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Tompotamus 07-25-11 07:46 PM

Starting out with dark elves
Im an ogre kingdoms player getting into DE and was wondering how to get a competitive list of them i jave so far lokhir fellheart and nine corsairs all with two hand weapons and full command i like the look of the manticores and am wanting to do a master on one using the new storm of magic manticore all help appreciated

Steaknchips 07-27-11 08:24 AM

Generally named characters are not worth their points in a competative list but if you like Lokhir then go for it. Personally i dont use them but general consensus is that DHW corsairs work great with the SSS banner.

As for key competative elements Dual hydra is the single most common choice. You'll often see Blackguard and/or Witch elves with flaming banner too.

In SoM I've been running master riding manticore with ring of hotec, whip of agony, heavy armour, sedragon cloak and sheild. Turn one he happly flys upto casters ready to charge turn 2 and even if counter charged by another unit he can hold his own in combat while still producing a 12'' misscast bubble.

Masked Jackal 07-28-11 07:22 AM

Unfortunately, Manticores are a pretty poor choice, though I don't know how they've been repriced for SoM. Generally, DE use Repeater Crossbowmen, Cold One Knights, Hydras, and such.

Asura Varuna 07-31-11 06:07 PM

A level 4 Sorceress with Shadow magic is essential.
A Dreadlord with the best possible armour save and Pendant of Kelaeth and Crown of Command on a Pegasus is often advised.
Cauldron of Blood makes a good BSB
Core should be mainly Reapter Crossbowmen, with or without shields, as per your preference.
Black Guard are too good to pass up, I highly recommend always taking 20 of them.
Hydras are ridiculously undercosted, but are so common that most players will build 'anti-hydra countermeasures' into their lists. (well, it's the Hellpit Abomination's fault too...)

Just some quick thoughts. Really though, with Dark Elves, so many of the choices are viable that you can take almost anything you want and it will work out.

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