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Darth Druchii
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Originally Posted by Conan2185 View Post
I'm Playing a Dwarf fighter in a forgotten realms campaign with about 100 HP. our group is facing two cultists and their medium sized green dragon ally. i get nailed by the corrosive gas breath weapon and fail the reflex save but the DM got a total of six for damage. the dwarf yelled out "I've had stronger DRINKS!!!" and charged it
Now thats a Dwarf Player.

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Just last week, my dwarf fighter, (who, by the way, is probably the only reason our group gets into any fights), with a wisdom 7 charged a hobgoblin mage after he demanded that the group leave his army of about 30 hobgoblins and a dozen goblins alone and go back to where we came from. Obviously it wasn't the smartest thing I did.

I then tell the DM that I will ram a tree down on top of the mage and the two archers next to him. He says wait, the archers get some shots first. They promptly stick my poor dwarf with four arrows.

One of them grazes his brow, and blood covers his eyes. He then runs straight into the tree by accident and tips it over with the force of his impact (level 4 dwarf fighter: 257 pounds without armour) killing the archers and the mage.

He then quickly gets up with his axe raised yelling, "Bring it you gits!" to the hobgoblins which he couldn't see were clearly incapacitated and licking the dirt.

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When playing Dungeons and dragons, in the middle of complicated negotiations by my halfling rogue to talk the town guard out of thinking WE knocked over their guard tower under the impression it belonged to the Orcs we were hunting. Our cleric decided it was a great idea to cast zone of truth. my rogue turned around to him and said something to the effect of "Oh great, Now I have no choice but to tell them we knocked the tower over, slayed two unicorns, various woodland creatures and let the Orc Warband get away, not to mention I want to bone the nymph and we are so screwed..." the whole party looked around "...did he say OOC....oh god he didn't"

I'm all for playing this game, but you don't have to be a dick about it.

~Someday I'll play 7th Edition ~
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i play a very handy human rogue with cha 20 yay
i also have social recovery and second impression which is always really handy for a rogue with a brand od a penis and ass on his head
now this came about cause i had some paralising goo and found my friend a (knight in full plate) by a huge hole in the ground and my natural rogueness said push him in please
so i did and put the goo about the hole so if he made it up he would go down
now the sad thing in that story is that i was out bluffed by a half ork barbain
(not cool) now i have like 5 bluff inhanceing feats and skill tricks and thanks to them the entire party now firmly believe that i was being controlled by a demon (yay for bluff 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that is my story

go gary and zalas
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ages ago playing WHFRP a mate of mine was playing a dwarf troll slayer and we'd entered a forbidden elf forest. he killed a wild bear to eat but it turned out to be a elf shape shifter in the form of a bear. when he was killed he reverted back to elven form. hearing the elven guards approching we wondered what to do with the dead elf in front of us. "don't worry i'll sort it" said my dwarf mate, and ate him.

"Look to your war gear"
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The Hebrew Hammer
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As the GM, my "PC" NPC doesn't get to talk much since I'm busy juggling the other NPCs, opposition, etc., and it'd be odd talking to myself. However, in my Dark Heresy game, when Sergeant Zuriel Khan does speak, it's usually something profound and terrible. For example, the party was recently investigating a genestealer cult in an underhive. They get down into the hideout, and notice there's another way into the complex-- some stairs up. They don't bother going up them, but continuing on. So, I rolled an intelligence check for Sergeant Khan, and had him go over to the stairs, place a trip wire and two kilos of fyceline (which is the equilvalent of C4 in the 41st millenium), and simply said, "This might be kind of cool..."


My homebrew Space Marine Chapter: The Astartes Lions Rampant

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The Dark Hersey game that I GM has had some interesting moments as far as having to break to catch our breath.

The most recent occurred on a mission to recover an ancient xenos artifact from a world under greenskin assault. The party's Inquisitor briefed them personally on the mission, telling them that she has called in a favor from an 'old friend' to aid them. That 'friend' turns out to be a member of the Deathwatch (Ultramarine) named Marcus.

At one point they become trapped deep inside the building the artifact is located in, pinned in a hallway with greenskins closing in on them. The Deathwatch drops his shoulder and bull rushes the wall, smashing through to the next room. They all dive through the hole and start to drag furniture to cover the opening. Half the room is collapsed, blocking the door... so the guardsman (not to be outdone by a 'mere' Astartes) shouts, 'Don't worry! I've got this one!' and charges the far wall. Dice roll and he fails with a 99. The guard gets up and tries again, rolling a 100. Needless to say: Wall > Guardsman. The Marine hauls the dazed pc to his feet and taps on the wall before saying, 'Next time I would advise checking to see if it is reinforced first, but I applaud the effort.'
It took a few minutes to clean up the drink one player nearly choked on.
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Although not strictly happening during a game the following haunted me for 5 years.

I was a teacher at one stage in my career, and was always known as being particularly tough... (The teacher who you didn't screw with). I am 6ft tall and have a widows peak with black hair and I work out considerably... As this was my first professional job I took it oh so seriously and wore always dark suits with dark ties. I can be rather indimidating for anyone in the under 16 bracket and my voice is rather deep and commanding. You know the type...


Yeah I loved it.... until...

I was due to give a presentation to a school assembly and they had clipped me with a microphone and I was waiting off stage in an office as the usual ruckus of rubbish was dealt out to the students who were being told off for something... At the same time I was a player in a Vampire the Masquerade RPG in which I was playing a Vampire... my mobile phone started to vibrate in my pocket and I picked it up as it was my friend who was playing my "partner in crime" in the game. (We often found the best fun for Vampire was setting up other players and double crossing everyone we could). We often talked before a game about strategy or sent messages to the GM and told him what we were secretly doing. The conversation went like this at my end.

Hello Alex speaking...

Yes how are you?

Oh ok.

Well thats ok then, we will just send some people around and get him to come over and have a chat.


Well when he arrives you slash his throat from behind and I will stick him in the ribs with a knife and then we can drink the blood. I hate drinking from the vein as it tastes like dirt.

Well I am rather more sophisticated in how I drink blood thanks.

It will be easy to get rid of the corpse, we can use the furnance in the bottom of the building.

Ok then, make sure you get plastic sheets, after last time I don't want mess on the carpet.

See you tonight, about 8, bye.

I then walked out onto the stage to present some awards. I remember thinking that child is rather pale..... everyone was deathly quiet and just staring at me.....a hall full of 800 students and the entire faculty was just staring at me in shock.

My microphone had been switched on for the entire conversation.

I became known as THE TEACHER YOU NEVER EVER EVER FUCK WITH... after that.
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The punch of your story was soo predictable. and hilarious

good one
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just.... just.... LOL


Rambling since ...... hmmm now you see I cant remember but when i was a little ripper.......

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