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Default The Merciless, World Eaters 16th Company. A Pre-Heresy Log


Numeration: Legio XII, Company XVI
Primogenitor: Angron the Conqueror
Battlebarge: The Merciless
Tactical specialization: Boarding assaults, Exterminatus and Zone Mortalis operations, Line-breaker attacks
Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita

[Updated to: Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre]

Tiberius Thanatos, Centurion and ship captain
Irex Nornas, Legate Commander [KIA: Isstvan III]
Ancient Daegron, Contemptor Dreadnought
Balon , Contemptor Dreadnought
Borg “Redhands”, Champion of the pits
Skath, Chaplain
Garalth, Master of Signal [KIA: Isstvan III]
Verjell, High Codicer [Killed in the pits by Thanatos]
Regran, Primus medicae [KIA: Cleansing of Arrigata]
Kallax “Night Lord”, Primus medicae
Arkadios, Apothecary
Drapaes, Apothecary
Abyron, Apothecary
Solomon Drakon, Vexillarius
Rhaskos, Sergeant – II Tactical squad
Lennar, Sergeant – IV Tactical squad
“Bad Luck” Kull, Sergeant – XII Tactical squad
Urron, Sergeant – I Outrider Squad [MIA: Isstvan V]
Gerakh, Acting Sergeant – I Outrider Squad

Hounds of war
The first known references to the 16th company of the 12th Legion come from the fragmented accounts of the 32nd Fleet, where it is reported as one of the three War Hounds companies assigned to the Expedition.
By that time, the Legion had already cemented his savage reputation by repressing the Cerberus Insurrection [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA], and the Merciless -as the 16th was named by their horrified comrades of the Imperial Army- lived up to that fame, acting as brutal shock troops for the Expeditionary Fleet.



Sons of a broken God
As the Legions grew in size and many came to be reunited with their Primarchs the task of reinforcement became less important, and the 12th Legion was brought back together under the banner of the “Bloody 13th”, the Expeditionary Fleet with the largest number of War Hounds along with dedicated assault and fleet support elements.
The 16th mustered on the planet Bodt along with the rest of the Legion, and saw its ranks refilled with new stocks of wargear and fresh recruits to be trained on volcanic sands.
Available informations about the finding of the Primarch Angron can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA].
In this account, it will be enough to say that in a Legion already based on honor and fighting prowess the martial ideal represented by Angron found a vast number of devoted followers, not least among them Centurion Thanatos of the 16th.
Having been told of the latter's escalade to command the Primarch laughed his approvation, thus “officially” confirming his position as captain of the Battlebarge Merciless and commander of three hundred Astartes.
After reshaping the War Hounds and making them his World Eaters, Angron departed Bodt with his men and launched himself in a bloody rampage across the galaxy, where his Legion gave a total new meaning to its fame for brutality and bloodshed.
A report of the late Heresy era states that “The planets upon which the World Eaters fell were not merely crushed – they were destroyed utterly.
Where once resistance had been found, now were left only grave worlds in their stead – planets not merely burned or blasted from on high but slaughtered in their streets and palaces, factories and fortresses […] the World Eaters Legion became a byword for unbridled violence and slaughter on a gran scale, shunned by many of their fellow Legions for their excesses and whispered of in fear by those who in theory they had been created to protect”.
The first known target to have suffered their wrath was the Golgothan Sector [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA].
The campaign that ensued lasted eleven terran years and entered in the annals of the Imperium as the “Golgothan Slaughter”, and saw “no less than forty-eight worlds and outposts ravaged […] and seven separate dangerous xeno species rendered extinct”, though only minor documental evidence of these conflicts survived to these days.
Most of the informations we currently have focus on what is spoken of as the first and most important battle of the whole campaign: the Siege of Sarum.
Non-16th company specific informations about the siege can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA]


Its wargear repaired and restocked by the Red Priests of Sarum, the 16th Great Company is also reported to have partecipated in Spake Hulk cleansing operations during the extermination of the Ork empires of Blitzklaw and Neverlight and in line-breaker assaults against the xeno Khrave of Serreak-17 and the Craftworld Tuonoetar.
The same report previously quoted in this account states that “nor were human and abhuman worlds spared the Legion's wrath: Susa, Gwydion, Jubal, Badlanding and a dozen more all fell before those Angels of Death[...]” and altough no documental evidence survived of the 16th's involvement in such massacres, it's not hard at all to hypotize it, as there is no other document stating XII Legion activity anywhere else in the galaxy at that time.
The first documental evidence we have about the 16th Great Company after its involvement against the Craftworld Tuonoetar comes in the form of a sworn testimony made by Praetor Tullius Maemnionem of the Ultramarines Legion during Lord Guilliman's denounce of his brother's methods that ensued their collaboration on the rebel planet Arrigata.
General informations about the conflict can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA].


The World Eaters' spiral of violence had its apex in the most dreaded Scouring of Ghenna [RECORDS UNAVAILABLE], when the planet was deprived of its whole population in the course of a single night.
As the massacre's bloody legend began to circulate, so did the rumors about widespread use of psycho-surgery within the Legion.
The confession of Hjell Serask, berserker of the warband “Angron's Chosen” that is suspected to originate from the 16th company, should be certainly taken as that of a snake-tongued heretic, but also represents the only direct sources we have about the company's involvement in such practices.
The studies conducted on Serask's body about the cortical implants called “Butcher's nails” can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA].
The berserker revealed that the Primarch Angron himself had been implanted such devices on [REDACTED], and wanted to pass them on to his sons to boost their battle prowess and ferocity to yet higher levels.
Most of the Legion accepted it: some enthusiastically, others reluctantly, but all willing to be closer to their genetic father.
The Merciless were among the first kind: the Nails quickly saw widespread use within the Company and Centurion Thanatos greatly encouraged their use, being one of the first in the whole Legion to willingly submit himself as a tester for the implancts reproduced by the Apothecarion of the Conqueror.
As soon as the wispers about this practice became openly voiced demands for censure from Imperial authorities -Roboute Guilliman first among them, after witnessing the Legion at work on Arrigata- the Emperor sent Primarch Leman Russ to meet Angron on the very field of Ghenna and make him stop with such a prohibited and foul surgery.
This resulted in the incident known as “The night of the Wolf”.


After that, the Emperor directly called Angron before him for reprimand, forbidding once more the use of the Butcher's Nails and exiling the World Eaters in the northern fringes of the galaxy, where they could slaughter a great number of xeno races aways from the Imperium's core worlds.
Unfortunately, there is no surviving source regarding this period of the Company's history.

The blood of my brother
The name of the World Eaters returns in the annals of the Imperium in occasion of the mustering called by Warmaster Horus Lupercal in order to suppress the Isstvan III uprising.
General informations about the rebellion and the infamous Atrocity that followed can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA]


Void hunter
It would later be clear that many of the experimental implancts received by the Merciless were particularly strong, and degenerated faster than those of their brothers.
After the Betrayal many of them had already reached the point of no return, though a pirric majority still retained some kind of control over the Nails.
Those members who returned from the ruined surface of Isstvan III were quickly reorganised and resupplied on board of the Merciless as the Warmaster prepared the next stage of his plan, which would come to be known as the Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre.
General informations regarding the battle can be found here [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA].


The Five Hundred Worlds Burn
After the ninety eight days of Isstvan V, the World Eaters were sent in the Segmentum Ultima along with the Word Bearers to begin the bloody campaign which would come to be known as The Shadow Crusade [OPEN EXTERNAL DATA], meant to shed enough blood and despair to tear the veils of reality and unleash a violent warpstorm capable of isolating the realm of Ultramar from the rest of the Imperium. In the opening stages of the conflict the Merciless were sent right outside the borders of the Five Hundred Worlds, in the Australis Ultima Sector, and tasked to unleash as much devastation as possible to cause a minor storm which would cut off that border of the Ultramarine Empire from every possible link with Australis. It is safe to assume that the ranks of the Merciless had been refilled before the beginning of the attack, as their numbers after the Isstvan Campaign would have never been enough to sustain the amount of losses required in the invasion of a System.


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Centurion Tiberius Thanatos, Commander of the Merciless

First born son of a Terran tech-barbarian warlord, Tiberius Thanatos was taken as a tribute and recruited in the Emperor's 12th Legion after his father was cast into submission at the end of the Unification Wars.
He swiftfully emerged from the ranks, being the exact kind of officer the twelfth needed at the time: a brutal, cunning but noble leader driven by his own pragmatic honor code, as he had been raised up to be when he was meant to inherit the mantle of command in his tribe.
When the 16th Company's Centurion died in the Siege of Hierotzelem, Tiberius won command over the Merciless by defeating every other pretendant in the ritual fights that followed: not yet satisfied, he also challenged those of the other two companies attached to the 32nd expedition along with the 16th, who had also lost their respective Centurions during the Siege.
Bending or killing every opponent, he found himself alone to command a battleship and -at full strenght- three hundred Astartes, a position that would later be confirmed with a laughter of approval by the Primarch Angron.
In the following years he proved himself a skilled void commander and a warm brother for all of the 12th Legion, respected for his insight and martial sense of humor as well as for his physical resilience and hand-to hand skills, but he was never animated by the same fervour some of his brothers had towards the Emperor of Mankind.
To Tiberius he was a distant, brutal tyrant who destroyed the life he was meant to live and whom he was forced to serve by lack of choices.
This is why when Angron came to the Legion with his tragic story and his bloody warrior code he was seen by Thanatos as a similar soul to him, and easily won his loyalty over that for the Emperor. In Angron, Thanatos found a true leader to follow, someone he would gladly fight for, and who would also later give him the opportunity to stand against the Emperor he so clearly hated.
Such was Tiberius' devotion to his genesire that he was among the first to volunteer as a test for the cortical implants soon to become widespread within the Legion, and it comes to no surprise that he followed him in the events of the Horus Heresy.
Unfortunately his Nails were a particularly strong device and degenerated sooner than expected: after the battle for Isstvan V they had already eroded much of the man he was, allowing him only glimpses of the leader his men were used to and turning him into a colder, killing addicted monster who gladly broke his former self on the same anvil that twisted his father, and would do so again even knowingly.

Contemptor Dreadnought Ancient Daegron

An original Warhound from Terra who fought since the foundation of the Legion, he reported critical wounds after Hierotzelem's self destruction and was interred in one of the recently issued Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts.
At first he was a well esteemed veteran among the 16th, and even Thanatos often sought his wisdom, but when Angron's hand reshaped the Legion, not being able to receive the Nails isolated him from the once respectful Merciless.
He was left alone, with High Codicer Verjell and the other outcasts from the Librarium, to remember the times of the Old Legion and see the new one fall into corruption before his eyes.
By the time of Isstvan III the Contemptor's machine spirit had put its capricious roots deep into the warrior's consciousness, who was now awaken by his forgetful brothers only when war called as a weapon to be used and then restrained without remorse.

Primus Medicae Kallax “Night Lord”

Recruited from a death world during the Golgothan Slaughter, Kallax had pale skin and ice-blue eyes that made him stand out from the rest of his Legion.
Proving himself a quick learner, he was chosen to be part of the Conqueror's Apothecarion and suitably trained by the masters of the 12th.
The match between his world's man-hunting culture and anathomical studies soon gave birth to a cynical and sadist individual with a passion for psycological tortures and those mouse-and-cat situations which he would come to live quite often given the 16th company's -where he was detached at the end of his training- specialization for Zone Mortalis and Boarding actions, and this would prove to him a Nails-feeding method far more satisfying than crude slaughter.
Kallax became Primus Medicae of the Merciless when his predecessor Regran was slain during the Cleansing of Arrigata, being by far the strongest member of the Apothecarion left alive.
He started getting called “Night Lord” after the ninety-eight days of Isstvan V, where after the chase for any loyalist survivor a VIII Legion Praetor had his suit improved with fearful embellishments and silenced serfs for stalking operations in memory of the “great time they had together”.
Kallax is nevertheless a trusted lieutenant to Thanatos, who greatly esteems his feral cunning and discipline-enforcing methods.

Sergeant “Bad Luck” Kull

A Bodt born Astartes who entered service during the Ghenna Scouring, Kull is a cynical officer who has since earned many honours.
He is famous in the company for wielding a bolt pistol with Space Wolves iconography earned in the Night of the Wolf, despite the Legion's belief of inherited weapons bringing bad luck.
“Only the weak needs luck” he always says, and has so earned the nickname “Bad Luck” Kull.
During the assault on Mardrion, a Raven Guard terminator punched his head with a powerfist: an ironic fate wanted Kull lucky enough to survive by some dark miracle, though half of his skull and even part of his brain needed mechanical replacement.

Sergeant Lennar

Lennar is a Terran Veteran of renown among the ranks of the Merciless who led the the 4th Tactical Squad through most of the Great Crusade.
Some reports state that he lost his mind on Isstvan III and started drinking his loyalist brothers' blood.
He led a task force in the vaults of the Alpha-51 training complex on Mardrion, retrieving a relic phase-walker device that was stored as a trophy in the armory of the Merciless.

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it might just be the lighting, but I think you need to dull down some of the bright colors and maybe a wash to bring out more contrast... so that the last two pics are match the first one better.


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Mate that fluff is awesome, you've really put a lot in and the style is top notch. Picture wise, it will be great to see more, but I think you either need to concentrate your photo taking during the day (I'm bad at this), get a photo box and/or change the lighting arrangement.

The first model, Tiberius Thanatos, looks great. The white looks grubby and weathered, the blue matches and the metal looks dinted and battered to fit the part. Also I like the mixing of a Latin name meaning 'born by the Tiber' and greek 'death', it's a pretty evocative character name for a Terran pre-heresy marine doomed to turn traitor (world eater no less).


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I genuinely admire the degree to which you have committed to creating your own fluff for this warband--not only tying in primary heresy events, but also lesser-known fluff occurrences and also events of your own invention to the degree that I (who pride myself on a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the background of various Heresy events named in the past decade and a half) really am at a loss as for what is GW-created and what is you-created--and I recognize the relative lack of importance of such a distinction.

Which is to say, simply: well done. I will do my best to watch what you post further: you have certainly captured my interest...

CSM Plog, Tactica

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Nice and brutal marines! You have also inspired me to put some more effort into my models. I spend weeks on models but then they have no identity after that.. This stuff is awesome and will help tie games and army together.
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@CLT40k : I often mess things up when I take pictures. It's more of a light thing than painting, as the style is always the same... the thing is, I'm the worst photographer ever. And I can't give coherency to any picture series I take. But I'll try my better next time, I promie
@Iraqiel : Thank you for the pic-taking advice. I'll try to put it to use!
Also, I'm deeply glad you like Thanatos! I put a lot of effort on him, both fluff wise and painting wise.
@Mossy Toes : I think I'll print your comment and stick it on the army's display. I feel honored to see my fluff regarded this way, good sir!
@Matcap : Thank you! And also glad to be of help. Will look forward for your work!

I updated the first post with an additional bit of fluff about what the Merciless are doing during the Shadow Crusade and added pictures and biography for sergeants Kull and Lennar in the second post.

Also, here are my recently finished Red Butchers:

Hope you like them!

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Looking gore covered and mid-murder.



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All the blood!!!!!
Normally I'd say that is too much, but these are World Eaters and I'd be completely wrong then.
Keep up the good work.
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Arkadios, Apothecary

Abyron, Apothecary

Tactical Squad Kull - Unidentified Legionnaires

Sergeant Rhaskos "Heabutter"

Tactical Squad Rhaskos - Unidentified Veteran Legionnaire

World Eaters Legion Storm Eagle - Pic Capture taken during the fall of Virtus Prime
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