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Default Rhino/Razorback

Various obligations have really cut into my hobby time, but I've managed to get a rhino painted up for my tactical squad. I magnetized the top hatch so I can field it as a Razorback, too. This was my first experiment with a weathering powder. I used MIG's "Gulf War Sand" powder, and MIG's pigment fixer. While doing the weathering I learned that you really only need to mix the fixer into the powder if you want to achieve a "mud spatter" effect. if you just want a light wash or subtle dusting of pigment, it is far easier to simply mix the pigment with water, paint on a little more than you actually want, and then hit the model with matte varnish spray when the pigment has dried. This re-liquifies and washes off about 40-60% of the pigment, leaving a nice dusty look. Hope you like the tank half as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Default Update: Blackreach Sergeant

I forgot to post this guy earlier. I'm pretty happy with how the face turned out.

Here's some more tacticals I've been working on, as well as the old metal devastator I posted earlier. It was a pain getting the new power pack onto his back with the lascannon in place. It made me realize just how much smaller they used to be.

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great work, the blues and grays go together really well and im digging the homer beard on the sarg i wish i had held onto my old devastators i really liked the over the shoulder stance of them especially the heavy bolter guys, and yes i remember how much of a pain it was to get the backpacks on them heh
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Thanks again for the compliments guys! For anyone who wants to see some ridiculously detailed background fluff I wrote for this ragtag chapter, it's posted over in the homebrew 40k fluff section: Here. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks of it. Reading it over I can see a little bit of repetitive phrasing that could be edited down a bit. Trying to articulate my 40k background ideas into solid prose gives me a greater depth of appreciation for the Black Library authors.
Sadly, writing has proven to be the only thing I've had time to do for the Shadow Guardians these past few months, what with all of the craziness of life--finishing law school and now studying for the Oregon bar exam. but I have assembled two landspeeders and very nearly finished another tactical squad, and should have some new photos to post soon.
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Default update: tactical squad and landspeeders

Posting the link to the fluff got me inspired to got take some progress pictures. So, here is my second painted squad--Tactical Squad Diocles, 3rd squad of the 2nd Company.

The Sergeant is the same one you've already seen. the rest of the guys are new recruits. I am still putting finishing touches on them, especially the eyes. the eye lenses on space marines are one area where I am still struggling with my technique. It hasn't helped the quality any that I started out going for the gem-style approach to painting them, and then switched to a "glow" effect on a few of them. I can't decide which style I like better, however, I think I might move toward the gemstone approach because I am not confident in my ability to do object source lighting (OSL) from glowing eyes at this point.

anyhow, here are the other 5 members of the squad. The special weapon guy on the left end is an old metal sculpt who looks significantly smaller than the rest of his squad. I probably should have put him on a base piled with cork "rocks" to fool the observer into thinking he's just as tall as his battle brothers, but he was already glued onto the old slotta-base when I got him, and I just never quite had the desire to try ripping him out of it. the squad leader is the one on the right end. He is going to eventually have an red "iron halo" marking painted onto his left shoulderpad just like the other squad leader in my earlier tac squad.

I'm not sure what to do about that purity seal blocking the breach/bolt of the squad leader's firearm. when I was building him, I had this idea that i needed to cover it because the rifle should only have an opening on one side (i know very little about guns). But now I think that these rifles are supposed to have a breach that runs clear through the rifle there, and i stupidly clogged it with that purity seal. any thoughts from teh community on this?

Here he is from another angle

Next up is a pic of a landspeeder Tornado in the making. Here's a piece of advice: do not magnetize your models while under the influence. I magnetized the underslung gun-mount bit and the assault cannon with the polarities mixed up so they repelled each other, and I had to rip an already-glued magnet out of the mount with a hobby knife and a nail. by this point my fingers were raw. then I started magnetizing the flamer and realized that the magnet in the gun mount was on the wrong side. I had put it where that little headlight is supposedto go and as a result, the magnet in teh assault cannon was also on the wrong side of the cannon. after fixing that, I managed to somehow get the polarities wrong again with the flamer. Aaaaagh. what a relaxing hobby this is. anyway, it's all fixed now, and there is very little evidence of a struggle, in spite of the amount of times i had to rip out the magnets.
I'm going to have to make some better support stems to connect my speeders to their bases, since the stock ones feel flimsy as all get out and the second one has no base. Any ideas for how to scratchbuild bases and what to use for the "stem" would be appreciated

I actually inherited the second speeder from a friend who bought the third edition boxed set (dark eldar and SMs) and then decided 40k wasn't for him. That speeder's plastic is very brittle, and there are some interesting differences in the way they made it fit together back then vs. now. the Typhoon is a simple conversion wherein I put the missile launchers on the opposite sides and moved them back over the wings. I was inspired by Paul Gaynor's Crimson Heralds army featured on the GW website a couple years ago. I think it looks much better than the standard upright possition for the launchers.

Finally, I've stripped down an old Tiguarius model and have been documenting my progress on him step by step. He's going to be either an epistolary or a chief librarian for the Shadow Guardians when finished. My army is going to have a definite librarian focus, as the fluff explains that they originated on a planet that had a lot of psykers and a tradition of psychic shamans and warlords being the leaders of the tribes.

He's nowhere near done, but hopefully I'll get to work on that force weapon some more this week, if I can just manage to not waste too much of my freetime browsing the internets and actually choose between either full on study or hobby.

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what the fuck does vanilla mean ?!!!!!

nice army

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Vanilla means normal codex.
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Can I please have a second picture of the tactical squad (1st posted models) ? All the models in the other pictures are beautiful but in that one they seem off... Just for my own looks

World's Worst Project-Logger.

Slightly Derranged, would advice staying away.
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Originally Posted by Lethiathan View Post
Can I please have a second picture of the tactical squad (1st posted models) ? All the models in the other pictures are beautiful but in that one they seem off... Just for my own looks

I don't think i ever posted them fuly completed in this thread anyway. the first and only group shot of them is from before they were finished. they still had neon green eye-lenses back then, too. Thought that green would look cool, but it didn't work for me after I decided against glowing eyes.
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That is some really nice work man, keep it up!

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