the comm, to Thor that would indicate that orders had been followed, which in this case meant that Buck and the others was ready to breach and enter, awaiting the go order from Thor.

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The team moved absolutely quietly as they stealthed their way through the facility. It was a difficult mission, the slightest thing went wrong and they would be in the hornets’ nest. There would be teams of ACS forces on them in moments, and there was no way that the team wanted that. They were quiet though, they were the best of the best. Spectre following Odin’s lead and sticking to the shadows as they passed through outlying buildings towards the main objective.

The facility had maintenance sheds and outlying buildings, each presenting a challenge to the NAFI team. Movement was a lot slower than Spectre would have liked but the squad was being meticulous. There could be no mistakes; there would be no second chances. As they came up on maintenance shed Odin held up a hand, signalling for the team to stop. Spectre froze in her position, wondering whether there was a patrol or camera that they had either been spotted by or were waiting to pass.

However with some quick hand signals from Odin it became apparent, few men in the sheds and he signalled to Spectre and Hermes to enter the shed and disable the occupants. Silently Spectre moved forward, Hermes behind her as they stacked up on the door. Whilst she would have preferred to be able to use her gun she knew stealth was the most important thing at the moment, and as such they had to stay completely quiet, she would most likely have plenty of opportunity later to fire off rounds at the ACS.

Quickly she burst into the room, spotting one armed man, unaware with his back to her and a non combatant in a chair, falling over backwards as she burst in Hermes a second behind. Spectre saw the guard turn, her hand instantly pulling her knife from her sheath as he reached for his radio on his shoulder and his gun. Throwing the knife she stuck it into the radio, her aim perfect as the man twisted back in shock. Hermes already rushed by her as he charged down the man with the gun, Spectre going for the non combatant before he could yell or raise an alarm.

The man raised his arms in defence as she reached him, using her momentum to throw a punch at his face. Even though he had his arms in the way Spectre’s other hand was moving, plowing into his stomach with as much force as she could muster. He folded forward, hands moving to clutch his stomach before she drove her knee into his face and he slipped into unconsciousness. She looked over to see Hermes had defeated his opponent, taking the weapon from him and policing it before the two of them were tied and gagged and thrown in a storage cupboard, both unconscious.

After they had been secured the Colonel entered and motioned for the team to follow him back out into the dark, Spectre taking rear security for the group as they moved onwards, stacking up on an old door which Osiris got ready to pick the lock for.

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The mechanic went down without a fight as I used his ankle to pull him from beneath the vehicle and clamped a hand over his mouth and nose, and another over his windpipe, he struggled feebly, arms flailing, body writhing beneath me. It was useless, and in less than a minute the man went limp as his oxygen starved brain finally gave up the fight and allowed him to lapse into unconsciousness. It wasn't long before Odin and Breaker returned, coming down the stairs to see our task completed with the same efficiency and professionalism he had come to expect.

We had bound and gagged the three men in short order and, finding a storage closet in the corner, heaved them into the small space, hopefully they wouldn't be discovered and their absence wouldn't be remarked upon for a while. We moved out of the building quickly and silently, ghosting through the shadows and with satisfaction discovered that the intel was indeed accurate, the access door was exactly where it was supposed to be. It was aging, rusting and looked almost unused, I examined it for a fraction of a second before a small extended from the forefinger of my augmetic gauntlet. I started it up with a tiny whine, painfully loud to our even slightly augmented senses, but easily drowned out by the noise of the plant in the background.

It was the work of a moment to get through the ancient lock, but before I put any pressure on the door I fiddled with my other gauntlet before spraying a fine mist of oil onto the hinges. The very look of them screamed squeak and a rarely heard sound could easily attract unwanted attention, I took a moment to rub it in, working it in between the metal. Satisfied I gently began to pull the door outwards before my fingertips picked up a slight catch on the door that shouldn't be there, wired? I sucked my breath in swiftly and stopped pulling, halting the doors movement with a slight pressure. I looked at the colonel warningly, whispering to him, "door wired."

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Default Update #14

Osiris (Jackinator): Taking a quick glance at Odin he motions that you should continue, trusting you to ply your trade with the same skill you have done many times before over many years. once more turning your attention to the cause of concern you find that there are several things going on with the door all at the same time. Firstly, you see that there is a crude anti-personnel explosive connected to a small wire. If you had opened the door all the way without hesitation, you would have fragged yourself and half your crew with high velocity shrapnel and napalm. It is a simple trap, without refinement, primitive even for the ACS. sneaking a look with a few of your reflectors on your gauntlet you find that there is a secondary charge, concussive, that is far more sophisticated. It seems that your opposition was trying to lull you into a false sense of security with the first charge, obviously they weren't planning on dealing with NAFI's best. It takes you a few minutes to figure out the way the charge is wired its components at first seeming to be tied together in a haphazard manner. You whistle inwardly at the complexity of the back-up explosive, its construction rivalling something that you or buck could come up with. Your efforts are further hindered by the fact that it is difficult to get a good view of the secondary charge, but you are finally able to get it deactivated, allowing you to snip the small line that leads to the anti-personnel mine. A final sweep with an EM detector reveals a proximity sensor obviously designed to detect motion across the hallway that lies beyond the portal. Unfortunately this sort of thing is not really your forte, wishing that Loki were on hand, you do your best to work a feedback loop into the sensor, before deactivating it. You think that you have disarmed the obstacles to the best of your ability and turning you give Odin the all clear a full 6 minutes later.

Spectre (Lord Ramo): You have little to do but to scan the surrounding area as Osiris works on gaining the team entry. Taking a moment you order Hermes to ghost down to the north corner of the building, mirrored orders for Breaker. You want to make sure that no one stumbles upon you without advanced notice. Your eyes are constantly turned upwards to the top of the wall that lies at your back and toward the windows that peer like empty eye sockets from the buildings around you. Odin seems quite content with the orders you have issued, nodding at your intiative, but his impatience to be past the obstacle before your part of the team is clear in his stance and expression. You start to get the feeling that you are being watched, some sixth sense tickling the hairs on the back of your neck and it is with great relief that you hear Osiris give the all clear, a relief heightend by Hermes' and Breaker's report upon their return that there were no signs of enemy troops.

Spectre (Lord Ramo)
& Osiris (Jackinator): Odin motions Spectre into the portal first, giving her a full 10 second lead to scout the small maintenance corridor attached to the exterior entrance, Osiris following closely behind. You travel down the hallway, pleased to find that so far all of the intel on this place has been top knotch so far. You know that 200 feet ahead of you is a maintenance junction, that also contains a security checkpoint with a single guard. You also know that that guard controls the only method of opening the double blast door that leads from the maintenance hallways, directly into the core of the processing and mixing chambers. It is going to take a fair amount of stealth to get passed this guard and open the door, preventing you from needing to take the long way around to the mixing chambers. You each count in your head the number of feet left, 200.... 175.... 150.... 125... you are almost 100 feet out from one of the lynchpin objectives of your team when the radio flares to life, Fenris' voice filling your earbud with his thickly accented voice, "Fenris to Odin." Odin's smile is evident in the gloom, he motions Osiris and Spectre ahead, stopping to converse with the scout, motioning for Hermes and Breaker to remain with him. He flashes battle sign as he speaks, his orders clear: Dispose of the guard, secure the control room. Obviously the information being passed between Commander and wayward scout is not important at the moment to your objective so you push it from your mind.

Steps quieting, you ghost, all but unseen, completely unheard, until you see the guard at his post, a chest high U shaped desk, cameras flashing between various shots of the maintenance tunnels. He sits, his attention turned to a computer monitor, the click of keyboard keys enough to muffle your approach. [Jack and Ramo. I don't care who strikes first, someone disable the guard, Odin's orders to terminate him were clear. Regardless of who makes the kill, you are silent, your objective is achieved without hitch and Spectre will take a small silver tube from the breast pocket of her tac rig, pouring some of the same acid Thor used on Cueball on the dead guard, his corpse, clothing and equipment melting away to a small pile of sticky sludge. On a side note, you guys were hella lucky on the percentage dice rolls I rolled for all of your encounters..... I wish my dice rolled that way for me all the time, in a manner that was beneficial to me!]

Thor (deathbringer), Buck (Anilar), Poet (Angel of Blood), Loki(Santaire), & Big Al(Romero's Own): Buck, Big Al, and Loki you are surprised as you hear faint voices coming back toward you down the hallway where Thor and Poet had disappeared mere moments before. As you see figures come into view, a larger group than you were expecting, you stand down from alert as you see that Thor in fact leads this group. He smartly motions you back to your tasks, questions about the other group of people, who are clearly another Valkyrie team, forestalled in his desire to get on with things. A few minutes tick by, the group waiting in schooled silence, Thor seemingly waiting for some sign or signal to begin. Though the time seems to stretch forever, only about 3 and a half minutes go by before you all hear and unfamiliar voice on the comms, "Major, I am in position. Two hostiles neutralized. The room is full of people major, 8 security personnel, 8 to 10 scientists, and two in business suits." Thor wastes no time turning to Buck ordering him to fire the breeching charges at the same time he tells the new voice over the comms to fire at the security personnel at will. By some wierd coincidence, just as the charges blow you hear another voice crackle across the comms, like it is coming from the very bowels of this facility, "Fenris to Odin." You barely have time to register the fact that the scout is seemingly alive and well as the charges flare and the wall crumbles. Thor, leading the team, is the first to through the breach followed closely by Big Al and the new behemoth of a man, the rest coming through as they may.

The room is huge in its layout, as you knew it would be, and the explosion of the wall catches the ACS personnel on the otherside by surprise, their forms frozen in the midst of tasks as Valkyries rush in through the access tunnel. You hear the tell-tale his of a surpressed weapon fire twice and as many Security Guards fall to heaps. This seems to signal a panic, the scientists start to run for the exits, three in all, the security forces begin to draw their weapons.

Thor barks orders at Loki and one of the newly arrived Valkyries, a woman, for them to intercept the scientists and technicians, preferably taking them alive. To Buck and the new arrival he barks for them to start placing charges around the generator room. To Poet and two of the new arrivals, twins, he sends them after the remainder of the security forces before turning his attention to the men in suits. You are not worried about the sound of fighting, as part of your job is to draw security forces toward you to make Odin's part of the teams job easier.

Poet (Angel of Blood): As you rush forward, you see that the twins are streaking alongside you, though one pulls a bit ahead of the other as you crash into the group of guards near the north exit of the room. Another one of the guards falls as the silenced rifle reports, dropping to the ground just as Thumper or Jumper, you can't tell which leaps upon the first of the guards, a sword materializing from nowhere. To your surprise the guard blocks this with the stock of his rifle, which is quickly kicked away by the twin. You attention is suddenly focused on the three guards that have raised weapons against you, a variety of handguns, but they are all armed with batons and combat knives. Kill all three, though you take a knife wound along your right cheekbone that you are unable to avoid so divided is your attention between the three.

Loki (Santaire): You and the woman rush forward, to try and corale all the mechanics and scientists which appear to all be heading for the south exit. You put on a burst of speed, out pacing your companion and your quary by a good bit. standing before the door you block their way, pull the pin on a stun grenade, and lob it into their midst. You companion recognizes what is going on and shields her eyes and ears at the last minute. From there it is easy enough to secure all of the dazed men and women and even spare a moment to make introductions with your new compatriot.

Buck (Anilar): Making hasty introductions with the brute, who mumbles the name Dixie, you lead him to the back end of the room where all the generators are that power the majority of this complex. Though Dixie seems a bit dim witted you soon find as you begin placing charges around the generators and support structures for the complex that he is a genius when it comes to explosives. His meaty hands flash nimbly around wiring, detonators, and charges. Thought you can't help but cast an anxious eye toward where your companions are fighting, you know that your duty is simple though the most pivotal, bring an end to this complex.

Thor (deathbringer): The two men in suits eyes both lock on you, their muscles bulge against the confines of their finely crafted suits, and there is a hint of something as if there is some glimmer of recognition and something puts your hackles on edge immediately. The pall of anticipation breaks when one of them says the name, "Ruiz" his eyebrows arching in surpirse. The other's hand shoots to his jacket pocket and the silvery flash of a cell phone is visible as he removes it. The pieces fall into place.... these must be men that work directly for Hale. It seems logical that an encounter with an enemy force so near this pivotal site for the ACS would draw a check up on operations from the man. You rush forward to stop the phone call just as the first man draws his pistol from inside his coat. [DB this is going to be a hell of a fight as they both are incredibly skilled and incredibly motivated. You are enough distraction to keep them both away from radios or phones, but this fight will last longer than this update for you. We will need to converse on MSN to work it out.]

Big Al (Romero's Own): You watch as the team leaps forward, Loki moving after the techs and scientists, Buck and the brute from the new arrivals moving off to place their charges and Poet and Thor rushing to meet the security forces that have grouped against them. You start to feel that you should drop the mini guns and rush into help them in the combat when southern exit door to the room bangs open and no less than 10 more ACS men come running into the room. 6 are true soldiers, military rifles springing to shoulders as the enter, 4 are Security forces handguns in hand. For once you are glad that you held back from the initial rush. You grin as your miniguns begin to spin. You are able to take out all 10, though the noise is pretty loud, there is little else to do. You cannot afford to let the team get pinned into this room.

Fenris (Komanko): As Odin answers, you are thankful that your transmission have finally come through. You begin to relay the fact that you have found that the ACS is working on an airborne delivery system for their control narcotics. As if that wasn't bad enough, you have found that the concentration is much stronger, based on the notes in the secure basement, than the stuff that they are pumping into the water here. Among the projects in the top secret area are also plans and a prototype of a long range dispersal rocket. ACS is working on a way to reach out and control populations further out than their own territories, perhaps even at a distance that could put Vahalla in jeopardy. [Komanko get with me on MSN at some point and we will work out the conversation and what Odin's orders will be for you.]

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