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Very promising. I suspect I may enjoy the final result.
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Looking good man!
Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
I've primed them, airbrushed the reds and have started the most difficult part of any Chaos Marine model: The trims.
Nord, that's basically why I play chaos. Way back I decided to switch to chaos because they looked the coolest and were the most intricate difficult models to paint, and they would stretch my skills the most.

Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Looking good man!

Nord, that's basically why I play chaos. Way back I decided to switch to chaos because they looked the coolest and were the most intricate difficult models to paint, and they would stretch my skills the most.
Ah yes, back in the Before Times, when we thought "Chaos looks cool!" and doomed ourselves to painting Heldrake wings...

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Soo time for another update:

I finished the 3 Rhinos yesterday - And I must admit, I really like them. They fit in perfectly with the theme I have going and the amount of detail on them is great but not too much. They ended up something like this:

The gunner, the doors and the top hatch can be taken off, so they can be converted to Predators if I'm going to need it in the future. For now I will just use them as Rhino's though, but it's good to be prepared for army expansions in the future. I hope they live up to your expectations guys. Bump @Subtle Discord .

As for the next project - It's a bit ambitious, as I will be going away from the 1st of April - 13th of April on tour in Russia with my band. So I will only have half the time to complete it for the challenge. I will most likely pull a RL card, but as far as I can understand I already completed this years challenge, so I can relax and focus on getting the bits home and the project underway.

And I'm going to need it, as I will be making 20 standard Chaos Space Marines. But you know me, it's not going to be standard - The goal is to make the following:

- 20 Chaos Space Marine
- They need to have magnetized arms so I can switch weapons on them, as I want them to be able to be Chosen as well.
- I also want them to be a bit more barbaric than the normal version, due to them being Crimson Slaughter. They just don't seem violent enough, the standard troopers, so I had to find something else.

And then I went to and found my solution. Here's what I'm planning:

Standard Chaos Space Marine heads.

Standard Chaos Space Marine shoulders.

Body & Legs:
Barbarian Armor from Puppetswar

Armour arms from Puppetwar

Various weapons from Puppetswar (bolters, bolt pistols, close combat weapons and power weapons, and even lightning claws are available.

The reason I wanted to go this route, was the fact that I can magnetise the hands in this case and only switch that, meaning I would need a lot less components if I want them all to be as flexible as I can. The only thing I cannot get are powerfists, where I would need to use the GW ones.

This also means that, when I'm going to make Khorne Berserkers, that I can use the legs from a standard kits, along with the FW World Eater kits to make those. Essentially I would get components for 2 different squads out of a 10 man squad package from GW: Heads and shoulders for standard Marines and legs and arms for Berserkers.

What are your thoughts guys? Is this complete overkill or just awesome?

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The bodies look suitably eeeevil, although I'm - personally - not all that keen on the armoured arms. They look rather plain and smooth....

However, I look forward to seeing what you can do with the parts

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This is something to look forward too.
And your right on both counts, it's a bit overkill and very awesome.
Those Puppetswar pieces look like they'do make great Khorne Berserkers on their own.
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Complete awesome. I've had it in mind to re-open my chaos army and start to make mine a bit more like reavers from firefly, and this seems like it's going to be a good step back to the primordially terrifying, visceral horror type marines that I'll be looking to do one day.


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So after doing a bit of research, I found one critical point in the above; The wrists are not made for magnets - Only the shoulders are.

Because of this, I have ordered a set of arms and a set of pistols and bolters. If I can make the wrists magnetized myself, then I can go ahead with the idea. If I can't, then the total amount of money needed for this is way too much as I would need to buy additional arms and shoulder pads for each weapon I want to use.

Fingers crossed!
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If you are after bits the chainswords in the newer raptor set look nastier and have more varied poses to make things look a bit different if it suits your purpose. The rhinos look awesome as always, going to need to get myself an airbrush.

You'll need to shout if you end up doing a gig around London, be good to show up (work permitting)
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So something just occurred to me; I'm leaving for Russia tonight on tour and when I get back I only have 2 weeks for the monthly challenge. That leaves the Chaos Marines project on hold, as there's absolutely no way I can make that in time when I get back.

So, in celebration of the new Khorne dex coming out (and in honor of @venomlust - You crazy Juggernut you), I thought I would try my hand with a conversion. Now, I'm a huge noob when it comes to conversions, so I would start out small; A Juggerlord!

The result is this:

Nothing big, but I did the following:
- Filed down his cape so I could attach a backpack on him.
- Found a bolt-gun arm, cut half of it off and filed the armsocket so it matched.

Nothing big, but I like the overall feel of him. Hey, you gotta start somewhere right? (And yes he's floating a bit as he's attached with funny-dough, so i can remove him safely)

When I get back, I will start painting him.
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