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Myen'Tal II 10-09-17 09:05 AM

Those Incubi are gorgeous :O!!! Really nice work!

eae 10-16-17 05:00 AM

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Guess what, here comes a Venom! God it feels so good to finally get it in the air fully stocked and ready to kill. Now I need just 2-3 more of these :)

But really my next problem is to think up some non-trivial coloring scheme for Mandrakes that would look awesome and match their background at the same time. Black skin is great for the creatures of shadow, white hair matches black skin perfectly, a flame would use a greenish glow that is the main energy highlight of my army, and voila - I automatically get the default Mandrakes, with the only option to choose from being a color of their pants (skin / cloth). Am I missing something here?

Oooh, an instant idea! How about I paint them completely as ghosts - white with greenish shadows, you know the drill - and paint the flames and carvings in their skins in pure black? Do you think it might work?

eae 10-22-17 06:40 PM

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So here's my initial attempt on Mandrakes. Ignore the bases, a handful of skulls is on its way and these bases are temporary.

So Mandrakes! One of the most awesome sets of minis out there in WH40K world that I was longing to paint for several years now. But you might have noticed that EVERYONE PAINTS MANDRAKES THE SAME WAY. It is of course partially based on the very precise fluff description (inky skin, snow white hair, clothing made of skins of enemies), but where's all the fun in only being able to choose the color of a baleblast fire? Another thing to keep in mind is that this color scheme really works great for mandrakes, so there's no need to look for other ways, right?

Wrong! So I decided to ignore the proposed description and paint Mandrakes for what they really are: SPACE ELVES' MURDER GHOSTS OF EVIL. And I love the result :)

My only pending problem is the baleblast. I've tried painting it blue-ish, but since the minis themselves are really bright, it made impossible for me to stick to the main principle of painting fire: it should look lighter than the mini itself, otherwise it looks as a really bad haircut and not a flame. So any advice on how to proceed with the flame is welcome, and anyway I'm happy with it just the way it is now.

Another problem to solve is how to detach minis from the temporary bases (minis are currently positioned on the metal planks super-glued to the bases) once I get a hold of skull-filled bases.

Anyway, too much talking, here come the Murder Ghosts!

eae 11-20-17 03:15 PM

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Next Venom is ready. I like airbrushing as a fast-painting technique, next up are a Raider and a Ravager that I intend to paint in more or less the same way.

Khorne's Fist 11-20-17 04:10 PM

That looks fantastic. Loving the colours on both the venom and the rider. Have a cookie.

eae 12-27-17 09:30 PM

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So over a month since the last update. A lot has happened hobby-wise, mainly due to the fact that I've decided to boost my productivity an so enlisted to our local 750pts newbie tournament. I then started practicing and trying out army lists in our local wargaming club, which made me thinking. Like, a lot.

Two full units of infamous Razorwing Flocks later, I realized that the Hellions that I've ordered and wanted to utilize as Beastmasters are not going to make it in time - nothing does at the New Year's Eve. Fortunately, I've found a whole new box of 3 Windriders on sale in our godforsaken city.

5 hours of head-scratching, cutting and gluing and scratching and gluing and cutting later, I'm proud to present these two Beastmaster conversions that I like more than the original model.

eae 01-12-18 09:44 AM

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A tournament happened, I sucked at it, back to the painting desk. Haemonculus WIP. I didn't even want to paint the guy just yet, only wanted to assemble him for a game, but it is kinda stupid to assemble him before painting because it would make painting so much harder. I'm finally getting quicker with my brushes, caring less works like a charm! Only took about 6 hours to get him to this state.

Dave T Hobbit 01-12-18 03:09 PM

Might just be the lighting washing it out, but the flesh, bone, and white leather look a touch flat together.

eae 01-12-18 04:56 PM

Thanks Dave, I see what you mean! Any ideas on how to fix this effect? I intentionally went for whitened ("faded") skin cloak and white pants - I was looking for a "mad doctor" look. But the effect that you mention is exactly the one I've feared would occur. Still, I did not come up with any idea on how to resolve it.

Dave T Hobbit 01-14-18 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by eae (Post 2436810)
Thanks Dave, I see what you mean! Any ideas on how to fix this effect?

Potentially you could add a very slight purple tint to the flesh, so it's still grey but contrast more with the yellow of the bone and coat.

Making the silvery metal darker would add a contrast.

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