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Azezel 04-10-11 10:50 AM

Whilst I would not use priests, they seem likely to be in the codex. Probably leading Frateris Militia mobs. Nevertheless, I agree that a plastic kit for such a model is highly unlikely.

Bindi Baji 04-10-11 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by hungryugolino (Post 934352)
Says the unreliable banana...

Hmm, good point, are bananas ever truly reliable though?

Winterous 04-10-11 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Tahiri (Post 934477)
Not sure if want to even bother putting up those "leaked" pages of the codex from a week or so ago, as our general consensus was that they are fake, but here is a link to a site with the summary.

I don't think they're fake.
I wouldn't be surprised, but I think they look legit enough.

If it is a fake, it's a believable one.

Azezel 04-10-11 03:30 PM

The person who faked them admitted it and posted the unaltered pictures.

elektra 04-10-11 07:13 PM

Unfortunately if penitent engines and repentia are included in the codex and i hope they will then it is more then likely that a representative of the church will have to be included to use them under the current rules.However i think that a new minor SOB character/squad upgrade could be created that could unlock them without using non sororitas models and the said character/upgrade could be for the celestians as they are an elite unit and likely be able to call for these if the situation arises.Any thoughts?

Yes i meant arcos instead of repentia but got carried away.

mahavira 04-10-11 07:22 PM

I think you're confusing repentia and acro-flagellants: repentia don't have a prerequesite. And I can't speak for anyone else, but cutting those idiotic requirements is at the top of my wish list. If nothing else, Adepta Sororitas ARE representatives of the Ecclesiarchy, and you'd think a canonness outranks the kinds of priests that were present in the 3E codex. If they keep even a hint of the old requirements, taking an HQ type priest might make acro-flagellants or penitent engines a different Force Allocation slot.

HellishRolls 04-10-11 08:55 PM

I agree with mahavira, how is a canoness not 'pious' enough?!
I noticed from my friend's GK codex the other day that they get arcoflagellants... Makes me think that they will also be in the new sisters codex then and surely plastic models would follow in a 'kill two birds with one stone whilst maximising sales of over-expensive plastic' kind of mentality?

mahavira 04-10-11 09:27 PM

Given that Acroflagellants were originally a SOB unit, it would be more surprising if they weren't in a SoB codex after having appeared in the GK one, particularly since they've gone to the effort to make them actually useful (and actually do what you tell them). Plastic...doubtful. In GK you can only have more than a few of them if you use a particular Special Character, and I doubt they'll be -that- much more common in SoB. Of course, buying a unit of up to 12 of them in blister packs is painful even so, so you may be right. The new rules for acro flagellants and death cult assassins add a lot more value to a SoB army than a GK army, so even if inquisitors are removed, both will be present in a SoB codex.

MadCowCrazy 04-10-11 09:43 PM

I believe the Sisters dex will have something similar to the Henchmen from the GK codex, Arco and Deathcult would be included and the rest would be Frateris Militia, Zealots, Adeptus Arbites etc.

When looking at the GK options you can basically just make a names change and they are Ecclesiarchy units.

Banisher = Priest
Crusader = Arbite with shock maul and storm shield
Warrior Acolyte = Adeptus Arbite or Priest

On top of this you could add Zealots, Frateris Militia, Cyber dogs and more.

Will probably be called Ecclesiarical Henchmen Warband :crazy:

crooner 04-10-11 09:45 PM

I think they'll include the flagellants, if they're in GK they would have to be in with the sisters also. Most of the old ecclesiarchy stuff will probably manifest in one way or another in the new book.

What I'm most curious about though are retributors. Has anyone heard about a box set of those? Lately GW has been turning most things plastic, and if they can pump out brand new Dark Eldar goodies one would think they can at least do the same for sisters.

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