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Default The Aleron Factor- A Post Modern RP (Recruitment)

The Background

Chicago, 2237 AD, 50 years after the North American Wars that devastated both the economy and social structure of the former United States of America, that left a void of power that rocked the world as the super power collapsed in the wake of total economic catastrophy. The anarchy and chaos in the nation that used to be the United States threw the entire continent into disarray as remnants of the military forces and policing agencies tried to maintain order. Canada and Mexico tried to remain cohesive, but refugees fleeing the urban sprall of the USA flowed across the borders in droves. Fights broke out that turned into battles between fleeing Americans and Canadian and Mexican forces. Mexico broke into open warfare as drug cartels and criminal organizations took advantage of the chaos and disorder to completely overthrow the government that only barely had control of the country to begin with. The death toll in Central America numbered in the hundred thousands in the first 2 years of the conflicts.

Terrorist cells, home grown Anti-American groups, and drug cartels took over and thrived in Central America and the central and western United States, controlling those areas with an iron fist. Prostitution, gambling, drugs, and arms dealing were the norm from the Mississippi River to deep with in the rocky mountains. Civilization itself regressed by 300 years. Though modern technology remained intact, the gap between the rulers and ruled was vast. Disease and starvation plagued the general population while the leaders of criminal organizations grew fat and happy, thriving off the misery of those they ruled over.

In the Eastern United states and running up through the Eastern Provinces of Canada, remnants of a corrupt government ruled through control and drug induced emotional repression. Government sweeps seized and destroyed art, literature, religious texts, movies, music, and digital media. The government became much akin to the Theocratic regimes that it had spent so many resources in the early part of the 21st century fighting. The ultra-religious leaders twisting scripture of Christian faith to met their own agendas and further their own ends. Areas under the control of the American Confederate States are heavily fortified, and defended by the last remaining organized military force left on the continent.

Though times were tough for the citizens of North America. The turmoil of the early years of the war began to lessen and over the next decade an organized resistance formed and began to operate all over the continent, another 10 years saw that resistance connect in cells, one linked to another, ranging from Panama to the northern reaches of Canada. Remnants of the honest and good members of the governments that used to span the continent at the helm of an army that slowly grew in strength and power. Slowly but surely infiltrating the gangs and militias of the central united states, the drug cartels of Central America, and the Theocratic Regime of the American Confederate States. For 50 years a battle has been brewing, a war to win freedom and to end oppression.

Based out of a hidden, heavily fortified compound in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Canada the leaders of the North American Freedom Initiative maintain the daily operations of the growing resistance movement. Coordinating informants, operatives, and covert teams of enhanced soldiers and technical experts, NAFI continues to grow, continues to spread its influence, and continues to hope for a unified government to return the continent to a semblance of normalcy. It is the continuing goal of the organization, comprised of citizen leaders from Mexico, Canada, and the former United States, to rest control away from the murderous gangs, drug cartels, terror groups, and heartless theocrats that hold the continent in their iron grasp.

Although NAFI has fewer numbers, for the time being, than their multitude of foes, they have one distinct advantage. In the years since the wars began and during the period of occupation that followed, technological advancement came to a screaming halt on the North American continent. The cartels, gangs, and organized crime groups lacked the expertise and personnel to continue research and development of new tech, preferring to continue making their money and expanding their powerbase on the tried and true methods and products of their profession. They saw little need to create advancements that would potentially allow the populace they dominated to rise up against them should new tech be created then stolen or misplaced.

In the ACS Theocrats and bureaucrats stalled advancement in all fields save medicine. Since their population was now crammed into heavily fortified urban centers, disease was their foremost problem. Through the absolute control and dispersment of medicine and healthcare the government made sure that its subjects were completely dependent on it. Weapons technology, travel, agricultural advancements, robotics, and every other field imaginable was determined to be against God, and thereby outlawed. Stagnating the populations growth and controlling them with emotion supressing narcotics, the leadership of the ACS felt that scientific advancement was no longer needed or practical.

NAFI on the other hand felt the exact opposite. Over the last 5 decades the resistance has gone out of its way to locate and recruit the foremost minds in as many subjects as it could. Genetic engineers, physicists, doctors, technology experts, and scientists have flocked to the NAFI compound, assisted by operatives and informants for the resistance. Most of these men and women face torture and death at the hands of one faction or another, and the ability to go on researching, learning and advancing has been a most favorable option to the alternative. To that end advancements in the fields of weaponry, cybernetics, robotics, and military support tech have come quite a long way, in the last 50 years. It is this distinct advantage that gives NAFI hope for success.

On the front line of the conflict for the North American Freedom Initiative are elite teams of covert operators, dubbed Valkyries by NAFI. These teams are made up of experts in the fields of science and technology who are also highly trained soldiers. Each one of these teams members has undergone voluntary cybernetic grafs, limb, organ, and tissure replacement in order to make them superior in every way to the forces of tyrrany, these procedures where named after Dr. Charles Aleron, the head of NAFI's cybernetic and genetic labs, whose contributions to the progam made the Valkyrie teams possible. Tech, science, and explosive experts have implants and replacements that allow them to directly interface with existing computer networks, security systems, as well as a host of integrated tool systems to assist them in their work of making and maintaining team equipment and infiltrating and disabling out of date enemy tech. Medical operators have had enhancments that allow them to look inside their patients, seeing things in sophisticated 3d renderings, making their minstrations ten times more effective and accurate, as well as stabilizer systems, integrated medical tool systems, additional augmetic arms, and internal memory systems all make these operators much more capable of diagnosing, treating, and caring for the wounded and the ill. Finally the tech and genetically enhanced soldier, the staple of the covert team has been enhanced genetically and cybernetically to allow them to be stronger, faster, more accurate, and more durable. It is with these teams that NAFI hopes to topple corrupt governments, and provide the opportunity for the oppressed populations to rise up.

The Plot:

This RP will follow one of these teams, its mission known to only a handful with in the resistance, but a mission that is the lynch pin for the organizations success.

1) ABSOLUTELY NO GOD MODDING, do it even once and i remove you from the roleplay.
2) Respect your fellow roleplayers.
3) I want a minimum of 1 paragraph(7 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates as you will be fighting powerful monsters and enemies.
5) Follow the Character sheet exactly.
6) Post atleast once per update.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you cant post.
8) Updates will typically be on Friday

Players: I am looking for 6-8 players to take on the roles of the members of an elite Delta force style team. Bear in mind that where there will be action, this RP will focus a lot on character interaction, problem solving, and thinking on your feet. You are a covert team, infiltrating enemy territory, so running around guns blazing all the time is not the best solution to every problem.

Also bear in mind that your Valkyrie Team is going to have been the longest operating and most successful team at NAFI's disposal. You have all been working for some time together, therefore you all know what each is capable of and that you all work very well together under the command of Colonel William Forsythe, your team leader.

Character Sheet(Player):

Name & Rank:Your name should fit your nationality and ranks are as follows. There will be a Major, a Captain, A lieutenant, 2 sergeants, and three specialists. These are a first come first serve sort of thing and if you volunteer to be one of the ranked operators, make sure that you don't mind taking charge of the group when needed or called upon to do so, issuing orders and the like.

Nationality: You have the run of the gammet here folks. The only restriction is that if you want to be something from off continent, PM me and we will work out why you would be there, how you got there, and what interest you have in seeing the resistance succeed.


Age: between 30-50 please. If you are going to be on the elder end of the spectrum please indicate why and include in your background what you have been doing for all that time.

Physical Appearance: This will obviously range greatly based on nationality, skillset type, and personal preferrence. Just remember that all of your cybernetic or genetic enhancements are concealable, so no terminator (not 40k, we are talking Schwarzenegger with his face ripped off in the movie here folks) types of bionics/cybernetics. For example, if you are a soldier type and have elected to have bionic arms, your mechanical enhancments will be covered in a synthetic polymer that mimics skin. Regardless of whatever else the Genetic or bionic enhancement does, it can be concealed.

Personality: Again they run the gammet, but you all should be loyal to each other and to the resistance.

Background: Cover your childhood, especially the hardships you faced depending on where you were born be it the poverty ridden reaches of Central America and the central US, or the oppressive Theocratic Regime of the ACS. Talk about how you were recruited by NAFI, how you gained your base skills in whatever particular skillset you choose for your character, and talk of your education, training, and genetic and/or cybernetic enhancement at the hands of NAFI scientists. All skillset types are extensively trained in hand to hand combatives, though your level of damage of course is dependant on your weapon and strength.

Available Equipment:

Equipment and weaponry will be heavily influenced by your Skillset choice, but here is a rather broad breakdown of the non-integrated (soldiers are the only ones that need to worry about integrated weaponry) that is available for your selection.

First and foremost I need to talk about how the solid projectile weaponry works in the 24th century. If you think about all of the weapons that would fire a bullet, i.e. pisols, revolvers, submachine guns, assault rifles, and heavy machine guns a new form of technology has been developed by NAFI scientists, based heavily on the work of the United States Military before the country's collapse. Each gun contains a solid palladium core, the size of which is determined by the weapon itself. Palladium was used due to the fact that advances in terraforming and agricultural science, created a sizeable amount of waste materials, palladium being one of them. As the weapon fires, a sub-molecular laser carves an appropriately sized and shaped projectile that is then fired down the barrel using a complex series of microscopic electromagnets. If you want to think about it in larger terms, the metal is shaped and then fired in a fashion that is similar to activating modern high speed trains, though highly refined and used on a much smaller scale. Most firearms of this type fire rounds that reach average speeds of 3000 feet per second, sometimes more sometimes less dependant on the size of the weapon and the cyclic rate.

The obvious benefit of such a technology is that re-loading become something that happens far less often, there are no waste products, i.e. shell casings, and weapons suffer far less damage after prolonged use when compared to traditional combustion powered rounds.

Things like rocket launchers, flame throwers, and grenades have changed very little in the way that they function though fuel sorces, targeting and exposive charges have become far more effiecient.

Here are some photos and descriptions of what I think each individual weapon would look like. Of course your character can feel free to tweak things by adding scopes, laser sights, lights, and other accessories, but your issued weaponry will all appear like the photos below before additions.

Ranged weapons:
Compact Pistol: photo, shoots the equivalent of a 9mm round, Standard Pallidium core of 25 rounds. Semi-automatic.

Full size Pistol: photo,basically the equivalent of a .45 calibre round, standard Pallidium core of 50 rounds. Functions both as a semi-automatic and a full auto pistol.

Revolver: photo,Heavier and with a slower rate of fire than the automatic pistol, equivalent to the present day .357 magnum. Note the double trigger assembly. The second trigger fires off the equivalent of a modern .223 round. The revolver of the 24th century is the penultimate hand gun for dealing with multiple types of threats, but at the
sacrifice of rate of fire and ammo capacity. Standard Pallidium core of 30 revolver rounds and 8 rifle rounds.

Submachine gun:photo,The submachine gun is the most standard armament for a Valkyrie team. Light, accurate, high rate of fire, but lacks in stopping power, it fires the equivalent of a .40 calibre bullet and has semi-auto, three round burst, and full auto modes. Standard Pallidium core of 150 rounds.

Shotgun: photo,The concept of the shotgun has been essentially the same since its invention in the mid 1800's. A slow firing, high-calibre round, or multiple shot round that would cause maximum damage. The principles have not changed in the last 400 years. Exceptional stopping power but at the cost of range and volume of ammunition. Even though the shotgun sports a large style drum magazine, the size of the projectile, and the uncertain use of materials depending on whether the user selects solid slug, or buck-shot style projectile, only contains a pallidum core of approximately 40 rounds.

Assault Rifle: photo,The standard issue weaponry for the Valkyrie teams Soldier class, the assault rifle is the most versatile weapon in their arsenal. The weapons technology of the present day has made the need for a sniper rifle class of weapons obsolete as the assault rifle platform can compensate for long range target aquisition should the need arise. With a system of multiple accessory rails the assault rifle can carry everything from large optical scopes, laser sights, and lighting devices to underslung grenade and EMD device's (tasers). Fires the equivalent of modern day Nato 5.56 with a standared Pallidium core of 250 rounds. Standard modes include semi-automatic, lever action/bolt action sniper equivalent( Barrel extends by 6", rate of fire slows to lessen recoil), three round burst, and full auto.

Heavy Machine Gun: photo, The pinnacle in machine gun technology, the heavy machine gun has a huge ammunition capacity, large calibre projectiles, and tons of stopping and killing power. However it is a heavy weapon, encumbering, and sacrifices much in accuracy. Fired from the hip, carried in a overhand grip, the heavy machine gun fires the equivalent of modern day 7.62 calibre rounds. Standard Pallidium core of 400 rounds.

Mini-gun:http: photo,Every one loves the minigun. Capable of firing off spray of .223 equivalent rounds, this rotating three-barrelled beast, is easily weilded in one hand by the formidable soldier class. Low accuraccy, low stopping power, but high rate of fire and high armor penetration value. The whole gun from ammunition storage to the end of the barrels is approximately 4'2" in lenght and is carried underslung on the arm. A securing clamp secures the weapon just above the bicep , and another satbilizer arm secures the weapon to the users hip, allowing them to use their hands should the situation arise. Fired with a joystick type trigger assembly on the top of the weapon, the mini-gun boasts a standard Pallidium core of 1000 rounds. Soldiers who want to forgo anysort of close quarters capability often choose to dual-wield mini-guns in situations were there are going to be numerous enemies.

Rocket Launcher: photo,A Favorite of the munitions experts the rocket launcher is capable of firing armor piercing, highly combustible munitions. Standard rocket capacity of 4. The standard rocket launcher can also be loaded with anti-personnel rockets that once fired split into several small munitions that cover a wide area.

Mine/grenade Launcher: photo,This device fires either adhesive timed/remote activated explosives, or contact grenades based upon what the munitions specialist loads the weapon with. Has an active ammunition capacity of 10 charges.

Close Combat weapons:

Vibro-blades: These odd close combat weapons were developed by the US military, but perfected by NAFI scientists in the later years of the resistance. By adding a subsonic generator to the base of the blade it cause the blade to vibrate fast enough to cut through almost any material. Most combat armors worn by enemy troops is archaic enough to provide little stopping power against these formidable close combat weapons. The range from boot knives to two-handed swords, and even the rare axe. Typically the Soldier skillset is the only one to carry blades larger than a combat knife.

Stun batons: these bludgeoning weapons carry a fairly severe electric charge that totally incapacitates the victim of the attack. Come in both the expandable and solid core variety.

Other Equipment:

Basically anything goes here. All types of grenades and support equipment, body armor and the like are available, just don't go over the top.

Skillsets and their availble enhancements:

Cyber-technology expert (limit 1):

Munitions and explosives (limit 2):

Soldier (limit 4):

Medic (limit 1):

Stealth/Scout/marksman (limit 1):

Accepted Players:

1)Cyber-tech: Lieutenant Ethan "Loki" Clancey- Santaire
2)Munitions Expert: Sergeant Howard "Buck" Payne- Anilar
3)Munitions Expert: Sergeant Victor "Osiris" Hale- Jackinator
4)Soldier: Captain Holly "Spectre" Besson- Lord Ramo
5)Soldier: Specialist Eric "Cue Ball" Smith- CaptainFatty
6)Soldier: Major Augustin "Thor" Castelan- Deathbringer
7)Soldier: Sergeant Ryan "Poet" Anders- Angel of Blood
8)Medic: Specialist David "Hermes" Graham- Karak the Unfaithful
9)Scout: Specialist Pyotr "Fenris" Volkov Komanko

Well there you have it. I look forward to seeing your character sheets and welcome to the World of the not to distant future!

Commissions, Project Logs, and Galleries
Follow me on Twitter: @MidgesWorkshop. You can aslo follow me on face book Here

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Dibs on the scout, will work it out with you through messenger

Took you long enough, was waiting for you to upload it ^^

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Dibs on the tech and the lieutenant

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Will post up a soldier character in a bit, once I have worked the character sheet out.

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Wow, alot of careful thought and time has gone into this I'll work on a character when I can. The medic class looks good, although I'll have to re-read it.

Originally Posted by Klomster View Post
Ok, doing good gentlemen.
(Except Karak, you are not really a gentleman, but more brutal.... a brutalman )
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Name & Rank: Captain Holly Besson

Nationality: Canadian

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Physical Appearance: Holly stands at 5"10 with a fairly athletic body, courtesy of years of hard training, missions and the implants that has helped her as a Valkyrie. Her hair is cut to her shoulders, and is a light blonde. Her eyes are a light blue, and her skin is fairly pale. She is a strong individual, thanks in part to her cybernetic and genetic implants, even though she has a fairly thin frame.

Personality: Holly never gives up in the face of adversity, a trait taken from her father. She fights to protect the whole squad, being fiercely loyal to both them and their commanding officer, William Forsythe. She is utterly devoted to the cause and is a tried and tested soldier, having worked with the squad for years. She can adapt well to changing situations, but doesn't have the best people skills, seeming rather cold even to her own squad mates. However none can doubt her loyalty to her squad, willing to die for them and for the mission.

Background: Holly was born in Eastern Canada, in an area "protected" by the ACS. As such she grew up in a crammed and heavily defended Urban environment, where pretty much your every move was watched by the ACS troops. Her father was an activist working undercover for the NAFI protecting a top medical scientist of the NAFI, who was trying to get information on the narcotics used by the ACS. However they soon developed a relationship, and Holly was born out of this.

At a young age, after they had all the information they dared get her mother and father, taking Holly escaped from ACS territory, with the help of several undercover elements as well. As such most of her childhood Holly spent in NAFI territory, being taught from a young age on the best ways to protect her fellow resistant fighters and herself. She showed determination through her training, always striving to be the best, always striving to prove herself to the resistance.

She impressed her trainers with her hand to hand combat, being taught by her father outside of her normal training time as well, and learnt quickly. Her marksman abilities also improved a lot with the aid of her father, who she regards as a hero of the resistance. Soon she was selected to have genetic and cybernetic implants to help her abilities, having her senses heightened as well as Adrenal gland and metabolism enhancement on the genetic sides. Holly recovered from these slower than was expected however, but with rigorous training she was even better than before.

Her cybernetic implants took longer for her to master, having bionic arms, a shield generator built into one and kinetic blasters in her hands. It took a while for her to fully recover and to master using her new improved limbs, but it came to note that her determination pushed her through it. Eventually she learnt how to best control this and was placed in a Valkyrie squad under Colonel William Forsythe. Since then she has preformed admirably for the resistance and is an able soldier.

Before she joined Forsythe Holly's most famous mission was during the ACS expansion during 2216. It was also the one thing that she would remember for the rest of her life. NAFI had information that the ACS were planning on expansion, and discovered a staging post for ACS forces. At the time Holly was a LT, in the Wildcats, and her squad along with two others were deployed to take out the staging ground. The wildcats part of the mission was to stall the enemy forces long enough for the other two squads to level the staging facility though things didn't go to plan.

The ACS forces were larger than had been anticipated and responded quickly to the pre-emptive strike. The Wildcats fortified their position as the first of the ACS arrived, and initially did well stalling the advance. However the ACS responded with more troops and support, and soon the Wildcats found themselves about to be overrun. Holly was leading part of the team on one flank, and it was from here that she watched with horror as first 3 of her comrades were destroyed by artillery fire, killed without a chance to respond, as well as two of her closest friends being gunned down as they fell back to their last line of defence. With their numbers cut in half and dead they were rescued by the other two squads, forming a hasty retreat back to NAFI territory. Since then Holly has been unable to get too close to anyone due to what happened there.

Concealed Compact pistol
Two Pistols
Assault Rifle with high powered sight, flashlight
Shotgun (unsure if we get two as in the soldier section it says standard weapon configurations are Assault rifle and shotgun)
Vibro Blade in the form of a Kukri (machete)
Body Armour (Black, thick enough to stop some small arms fire)

Genetic Enhancements
Heightened Senses
Adrenal gland and metabolism enhancement

Cybernetic Enhancements:
Bionic Arms
Kinetic Blasters
Integrated Shield Generator

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if were doing dibs, i'd quite like to take the major, havent lead a squad in any rp i think. Like to try something new if you'll have me

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig
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If you will have me, I'm thinking of posting up an unranked soldier.

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Fatty, specifically you? No, then he wont have you! HA! Just kidding. I'm done with leading so I wont take a leader role, had enough of it, was a leader twice and its simply not my thing

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Hey man, I've fired a gun. Once. Several years ago. I'm the best hope this resistance has.

Not convinced? Fine, I'll make a character who knows what he's doing.

I am the devourer of worlds and the plunderer of planets. I am the bane of races, the destroyer of intelligence. I am the omnipotent and you will all bow before me.
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