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Default Iron Within, Iron Without

I'm going to use this plog in an attempt to detail my journey into creating a Pre Heresy Iron Warriors Army for 40k. Now, I already own an Imperial Guard Army, and a Blood Angels army, and I owned an Iron Warriors army many many years ago, which sadly through mischance, hazard, and theft has gone missing. Much like my original Blood Angel army has.

But that aside, I still love the Iron Warriors, even if the current Chaos Codex sucks a gigantic bag of donkey scrotum.

So, Iron Warriors it will be. Now, I have some forge world stuff, (20 MkII Assault Marines, and a 5 man squad of MkII regular marines) so as that armor style is older, and more in line with the Iron Warriors being one of the original legions, I think I'll be using them as the primary stylistic basis for the army. I'm also starting out with 10 assault terminators, which I ordered heads and shoulder pads for from MaxMini. So, with the idea of using the current Blood Angels codex (Because screw the current Marine Codex), I'm going to set up my Iron Warriors in the following format.

My HQ will obviously be a warsmith of some kind, what type of warsmith, I do not yet know. I do know I won't be using a librarian, because I don't really care for them to very much, and in the preheresy era, they weren't really around all that much. I think that instead I'll either roll with a Reclusiarch as the HQ, or a Terminator captain of some kind. I may roll with Tycho, as his army wide boost is a nice bump as opposed to the rest of the special characters, and his dead mans hand would make for an interesting bit of conversion work.

Elites, probably not to many Sanguinary Priests to be honest, while their ability is nice, it doesn't really fit to well with the idea for the Iron Warriors. I will however use a few of them, but probably not nearly as many as I normally would for my Blood Angels. I'm thinking the Terminators and possibly a chaplain will be the primary focus of my Elites. The chaplain can be the junior Warsmith, or something along those lines. Possibly the Warsmith's Equerry. I admit that I could go with a tech marine in the elite slot for the bolter defenses bit, and is admittedly something to think about, right now I'm just not quite sure about it.

Troops however is the rub. While the Iron Warriors are known for massive embankments of traps and fortifications, that doesn't really work to very well for 40k. I am certain however that I want the Iron Warriors to be a line breaker company. Which will mean lots of assault squads, probably in vehicles, backed up by heavy firepower. Probably 4 full strength assault squads in Rhino's, and possibly 2 tactical squads if I get around to them.

That sets the HQ, Elite, and Troops sections up, at least, it gives me an outline with which to work. From there I have a need of actual firepower, and the only real way to get that is either in a vehicle (which is fine with me), or with Devastators. Personally I love vehicles, but for this situation I think I'll be going with the Devs. Probably going to magnetize them at least somewhat, and primarily I think I'll be going with Lascannons and Missile Launchers.

Fast attack however, I am uncertain about. The Vanguard are a possibility, but I don't really want to do more jump packers, and because of that I may well just opt out of those guys utterly. Land speeders are nice, and I will probably end up with a few of them in the end, but for now... no. Bikes however, those are a distinct possibility, as are Baal Predators (With suitable Iron Warriors alterations of course).

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the first two of the Iron Warriors I have managed to slap together, without paint so far of course.

Two of the terminators I have. One dual lightning claws, one thunder hammer and storm shield. And because we are going pre heresy, there won't be an actual thunder hammer, how about instead a thunder mace, and rather than the current style for the storm shield, I'll be converting Chaos Warrior shields for these guys. So... Thunder Mace and Shield, and Lightning claw.

Yes, the termies are converted, I used different heads, the maxmini shoulder pads, and bulked their legs up a lot to make up some of the difference so that they actually look larger and more imposing. Forgive the horrible lighting in the pictures, I'll try taking better ones eventually. I'll also include a horrible picture of the idea I had for doing a Sanguinary Priest in termie armor for these guys, as I may end up using them together eventually, like I said, for right now, I'm not quite certain and will figure it out eventually.

Also, there is a possiblity that the file sizes may be a bit to large, if so, I'll figure that out eventually.
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Nice start, I look forward to seeing more of this .
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Not really had a chance to do much work on any front this past few days sadly. Between working multiple doubles, and preparing for a vacation that looks to be anything but relaxing, sadly life has intruded upon my favorite hobby.

Hopefully when I get back from my trip on Sunday I can get cracking once more.

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