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Angelofdeath690 09-22-11 08:30 AM

597th Valhallans
As the title says I decided after some thought that when i made my Imperial Guard army I would be attempting to honor a character and the unit he served with from several books i had been reading (Ciaphas Cain). As such I had started collecting pieces and information from wherever i can about his unit and even going so far as pulling some elements from the 12th Artillery that he served with to fill in my artillery pieces. As for tanks and armor I had planned on using the numbers from a Valhallan armor company from one of the books.

I have so far done a few units and attempting to get both male and female valhallans along with other pieces to make it more themed. I have never painted humans or even human-esk characters before and im not the greatest artist but any comments or suggestions are welcome and if anyone knows of where to get things that can help or even pieces that maybe I missed feel free to let me konw.

I am trying to get a better image of the troopers. I am working on cain himself using a Lord Commisar as a base but swapping out weapons. Trying to find a las pistol now that i realized I forgot to change it. Also I am looking for any thoughts on Jurgen. He is sooo hard to come up with a matching looking base to begin with.

Khorne's Fist 09-22-11 10:46 AM

Nice start you've made. As to Jurgen, have you got one of the valhallan melta gunners? One of them would do the job nicely. Put the two of them in a Salamander and your set. What kind of stat line were you considering giving Cain?

Angelofdeath690 09-22-11 12:00 PM

Stat line wise i haven't given to much thought on the custom characters for now since Im still developing the list for the army so that it vaguely matches things while still being an army i can play against others. At the moment i think i might have a valhallan with a melta but no salamander to fit with it. And for Jurgen i want to do the honors and try and make him a bit more bulky and 'nurglish' than normal since well Jurgen could make an ork scream ugly lol.

Also i have a valkyrie that im building and going to paint in the colors of the Navy. My only problem is I don't know the fleet number of the one that would most likely be near where Cain or the Valhallans would have been. If anyone knows that it would be greatly appreciated.

Angelofdeath690 09-27-11 12:39 PM

Just a small update, Commisar Cain is almost done and I should have a few pics of him up soon. I used the lasgun from the command squad set and a space marine scout chainsword on a Lord Commisar figure i picked up. Jurgen is being planned and I hope to get the pieces ordered so that I can start work on him.

I have debated doing Amberly and may make her in the guise of using a model i had just gotten my hands on. She is a commisar (in looks) but I could change a few things in painting to make her looks closer to our beloved Inquisitor. She will have a large sword and a drum stubber but hey >_> one day she might get to use one!.

As stated the Commisar should have pics up soon and maybe a the Valkyrie will be done by then too.

Djinn24 09-27-11 12:47 PM

Had to tell much from the pictures but from what I can see they look nice. Looking forward to seeing some more soon.

Angelofdeath690 09-28-11 12:30 PM

Well i managed to get the better camera and took a few shots of the soldiers in various states of being painted. Also a few of Commisar Cain and the Valkyrie before it is finished being painted. (I managed to get one where you can see his metal fingers)


The soldier from earlier with a better shot:

The beginning of Inqusitor Vail:

Lastly the valkyrie:


Thats the end of the pics for now. Hope to get more up once they are properly finished. Any comments or tips are welcome. (Yes i know my painting skills are not high)

Angelofdeath690 10-06-11 11:43 AM

Been a little busy but I managed to finish most of the painting and a little of the wash to Valkyrie. Ive never done a vehicle before so i know people will see problems with it. Ive been trying to learn everything from using washes to getting the hang of understanding how best to use highlighting techniques.

I would be thankful for any C&C that people can give to improve it.

Also managed to get my Sergent done for my first squad.


Angelofdeath690 10-13-11 05:46 AM

A WIP post since ive been busy with a few things in life. I just got in a large influx of Valhallan troops and my order for female torso and heads arrived too. (Shadowforge). Im cleaning them and ive never used them before so the first three i did came out with a bit of an odd position in the heads.


a few shots of ones put together, including Colonel Kasteen


Disciple_of_Ezekiel 10-13-11 07:18 AM

As far as I can tell you have a nice even coat of green on the Valk. Thats a great start in my opinion. However, I can't advise really on vehicles because I have a mental block or something for painting them...one day I will conquer it.

Angelofdeath690 10-14-11 04:20 AM

Thanks for the comment about the Valkyrie, its the first time ive done a vehicle (ya I chose a fairly hard one to start with lol) but I had only a hand brush to work with so I worried over streaks and imperfections. Add to that the fact that my highlighting and drybrushing skills are sub par and I worry on how it would turn out.

Its why i decided to post here and see if people could give me tips ^^. And i hope that you can get over that problem!

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