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aboytervigon 05-22-11 06:39 PM

Grey knights questions.
1.Does the new grey knight codex replace the daemonhunters one?
2. If yes can the new grey knights take witch hunter allies?

ItsPug 05-22-11 06:42 PM

1. Yes.
2. No. It doesn't say that they can in either the WH or GK codex.

aboytervigon 05-22-11 06:55 PM

But it says witch hunters can ally with daemon hunters and since this replaces the daemon hunters codex ergo they can ally.

Hammer49 05-22-11 06:58 PM

ItsPug is right on both points.
Its a shame you cant ally with them as it worked quite well.
Heres hoping the future sisters of battle codex well be as good if not better than the GKs.

don_mondo 05-22-11 09:54 PM

I'll disagree on the second point. WH codex says that 'loyalist Index Astartes chapters' can take WH as allies. So, are GK Chaos now?

ItsPug 05-22-11 10:10 PM

Index Astartes chapters referred to the Iron Hands/Salamanders/etc lists in white dwarf, not grey knights. IIRC at the time the WH codex was published all variant lists still used C:SM as a basis with a varient codex for each of blood angels, dark angels etc. That is why it says "Witch Hunter units can be included as allies in any of the following codex armies...Space Marines, including variant armies..." It is refering to Codex Space Marines and any of the additional variant codices that allowed you to play blood angels/dark angels etc.

GW specifically make Daemonhunter a seperate option on the list, as that was a list from a seperate codex, but that codex is no longer valid as it has been replaced.

aboytervigon 05-22-11 10:21 PM

If they have been replaced then doesn't the rule now apply to them?

Sacrean 05-22-11 11:31 PM

It is because they are trying to get rid of the allies rules.

don_mondo 05-23-11 02:10 AM

So, are GK not a loyalist Marine Chapter? Yes or No question. And they were one of the Index Astartes armies anyways, so they are already on the list. Or would you say that someone who uses a Salamanders army or an iron Hands army ( by using their Special Characters) also cannot take WH allies because their codex has been updated (via the new SM codex)?

And sure, eventually, allies will go away. Again. And someday they might come back. Again. been through the cycle twice now (2nd ed allies and DH/WH allies) so I expect in 10 or so years, someone at GW will think it's a grand idea to have allies. Again. But for now, until they are gone, they are allowed and I consider GK to fall into that "loyalist Astarteds chapter". Feel free to disagree.

Azrell 05-23-11 03:22 AM

Grey knights are a loyalist chapter, they are on all the old posters. Chapter designation #666.

In a friendly game sure why not, according to the 2011 Throne of Skulls by GW in vegas, allies are out.


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