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Unhinged Hobo
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Originally Posted by Blueberrypop View Post
Or would It be this one

Yup, that's the kitty. This thing looks awesome.

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That is it indeed, nice find :D
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I am new to project logs .
This is some insane painting I love your work the white/red death company, the tanks.

Great job +rep(most I could give )

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So be it.
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Definitely no shoulder pad on that arm, maybe the champion pad on the other arm (?) either way its looking great. I think the marble effect would look great on him, and keep up the good work!

If you go down to the woods today, be wary
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Originally Posted by omgitsduane View Post
this is such an amazing journey! and the god-damn bird you're doing is amazing.
I with the lot in awe of this thread. The free-hand is something to behold and strive for.

I also wanted to say that this cat's enthusiasm just brighten my day significantly (however pathetic that may seem).

Until the Loki sector is free or we become extinct on Rynn...the Crimson Fists fight on in his grace's name.

Some links to ongoing painting logs covering space marines, orks, vampire counts and new small Warmachine Cryx project. Not to mention some pics of previously owned High Elves:

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Mentally hilarious
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Default Painting Update: Brethren of the Phoenix - Exemplar Vitus Completed

Hey, all!
Thanks for all the support and comments!


Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper View Post
Vitus is looking good so far man.

Maybe for freehand, bring back the marble effect that captured out hearts so long ago

I think if you gave him a company champion shoulder pad, the upper part would be perfect for some marble effects.

Also, I like the way the cloaks are coming along so far, very promising stuff. It's made me think about putting my storm scouts on magnet bases

Keep up the fine work dude.
Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
I am with Reaper. I think that one of your feather motifs on the marble champion shoulder pad would be ace.
Do it! Most of the storm scouts can be placed on a nicely adapted base with no trouble at all. Also gives you an excuse to make more elaborate bases which can be fun to do every once in a while!

I was pretty decided on how which shoulders to use (as can be seen in the old picture of the miniature built) and sadly I think I only have one pair of company champion shoulderpads left (which I'm saving for later unless I can get more of them cheap somehow/somewhere...) so I didn't want to use them for this particular miniature (rather saving them for more tech adepts ans such). I also need to keep some kind of similarity between all the sanguinary priests specially now that I've begun making them with magnetized backpacks so I can change between the normal apothecary backpack and a jump pack.

Also, when it comes to marble effects it strictly a red armour effect and the arms + shoulderpads are always white on my miniatures (only exception sofar is the tech adept with company champion shoulder pads) which kind of rules it out for this particular miniature.

Anyway, now that I'm done with this miniature I can move on to my many other projects (sculpting and building).

Originally Posted by unxpekted22 View Post
the feather symbol on one of the lower legs might be cool as well.
Taken, using the big spaces on the legs is a superb idea!

Originally Posted by troybuckle View Post
Hey Xeno, I’ve been following your thread for a while now and I got to say that you army is bad-ass man. Love the theme you got going on here, even though you have done a lot of epic work up to this point I have to say that the scouts you have put together are the best yet, I cannot wait until you got these guys painted – keep up the good work and don’t let those cloaks get you down - they are turning out sweet man.
I'm glad you like what I have done so far! Half of it probably wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for the continuing support of the Heresy members, so a lot of kudos goes right back to all you guys!

It will probably be a while before I paint my first scout, I want to finish of the cloak first but after that I probably won't be able to hold myself off any longer (knowing myself, hehe). Then again I have to come up with how I want to paint them also, which I haven't decided yet...

Originally Posted by warsmith7752 View Post
Paintjob has indeed swayed my opinion on the model xeno, I am opposed to having a shoulderpad, I think it makes the mini look much more techy(?).
Then I'm probably going to disappoint you again since I want to use a shoulderpad on him :D

Originally Posted by Blueberrypop View Post
That's lovely and impressive and all, but I'm not going to try such an effect on 5-10 scouts (they're not worth the time vs points quota).

Originally Posted by Siskin View Post
I am new to project logs .
This is some insane painting I love your work the white/red death company, the tanks.

Great job +rep(most I could give )
Project logs are the best thing on the forums, I just love browsing through them, reading about peoples ideas and stealing inspiration!

Thanks for your comment and rep

Originally Posted by sphere830 View Post
I with the lot in awe of this thread. The free-hand is something to behold and strive for.

I also wanted to say that this cat's enthusiasm just brighten my day significantly (however pathetic that may seem).
Freehanding actually comes pretty easily after a while, as long as you keep to less exact symbols (no perfect cirles or rectangles) it's just trial and error. Of course any painting experience helps a lot at the start.


Stories? You want me to tell you stories? You should know I'm not a storyteller, young brother.

What did you whisper under your breath, recruit?! You think I am a bitter sceptic, do you? Oh, I wouldn't say the fact that I lost my arm has made me bitter, brother, but rather the fact that my arm reminds me of the Brethren I couldn't save that very day in that gruesome battle. But that aside I don't think there's any reason to uphold each and every battle-brother in here to the status of heroes by telling younger brothers, such as yourself, about the fanatic exploits and heroism of our chapters veterans.

You know, at the end of the day, each and every one of us is a hero, apart from you, and you should know that even if you might be reluctant to acknowledge it. But don't worry, if you're such a storyteller then you'll have plenty of time to tell future recruits stories about our exploits as time passes, and you know why? Because I'll make sure you'll survive each and every wound you'll manage to suffer as you propel yourself straight into the enemy lines with the vigour of a flock of phoenixes and an ember burning brighter than a star. And I will abide you with that service because that is my calling and that is my honour. Or as you would have put it, my story.

Exemplar Vitus, 4th Company; Servant of the Master-Exemplar, Keeper of Embers.

Exemplars of the 4th Company:

On a side note I'm overwhelmed by how many different colours I'm using for these miniatures:

C&C welcomed as always.


Till next time!

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loving it xeno! literally my favourite project log at the moment. vitus looks amazing, as does the group shot of all the priests.

i kinda hoped you would do the stealth thing on the scouts, but your only mortal (?) so i realised it would be way too time consuming.

still, it would be cool if you did it at some point!

+rep if i can
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Unfinished Project King
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Excellent work mate! I love the way that he turned out and I don't see any disparity between the bionic arm and the shoulder pad. They group shot is fantastic!

On a completely unrelated note..... 2,000 posts!

Commissions, Project Logs, and Galleries
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visit roleplay threads!
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Vitus seems to be missing a few purity seals, at least in comparison to his brothers there haha.

The one on the left could use some touch up on the spotlight, only pointing it out in case you looked over it or something.

Nice fluff piece!

I forget what you're working on next. Guess I'll find out next update.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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Searching for Vulkan
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I really like the white and red you've got going. I'm becomming a huge fan of "dirty" white armour and your work is convincing me more and more... However, I do think that the edging of your shoulder pads and the shading of your white could be cleaned up a bit with a glaze or two of a sepia wash or something, just to eliminate some of the chalkiness! Have some rep

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