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Culler 04-28-08 02:43 PM

1000pt Tau v Ultramarines (Vassal w/pictures)
As I often do on my days off I like to start my morning with a little 40k using the Vassal client (check the Vassal section on these boards for more details).

The game was Recon, 1000pts, Alpha level (mission and level rolled for randomly).

My army, the brave pioneers of the Tau'n sept.
Shas'el with missile pod, plasma rifle, and multitracker. -87 points

'Fireknife' crisis team of 3 suits (missile pod, plasma rifle, and multitracker). Team leader has 2 shield drones and bonding knife. -226 points
Stealth team of 3 suits with drone controllers and 2 gun drones each. Team leader has bonding knife as well. -160 points

Fire warrior team of 8, shas'ui. -90 points
Fire warrior team of 8, shas'ui. -90 points

Heavy Support:
Hammerhead with railgun, burst cannons, multitracker, target lock, and decoy launchers. -170 points
Hammerhead with railgun, burst cannons, multitracker, target lock, and decoy launchers. -170 points

My foe, the Ultramarines who blindly stand in the way of the greater good.
Sarik, The Master of Steel
Bike, Thunder Hammer, Artificer Armor, Veil of Time. -245 points

10 Marines,Veteran, Power weapon, Storm bolter. -238 points

10 Marines,Veteran, Power weapon, Storm bolter. -238 points

Fast Attack:
5 Assault Marines, Veteran, Power weapon, Meltabombs. -145 points

Heavy Support:
Predator Anihilator
Heavy Bolters, Storm bolter. -133 points

The ultramarines won deployment and going first
Initial deployment looked like this:

Culler 04-28-08 03:00 PM

My basic plan is to kill his army as it comes to me, then get whatever hammerheads are left alive up to his deployment zone.

Shas'el Ku'la and his cadre had been dispatched to recon the gue'la army of the planetary governor before this world could be wrested from the darkness of ignorance into the light of the greater good.

"Shas'el, the stealth team reports a force of the gue'la super-soldiers heading to intercept us! What do we do?!"
"Keep it together and remember your training. They are still barbarians, and the greater good is with us. Recall the stealth team and take up defensive positions!"
"Ethereals watch over us."

As the cadre waited silently for their foes to come into sight, they began to hear the brute rumbling of their tanks as they crushed the undergrowth and the high pitched whine of a single bike.

Ultramarines Turn 1:
He moves his stuff up, holds his predator back to avoid getting railgunned. Librarian turbo boosts down the side.

Tau Turn 1:
The librarian scares me the most, though taking out the rhinos now is also very important to prevent his troops from closing rapidly.
On the left I try to get my fire warriors into rapid fire range, and succeed in earning myself fewer shots than if I had stayed still. The stealth team and my commander each manage to score a wound on the T5 librarian with his 2+ invulnerable save due to boosting.
On the right the crisis suits manage to take out the lead rhino. The fire warriors plink away to no avail, and the hammerheads both miss their railgun shots. However, one of the burst cannons on one of my hammerheads is in range of the other rhino. 3 str 5 shots, all hit, all roll a 6 to pen. I get shaken, immobilized, and weapon destroyed. That rhino is basically made useless.
Rhinos taken care of, now I just need to handle the rest of his army as it comes in and figure out some way to deal with the libby. I withdraw my stealth team and commander form his libby and hope he can wipe out my fire warriors so I can shoot him.


As the Ultramarines burst from cover, their characteristic bright blue armor catching the sun, the fire caste warriors opened up from their covered positions, attempting to stop the advance of the superhumans.

Culler 04-28-08 03:01 PM

Ultramarines turn 2:
On his turn he moves his librarian up to the fire warriors, his assault marines into the foundations of an old bunker, his tac squad piles out and advances, and his predator comes out from hiding to join the battle.
His predator misses its lascannon shots against the hammerheads, much like they missed theirs.
In assault, his Librarian charges into my fire warriors and wipes half them out. Unfortunately, they pass their Ld check and stay in combat. Bastards.

Tau turn 2:
I decide to sacrifice my stealth team in order to keep his libby from advancing into the rest of the army once he eats them, so they move over right next to him. The crisis team and commander get as far away as they can though and help out the fire warriors. I move the hammerheads between the assault marines and my fire warriors, to prevent them from charging into my army.
The hammerheads manage to stun the predator with their railguns, and the missile pods of the crisis team manage to knock out the treads, immobilizing the tank. The burst cannons of the hammerheads take out an assault marine and 3e marines from a tactical squad while the fire warriors try to finish off the rhino and fail.
The librarian manages to break the indomitable will of the fire warriors and but the last one manages to get away.
Also, the assault marines are moved slightly in this picture from where they're supposed to be b/c my opponent was a little over eager. You get the idea though.

"Shas'o, the gue'la sorcerer has reached our lines and even now tears through our warriors like some sort of demon!"
"Fall back to the eastern flank!"
"Shas'el, it has been an honor to fight at your side, my team will hold the sorcerer at bay while you get into position."
"What are you doing, pull your team back!"

Culler 04-28-08 03:03 PM

Ultramarines turn 3:
His Librarian goes after the stealth team, his assault marines move up, and his tac squads move up. He takes out a gun drone in shooting with the librarian. The marines are out of range.
In assault his librarian kills all but 2 stealth suits, who are cut down as they try to flee, leaving the librarian open as a nice juicy target with no 2+ invulnerable save this time. The assault marines try to plan a melta bomb on a hammerhead but miss.


Tau turn 3:
My crisis team, commander, and a hammerhead move over to the librarian. If they don't kill him now, I'll have only 2 hammerheads to finish the game with, basically.
However, a couple shots from the commander's plasma rifle finishes the last wound off this menace, leaving the crisis team free to rapid fire the assault marines with their plasma rifles, killing them. The railguns finish off the predator, and fire warriors and burst cannons account for another couple marines. At this point, my opponent politely concedes, and I can't blame him.


So, one of my hammerheads sails to victory while the rest of my army tears his remaining marines to pieces. Though it was alpha, the victory point breakdown is:

Ultramarines earned:
160 for killing stealth team
90 for killing a fire warrior team
total = 250 (all the work of the librarian, who managed to pay for himself and earn an extra 5)

Tau earned:
999 points for wiping out the marines
170 for getting a hammerhead into the opponent's backfield
total = 1169

Difference = 919, a victorious slaughter for the tau! And my 30th victory on Vassal.

In reflection, I think his librarian was highly cool, I may have to build one like that some day. But, it was basically his whole army. The rest of his troops never really performed. Once the librarian was dead, so was his army. Personally I don't think there's much I'd have done differently. I made the choice to sacrifice my stealth team and it basically won me the game.

Commander Ku'la watches helplessly as the brave members of his stealth team are torn apart by some creature that seems to be several places at once, the glittering arc of his sword tearing through drone and warrior alike. He takes careful aim, unwilling to fire upon his own troops, out of the slim chance that they may yet survive. His plasma rifle glows with the charge as he readies his shots. Suddenly the remaining members of the stealth team turn to flee, their nerve broken by such arcane fury and are cut down in a single swoop. The barbarian sorcerer guns the motor of his bike and turns to face Ku'la, covered in the steaming viscera of his friends and loyal warriors. Silently, Ku'la discharges his weapons, sending the sorcerer flying from his seat in a bloody arc where he lays still upon the ground. Ku'la turns to help his warriors mop up the remaining marines, who rapidly fall under the relentless onslaught of the Mont'ka.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Marneus Calgar 04-28-08 04:13 PM

Sounds cool, I might take you on somwhen with my smurfs:P

Ludoldus 04-30-08 12:01 PM

Yeah good battle report, good pics as well, even if it did strain my eyes a bit hehe....

Also, at 235, i havent exactly added the points, but that libby's gotta be pretty near the 100 pt. wargear limit....

Culler 04-30-08 10:21 PM

It helps to click teh little bars at the top of each picture to enlarge them :grin:

Someguy 05-01-08 01:07 AM

Good job and nicely presented batrep.

Culler 05-01-08 01:55 AM


Originally Posted by Someguy (Post 104910)
Good job and nicely presented batrep.

Thanks :biggrin:

lightmonkey 05-01-08 09:53 AM

nice, i really love reading these reports.

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