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Incineration69 09-21-11 04:59 AM

1500 point CSM need suggestions
Hey so I have a rough list for chaos space marine 1500 points, any suggestions helpful :biggrin:.
HQ: Daemon prince Wings/Mark of Nurgle/Warptime
Elites: 8 Termies 1 champ/8 pairs of claws/champ with fist
Troops: 10 Chaos Space Marines in a land raider/champ with fist/Icon of Chaos Glory
6 plauge marines/champ with fist/2 plasma guns
Heavy Support: 5 havocs with 4 missles/champ
2 oblits
land raider
Any tips or suggestions welcome, I'm new so please keep it noob friendly :grin:.

HUMYN HYBRID 09-21-11 07:52 AM

hello there mate. now, im not a chaos player... i play the tau. however, my best mate is a chaos space marines FREAK!!! if you like, i can get him to look into your list and suggest a few things. he taught mme how to play the game. ive only beaten his chaos once, so i think he is a mgood bet for advice on this army... wish you well in your future battles. :)

Incineration69 09-21-11 10:58 PM

That would be wonderful if you can get him, thanks!

Dark_Apostle25 09-22-11 12:49 AM

can anyone tell me why I'm unable to post or to send message?

mcjeffrey101 09-23-11 10:16 PM

Give the terminators MoK and stick 5 of them in the landraider so they get 5 attacks on the charge and don't have to go on foot which is a pain in the balls

Chaos40kAD 09-24-11 02:42 AM

Terminators are quite good at assault and all that, but the real power of the terminator is the "Termicide" unit. make two groups of three or four, combi-plasmas or Combi-meltas, and Deep strike them behind enemy vehicles/MC's and pop them instantly. Your squad of terminators is pretty much Overkill on the assault, and will end up dominating a combat, and then getting shot to shit by the nearest group.

I'd put the plague marines in a rhino and run 7, with 2 plasmas and a champ with a fist as you have stated there.

CSM standard troops with a Icon of Chaos Glory is actually pretty BA in combat. They will pwn hard if you can get them into the fray. They also shoot pretty well.

If you drop the terminators down to 2x3 Termicides, it should free up some points for another plaguer, and a rhino. Toss the marines in the landraider, plaguers in the rhino and send your Prince up the field behind the landraider as cover. :)


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