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Greenskin 10-13-11 06:34 PM

The Shadow Guardians Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes
Hi folks! this is my first real thread on Heresy-Online, so I'll apologize ahead of time for any quality control issues.
My goal here is to post progress pictures of my army, and hopefully gain motivation and insight into how to improve my technique from the awesome community here.
This is a codex chapter, as the title to this thread suggests. I'm planning for them to be a successor chapter of the Ultramarines, as the similarities between their two paint schemes are readily apparent. I basecoated them with Chaos Black before painting the bulk of the armor Charadon Granite. The blue areas are Regal Blue with an Enchanted Blue highlight drybrushed on top. Finally, I've used Fortress Grey highlighted with Space Wolves Grey for the accent color.
Here is a sergeant with a couple ordinary marines. I'm not sure if I like how much red he ended up with. It makes him almost look like he's from a different chapter. I might change his helmet to Space Wolves Grey (the color of all my veterans' helmets). However, I am also considering doing the cloak in a more fitting color, Maybe blue. C&C welcome!

spanner94ezekiel 10-13-11 06:47 PM

Looks awesome so far. You got any fluff/background for them yet?

Greenskin 10-14-11 05:33 AM

As for the background, nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what I’ve been kicking around:

The High Lords of Terra sanctioned the creation of this chapter primarily to protect a populated star system in the galactic South East. The system [needs a proper name] is strategically important to the Imperium because of the high rate at which its human inhabitants produce psychically attuned offspring. Estimates of psychic abilities in the system’s human population range from 1:50,000 to 1:10,000 These psykers are, of course, a very valuable resource to the Imperium of Man, and the Black Ships make frequent stops in the system to collect such specimens for use as agents of the Imperium, astropathic messengers, in one of the many psychic choirs, or even to fuel the Golden Throne itself.
Scientists have speculated that some strange combination of solar radiation and mineral composition of the planets' crust conspire to create the abnormally high rate of psychic mutation in the planet's inhabitants. One archeologist has even gone so far as to claim that the worlds of this system were once home to an ancient race of Xenos--perhaps the Eldar. Still there are others within the Imperium that suspect the taint of chaos must be close at hand where humans are frequently born with such gifts.
Regardless of the causes of these phenomena, the system remains sufficiently important to the Imperium that when an Ork waaagh began to mobilize within the sector, members of the Ultramarines defended the system from any and all attacks as the green tide washed over the neighboring stars. After the waaagh had passed. A garrison of Ultramarines remained behind with a compliment of strike cruisers, thunderhawk gunships, and a pair of dreadnoughts, to defend the system from further Ork incursions into the system. Occasionally, the Ultramarines even drew gifted young psykers from the local populace for training within the Librarium of Macragge.
Under the vigilant watch of the Ultramarines, the system prospered and grew from a scrabble of primitive mining colonies and feral worlds into a productive feudal society with a competent network of manufactorums and a capable Planetary Defense Force capable of lending its strength to the Imperial Guard when necessary.
During this time, gene seed from the Ultramarines was used to create a new chapter to permanently watch over this system, and to aid the Ultramarines in defending the Ultima Segmentum against the enemies of mankind. The High Lords dubbed this new chapter the Shadow Guardians. They are to guard the Emperor’s Feast for all eternity. Because the Shadow Guardians recruit primarily from worlds within the system they are sworn to protect, they boast a large number of powerful librarians within their ranks. Additionally, a few ordinary marines from the Shadow Guardians possess low-level psychic powers which might appear to others as a strong sense of battlefield intuition.
During the Time of Ending at the close of the 41st millennium, the Shadow Guardians find the worlds in their charge under heavy attack from the advancing tendrils of the Great Devourer...

This is really all I've thought out so far. I'm thinking that the chapter is currently under heavy attack from Hive Fleet Leviathan, or perhaps they have already been routed from the system by the endless waves of clawed monsters.

Minizke1 10-14-11 01:04 PM

I actually love how the sergeant came out. I think the quality paint job distracted me from the fact that those are AOBR marines. Lookin' great!

KjellThorngaard 10-14-11 01:08 PM

Nice start to an army. I like the paint scheme and the gritty, battle-worn look to these minis. The dark grey and blues work really well together. Kudos for putting together a bit of fluff as well. +rep for you.

Greenskin 10-14-11 03:57 PM

The feedback is definitely appreciated, folks! Here's what I accomplished last night. I found this old metal devastator in some boxes from my childhood. he was mostly painted as an Ultramarine. Perfect for induction into an Ultramarine offshoot chapter. I'm sorry I forgot to take a "before" pic. I'll have a shot of him with his mighty lascannon up soon.
I still need to add highlights to his armor. to highlight the Charadon granite I mix it with Fortress Grey. I have also been shading he armor with Devlan Mud and occasionally Black Wash (from a paint pot I've had for years and which is slowly disintegrating before my eyes). I want these guys to look dirty. In the near future, I may for for the royal treatment and purchase some weathering powder. I have a rhino and a razorback in boxes, and I think they'll deserve some powder before they're finished. does anyone have any advise on buying that stuff? should I go with the ForgeWorld powder or is there a cheaper alternative that works?

Greenskin 10-23-11 08:34 PM

Commander and Veteran Sarge painted
I had a lot of fun painting these guys. The Commander's sword was my first attempt at doing PW-style lightning effects. I couldn't decide at the time whether I wanted it to look more like lightning, or water/lava. Ultimately, it came out looking a little bit like both.
(edit: apologies for the large image size. I'll resize next time.)
My technique for the sword: over the black basecoat, I used a very small brush to paint white lightning bolts as a guide. I them washed the sword with several layers of red gore and blood red. I highlighted the edges of the sword with blazing orange and went over the lightning bolts with blazing orange and sunburst yellow. then I washed the darker areas of the sword with very watered down warlock purple. finally, I highlighted with sunburst yellow and skull white (mostly around the power nodes).

Here's my finished veteran sergeant. He was one of a group of primed Black Templars I bought off of eBay. I am getting pretty good at carving their signature crosses off of the shoulder pads.
Seeing the photo, I'm realizing that I need to clean up the area around his tactical arrow. On the table, it looks pretty good, though. I feel like I'm getting better at making a consistent tactical arrow with freehand. This is good because as a kid, I always hated the way those decals puckered and wrinkled on SM shoulder pads--very disappointing.

elmir 10-23-11 09:18 PM

Oh, I really like these. The standard of painting is a pretty good improvement over your troops. I really like the weapons on both these models. The rune on the stormbolter is a nice touch, the powersword turned out really well and I love the blue stripes on that grey chainsword.

Minizke1 10-23-11 09:53 PM

Looks great! Lovin' your freehand work.

Midge913 10-23-11 10:22 PM

Looking good man! The captain and the Vet Sgt. look great.

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