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SavageConvoy 10-09-11 05:18 AM

I'm not allowed to _____ anymore
Just thought I'd see if I can hear some other groups funny stories about games long passed.
Just explain what your group or Dm won't let you do anymore.
For me it's set in the Firefly based game Serenity and actually why our Gm won't run it anymore.

-I'm not allowed to make an explosives/mechanical/techinal character with a grudge against the system.
-I'm not allowed to spend more than 75% of my starting money on explosive/corrosive/generally anarchy inducing tools.
-I'm not allowed to have pilot match speed and course with a hostile enemy ship trailing behind us.
-I'm not allowed to suddenly open the cargo bay doors, launching myself out.
-I'm not allowed to use a magnetic grappling hook to board onto the hostile ship's hull.
-I'm not allowed to place satchel charges onto the ships grav ring.
-I'm not allowed to crouch over the cockpit, flipping the bird, and wave the detenator around.
-"Ballistic Mechanic" Is not/will never be/never was a job title/character class/motto to live your life by.

gothik 10-09-11 08:00 AM

was playing shadowrun once and when i GM i am quite liberal as long as no one takes the piss and has a fairly plausable explination for why they want something. if i agree they get it if i don't they won't simples...however one player when he plays goes by the rule book religiously.
you cannot try and cheat a dragon cause he will know....errrrrr if you have the gumption to get away with it you might.
you cannot do this cause the rule book says you can't
you cannot do that cause the rule book says you can't

the rules are there to guide not rule everything and that in itself makes the RPG experaince more entertaining...like in James Bond once my character picked up a thrown grenade and threw it back down the corridor to which in german came HOLY SHIT before the explosion....now that went down in our annaulds of total stupidity but by gods it worked lol

Tim/Steve 10-09-11 09:22 AM

These last few months I've been playing shadowrun with 2 GMs (they kinda tag team) and I've been playing a face with back up illusion magic. Everything about my character was based around conning and tricking my way through the game... I was almost totally incompetent in a fight.
The problem came when one GM would draw up a strict plan for what would happen... which meant that anytime I wanted to trick my way into doing something/anything that would change how he wanted the encounter to go I would fail. He wouldn't just tell me that I had failed either... he would roll for it based on the stats he would give his NPCs, but would be rolling about twice as many dice to avoid my cons as I did to make them, and I literally had everything I could fit into my 300BP character to maximise my ability.... pure fail.
I was never formally banned from conning, but after a few weeks I only bothered to feck with other party members (since I knew they had set, sensible stats)... made the RP quite boring to me since it basically devolved into a combat centred game... when we had been told to build characters for a interaction/conversation RP (we were fairly pants in combat).

Next time I'm involved in a RP with the same group I think I might do something similar to my previous character: an ogryn with a heavy stubber.... a massively fun (and stupid) character to play :P

SavageConvoy 10-13-11 12:39 AM

It's more along the lines of the funny events that messed up seens or entire campaigns.

With my post, the reason why it upset the GM so bad is that it was his first Serenity campaign. He was going off a guide in the book to see if we liked the setting enough to continue on. Our ship had no weapons, so the campaign was set to steer us towards an old station where we would get out and have a gun fight, find a survivor, and extract the necessary information that would start our campaign off.

Instead I chuckled and explained my plan. We argued physics for a few minutes. And then I killed a ship. The entire enemy crew was turned to pudding, therefore unable to answer questions, therefore my GM had to scramble to rework the scenario.

Also, from the same campaign.

-Under no circumstances, no matter how funny it may be, I am not allowed to pull out a grenade, no matter how nonlethal, out in a public bar surrounded by a bunch of jittery NPCs.
-And should the previously stated events happen to transpire, I am not allowed to use said grenades to try and calm the now severly aggitated mob.
-In the event the gods have abandonded me along with all common sense and the last two statements become actual events, I am not allowed to try and convince the lynch mob that it is clearly their fault for their ignorance on grenades while my captain is trying to barter for my release.

I think I may be a "That guy"

Samules 10-15-11 06:21 PM

I cannot build explosive devices power enough to TPK into my armor and then us that the threaten the party for leadership.

Tim/Steve 10-15-11 08:23 PM

2 of my friends are banned from flamer/plasma weaponry of any sort in any RP.... they seem to be competing to see which can get the highest total damage caused and manage TPK (not quite managed that yet). Best one so far was a someone lethal explosion in a glitching combi-flamer... it killed a weirdboy, 5-8 ork boyz, a huge number of ork spores (which were imminently about to release yet more orks) and about 3 party members
My friend who was carrying that unlucky piece of technology is now no longer to answer the question: "do you want to dive on it to shield the explosion or hold it up" with the answer "hold it up as high as I can"...

Oddly while these lethal mid-combat explosions keep happening to my group they keep being fairly helpful: lack of teamwork and enemies mobbing in towards characters often means that the explosion takes out most/all of the enemy while only killing part of our party... my character at the time was a heavy support ogryn who must have thought this 'getting close tot he enemy' lark was fairly dangerous: everyone who did so tended to blow up fairly quickly :P

maddermax 10-16-11 07:13 AM

A couple of my friends are banned from killing eachother in game, after it happening three times in two different games.

Meanwhile, in D&D my wisdom 8 bard is banned from touching or poking anything (after some nasty experiences with traps), yelling hello and trying to converse with people on foggy days, who have been described as "shambling and groaning", dressing up in a red jacket and trying to teach my new zombie friends how to dance the thriller (hey, 3 turns and they never hit, so it must have been working :D), or flashing my sword around while shouting "ha-HARRRR!" and jumping into the thick of combat, even though I have the combat capabilities of an enraged sheep.

And while it's being allowed this time, I have been told that next time I'm not allowed to take a half-elf bard who likes show tunes, only dressing up in leather, using whips and glitter dust, and has "?" under gender, and who yells "taste my balls evil doers!", as he uses a pearl necklace of fireballs.

Nicholas Hadrian 01-16-12 01:37 AM

Well I was DMing most of the games that these came from but here is the work of my evil freind Ryan, my other evil friends Chris and Steve, the rest of our little band of malignancies, and some of my own blunders

I am not allowed to create a character named "Little Nina Nutshot"
I am not allowed to make joke characters reoccur in other campaigns as revenge
I am not allowed to kill vintners and making it look like suicide so I can steal the deed to the winery the DM never intended to give me
I am not allowed to make Lodestone bombs
I am not allowed to set up suituations where a character prompts another with the question of "Why didn't you just shoot the button?"
Glue is not a ballistic material
I am not allowed to use color spray to turn a adventure climax battle into a cakewalk
I am not allowed to throw dirt into the car of a obsessive compulsive Malkavian
Calling Satan, the Prince of Darkness "Lucy" is not appropriate behavior
I do not get a bonus to seduction no matter how drunk my character is
Gold is not a ballistic material either
Characters with enough strength to crack the planet are frowned upon
Assassin vines do not make good gifts
Similarly, 9 foot tall bengal tiger beast-men do not make good pets
I am not allowed to make any more villians
Other party members do not appreciate being mugged
Clumsy Saytrs are a bad idea in practice
Becoming "That Creepy Guy Who Plays An Elf Woman" with the sole purpose of annoying the DM is similarly poor taste.
Convincing freinds to also become TCGWPAEWs is not appropriate behavior
I am not allowed to fuck up the very physical nature of the DM's carefully constructed campaign world

Oh and here's one my brother did ALOT.
I am no longer allowed to use Fireball within 20 feet of the party.

The truly worst part about all this?
They are absolutely still allowed to do this at my table if they have a clever enough reason for pulling this shit.

Erik_Morkai 01-20-12 02:53 PM

Love this thread ok what comes to mind.

In Shadowrun:
- I am not allowed to craft my own guns. I am not allowed to take the skill.

In AD&D:
- I am not allowed to design castle defenses anymore following an incident with a battering ram and a partially revolving drawbridge.

- I am not allowed to carry handcuffs anymore. (Following an incident in where being unable to beat the villain (pirate captain) I plunged, cuffed his ankle to the anchor chain and pulled the lever.

There are probably a couple of others I would need to ask my former GMs. :D

Samules 01-20-12 07:04 PM

I am not allowed to teach new players how to break the campaign.

(Seriously, once I organized the party in a D&D game to be a Spellsword focusing in fireballs, sorcerer with loads of teleportation and fireballs, a monk with a neaklace of fireballs and enough speed enhancing items to outrun a train and myself, a mystic theruge with fireballs and holy smites aplenty. The invading army never stood a chance. Anywhere they broke down the wall of the city they recieved a wall of fire to exterminate everything attacking that section within seconds of entering. Oh and when he set a red dragon on us he found out we all had cold energy subsitution for our spells)

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