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Hurricane 06-20-11 03:44 AM

Rate the song above you
Just a little fun game to hopefully introduce us all to some new music. You don't have to think it's the best or worst song in the world, but something that you would simply enjoy sharing with others.

1) Quote the post you are rating by either just giving the name of who you are rating or the video they posted.
2) Give a rating out of 10 and add some comments as to why you rated the way you did. This is a personal rating so say what YOU think of the song.
3) Post a new video for the person beneath you to rate.
4) Say the name and artist for clarification's sake.
5) I don't want people to spam this thread so if you could wait until at least a couple of people have posted to write another review I would appreciate that.
6) Listen to the whole song unless it's an intentional troll.

Also if you like, you can post a little description of why you enjoy, or want to share, the video you posted. I'll begin!

Dia Frampton - Heartless (cover)

I'm a huge Meg and Dia fan and after only just hearing that her label dropped her and she entered into this singing competition I looked up some of her singing from the show online. I was stunned by this performance. Dia Frampton is probably my favorite singer around and I think this gives a good representation of her ability. In my opinion, her voice is angelic and it really evokes a lot of emotion.


a_bad_curry 06-22-11 11:07 AM

Thats pretty good praise for someone who has to listen to a song 5 times or so before they like it. The composition is quite boring, but the singing makes up for it. I just get quite sick of listening to the same scale, although this one seems to change this a bit. The singing is mainly good, but her chest voice is grating and makes me want to pull my ears out. Its catchy, and thats all is important for this genre.

Ok. My song is End of Innocence-Symphony X

Bane_of_Kings 06-22-11 11:27 AM

Masked Jackal 06-22-11 11:35 AM

7/10. Some decent stuff, though the vocals are...eh. However, I give it a 1/10 because you disliked Symphony X. :P

Anfo 06-22-11 10:26 PM

so...slow....bleh...the singing is boring and...grah. Sorry, but I don't like that stuff. At all.

Here are some lyrics for those of you who can't understand it.

micgao 06-22-11 11:15 PM


Combines clean vocals with gritty vocals pretty well and it seems to mix in some different instruments in there too.

My only complain about it is that it sounds quite cookie cutting to me.

KhainiteAssassin 06-22-11 11:24 PM

overall, 7.5/10. the guitar riffs are great, the singing is good, but at the same time it feels... I dont know, it does not have a directly unique sound, i have heard it all in other songs.

micgao 06-22-11 11:39 PM

KhainiteAssassin 06-23-11 12:18 PM

sorry hurricane but this thread isnt getting enough love so Im gunna continue it to get it going again.

9/10 Opeth is one of my favourite bands, easily in the top 20, possibly even in the top 10 (I dont keep track and standings fluctuate depending on my mood) this song is one of their better ones aswell.

another AA (as they are heavily on my mind in preperation of their concert in august) song:

probably the song that got me into the band in the first place

micgao 06-23-11 05:03 PM


Again, same as what I said above; powerful, brutal but controlled melodic in a way.

I'll steer the thread away from Melodic/Progressive/Death metal a bit:

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