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arumichic 08-30-11 11:42 PM

[Side Project] Warboss
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So I participated in the Summer Miniature Exchange that was held on here.
Basically the gist was a secret santa thing where not including sending other models, if we contacted the person we were sending to and asked them if we could paint up a model or something for them, we could. I didn't want to post this up until the recipient got the actual model and now since he did, Here's what I painted up for him. :) Hope you enjoy!

On a separate note, I'm going to be having another warboss painted up here pretty soon, so look out for the WIP for that if you basically want to know how I painted this guy up. But ask any questions that you may have as well. Comments and critiques are always welcome. I did try my best with the mold lines, but looking back on it now, I see a couple here and there.
P.S. Sorry for not drilling the barrels.

KhainiteAssassin 08-30-11 11:53 PM

get back to working on Rex woman! :P

nice job on the bozz though

arumichic 08-31-11 12:09 AM

I have been working on Rex, just haven't really updated it much. I'm getting another few hours done on him tonight and he's going pretty well. I just need to take pics. :D
And thanks!~ :D I had put Rex to the side for this though, so I'm still working on the big guy.

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