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Model Soldier 08-14-11 11:28 PM

Bloodbowl Team.
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Not been on the site for aaaages. Just thought I'd pop in and show some more of my recent redoing of older models. Got these from an old mate and stripped and repainted them. They were a mess before, painted in Sunburst Yellow and Blood Red.

I used super basic colours: Mythril Silver. Blood Red. Scorpion, Darkangels, and Goblin greens. Chaos Black. Cheapo Leather Brown.

Skull White basecoat all over.

Mythril Silver (chainmail, helmets and shoulder padding), Leather Brown and Bleached Bone (cloth items and boots) and Blood Red (symbols and eyes).
Extremely watered down Black wash on the silver and red, then a Blood Red drybrush highlight on the Red symbols afterward.

Blocker's knee skulls and fur decorations (boots and horns) were Bleached Bone base with watered Leather Brown wash. Blocker horns were Bleached Bone base with not so watered Leather Brown wash.

Skin was done using Scorpion Green base and a watered Darkangels Green 'wash' for the Thrower, Blitzers and Liners and used Scorpion Green as a drybrush highlight.

The Blockers were done with Goblin Green base, Darkangels Green 'wash' and Goblin Green highlight.

For my first attempt at any kind of Ork, I think I did a good job.

Vinci76 08-15-11 12:13 AM

love bloodbowl and its good to see some BB models on here.

really like the paint job, makes me want to get my teams painted up but they are currently low down the priority list.


TheReverend 08-15-11 12:14 AM

Yeah, i second that, it's good to see some Blood Bowl teams painted up. and these look fantastic, great stuff!!


Model Soldier 08-15-11 01:03 AM

Cheers guys. Nice to know my colour scheme works. I've seen a few BB Orks and they're all painted yellow and red. I thought a medieval armoured look would be a bit different from the norm.
Makes them look like they've made the armour by hand out of sheet metal and scrap they found lying about. An "armour up and off to play and sod the girly paint job" kind of feel.

arumichic 08-15-11 02:50 AM

Hey! Girls paint well too and we don't always use girly colors. T^T
Lol. Anyhow, looks good, though I think the silver parts can do with another wash of badab black or some "rust" effects just to make it be more "ork-y" Though I don't play BB, and they're your models so that's up to you. :)

Model Soldier 08-15-11 07:18 AM

I was on about Orks having softy decorations and pretty colours :P
Rust effect is an idea, I never thought about it. Thanks for the idea!

arumichic 08-15-11 07:25 AM

No problem. I actually found that about a 1:1.5~2 mix of Reaper Minature's Scorched Metal : Blazing orange mix watered down or just stippled makes for a really good rust.

Model Soldier 08-15-11 07:35 AM

Watered down 1/3 Cheapo Leather Brown and 2/3 Fiery Orange with just the tiniest touch of the original metal (silver, gold etc) mixed in works well too.

arumichic 08-15-11 07:47 AM

Hahaha! Guess that would too, just easier since Scorched Metal's already metallic. And I don't know what people have, so i was just trying to be helpful. :) But I'll keep that in mind the next time I run out of SM.

Model Soldier 08-15-11 08:40 AM

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Speaking of rust effect. Just a quick pic of my rusty drum ;)

Using Cheapo Leather Brown, Fiery Orange and Mythril Silver.
Oil spill effect is pva glue mixed with brown and black and painted on in layers.

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