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Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 11:34 AM

The Sanguinian Heresy
So, introductions. I've posted this in the 'Alien Space Bats' section of alternatehistory.com, where it was met with positive response, so I thought, why not post it here, with a wider audience of 40K fluff fans? My primary inspiration is, of course, the Dornian Heresy, but there are other inspirations of course...

Chapter One: Ullanor

PASSCODE: *******

Taken From The Great Crusade: A History (Remembrancer Stefana Castellucio)

"Ullanor. That was where Father made his greatest mistake." - Horus Lupercal

The Ullanor Campaign was the greatest of the Emperor's campaigns in the Great Crusade, His finest hour. What a pity that it came so soon before the Heresy began, for it was an hour of unparalleled courage and skill of arms from all 18 Space Marine Legions, save for the Sons of Horus, whose fleet was becalmed in the Warp for the duration of the Ullanor Campaign[1]. The Ork Empire of Ullanor was the terror of the Segmentum, led by an exceptionally strong and cunning Warlord who was possessed of impossible might. The Emperor delegated Sanguinius to the position of leading the assault on the main planet, together with his Blood Angels Legion. Leman Russ was to aid in the main attack, while Constantin Valdor, Magnus the Red, and Alpharius commanded the reserve groups. Ten million troops of the Imperial Army - Byzant Janizars, Merican Stormtroopers and many other regiments - were also allotted to Ullanor proper, along with elements of the Mechanicum.

The Battle of Ullanor swiftly became a meatgrinder. Hills, mountains of Ork dead rose swiftly, but yet more and more greenskins rose from foul warrens underneath the planet's surface. The strategies of Magnus and Alpharius proved to be a capable multiplier of force, but the Blood Angels' tactic of throwing themselves forward even in the face of impossible odds, led by their 'Angel' (as he was known then) Sanguinius brought them severe losses. Then, the Emperor descended. How to describe His descent? The grey skies opened up and rained fire upon the Ork hordes like a God's wrath, turning mountains crawling with the vermin into glass plains. Then He unleashed his power, aided by Primarch Magnus. Millions of Orks died in moments, as white fire consumed them from within. The Ork Warlord then rose, a vast specimen, his skin so dark green it was almost black. The monstrosity was the size of a Dreadnought, and massacred the Custodes squads sent forth.

The Emperor Himself arose and did battle with the abomination. The Ork, in a moment of power, tried to crush the Emperor's neck with his power-claw, but then Sanguinius descended. Against Sanguinius and the Emperor both, the Ork could not stand, and was rended limb from limb. That marked the end of the Ork Empire upon Ullanor. The green vermin were scattered, laid low and ultimately wiped out from the planet. The Mechanicum's geoformers then descended, turning the planet's main continent into a glassed plain, fitting for the Triumph that followed. Mysteriously, the Emperor announced during the height of the ceremony that He was leaving for Terra to continue his researches. However, to continue the Great Crusade He delegated command over the Imperial armies involved in the Great Crusade to Primarch, now Warmaster, Sanguinius[2].

Why he did so is unknown, considering Sanguinius' betrayal and the long shadow it has left on the Imperium. Perhaps He saw a mirror of Himself in the angelic being. As Horus thrice-Praised himself said, Sanguinius had all the measure of the Emperor. Yet even now, as we struggle to both drive the Fallen Legions from the ordered areas of our galaxy[3] and fend off the traitorous Supremacy of Ultramar[4], it can only be seen as a disastrous mistake. Perhaps Horus would have fared better[5], yet it is not the time to discuss what-ifs, could-have-beens and never-weres. What we are left with is the world we made, and we must all dwell within.


Taken from the Chronica Prospero, Timestamp 013.M31
...Great slaughter. Russ' and Jaghatai's sons have made the Silver Lake red and black with blood and ink. Magnus is on Terra, with the Emperor, but I can sense his presence with me. The Warp-spawn assault us daily, but we are holding. Our fortress stands yet. But what concerns me is the howling outside, and a terrifying presence at the corners of my psychic perception, like the Warp-spawn but far worse. The Space Wolves are degrading into beasts like the savages they are. They cannot breach our defences as of yet. But what will happen, once Russ himself joins the fray?...
- Ahzek Ahriman, 1st Fellowship Captain[6]


[1] Initial point of divergence.
[2] Major point of divergence.
[3] The text was written during the Reclamation Wars in-universe.
[4] Will be explained later.
[5] A bit of irony on my part.
[6] Later updates will explain this bit.

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 11:35 AM

Chapter Two: Crucior

From the Codex Sanguis (proscribed by order of the Ordo Maleficus, in His name)

Oh, let us sing, with the voice of the great Muse, let us sing of the glories of the Dark Gods, of Kor Phaeron the martyr who brought the Word to the Fools of Colchis and was struck down by Lorgar the Sevenfold-Hated. Let us sing of Ferrus Manus, who slew the wretch Vulkan on Mars' soil. Let us sing of Dorn the Rider of Death, that Brought the Plagues of Nurgleth to Terra, and Hell following with him. Let us sing of Russ the Rider of War that assailed cursed Prospero. Let us sing of Jaghatai, the Rider of Change and bringer of the fire of Tzeentch. Let us sing of Curze, who brought the Terror of Chaos with him. Let us sing of Caliban's Lion. And let us sing of Great Sanguinius the Rider of Conquest, whose blood flows in our very veins.

Let us sing of Blessed Crucior, on whose soil the Great Sanguinius was recieved the Revelation...


'This world would burn, if it wasn't ash already.'
- Sanguinius Thrice-Cursed, on Crucior Primus.


From A History of Heresy (Alexian Davandrios)

...The Crucior System is famous for two things. The most notable is the great massacre on the charnel-world of Crucior Tertius, where Angron, Corax and Fulgrim were betrayed and fell in battle. Ten thousand years later, the monument to the battle fought there, and the martyrdom of these three Primarchs, still stands high above the blasted fields. The second is more esoteric, and only known to those that have researched the most secret parts of the Sanguinian Heresy. It is the asteroid field where Crucior Primus once stood, before it was razed by the Ordo Maleficus to avoid creating a pilgrimage site for heretics. Crucior Primus was in the time of the Great Crusade a volcanic, highly active world, first from its young, newly-born star.

The Compliance Action fought upon Crucior Primus in the last days of the Great Crusade was led by Sanguinius himself. The Angel, as he was known then, smote the armies of the native humans wherever they stood. But where he was not, things got worse. Thousands of Imperial Army soldiers were massacred by psychic powers, fire devouring whole regiments. Madness struck even Astartes down, as the natives unleashed diabolical rituals and summoned unholy abominations to aid them. Crucior was aptly named. At the siege of the greatest fortress of the natives, Sanguinius himself led the assault. But then, he was struck down. An artefact of Tzeentch himself, the Maleficum Tesseract, struck him down, trapped him in a death-like slumber from which nobody was sure he would awake...


Extract of Vox-Record, Crucior Massacres (stored in the Archives of the World Eaters Legion)

Angron: We fight on! Blood! BLOOD!

(Sounds of bolters firing, chain-weapons whirring, intermixed with bestial cries, continue for several minutes.)

Kharn: Angron is cut off! We must-

(Sound of large explosion, fitting with multiple Heresy-era lance cannons. Static.)

Kharn: The Primarch is fallen. Back to the dropships. Fall back, fall back!



...Colchis burns.

The heresy of Kor Phaeron has taken deep root. The Word Bearers, my proud Legion, are tearing themselves apart. Kor Phaeron has taken the Cathedral, Warp-Spawn stalk its corridors. The Old Religion was wrong, there is no God but the Emperor, but how can this be when He denies His divinity? Terra holds firmly, but Mars and the rest of the system have fallen to Sanguinius' heretics. We must be strong - we can be, that is certain. The assault on the Cathedral begins in an hour. Kor Phaeron and his 'Apostles' will die. Time to tear the heart out of this apostasy...
- Primarch Lorgar, the Forbidden Gospel

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 11:35 AM

Chapter Three: Revelations and Plans

After Action Report, filed 997.M41 aboard the Battle-Barge Eternal Divinity

+++THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The thoughts of elders are the beginning of wisdom+++

...Battle was joined. The crimson-armoured heretics advanced, screaming blasphemies upon Lorgar and the Emperor. Veteran Sergeant Draigo showed remarkable cool under fire, and I have personally marked him for possible initiation into the Seventh Mystery and promotion to the now-vacant position of my Coryphaeus. In honour of the memory of fair Colchis, the men fought, chanting hymns of wrath and revenge to fill them with that boundless joy which can only be found in the destruction of our enemies. Frothing maniacs devoted to the Blood God's worship fell around us. When the perimeter was secured, I led the advance. We had to destroy this heretic, an ancient war-leader from the secret time of Colchis' scourging. With boundless courage, Draigo mowed down the foul heretics with his heavy bolter while in an exposed position.

Coryphaeus Malachai charged the heretics' leader, and with his power-blade wounded him greatly. But the heretic lord merely laughed, and with his blood summoned daemons of the Blood God that ripped the Coryphaeus apart. Bravely, I charged in, wielding the Crozius-staff that symbolises my office as Master-Chaplain. The daemons were struck down, and I duelled the heretic leader personally. The apostate uttered multiple blasphemies during the battle (it is fortunate the men did not hear them, or mind-scrubbing would have been enforced to preserve the Secret), but I was triumphant. I took a gene-sample to confirm that this was in fact the Inheritor, then ordered all the bodies burned to cinders and the power-armour smashed. The Secret must never be discovered. The men duly complied, accomplishing the task with flamer, plasma gun and multi-melta. Once we had left the site, it was duly levelled by the guns of the Lorgar's Fist in orbit, so thoroughly that I doubt an atom of dust remained.

His Will be Done.

- Chapter Master Aureon, Word Bearers Legion


Taken from the Archives of the Space Hulk Event Horizon (Dated 013.M31)

...Lies. The Emperor has lied to us, about the Warp, about everything. In my conversations with [NAME EXPUNGED BY THE WILL OF LORGAR], I have grown steadily more convinced that the Emperor is a threat to mankind. He speaks to me clearly, passionately. The thing in the Maleficum Tesseract showed me so many things. The scattering of my...Brothers was no accident. I cannot believe that he would lie to me, so much...[DATA CORRUPT]...the powers of the Immaterium are truly worthy of reverence. And if they will his destruction, so be it!


I will gather my Brothers, the ones I believe will listen. And then, we will drown the galaxy in blood.

- Warmaster Sanguinius


From the Archives of the Fortress of Light, Prospero

My divinations are troubled. I sense the gravest of treacheries, against Father himself. But how to warn him? Ever since Ullanor and Nikaea, he has been troubled...distant. I feel in it my mind, the familiar tingle of his presence, known from my childhood onwards, darkened. He suspects the worst from me, I know it. Psychic communication is an impossibility with Father so suspicious. So it seems I must arrive in person. Brother-Captain Ahriman, I leave for Terra with my best warriors and fastest ships. Father must be warned of the impending betrayal before the knife finds his heart.

- Primarch Magnus.


From the Archives of the Ordo Maleficus

[PICTFILE: A mysterious Marine in stone-grey Power Armour [ref/666/Nameless Heretic], conversing with the Warmaster Sanguinius. All Legion symbols on the Marine have been removed. The room is lit in a baleful glow: source unknown]

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 11:37 AM

Interlude One: Fragments of War

Volume III of the Roll of Honour of the Legion of the Emperor's Children

This volume of the Roll of Honour is devoted to those who fought in the Crucior Massacres, the darkest day that ever befell our Legion. Yet in the darkness, the light of our courage, cruelly betrayed as we were, shone all the brighter. The courage of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, whose feats of arms and skill will shine forever more, is remembered in this roll.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Primarch Fulgrim of Terra

For countless feats of arms, for being our blessed Father, Primarch and Battle-Brother even in the face of the greatest odds, for courage against the foulest minions of Chaos, and for valiant self-sacrifice. May your tomb, your crypt underneath Terra's soil, lie forever undefiled, Father.

Brother-Captain Alejandro, 36th Company

For the sacrifice of the Battle-Barge Germanotta, allowing our fleet to escape and for striking a blow against Dorn's accursed flagship Phalanx, you will be remembered, Brother-Captain. Let the void be your grave, and the survival of the Imperium your memorial.

Brother-Captain Lucius, 13th Company

For your rescue of the mortally wounded Fulgrim, at the cost of mortal injuries, for which you were placed in the adamantine sarcophagus of a Dreadnought, so that you may continue to fight for all eternity, in His name.

Apothecary Fabius

For tending to the injured, and going great lengths to save Primarch Fulgrim from the fate that claimed him. You may have endured Crucior, but you are still counted amongst its many heroes.

The list of names continues for 610 pages...


Vox-Records, taken from the Hidden Archives, Word Bearers Legion

Lorgar: He is not the devil. He is not a prophet. He is not a trickster. He is an Astartes like any other, and he can, he will be, killed!

(Astartes cheering)

Lorgar: On this day, in this place, Kor Phaeron will fall! For he has blasphemed against our blessed Emperor. He has corrupted our Cathedral, corrupted our relics, corrupted our brothers with his devious lies! He has made Astartes fight Astartes, made them worship devils that mislead and trick the faithful. We begin the attack now. His Apostles will be put to the sword. His books will be burnt. His daemons shall be banished! In the name of the Emperor, advance!

(Astartes cheering wildly)


Put Colchis to the fire. Expunge this heresy root and branch. The Emperor will recognise His own.

- Primarch Lorgar


They will not surrender? Unleash the daemon-cant! Their very machines will destroy them.

- Arch-Heretic Sanguinius, on the valour of the Martians


We are not Imperial Fists, not anymore. We are...(gurgle)...Death Knights...

- Rogal Dorn


I defy you!

- Last words of Brother-Captain Varren of the World Eaters, Siege of Terra

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 11:38 AM

Chapter Four: Prospero Holds

Phosis T'Kar of the Thousand Sons


Archive of the Wings of Sanguinius

Sanguinius: You know why you have been called to this conclave. All of you, I demand answers. What are you doing?

Erebus: Kor Phaeron sent me to inform you that his conversion of Colchis to the True Gods is going smoothly. The trap for Lorgar is set. He won't know what hit him.

Ferrus Manus: The Mechanicum is rejecting my overtures. But I trust that they will see reason in time.

Sanguinius: Dorn, how goes the plan for Crucior and the loyalists?

Dorn: They are heading there, my Astropaths have confirmed it. The trap will be sprung soon enough.

Sanguinius: Very well.

Mysterious Voice: Magnus has left Prospero for Terra. He seeks to warn his Father.

Sanguinius: Who are you?

Leman Russ: Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, your servant.

Sanguinius: And what do you suggest to deal with Magnus and his sorcerous swine?

Leman Russ: Let me raze their cities, burn their libraries, tear them apart. Their sorceries will fail, I am certain.

Sanguinius: Very well. I dispatch the Space Wolves and a contingent of the White Scars to Prospero. Burn that wretched planet to the ground.

Leman Russ: Your Will be done.


From the History of Prospero

Prospero and the Thousand Sons, before the Siege

The Siege of Prospero was one of the greatest battles of the early Heresy, comparable with the Crucior Massacres (in which the World Eaters Legion took 75-percent casualties and the Emperor's Children lost half their number, among various other disasters), which took place at the same time. For months prior to the attack, Chief Librarian Ahzek Ahriman had been recieving precognitive visions of great destruction. It was for this reason, that as soon as Magnus left for Terra, he evacuated the majority of Prospero's citizenry to the fortress of the Thousand Sons, and gave a recall order, forcing all Thousand Sons to return to their Primarch's home-world. When the Space Wolves and White Scars burst from the Warp, Ahriman had prepared. Orbital defences took their toll, but were defeated by sheer numbers. Leman Russ led the massacre at the scholar's retreat of Hyperiopolis near Tizca, making the Silver Lake, renowned for its serenity, red with blood of scholars and black with the ink of books he had cast into the water.

The Thousand Sons were greatly enraged by this, so much that Ahriman famously said, 'If they fear us, show them why', relating to holding back with their powers. But it was the least of the atrocities Russ would commit as he fell deeper and deeper into the worship of the Blood God as he sent his Legion hurtling into damnation. The Thousand Sons unleashed their power. Psionic storms tore Stormbird gunships apart, as telepaths shredded the minds of enemy commanders. Phosis T'Kar led the Raptora, the telekine-cult of the Legion, in creating a telekinetic shield around the entire city of Tizca, but he knew that the city could not hold without aid. The cult of the Pyrae, renowned for their pyrokinetic powers, unleashed flame-blasts powerful enough to slay Terminators, but it was not enough. Desperate, Russ sent attack after attack, each led personally, amusing Khorne enough that the Lord of Slaughter breached the veil of sanity, unleashing a tide of daemons to assail the Sons.

The situation turned disastrous, as the daemons breached the shield around Tizca, slaughtering all in their path. The city burned, blood running through its streets as the Sons fought against the abominations. The Warlord Titan Canis Vertex was assailed by Bloodthirsters and fell after slaying seven out of the eight Greater Daemons Khorne had sent to massacre the Sons. Soon, their fortress was surrounded. But help came from an unseen quarter. Constantin Valdor appeared out of nowhere, aided by a full squad of Custodes. Valdor fought his way through innumerable Warp-spawn and corrupted Astartes, to face Leman Russ, now possessed of the Mark of Khorne and immeasurable might. After a duel lasting seven days, Russ retreated from the field, wounded. The remainder of the Thousand Sons arrived three days later, regaining control of orbit. The daemons were caught between orbital bombardment and the fury of the Thousand Sons, and were all banished.

Russ for his part, slaughtered all in his path between Prospero and Sanguinius, solely to assauge his anger at his failure there. For this, and his actions upon Terra, Khorne would make him a Daemon Prince...

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 05:55 PM

Chapter Five: Treachery Most Foul

Equerry Kharn at Crucior Tertius


Brother, you have gone mad! Stop now!

- Fulgrim to Ferrus Manus, Crucior Massacres


From The Blackest Hour of the Astartes

...The Alpha Legion, Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Raven Guard responded in full to Sanguinius' false distress signal and swiftly deployed on the surface of Crucior Tertius. They arrived to find absolutely no trace of the enemy they were supposed to fight. Then, they were bombarded from orbit, in desperation they took cover. That was when the Iron Hands, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and Night Lords Legions attacked them. The result was a massacre. The World Eaters fought on through the whole day, taking heavy casualties until Primarch Angron fell to an orbital bombardment, his Equerry Kharn - the voice of reason within the World Eaters - ordering the retreat. The result was 75-percent casualties, primarily among the Berzerkers and assault forces of the Legion. With the casualties on Terra also taken into account, by the Heresy's end roughly 90-percent of the Legion's fighting forces had been slain.

The Emperor's Children showed their courage too, making a fighting retreat that bled the pursuing Iron Hands greatly. Fulgrim and his Phoenix Guard fought against their Primarch, Fulgrim duelling Ferrus Manus and wounding him so greatly the traitor was driven from the field, although Fulgrim took on mortal wounds in the process. Brother-Captain Lucius personally rescued the dying Primarch via jetbike in a daring action that wounded him mortally. The courage of Lucius has ensured that his broken body was placed in the chassis of a Dreadnought, where it remains still.

Fulgrim fighting Ferrus Manus

Corax also fell, ripped apart by the Night Haunter, though in his final moments he detonated explosives that sent a mountain's worth of rock falling down on them both, slaying Curze. The Night Lords continued their horrific assault, but were disheartened at the loss of Curze. The battle continued in space, where the loyalist ships were massively outgunned by the Phalanx, Rogal Dorn's ancient flagship from the Dark Age of Technology. It looked like they were doomed, but then Brother-Captain Alejandro of the Emperor's Children sacrificed his Battle-Barge, the Germanotta (named after an ancient Terran composer), ramming it into the Phalanx and deliberately overloading the Warp Drive, crippling its engines and shattering its void shields. The loyalists used the opportunity to flee for Terra, in the course of which Fulgrim succumbed to his wounds. When they reached Terra, he was buried with all due honour. The Emperor is said to have wept for his fallen son, and for the knowledge that Sanguinius had betrayed him...


Burn it down.

- Ferrus Manus, performing Exterminatus on Chemos, former home-world of the Emperor's Children.


Colchis, seconds before detonation


Is this not glorious? Is this not wondrous, in its magnificence? Flesh and metal, one and the same!

- Gabriel Santar of the Iron Hands, Prince of Obliterators, at the gates of the Emperor's Palace

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 05:56 PM

Chapter Six: Colchis Torn Asunder

Kor Phaeron, self-proclaimed Prophet of the True Gods


Vox-Record, Hidden Library of the Word Bearers Legion

Kor Phaeron: Who dares defile this blessed sanctuary?!

Lorgar: The name does not matter, heretic! What matters is that you die this day.

Kor Phaeron: Come to serve, wretch? Come to worship the True Gods?

(The sound of leaden footsteps, the ground cracking)

Lorgar: Never.

(The sound of a figure being lifted by the neck, followed by choking and desperate attempts to breathe)

Kor Phaeron: Lor...gar...Lor...ga...aa...I...re...main...your.. .ser...vant...

(Sound of choking continues for several minutes, followed by the thud of a Power-Armoured body falling several metres)

Lorgar: I rise, you fall.


From The Forbidden Gospel, Book IV, Chapter VI

25. And the Heretics were struck down in the fields of Colchis, and in the cities and the cathedrals.
26. And they fled to the world that is called Cadia, and did not return.
27. But the taint had spread into the very ground of Colchis, and thus did the prophet Lorgar speak:
28. Cleanse the planet, and put all to the blessed fire of Exterminatus.
29. And this was done, and Lorgar spoke once more:
30. Let us wander across the heavens, seeking no rest until the very last heretic has been executed and our sins expiated in blood and fire.
31. And so the Great Work of Repentance was begun.


All our God demands is that we hate.

- Tactical Sergeant Eliphas, Scourging of Colchis


Heretic Word Bearers defiling the Emperor's Cathedral on Colchis



- Last Words of former First Chaplain Erebus, the storming of the Diabolicum, 999 M.41


Colchis, our home, turned against us...an abomination...

- Veteran Sergeant Sor Talgron

Primarch Magnus 08-07-11 05:56 PM

Chapter Seven: Gods' Prizes

The metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives the metal lives...

- Astropath Quixios, on the Iron Hands' flagship


Iron Hands Obliterators at Terra


From the Liber Hereticus

...The thrice-damned Gabriel Santar, the Prince of Obliterators, was the first of the Astartes to contract the Obliterator virus, and the only one to retain some measure of sanity. He led an entire thousand-strong army of those consumed by the virus up to and during the Siege of Terra, killing the Imperator Titan Dies Irae on Mars before breaking the very walls of the Imperial Palace with massed fire. But these feats, great as they are, do not compare to his systematic levelling of the city of Nova Yourk in Merica upon Terra, so thoroughly, it is said, that of the 250-mile wide city, not a single stone stood on another. Now, he has absorbed so much technology that he is the size of a Dreadnought, having enough firepower, by himself, to destroy a Warhound Titan, as he has done on the worlds Rega and Byzanthis. It is also said that he has denied himself the gift of daemonhood, in order to wreak more havoc and destruction in the Materium. Threat rating: Extremis Maxima...


From the Codicium Bubonicum (Proscribed by the Ordo Maleficus)

...And Nurgle sent his manifold Blessings unto the Phalanx, and the Astartes screamed in pain and tried to end their own lives, but they could not die, for Nurgle was not finished with them. And at the last, Dorn the Plaguebringer begged for death, and Nurgle was pleased. And Dorn was made into the Plaguebringer, and his Marines, that had been Fists of the Emperor, into Knights of Death, and when they were vomited forth from the Gods' realm they were dead in body, but they had survived in Father Nurgle, whose love extends even unto the smallest things, and they had His blessings, and they were adored by Him...


From the Tome of Blessed Massacre


...Leman Russ earns the Mark of Khorne with his slaughter of the Rune Priests of the Legion and his great massacre of Thousand Sons sorcerers upon cursed Prospero. Great offerings are made unto the Blood God of the surrounding systems, but they are paltry compared to what awaits War Given Form upon Terra...


From the Tome of the Shifting Eagle

...And so was Great Jaghatai delivered unto the service of the Changer of Ways, the Master of Mutation who holds us all in thrall. Weep, oh Imperium, for the servants of the Khan of Khans stand against you!...


From The Iron Book

...Ferrus Manus earned the Mark of Chaos Undivided with his slaughter of the Emperor's Children recruiting world of Chemos, his reducing of the world to so much ash and dust. And in doing so he proved the eternal strength of metal over the weak flesh, even though the 'Children' were given Terra to recruit from after the Time of Iron...

Primarch Magnus 08-08-11 10:29 AM

Chapter Eight: The Galaxy Aflame

We do not fight for your Emperor. We fight against Sanguinius.

- Eldrad Ulthran to Primarch Perturabo, during the Battle of Frozen Blood.


An Eldar Avatar of Khaine, at the Battle of Frozen Blood


From The Perfidy of the Eldar

...The Eldar intervened rarely during the Heresy. They seemed content to watch Sanguinius set the galaxy aflame, save for some rare instances, and even then they were just as likely to attack loyalist forces as traitors. At the Battle of Frozen Blood on the ice-world Glacius, they massacred a White Scars force that was sent to assassinate Primarch Perturabo as he made his way to Terra, only then to turn their guns on the Primarch. However, this led to their defeat, as Perturabo defeated the Avatar of their war-god with the firepower of Devastator squads, masses of artillery, and his very own Thunder Hammer. The Iron Warriors have hated the Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwe ever since, and the feeling is most definitely mutual, as has been marked by Eldar attacks on Iron Warrior recruiting worlds...


Orkz is made for fightin' and winnin'!

- Anonymous Ork


An Ork Waaagh! during the Heresy


From Meditations Upon the Alien

...Sanguinius', and later Guilliman's rebellions did not avoid the attention of the most numerous xeno breed in the galaxy - the accursed Orks. The hordes gathered in the wake of the traitor fleets as they rampaged around the galaxy, and soon formed a Waaagh! large enough to rival the Ork Empire that had been crushed on Ullanor. Sanguinius for his part, directed the Waaagh!, via various assassinations conducted by the White Scars, right at the Sol System, hoping to damage its outer defences. The immense horde of greenskins soon hit the Sol System like a hammer-blow, and although it had no chance of crossing the orbit of Saturn, let only reaching Mars or Terra, badly bloodied Battlefleet Solar. Sanguinius was content to wait to attack Terra after this, for he waited until Guilliman's rebellion took the largest of the Astartes Legions out of the Emperor's service...


Guilliman declaring the Supremacy of Ultramar


The Emperor cannot protect. Fulgrim, Corax and Angron, three of his very sons, lie fallen. Dorn, Curze, Sanguinius, Jaghatai, Russ, Ferrus and the Lion now worship the powers of the Immaterium. The Word Bearers war amongst themselves, if the rumours from Colchis are any indication. Is there not strength in separation from the Imperium?

- Roboute Guilliman, Macragge


Official Proclamation of the Supremacy of Ultramar

Rejoice, Citizens! Ultramar is independent from the Imperium. You have no Master now but Guilliman and the Legion of the Ultramarines, not the Emperor on Terra, not the mad Warmaster Sanguinius. The Ultramarines, whose courage knows no bounds, will protect you faithfully and truly against the powers of Imperium and Immaterium both. We who are Legion will govern and defend you against Xenos, against traitor and false Emperor. We who know no fear shall stand against the night with boltgun and chainsword. We who serve Guilliman will preserve the Emperor's vision, his Truth, against all who assail it...


I hate the irreligious most of all.

- Primarch Lorgar, during the Ultramar Wars, M33

Primarch Magnus 08-08-11 10:30 AM

Interlude Two: Visions of Heresy

This is Terra!

- Constantin Valdor to the emissary of Sanguinius sent to the Imperial Palace, before killing him


I. Am. The. New. God. If you resist, I will bring you to a Hell without exit or end, where you will crawl and beg and DIE! On the contrary, if you surrender without further quarrel, I will let some live as my pets.

- Warmaster Sanguinius to the defenders of Terra.


Nameless terror...the metal, our technology turned against us...our very boltguns...this place is CURSED!

- Last transmission sent by the Iron Hands expeditionary force in the Noctis Labyrinthis, Mars


From Legends of the Astartes Legions

...The Exemplar is a legendary figure among the Astartes of the Emperor's Children Legion, arriving in their hours of greatest need, only to vanish again, as suddenly as he came. He bears a black blade, and towers over even the greatest Astartes. He first arrived at the Siege of Terra, where he saved First Captain Kaesoron, and Saul Tarvitz, Captain of the 10th, as well as many other Marines, from almost certain death at the hands of a Keeper of Secrets, before proceeding to carve a path of great devastation through a horde of Slaaneshi daemons. Many within the Legion believe him to be the spirit of their Primarch Fulgrim, but little evidence exists for this view...


Mars will fight to the last! Make them bleed for this heresy!

- Fabricator-General Kelbor Hal of Mars, after the unleashing of the Daemon-Cant (crippling 75-percent of the Forge World's defences)

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