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Whiskey 05-24-11 06:21 PM

NECROMUNDA!! / 40K Scenery WIP
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Hey guys,

Been working on some more Terrain for Necromunda/40k games.
My good friend and i are well into our Storm of vengeance Campaign and once we are done we will be having a good old scrap with some Necromunda.

Here are some of my starting pieces. Created my own bulkheads as there rare and people sell them for to much. something i think GW could of still made money on.

Hope you like what i have done :)



Link to one of our campaign missions, Thanks to my good friend El Mariachi


Whiskey 05-24-11 06:25 PM

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Finished painting the first Piece with a walkway. I wanted to go for good main colors instead of the basic grey or silver city look.

I use Foam card for the main construction with anything i can get my hands on for the detail, card, plastic, wood, copper pipes and wallpaper is Pro for textures as u might see some soon.

Whiskey 05-24-11 06:40 PM

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Been busy and finished lots more off. Had so much fun painting and adding to these and wanted to make a couple more and extra walkways. For the other 2 buildings i painted them first with matt black and then used sprays to finish the colors. i used a silver then done the main color from above so it has more contrast. See it better in the flesh, first time ive done this and i am happy with the results.

Once thing i would change mainly is the Bases i used a thinker chipboard hoping it would look like concrete foundation but would of chosen a thiner wood like i have done before.

I then Went on to make some cover to run and duck behind, so i gathered alll and any left overs of wood plastic and model kits. I created a weapon store/stash, abandon motor cycle and piled up bits of junk.

Once i finish stomping some Umies with my orks in a campaign i am doing with friends, i can get some game time on this stuff.

Thank you for reading.


Please go have a look at the battle report !!


Some pictures didn't come out perfect, Sorry there from a camera phone.

Bane_of_Kings 05-24-11 06:54 PM

Pretty nice work :).

Khorne's Fist 05-24-11 07:15 PM

Beautiful work. It'd be a pleasure to play on that board.

El Mariachi 05-24-11 07:18 PM

Wow, i'm amazed. I'm looking forward to finishing this 40k campaign Nick but it's mighty hard not to say "let's stop the campaign for now and do some Necromunda!".

Super stuff!

P.S. Love the workshop area.

Hammer49 05-29-11 11:01 AM

Fantastic work. Looks very impressive.

Ebsolom Dhaark 06-12-11 06:03 PM

Excellent work! They look very sturdy and would be fun to play on.

Anarkitty 06-13-11 07:33 PM

Cool. I'm just getting into Necromunda (yes, I know I'm a little late), and this is really inspiring.

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