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Djinn24 09-26-11 02:58 AM

Eldar Rumors (bit of News)
From BOLS, new rumors on the Eldar.


Eldar mid to late 2012. Possibly 1st or 2nd official 6 ed codex

Guardians being redone. Will include new weapons platform and storm guardian bits.

Avatar getting new fine cast version with weapon options (spear/sword) not as big as FW model, but larger than current.

Lots of new mech options. Jump pack/jet options for walkers similar to new FW models, but unclear if this is new model or upgrade to current model. Upgrade packs don't seem likely, and current model is decent, so I have my doubts about this rumor completely.

New tank options...built on wave serpent/falcon chassis still. Hydra like flak turret, Bonuses against flyers and skimmers. Dcannon tank. And some pulse cannon monster tank...scorpion?

New jet bikes and vypers.

New warlock sculpts.

New aspect sculpts, aspects still likely fine cast.

Some sort of shimmershield device. Portable cover save for a unit, but static once deployed...model in design for it. Sounds fishy to me? But the de have the portal...who knows, I say unlikely.

From obvious dept comes the nightwing and some form of bomber. Neither look at all like de ships, or existing FW. Definitely eldar.

Drop pod of some sort that can carry 20 troops, 10 wraith guard, or 1 wraith lord. Deploys as firebase that has higher cover rating for guardians. Sounds like a bastion that drops into play with a weapons platform attached. Not sure I buy into this rumor completely, it seems too complex the way it's been described. And I never saw any evidence of this in design before.

Cheers. Still super long off, though. Have your salt handy.
The Phantom also had its CCW arm debut at UK GD11.

The Pheonix Lord for the Shadow Spectres

Now that it seems as if the Eldar codex is not to far away anyone else hearing any rumors on our pointy eared friends?

Styro-J 09-26-11 04:08 AM

Just heard that that "drop pod" might actually sort of infiltrate in, allowing a selected reserved unit to deploy turn 1. AV11 and has a HW turret. From Stickmonkey on Warseer. Evidently he heard about this thing from two seperate sources, but who really knows.

Do we even know who is writing the codex?

Masked Jackal 09-26-11 04:14 AM

Far enough away for a lot of this to be speculative. Still, good to see an indication Eldar may be in the pipeline. They need it.

bitsandkits 09-26-11 06:04 AM

drop pod for eldar ??? utter tosh, they have the webway and technology undreamed of by man they dont need a drop pod.also new guardians ? again cant see it, they were relegated last time and are not needed,most of this is just speculation because GW had a training sculpt warlo
ck and guardian at GD.

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Dawnstar 09-26-11 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by bitsandkits (Post 1073960)
most of this is just speculation because GW had a training sculpt warlock and guardian at GD.

My thoughts exactly. Hell the models are probably just test's for a future Plastic/Failcast sculpt of Warlocks, and a new Guardian box with Storm Guardian bits

humakt 09-26-11 07:42 AM

This doesnt say anything to me that the eldar codex is in the pipeline. Forgeworld have thier own release schedule that bears not relation to the GW studio.

Nice looking Phoenix lord though.

Djinn24 09-26-11 12:59 PM

It has been rumored for a bit that Eldar are getting the 1st or 2nd codex for 6th edition. The part I do not buy is there is a new Vyper kit coming out. They just put out the venom that is suppose to be based of the vyper.

elmir 09-26-11 01:46 PM

They might make it more in line with the current venom model? I'm thinking minor upgrades like the half wind shield...

Doelago 09-26-11 02:31 PM

Djinn, I take it your wife does not like these rumors? :wink:

LukeValantine 09-26-11 04:06 PM

Nice to see eldar getting a bit more attention again for FW.

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