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darkreever 05-08-11 05:45 PM

The Claw: Fury of Wolves
Hello everyone, as The Claw came to a close, I announced that there would be a sequel and here it is. I present to the community of roleplay threads The Claw: Fury of Wolves; the second chapter in the saga of players being members of a pack. Again, this RP is to be centered around a pack of Blood Claws of the Space Wolves chapter, and if you are unfamiliar with the Space Wolves or aspects of the chapter, then I do recommend giving Lexicanum a breeze through.

Mission: Aid the Auroras chapter in breaking the back of the growing WAAAGH!!! Mugskab before it gains enough momentum to be a major threat. Locate and kill the warlord captain Snotbag Mekork and reclaim the worlds of the Joura system his clan has claimed. Locate and destroy clan Mugskabís base of operations.

Location: Joura system (segmentum pacificus), watch station Sanctuary of Hadrium (Aurora deep space dock), Fist of Russ (Space Wolf cruiser), further locations unknown.

Size: At least six in the pack

Between: For those members who followed the exploits of pack Kjarl in The Claw, some time has elapsed between the end of that and the start of this. Ten months to be exact, however three months into the journey home, the Fist of Russ received a call for aid from the mechanicus research station of Beta-Phi XII in orbit near a dyeing star. The Space Wolves answered the call, to find the station ransacked and orks present. Though the company arrived too late to save the station, they did exact a measure of revenge and wiped away any and all orks. For the Pack, the fighting was fierce, and saw to the deaths of Freyr and Haladas. Once the area was cleansed of orks, the Fist of Russ continued on its journey to Fenris

Here is the character sheet for you all to make use of:

Name: For the most part, a first name will suffice; you can go with a last name as well but realize that your character is still young and hasn't done anything of note yet. No titles, you try to go with something like Hrolf Fierceblade and that title will not be happening.

Age: Your blood claws, so this number here should reflect that. No one should be giving a number any lower than twenty three or higher twenty-seven. I don't want to see a sixty seven year old blood claw. (For more information on the sixty-seven year old blood claw, consider asking Dark Angel.)

Appearance: This one should speak for itself fairly well. As a note, and something I completely missed last time, as newly inducted blood claws you all have shaved heads (with a tail of hair or two) and are not allowed to grow beards. (So letís have none of that at this time.)

Personality: Another that should speak on its own. Note that I will deny the super-warrior style personality (the I can do everything deal) and the silent treatment (the doesnít speak or speaks only a little.) What are you like, do you have any desires or aspirations?

Background: Space Wolf priests recruit warriors who show promise in battle, taking those who are nearly dead. Since their isn't going to be much on you as a marine, what can you vaguely remember about your past life? What did you do at the end that would have gotten you chosen? Of the other characters, is there someone you know or hate? Try to keep this one relatively brief, no volumes of text if it can be helped; you don't need your characters life story.

Weapons: You all have access to a bolt pistol, chainsword, combat knife, and frag grenades as standard equipment.

Obviously, anyone who's taken a look through the space wolf codex knows the pack also has access to some power weapons, powerfists, plasma pistols, plasmaguns, meltaguns, and flamers. Keeping in line with that, up to one player may choose a meltagun, plasmagun, or flamer and one may choose to take a power weapon or plasma pistol. If we get enough players, that number might be increased to three, but that'll be my choice. This is first come, first serve but don't feel that you have to take one of the special weapons just because they are available. As GM I reserve the right to deny any character the special weapons if I find reason to.

[All weapon options are closed at this time, just basic gear; though that should be more than enough all things considered.]

Da Rules

- Posts are to be a minimum of ten decent length sentences long, though I always look forward to reading more. (Though obviously you can only post so much before you go well beyond the realm of things I allow.) Also, only the stuff youíre posting counts for this minimum. Someone speaks to you, or you copy/re-word part of an update to include, thatís nice but it doesnít count towards the minimum. With one exception: a combined post. This is when you and another player(s) gather together somewhere else and has out connected posts. Maybe youíre conversing with one another or youíre sparring and going back and forth. (You generally wonít have to tell me when youíre doing this; Iíll probably be able to figure it out.) I personally like this, and have done such a thing in the past, Euphrati will easily be able to confirm that.

- If you have questions, feel free to PM me and ask them. You never know what I will and will not allow, and the difference between you doing something way out there being all right or considered god modding is the consent of the GM.

- Obviously, no god modding; if youíre unsure of something then PM me and I will clarify for you.

-I am the GM, my word is final, end of story; it can sway, from time to time, but my call is the end. I realize how callous a statement that can be, and how unpopular it can make a person at times, but do keep in mind that I had a general idea of what I wanted and no good plan survives first engagement wholly intact. My plans have to change, and sometimes they are a little more lack-luster. I try to avoid that, but it doesnít always happen.

- Post one time per update, post one hundred times, it makes no difference to me as long as you maintain the minimum. The more times per update you post, however, the harder it may be to fit within the general realm of the update. I care more for quality, not quantity, so I would rather one glorious post rather than four mediocre ones. Again, any trouble or thoughts or potential ideaís you PM me and weíll see how that goes.

- Character death is possible; itís something I know, and have seen, many GMís pussy-foot around so let me be perfectly clear when I say that I am not one of those GMís. Actions have consequences, my patience is no longer infinite these days (merely saintly), and eventually it gets through to me that youíre not going to listen. Vilhelm learned that the hard way, but then again, sometimes interesting twists can develop from such a thing.

-I encourage role-playing over card-board action movie characters. Over the years, I have learned that role-playing tends to focus more on characters, the way they act and interact and develop. Action and combat have their place, but it is way behind interaction, development, and detail. This being a 40k RP where the characters are space marines, yes combat and action will play more prominent roles but donít commit to this thinking youíll get to be showing off how awesome your character is every step of the way.

-Perfect is overrated; it leaves no room for interaction or improvement. Your gonna make mistakes, at some point you will fuck up. Makes for a more interesting story, so donít feel bad if bad things happen, or something doesnít go your way; just keep in character. (Maybe you killing that carnifex with a single frag grenade goes practically unnoticed and your character would rage about such an Ďinsultí, donít go have him act calm about it because you donít want to cause problems.)

-Almost finally, recruitment is not over once this RP ends. I find such a thing to be a mistake, because sometimes shit happens and people pull out. For those people who pull out but warn me, or say something to me, I work with you and we part on good terms. For the people who fuck off without a word, in general I would rather never work with you again, and only extraordinary circumstances will help you. Members are welcome to join at any time, and players who lose characters are allowed to make new characters at my discretion.

-Finally (finally), though recruitment is open after the action thread starts and I have no problem with later players, I must eventually have a cut-off point on new characters. For this, itís once we hit the 70-75% mark of the RP. At that point, the player group is so ingrained with each other that you will remain an outsider throughout despite anyoneís best efforts. There is simply not enough story left for you and the others to truly get acclimated and things can feel awkward.

Alright, now that all of that is out of the way, time for me to list who is in so far.

unxpekted22 as Vermundr Iron Vengeance
Deathbringer as Iorek Ghostwolf
Euphrati as Keris
dark angel as Alrik
Lord Ramo as Heimdall
Serpion5 as Krahl
Midge913 as Liedolf
Lord Commander Solus as Ornsvald

komanko 05-08-11 06:09 PM

God damn it reever, did you have to start it now :( I am already over my head in roleplays XD

I hope I will find myself having extra spare time and I might then hop in into this nice looking roleplay :D

P.S Answer my damned PM even if its an "Im busy right now answer" I simply hate when people ignore PMes.

Alistor 05-08-11 06:09 PM

God damnit! If I didn't have my fingers in so many pies, I'd join for sure!

komanko 05-08-11 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by Alistor (Post 964159)
God damnit! If I didn't have my fingers in so many pies, I'd join for sure!

Damn it, you just made me laugh my ass off, badly! That ass is now missing and I need to post wanted posters around the city... Just felt that you should know it.

Lord Ramo 05-08-11 06:16 PM

Looks interesting, I will throw up a character

Name: Heimdall

Age: 26

Appearance: Heimdall is a solidly built marine, shorter than other but making up for it in bulk and size. He has dark brown irises for eyes, and has a completely shaven head, due to him being a blood claw. He has a scar that runs down from his right eye in a rough line to his chin. His armor is unadorned yet as he has done nothing really worthy yet except for a solitary wolf claw that is tied to his waist.

Personality: Heimdall has a short and fiery temper, finding any sort of constructive comment to be a criticism of him and his abilities and always tries his hardest to prove what he is capable of. Like most Space Wolves he has a problem with authority and people telling him what to do and sometimes finds it hard to reign himself in when given orders. He has no grudges to speak of yet, but won't take any insult lightly. His only fear is that he will fail the chapter and Russ, a deep fear that he pushes to the back of his mind.

Background: Heimdall remembers little of his past life before he was gifted with the chance to serve as a Space Wolf in the name of the Emperor. He was recruited after being found near to death on the ice world of Fenris, a son of a small tribe that was decimated in an attack from a neighboring tribe. Even though he was young he managed to kill a few older men with his ferocity, though he was wounded in return. He was brought to the Fang as an applicant of the Space Wolf Chapter.

During his training to join one of the 12 great companies he received a wound to his face from another aspirant, as they sparred together. Heimdall had to be restrained from trying to kill the aspirant who did it as he went into a fit of rage. With some trepidation he was chosen to become a member of the great companies and was elevated to a blood claw.

Weapons: His fiery temper goes with that of his weapon of choice, a flamer and a bolt pistol. He carries a combat knife and grenades.

Hope this is along the lines of what your looking for.

revan4559 05-08-11 06:22 PM

Name: Hrothgar

Age: Twenty Five (25)

Appearance: Hrothgar stands at seven feet in height which is generally considered the average height of a space wolf. Pale of skin and Blue of Eyes, Hrothgar's rather angular but fierce face would of been framed by shoulder length light blonde hair until it was shaved off after becoming a Blood Claw. Hrothgar's armour is a customized set of power armour which features different parts from several other marks, his leg armour is in similar design to that of the Mark 6 Corvus armour, while his shoulder guards, arms and back pack are that of the Mark 7 Aqulia armour, finally is his breastplate which is styled off of the Mark 8 Errant armour, meaning that while similar to the Mark 7 breastplate it has a high gorgot/collar which comes up to just under his nose.

Personality: Hrothgar is a rather loud individual that loves nothing more than to spend his time with his pack brothers drinking ale and killing the enemies of Russ and the Allfather. While in battle Hrothgar has a tendancy to shout insults at the biggest meanest thing he can find to goad it into battle which one day is very likely to get him killed. As Hrothgar is very loyal to his pack mates his main desire is to become one of the Wolf Guard so he can protect his Wolf Lord and pack brothers will all of his might.

Background: Hrothgar was picked to become a Space Wolf aspirant after a battle between his own tribe and another, he had killed 6 other warriors with his axe before eventually being brought low by a warriors spear which pieced his abdomen. As he lay there staring at the sky he saw an armoured giant appear in his blurred vision and believed it to be the gate keeper of the after life before passing out. Shortly after waking up he realized he was not dead but instead had been picked by one of the "Chosen of the Dead" to be taken and put into the trials to become one of the great Space Wolves, the Emperors Great Astartes. After passing his training and transformation into a space wolf he barely remember what his past life was like save for his name and the location at which he 'died' and hopes that way day he will return there with great honours and build a tribute to those fallen brothers who did not make it.

Weapons: A Bolt Pistol, Chainsword(attached to right hip), Combat Knife(strapped to side of left shin), and Frag Grenades.

Bane_of_Kings 05-08-11 07:18 PM

I would've thrown up a sheet as well - but like the others, I'm in a lot of roleplays already. :(.

Doelago 05-08-11 07:27 PM

Damn, why? I would have thrown up a sheet, but I am so arsed up with all kinds of bullshit in my real life that I can barely (ok, cant) even post in the one other RP I am part of. :(

Deus Mortis 05-08-11 08:05 PM

As much as I would love to join this RP, with my As exams starting in a week, that seems like a bad idea :P However, best of luck, and if there is still a spot open on 6th June, I'll be happy to fill it!

Angel of Blood 05-08-11 09:26 PM

Hmmm think i'll throw a character sheet up for this.

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