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Default Golden Fists - Blood Angels Successors

I've taken a break from Waaaagh! Smashgrug (painting Green) for a while, and decided to go back to my Space Marine army. This army has been sitting in a case (box) for ages and I've finally started rebuilding. This is not my whole collection, just what I want to use for this army, next time I'm thinking Crimson Fists or Imperial Fists. Hmm... seems to be a lot of fists in my mind.

If you do not wish to read any fluff or the army lists, go straight to the Picture Time! section.


The Golden Fists are a successor Chapter to the Blood Angels, created in the Second Founding. Their Chapter Organisation varies from the Chapter Organisation of the Blood Angels, although companies 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the same, companies 4 and 5 both have 6 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squad and 2 Tactical Squads instead of the 2 Assault Squads and 6 Tactical Squads of the Blood Angels 4th Company or 10 Tactical Squads of the 5th. These companies often employ hit and run tactics.
They choose not to display their Chapter Symbol on their shoulder pads as they believe “the enemy fears that which he does not know” (Chaplain Nullam). The Golden Fists also do not show their company markings, although they do show their squad markings.

This will be added to at a later date.

Army List:

I created an army list that I will work towards, using both the Space Marines and Blood Angels codexes, as sometimes I prefer to use one codex or use unit’s specific to one codex (Land Speeder Storm/Death Company/Mephiston/Kayvaan Shrike). The list will show the units used for the Blood Angels Codex, with a slash and yellow writing to show any changes made for the Space Marines Codex.

- Chaplain Nullam - Reclusiarch with Melta bombs/Chaplain with Melta bombs.
- Veteran Squad Robur - 7 Sternguard Veterans, Sergeant has Melta bombs; Rhino/Extra Armour
- Tactical Squad Confla - 10 Tactical Marines, Sergeant has Plasma Pistol, Power Weapons and Melta bombs, one Marine has a Plasma Cannon and one has a Plasma Gun; Rhino/Extra Armour.
- Tactical Squad Arcus - 10 Tactical Marines, Sergeant has Power Fist and Combi-melta, one Marine has a Multi-melta and one has a Meltagun; Drop Pod with Locator Beacon.
- Scout Squad Lux - 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo cloaks.
- Veteran Squad Cupitor - 5 Vanguard Veterans with Jump Packs, 2 have melta bombs and the Sergeant has replaced his Power Sword with a Power Fist.
- Scout Squad Cito - 3 Scout Bikers, the Sergeant has Melta bombs and a Locator Beacon, and 2 Scout Bikers has Astartes Grenade Launchers.
- Devastator Squad Contere - 10 Devastator Marines, the Sergeant has Melta bombs, 2 Marines have Heavy Bolters and 2 have Missile Launchers.

Picture Time!:

These Marines are my old Marines, which are keeping the same colour scheme, but I’m improving how they look, as well as removing any mould lines from those painted after this post. I also need to add squad markings to the knee pads. This plog will also be used when I get bored of painting Greenskins. I haven't stripped them either, so the paint may be a bit thick in places.

Tactical Sergeants (need guns drilled)

Plasma Cannon and Bolter Marine (needs Bolter drilled):

Marines (one is missing) that need basing/mostly finished (need drilling):

What they looked like before:

Thanks for looking,


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Sweet miniatures. A good addition would be second coats, basing & maybe highlights

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I like the "movement" a lot of the marines have. I would of thought though that Golden Fists would of been a successor of the Imperial Fists.
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Nice, i second the vote for a second coat but i would be careful on how thick you are applying it. The yellow looks a little heavy but on several of the marines the red isn't covering the black properly. I'd try painting a few thinned down red coats over the red section, maybe make some darker and use them as washes.
Aside from that it looks like you have a good solid start here.

PS: Gramma Nazi strikes: Golden Fist = one golden fist . Golden Fists = more than one golden fist. Golden Fist's = Property of the Golden Fist, Golden Fists' = property of the Golden Fists

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I'm in the same boat of adding a second coat to some of the models. Off to a good start, but as already stated, the yellow looks a little thick in some of the models and on others, and on others, doesn't seem to cover the black as well as the red. Two to three really thin coats is always better than one thick coat.

Also, with the "lava-ish" bases, it would look better if there's more yellow rather than red and where 2 or more lines connect, putting a lil bit of white really makes it pop.

Keep up the work and hope this helps!~

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