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Default Show me how to roll dice

I don't know if it's the right place to start this thread and if not well I'm sorry.

Here's my problem. I don't remember someone putting a curse on me or whatever but bad luck keep happening over and over when I have to roll dice (I lose most of my 40k games and it doesn't help me in D&D because of that) and I'm kinda getting a little discouraged . I thought that the problem could be that I'm doing it wrong. Will there be a generous soul out there to show me a step-by-step tutorial on how to roll dice and (if possible) with pictures.

Sorry if my english isn't perfect and thank you in advance
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Okay, what I do, is lift the die or dice, shake them in my (closed) hand and then flick the wrist in an outward, away from the body motion, opening the hand as I do so. I try to aim for the dice to land and roll on clear tabletop, away from any models or terrain pieces, but also away from the board edge. I prefer it to revolve at least 3 times, more so my opponent doesn't think I'm trying to gain some sort of advantage by merely dropping the dice, than anything else.

Does that help?
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hmm, looks like your dice are being rebellious. All you have to do is yell at them really loud and threaten to melt them down if they don't listen.

Joking aside, I find that over time dice get worn, from being dropped on the ground and rolled on rough surfaces. This sometimes causes the dice to become unbalanced. Your best bet is to buy so new dice from somewhere other than the dollar store it's doesn't have to be GW though those are quite overpriced. If it's cheap plastic they could also become warped due to heat (i've had that happen) and it's not fun.
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If all else fails, just bury them. I did it once, to a dice set that simply would not roll above half - it had complete disregard for the laws of probability.

On the subject of Rat Ogres:
But if we give them laser eyes and mounted guns, we'll have to bring in Clan Skryre, and everyone knows how much those limp-tailed snuff addicts overcharge.
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Did you remember to sacrifice your kidney and your firstborn son to the dice gods?

TKE's NTGU Brigade
Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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Or, failing the sacrifice, prayer to the dice gods thrice in the morning and twice at night tends to keep me on their good side, as does the church's approved dice throw.

Originally Posted by High Priest Edward Tool
Step 1: Hold your right hand in front of you with your palm up. Using the left hand is discourteous and should be shunned upon.

Step 2: Using your left hand,gently pick up the required amount of Dice (See p.52: How Many Dice?) and place them upon your right palm.

Step 3: Close your right hand around the Dice firmly but gently. Applying too much force can injure the Dice Spirits within the Dice and anger the Dice Gods (See p.13: Proper Reverence of the Dice Spirit).

Step 4: With the Dice covered, oscillate your right hand slowly, allowing the Dice to revolve and change their values. Any cheating, either by not allowing the Dice to change, or purposely changing them to a certain number, will always result in angering the Gods and rolling the worst value possible for whatever game you are playing.

Step 5: After you have shaken your right hand the correct amount of times (equal to the number you wish to roll), flick your wrist outwards and allow the Dice to leave your hand. It is advisable to do this near the surface on which you are rolling, as a long fall can injure the Dice Spirit. It is also recommended to roll the Dice upon a smooth flat surface, as Dice are more comfortable there.

Additional Tips: Praying during the act of rolling dice will usually result in better tosses. Also, check out the Lectitio Datum, which holds the Holy history of Dice.

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."
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Put your arm behind your back, like your fencing! and hold you arm out straight or bent slightly at the elbow (you must be standing up for this to work!!!!!) and roll them dice!!!!!

Don't be surprised if you get a few strange looks...
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Leap up unexpectedly and dramaticaly from your chair, and then throw the dice down at the table as hard as you can. Works great in D&D (especialy if you conserve the awsome for when you need it most). In warhammer for some reason people just give me dirty looks.

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sorry to say there is no solution for bad dice rolling. I personaly have gone through 8 dice types with no good results. My worste rolling has been kharn the betrayer and 6 berzerkers charging one fire warrior, kharn rolls 7 onesand kills all my guys, then proceeds to fail all 7 of his fearless saves . On the plus side you can give the curse to any one elses dice you pick up and roll in your hands


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never use dice colored to your army, I have many times and always roll terrible, never use GW dice either, there filled with evil and bad luck.

don't think about the rolls either, just grab the dice, shake em up a few times and roll, if you start thinking "anything but a 1" or "I only need 6 or more" you will fail

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