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Dazed and confused.
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A well deserved award. This has turned into one of the best plogs in here, and that's saying something.
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Could you give any pointers on converting Cataphracts? Also are you using homebrew rules for them or are you basing them on something in the FW book or elsewhere?
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Well with Throne Of Skulls 1 day away everything is now complete, first off is the defence line which I'm glad I chose white (based off of their City Of Light) cause I didn't have to do any real painting for the base after spraying the white basecoat from an angle. The gold trim thou was a right pain and I found myself painting 1 section each evening before adding the battle damage and scorch marks.

Should help keep my Spire Guard alive instead of them cowering in terran.

Now as you all know GW disapproves of my major use of non-gw parts on my terminators at GW events which makes sense, so I needed some suitable alternatives for Warhammer World events. It was originally going to be the robots but then Forgeworld released their pre-heresy terminators and I wanted a squad to convert and here they are...

Aside from the same weapon conversions of my previous terminators I added details such as the jewel scarab and horse hair plume to make them look similar to the terminators featured in this piece of artwork with the Primarch.

I might make another squad for larger GW events and to have the option of fielding 25 Grey Knight Terminators till then I'm likely to use these guys as a sort of Command Bodyguard for Corteaz and my upcoming Librarian conversion.
I'm curious to know which terminator variant do you like these ones or my robed conversions?

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Really glad to see a new post, these FW cataphractii came out very well, but the defense wall... This thing is absolutely like I would imagine a wall in Tizca, truly beautiful!!!!
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Porn King!!!
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BAD FUCKING ASS!!!!!! Just so sweet.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

My Thousand Sons Project Log
My Warriors of Chaos Project Log
My Cryx Project Log
My Necron Project Log
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Sadly I was unable to make a very competitive list with the models available so I took my friendly list relying on the ladder system to balance it out, but they've dropped it for an all random system which forced my not so competitive list to stuggle. Not to mention I was plagued by bad luck on Saturday.

Game 1 Vs Necrons (Lots or Warriors, Lords and a Monolith) Close lost but a lot of fun.
Game 2 Vs Necron (Barges and Long Ranged stuff + Doomsythe) Masscared, shot me up from a distance and plagued by bad luck rolling double 1 for a point blank melta shot on the flyer!
Game 3 Vs Grey Knights: Once again bad dice rolls but nearly grabbed victory periled my terminators and interceptors with psyshock missile from his storm raven.
Game 4 Vs Grey Knights: (20 Terminators, 2 Dreads and Inquisitor) Won thanks to my plasma cannons, dude wouldn't walk his terminators into range which allowed me to weather him down from a distance. Good Game!
Game 5 Vs New Dark Angels (with Bellal and Knights): Tabled Victory thanks to Coteaz and his Dividnation powers ie forced re-rolling of saves, new terminators are very nasty thou.

Game 4 with a strong defensive line and Plasma Cannons on the high ground nasty!

Problem is there is no ladder system anymore, it's all randomly drawn so I was fighting players with all wins on GAME 2,3 & 4. They said it was dropped so they can avoid arguments amongst very VERY competitive players on the top tables.
They should at least have a top and bottom half otherwise you need to have a very competitive list in case you dealt against a skilled opponents.

My army was nominated for Best Army and competition was tough as there was no real clear winner as every army was getting a lot of attention, but in the end character and bizzare appearance won it for the 'Mexican Orks' :D

With Throne Of Skulls now done I was tempted to begin work on the 2nd Expansion consisting of...

A Sorcerer (Rune Priest),
Pyrae Robots in Drop Pod (Wolf Guard Terminators),
Recon Squad (5 Grey Hunters),
5 Devastators (Long Fangs),
& maybe some Land Speeders (FW Jetbikes)

But with two different variants of the army to play I've decided to take a short break from my thousand sons for a while, I'll instead be focusing on my other project The Grot Rebellion who have been out of action since 6th edition. I'll likely be repainting or at least redoing some of the details on the existing units with what I've learned during this project, I'll post a link on this thread when I start the new log.

But do keep an eye on this log as I will be uploading small editions to the Thousand Sons whilst working on the grots. Till then check out the army's completed codex cover by Beata Kurkul

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Oh yeah, congratulations with your codex cover; one fantastic commission.
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Where is Jessica Hyde?
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I loved your army at Throne of Skulls. Personally it was between yours and the Tyranid army. I hope you will take this army to another throne of skulls so I have a chance of playing against it.

Your toast has been burnt and no amount of scraping will get rid of the black bits.
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