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Nicholas Hadrian 01-21-12 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by Samules (Post 1145122)
I am not allowed to teach new players how to break the campaign.

(Seriously, once I organized the party in a D&D game to be a Spellsword focusing in fireballs, sorcerer with loads of teleportation and fireballs, a monk with a neaklace of fireballs and enough speed enhancing items to outrun a train and myself, a mystic theruge with fireballs and holy smites aplenty. The invading army never stood a chance. Anywhere they broke down the wall of the city they recieved a wall of fire to exterminate everything attacking that section within seconds of entering. Oh and when he set a red dragon on us he found out we all had cold energy subsitution for our spells)

LAMO, I love it. This is the sort of shit one of my players would pull. :D

Kale Hellas 01-21-12 02:21 AM

i am not allowed to have a dwarf (being the only ranged model in my group at the time) kick down a dark ominous door yelling blood for the blood god, then push the rest of the party through in front of me.

SavageConvoy 01-23-12 11:45 AM

My group is no longer allowed to pick up/touch/stare deeply into/think heavily on any object that our GM describes as "plain looking", "old", or "I'm sure it won't kill you"

Every time it turns out to be possesed by some horrible dark god from beyond the stars or some crap. We lost so many NPCs just from touching rocks.

CaptainQuackers 02-24-12 08:29 AM

I am no longer allowed to converse with and be friendly to pale men who keep talking about being hungry (he was turning in to a ghoul)

effigy22 02-24-12 10:14 AM

WFRP 2nd Ed:
While in Bretonia my elf is not allowed to run around the peasant's shouting "I am one of the Fay!"

As a Witch hunter, i am no longer allowed to say or utter the words "In the name of sigmar i requisition this Horse / Cannon / Runefang / Magic Item of death / Pet Wizard / ETC"

jonileth 02-25-12 08:56 PM

When I used to RP D&D, I played a lot of Paladins in my time. Something about bastard swords and making the undead my bitches... I don't know. Anyway, I used to have some very unusual characters. And now that I set that up...

I'm not allowed to use war cries like "For Pony!" and "I regret nothing!" in a voice that makes the entire group laugh uncontrollably for the rest of the gaming session and thereby kill a good adventure because I just had to be in character.

It's the little things...

VixusKragov 02-26-12 03:08 AM

I'm not allowed to wall walk on ceilings while others talk anymore.

I'm also not allowed to use White Noise around our tech-priests anymore.

Jerek Carstien 03-09-12 11:12 PM

I'm not allowed to say "I eat it!" to everything.

To extend this story... When told about four dark crystals that were summoning some gigantic demon, my response was "I take it off the stand and eat it!". For further extension on this story; I ended up eating all the dark crystals and got possessed by the demon, ending my characters life.

SavageConvoy 03-10-12 08:54 PM

Look up the evil overlords to do list.
"Never consume any energy field larger than my head."

Serpion5 03-11-12 03:02 AM

Not something I do, but as DM I was sick of my players always inflicting prone on my boss level encounters rendering them unable to fight back.

So I instigated a universal save for prone monsters allowing them to keep their footing. It made my battles fun again. For me at least.

I had to do this. A Great Green Dragon loses its fear factor when it spends most of the battle on the ground clutching its knees. :headbutt:

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