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spanner94ezekiel 06-12-11 08:37 PM

The Dark Angels Corner
OK, so this thread is basically for anything generically related to the Dark Angels (and their successor chapters). Be it asking about fluff, tips for units, or help with a homebrew chapter, this is the place. :)
I know this is kinda mixing forums, but it allows all us Unforgiven lovers to converge somewhere share their hunt for the Fallen.

I'll start by giving some useful unit tactica links (i know they're mine, but still :laugh:) :

Dark Angels In-depth Tactica
Dark Angels Company Veterans Tactica
Dark Angels Techmarine Tactica
Ravenwing Tactica
Deathwing Tactica
Vanilla Space Marine Dreadnought Tactica
Scout Tactica
Vanilla Space Marine Tactica
The Dark Fortress

darklove 06-12-11 08:40 PM

Unforgiven Lovers? That sounds very Dark Angels... The darkest secret of all.

mr_fallout 06-12-11 10:11 PM

This makes me think of an excellent question. Why did they ever remove Asmodai from the codex? I've seen, in parts of it, that they talk about him. Not dead, as alive. So why remove him from the codex?

Ninjurai 06-13-11 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by darklove (Post 998960)
Unforgiven Lovers? That sounds very Dark Angels... The darkest secret of all.

ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Shhhh....You'll give away the ending.

WinZip 06-13-11 03:33 AM

Lets try to keep this thread serious guys. I like the idea for this thread spanner94ezekiel and when i have some free time ill scrounge around for some helpful DA articles.

darklove 06-13-11 09:19 AM

Oh, it's very serious - and there is a Hampshire connection, which I found out about recently. It was all very interesting and informative.

Grokfog 06-13-11 09:27 AM

I've recently started collecting DA, I'm going for the niche armies, and I'm currently sitting at about 600 points of Deathwing and 750 points of Ravenwing. I used the Deathwing last week against Dark Eldar, and pulled a very convincing draw.

spanner94ezekiel 06-13-11 12:49 PM

Cool stuff people :)
In response to the question about Asmodai, my guess is that the model wasn't too popular, so they phased him out of the codex. However, due to popular demand I have a feeling he may make an appearance in the next codex...
@Grokfog I believe I've seen a couple of your lists and you seem to know what you're doing, so good luck with your games :victory:
@WinZip cheers mate, it would be great for this thing to actually work, seeing as most of my ideas don't :laugh:
@Ninjurai and Darklove, just LOL but maybe another time, another thread?

spanner94ezekiel 06-20-11 09:40 PM

Okays, thought I'd revive this by posting a link to my new DA 3rd company WIP.


spanner94ezekiel 02-18-12 08:34 PM

Found this excellent site that contains a whole range of tacticas, guides, armies, lists etc etc. It's called The Dark Fortress, so check it out if you're looking for more Unforgiven stuff.

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