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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Default Jac's Badab War Forces

Hi all

I was wanting a break from painting red for my Crimson Fury (check the link in my sig) and needing some motivation to continue painting so I looked though my bits box and saw that I had enough parts (in varying condition of brand new to really old and need a lot of clean up) to through together another force and I also picked up some second hand minis. I thought stuff it, lets go Badab War!

I wanted to do both sides of the conflict and wanted Minotaurs for the loyalists because of the awesome FW characters and brutal nature of them (High Lords of Terra's enforcers... nasty!). I was tempted to go Executioners for the Secessionists because of their fluff but the blue steel color scheme kinda put me off as it is similar to GK's which I've painted before. Then I noticed to Tyrants Legion and realised I could use yet more random mini's I have in my bits box for it. Double score. Anyway I got painting!

Thought I would chuck up some pictures of some Astral Claws I speed painted (for me anyway). These took me about 8-10 hours for 10 to do which is a lot better than the 30+ for 5 it usually takes me. The majority of the time was spent doing the freehand symbols on the shoulders. It didn't turn out amazing but its ok and its the first time I've tried to paint that symbol. I'm happy with the freehand on the banner though.

Astral Claws wise I've got a Centurion, a Corpsetaker and two servitors, 5 Retaliators and 5 Devastators plus some IG to turn into Tyrants Legion. I'm also going to do up a squad of Lamenters as Retaliators as well. Then there is the stuff I'm really excited about - a Death Wing Minotaurs army with FW Characters and shoulder pads. But thats only when I've done the Astral Claws and possibly the Lamenters. Tyrants legion will be after them.

Anyway on to pictures:

The Astral Claws are done to the same standard that I'm doing for my Crimson Fury bar highlighting (that takes far too long for me to do in a speed paint and I want to get these guys out quickly). What do you think? Good enough for the tabletop? I'm tempted to write up fluff for these guys like my Crimson Fury marines. Worth it do you think?

Any C&C would be appreciated!
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They look good Jacobite. It takes me around 30 hours or more to paint a small squad as well so I can appreciate how good these look for such a small amount of time in comparison. The silvers, blues and gold all look great, as do the faces. I'm not a huge fan of names being written on the bases but that's just personal preference and does not take away from the painting itself. The freehand on the banner looks very smooth and nicely done too.

Any chance of any close-ups? (of both single marines and the freehand symbols)

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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Hi Red, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your feedback. I'll get some individual shots up next time I've got the camera set up as I've been writing individual fluff for each marine. Wasn't going to do it originally but I lost my resolve.

This week has been a bit of a failure painting wise. Real life took a massive hit as I was forced to deal with situations involving evicting people from my mothers house 2 hours up the road while she is over seas and also having to begin the process of taking my ex house mate to court over unpaid rent. Both these situations are still on going. Fun times.

Anyway here are some pictures of what I have managed to do. The Astral Claws Retaliator Squad and Devastator Squad. Not painted but it gives you an idea of what they will look like:

I really need to find something to put in/do something with those empty hands on the Devys

C&C appreciated as always
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Ok so taken some individual shots of the Tactical Marines and written up some fluff for each of them. Taking pictures of silver marines is hard, for some reason its not showing the gold highlights. They are there I promise! Hopefully I will get better. Anyway I'll post a couple up per day and by the time I'm finished the Devies and Retaliators should be done.

Tactical Squad Seneca

One of many such squads within the Astral Claws, Squad Seneca
is kept at full strength at all times replacements taking the place of causalities as they happen. It is the tactical squads who form the backbone of any Chapter and the Astral Claws are no exception. All bear the mark of Maelstorm Warders on their right knees and the company number on the left.

Veteran Sergeant Seneca

Veteran Sergeant Seneca is a marine conflicted. Before Huron came to power Seneca was a member of the First Company and when the legion expanded he was turned over to teaching roles. After 5 consecutive and unhappy tours of tutoring Scouts he managed to get transferred back to front line combat duties. While teaching he saw the evolving face of the chapter and in an effort to continue to honor the old ways he has keep the old chapter symbol as his banner. He believes that Huron’s goal of conquering the Maelstrom is right but is worried about the changing nature of the chapter. A veteran of the First Company he wears a suit of Mark 7 armor and bears the Crux Terminatus on a chain around his waist. Unusually he does not bear the Veterans Cross on his left shoulder pad. This may be down to personal choice. He carries a hellfire pattern plasma pistol and a power fist of common design.

Post War Status: Slain in the Fall of Badab by a Sons Of Medusa Dreadnaught.

Brother Gallus

Gallus was born on Babab Prime and is the newest member of squad. He still feels out of place within it but despite this he does not feel the need to prove himself, instead trusting that it will come in time. A levelheaded individual with no large ambitions he simply wishes to serve his chapter and the Emperor well and die with honor.

He wears a standard Mark 7 Pattern armor suit and is armed with a Godwyn bolter.

Post War Status: Surrendered to Minotaurs forces during the Fall. Executed on the spot for Heresy.

Brother Tacticus

Tacticus is a native of Badab Primus and an imperious warrior. He finds his vigor for bloodshed hard-pressed to keep in check and makes no secret his desire to be assigned to a Retaliator Squad. He despises non Astartes life and takes great pleasure in putting down any human who stands before him for even a perceived insult.

Wearing Mark 7 armor with a Mark 5/6 left shoulder pad worn on his right and wielding a Godwyn pattern bolter he is a perfect example of what the Astral Claws are becoming under Huron.

Post War Status: Survived the Fall and now operates as part of Priscus’s war band in one of his Retaliator Squads.

So the chances of me actually playing a game in the next 2 years have increased with the release of the new rulebook so I've rejiged the mini's around. The Retaliators will now be a Command Squad rules wise with a Corpse Taker. I did think about going down the BA route, forgot about it pulled apart some minis to use them codex wise and then remembered. Ah well who cares, not ever really going to play in a tournie so it doesn't matter.
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Brother Drusus

Wearing a suit of Mark eight power armor that is sparsely adorned and most likely a recent replacement Drusus carries the squad heavy weapon; a Astartes MK Iva Heavy Bolter. His helmet is fitted with enhanced optics help maintain accurate fire while using his weapon on full auto. The honor of welding the heavy bolter shows that he is a solid and dependable marine who can be relied upon in all situations. Transferred to squad directly from a Devastator squad after the last heavy weapons operator was killed in combat with the Fire Angels on Gargathea. He joined the squad by personal request of Seneca who had been observing him for some time.

Post War Status: Now commands the heavy weapons teams of Centurion Aelius’s warband. Was one of the last Astral Claws to leave Badab.

Brother Iunius

A marine in the prime of his career and looking to continue along the path to a leadership role is Brother Iunius, unfortunately the chances of this are slim due to a long running mutual dislike of Centurion Aelius that originated when the Centurion was his squad leader. He wields a Goodwyn pattern bolter and often acts as 2ic of the squad as and when required. His armor is an new set with the exception of the MK3 chest plate. While Iunius does not approve of the merger with the Tiger Claws he makes sure to keep this feeling hidden.

Post War Status: Killed by Aelius after a failed assassination attempt during the post Fall of Badab power struggles.

Brother Nerva

The sole hidden Tiger Claw in the Strike force is Brother Nerva. A natural loner even among his own kind he rarely speaks to anybody other than his sergeant. Nerva is of decaying years and often can be found staring blankly off into the distance which has an unnerving effect on the younger members of the squad especially. He always makes sure to keep his war gear, a suit of Mark 7 other than Studded M5/6 right shoulder pad, most likely from his time as a Tiger Claw on or with him at all times. Some would call it paranoia, he knows it is simply being prepared.

Post War Status: MIA presumed KIA, although with his lone wolf tendency it is all speculation.
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I'm not sure what Jacobite, but something about these mini's just doesn't look... right.

That's one I've found, I think your astral claws don't have the highly polished sheen I reckon they should. Just personal opinion, Everything else is cool!

World's Worst Project-Logger.

Slightly Derranged, would advice staying away.
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Hi Lethiathan

Thanks for your feedback. I understand what you mean about my guys not having a polished sheen to them. I've got this thing about clean marines. Not a fan, I like my marines dirty, flithy, looking like they are in the middle or just after a battle with mud, blood, rain and bullets all flying. Not really time to sit around polishing the armor.

I would be very surprised if my guys did look like that picture: thats Eavy Metal!
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Brother Aulus

Brother Aulus joined the squad directly after the incident on Gargathea which result in nearly half the squad being lost. At the time he was serving with a Devastator squad (the same as Drusus) as a support marine and saw the actions of the Fire Angels Dreadnaught that took such a toll. His pride made him volunteer to be re-assigned thinking that he can show the others how they should do things. This has earned him few friends within the squad other than Vitus. He wears a Mark 7 suit with Mk3 left shoulder pad. Wielding a Godwyn pattern bolter the flame patterns on his armor are self applied much to the chagrin of the Chapter’s Techmarines.

Post War Status: KIA by the Sons of Medusa during the Fall.

Brother Vibianus

Aulus’s main detractor within the squad is the plasma gun operator, a cynical and angry marine by the name of Vibianus. His distain for anybody other than himself and his immediate comrades over rules most of his decision making. Fiercely loyal to his squad leader after pulling him out of the path of the Fire Angels Dreadnaughts fire back on Gargathea he has made it very clear to Aulus to stay away from him should he want to keep his head. He wears a suit of Mk7 armor with a MK6 “beakie” helm. His plasma gun is a Mk V Mars Pattern with the stock removed to aid mobility.

Post War Status: KIA by the same Son of Medusa that slew Aulus during the Fall of Badab.

Brother Liveo

Preferring to keep his head free from the confines of a helmet is battle brother Liveo. An odd ball of a man he keeps himself to himself and rarely converses with any of the other squad members. He is known to be a crack shot with the bolter aided or unaided by the tactical aids within his battle gear.

Liveo wears Mark 8 pattern Power Armor with a Mk 5/6 shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He wields a standard Godwyn pattern bolter.

Post War Status: Alive and still serving under Aelius.

Brother Vitus

The resident technical expert within the squad is Battle Brother Vitus. His knowledge of the machine spirits is unusually high for a tactical marine and prior to the outbreak of war it is only a matter of time before he is given leave to study on Mars to become a member of the Chapters Techmarine brotherhood. That opportunity is now forever lost to him and he hates the enemy for denying him that chance. The young native of Badab Prime is clad in a suit of Mk7 armor and wields a Godwyn pattern bolter.

Post War Status: Studying with a sect of the Dark Mechanicus within the Maelstorm. Inquisitional Forces are unsure of his war band affiliations.
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I'm gonna go out on a limb to give some advice, though I'm no expert in these things-
I think that your Astral Claws might look a tad better if you used another layer of...oh, I don't know...Runefang Steel over (I'm guessing what you used was...) the boltgun metal, you may get a nice, brighter sheen to your men.
Whether or not that's your goal, I've no idea, but it's just a tidbit, regardless. Looking great, though. Will be watching for more!

Win/loss record for The Fists of Vengeance- 20 - 1 - 8.
Hive Fleet Kraken- 7 - 2
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Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Hi Minizkel - thanks for you comment. Is it just that they aren't "bright" enough or is it simply because the shade of the steel looks very similar to a metal mini without any paint? I actually used Mithrel Silver (the old name for Runefang) and just dulled the hell out of it and then gave it a quick dry brush with Mithrel again. The very bright silver dots are as a result of the spray paint I was initially going to use to basecoat them with but very quickly changed my mind as the particles were too big... and then I found out the paint didn't take to being covered well.

Got the fluff finished for these guys today. If I ever use them in game they will count a Command Squad so I can get a Apothecary in there. Had I actually been thinking it through properly I would have gone for BA proxy list but then again I would use that for Crimson Fury marines so it will be nice to have variation. This is the reason they don't have combat shields like they normally would have. Priscus would count as Company Champion, all the others are self explanatory:

Retaliator Squad Priscus

Retaliator Squad Priscus acts as personal bodyguard for Corpse Taker Sergius and are feared throughout the Tyrants Legion for their brutality even by Retaliator standards, by the command of their leader all mortals who look upon them must bow their heads or loose their eyes as a mark of respect. All bear the mark of Maelstorm Warders on their right knees and the company number on the left, they also all have the golden backpack exhausts that mark them out as Retaliators. Most are former members of the First Company who have requested duty as Retaliators.

Retaliator Sergeant Priscus

Known as the “Duelist” among the strike force Retaliator Sergeant Priscus is an expert with the blade and has studied under Captain Corien Sumatris in the art of it. It is whispered by some that one day Priscus could challenge Sumatris for the title of “Tyrant’s Champion” however this day is long in the future if indeed it ever did arrive. For the moment Priscus is content to learn from his enemy’s and slay all in the name of the Tyrant.

He wears a mixture of Mark 5, 6 and 7 armor patterns and as benefiting his rank of Sergeant he has an ornate left shoulder pad. His tabard shows the sign of the Maelstrom Warders as does his combat shield although this is mixed with a simplified version of his personal heraldry: a dueling sword on a blue and yellow background. Like Vitus his combat shield shows signs of use as a offensive weapon. He is also armed with a Ultima Pattern Bolt Pistol and Dueling Power Sword of unknown origin. His hands are stained with blood probably as a result of using the quillions of the blade to punch through a weak spot in the enemy’s armor. A power sword’s blade will cauterize the wound instantly and is generally a clean weapon to fight with if you only use the blade.

Post War Status: Alive and leading his own warband out of the Maelstorm.

Retaliator Iovita

Iovita is a trouble maker whose talents are somewhat at odds with the role of an Astartes. He is an uneven man whose love for sabotage would be better suited to other more subtle chapters but has accepted his place within the Astral Claws with great pride. An older marine he known to be a cunning fighter and not one to be crossed making him a perfect Retaliator able to out think the enemy and press his attack up close and personally.

Clad in primarily Mark 7 armor, the one exception being his Mark 6 studded shoulder pad. He weilds a Ultima pattern Bolt Pistol and a MK Xf Hell’s Teeth Pattern Chainsword. All his equipment is realatively new, Iovita has always shown a preference for newer equipment and regularly swaps out his weapons and armour for replacements whenever he can. The one exception to this is the Mark 6 shoulder pad. He refuses to say why but it is thought by others that it is in relation to the death of his friend Sabinus some 100 years before the beginning of the Badab War. The tabard on his waist indicates his loyalty to his squad leader and has to be earned in blood.

Post War Status: Survived the Fall of Badab but was killed in an argument with Gaius shortly afterwards. Gaius now wears his Studded Shoulder Pad as a trophy.

Retaliator Vitus

Vitus is a complete pyromaniac and no amount of physico indoctrination has managed to chance this. Although it is not uncommon for flamer operators to exhibit a certain affinity with fire Vitus takes this to another level. When not on duty he can regularly be found manipulating flaming sticks between his fingers spinning them faster and faster until they become blurs of fire.

He wears a suit of Mark 6 armored legs with a modified mark 7 chest plate. His left shoulder pad is also of mark 6 pattern and displays the Veteran symbol he is entitled to wear. His right plate is of Mark 7 pattern and displays the Tyrants Claw. He forgoes the use of a helmet is all but the most brutal of firefights instead preferring to gaze upon his handiwork with his own eyes, although he does wear a mouth grill. It is unsure weather this is for protection or for intimidation. The flamer he uses is of common manufacture and incorporates a protective shield at the front. The bottom edge is curved and can be used as melee weapon. It is very common for Retaliators to do this and is now a standard part of their training. His left leg sports a very basic "peg" leg, a very basic field modification to his armor after his foot had to be amputated following it being crushed by a ruined tank rolling on it.

Post War Status: Was killed during the Fall of Badab by a Minotaurs Terminator. During the Fall he was thrown from a building by an grenade explosion and landing 20 meters from his killer. Dazed by the blast and fall he was an easy target for the Minotaur’s power spear.

Retaliator Gaius

Brother Gaius is a former Assualt Marine as shown by the winged skull honorific on his left shoulder pad and is the only member of the squad who had not been elevated to the First Company. He is a young and fool hardy yet very dangerous combatant who likes to take mementos of his kills. The power sword he wields is the former property of a Fire Angels Veteran Sergeant who he boasted in hand to hand combat and took his blade as a trophy. The iron fire symbols on his left knee also represent this. He wears a suit of Mark 7 armor other than his chest plate which is a modified Mark 6. The skeleton foot appearance of the right boot is a self made modification for unknown reasons. This is Gaius’s first posting to a Retaliator Squad. A dirty fighter as keen been seen by the blood stains on his helmet. No doubt the result of head butting an enemy Marine.

Post War Status: Gaius survived the Fall of Badab and is thought to be fighting alongside Priscus as a corsair.

As an aside you may have noticed I live my marines dirty, I also like my chainswords covered in blood, and not only the chainsword but also the arm of the guy weilding it. Its a chainsaw... they will make a mess of body parts, with my Crimson Fury marines I couldn't really show it much since they are red but with these guys... well I couldn't resist a close up:

I have to write the fluff for the Dev's next but on the painting table is the Corpse Taker who is actually one of my favorite minis to date that I have converted and painted. Its a very simple conversion, nothing special at all but for some reason I really like it, gets across their darker than normal nature compared to a normal SM Apothecary without taking him to far into heretic land. Also is a Centurion and 5 Sniper Scouts with digi camo cloaks. This guys will take longer due to the cloaks. Anyway more on that next time.

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