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scscofield 06-19-11 03:25 PM

Newb Painter suggestion to any other newb painters out there.....

It makes a huge huge difference in detail. You may have to put a extra few coats on but its more than worth the time. I painted the tactical marines I got as a starter set right out of the pot with little water. Problem came when I tried to do highlights along the details. I could not see many of them because I had filled them in with paint.

Unhappy with this situation I started reading more on the internet about painting and then stripped the paint off them. Reprimed and now I have a wet pallet setup. This is pretty much a small dinner plate with a couple layers of soaked paper towel. A piece of parchment paper (stuff you bake on from the grocery store) placed on this and pressed so that it's damp. This keeps your paint wet as your painting. I then used a tip from somewhere online that I can not remember at this point :-p

Water you paint down until it is like milk. About 3 water drops to every 1 drop of paint. It looks way to watery, it goes on almost like a wash, it covers great and leaves all the detail in place.

Really wish I had done this from the get go, would have saved a lot of time.

C'Tan Chimera 06-19-11 03:45 PM

scscofield 06-19-11 03:49 PM

Lol yah what he said :-p
Like I said, newb painter here.

Gluttoniser 06-19-11 04:30 PM

Use washes, they are awsome

Flindo 06-19-11 04:54 PM

highlighting, dry brushing, washing, it may take a while to get used to but trust me, its well worth it, models can look absalutly gorgous if painted right

scscofield 06-19-11 04:58 PM

The highlights were what I was having issues with, still will most likely that is a level of fine motor skills I have always had issues with. It will be much easier to highlight around detail on the armor when you can still see it though :-p

I agree washes are awesome also. Drybrushing is still too messy for me, I think I will try it with the thinned paint this time, right out of the pot was a mess.

farseer22 06-19-11 05:19 PM

I've been finding that overbrushing is more useful than drybrushing. The thinning paint thing is so important, and so few people seem to think to mention it to newbie painters. I've only recently discovered it and that was due to watching tutorials on youTube.

lav25gunner 06-19-11 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by C'Tan Chimera (Post 1005488)

Holy shit!! Are there models underneath all that paint?! lol

arumichic 06-19-11 06:12 PM

Yes thin your paints down. Wet paletes help out a lot too. I personally like the use of flow improver rather than just water. It seems to hold in the pigments better than water when you do mix it out onto a palet. (apparently I can't spell this morning)

With drybrushing, you really don't want to water down paint, since then it wouldn't be "dry" brushing. You really need to wipe off the excess paint from the brush though, on a piece of paper towel, almost as if there's no paint left on the brush.

Hope this helps and keep on painting!~

C'Tan Chimera 06-20-11 01:23 AM

In all due seriousness, you can even wriggle around lackluster/starter skills with painting if you pick a really eye catching color scheme. Generally. I don't think any color pallet could save my earlier example.

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