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Mossy Toes 05-05-11 03:37 AM

CSM on a Shoestring Budget
And for my 666th post...


As the title implies, funds are tight (aren't they always?). This means no pin-drill for me to pin unwieldy things and no drilled-out bolter barrels; old, slightly tacky spray primer and super glue; and most of all... kit-bashed and customized/re-purposed models. The point of this plog is, well, to expedite the (glacial) rate at which I work.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Ah well, we struggle ever onwards, ever upwards.

Currently, I have several projects on the :
- my second squad of homemade Obliterators
- My "bikers"--Cold One riding Traitor Astartes!
- converting a pre-modeled Defiler to have +2 dccw.







The chain/spike halo still dangles loose, but will be glued roughly where I propped it for the second photo of this fellow.


This last one is waay less finished than the others--little green stuff, etc. I'm hesitant whether I want to finish him as is, really. I'm trying to use a set of old Ork warbike rear tread-tracks for his legs, but...am not very favorably impressed by the look. Sorry that the one image doesn't really showcase him that well.

Also, by way of comparison so you lot can see what they should end up looking like:






Used to have a plasma gun, which has been...messily lost. Considering what to do with him.







Quite a few of the models suffer from an overabundance of mold lines that slipped past my guard. Humor my fragile ego and please don't point them out; rest assured that they will have ceased to exist by the next time I post up a batch of photos.



(what it used to look like)




Recognize that face? ...say, on an Obliterator?

(updated version of the model)


Yes, that's a skeleton in a cage that will be replacing the missile pod. :cool:



Part of the reason for snipping off all the spiky bits was to minimize the target profile this guy has and let him hunt for cover easier. Also, I felt like going for something different. I admit he looks a little bottom-heavy now, but...wait until I get the flail on.

wombat_tree 05-05-11 08:10 AM

Some interesting conversions and ideas there. I like the bikers but it is a bit difficult to see the obliterators because they have been primed. Keep up the good work. :ok:

Boc 05-09-11 03:41 AM

The oblits are definitely cool, I'm all about the ridiculously-proportioned-weapon-festooned kitbashes of them, especially as it's infinitely cheaper that dropping 22.50 a pop!

Interesting choices with the Defiler, though I must say I'm not sold yet on chopping all spikes off. Yes, painting them is a royal pain in the arse and I certainly see the benefit of not having the "I CAN SEE IT'S SPIKE SO I'M SHOOTING IT WITH 30 LASCANNONS!" problem, but it's the character!

The skeleton in the cage and the SM in the claw are nice touches, I look forward to seeing the finished model.

Keep it up!

Mossy Toes 05-09-11 04:24 AM

Thanks, both of you.

Boc: I have to credit you with the idea of a havoc launcher on the model for the third Obliterator. Also, I do kind of feel that I went too far overboard with the weapons on that guy, so I've broken off one arm to simplify it. Still...

I'll try to upload later photos in a lower resolution, so they don't mess people up when they load the thread.

Zodd 05-09-11 08:03 AM

I always like when people alter/combine/customise bits and figure to suit their own ideas. That's a very importent part of modelling, imo.
And You are doing that very well Mossy. Looking forward to see next step of Your CSM-builds.Have some rep.

Hammer49 05-09-11 07:12 PM

Nice work on the conversions for the oblits. Look forward to seeing more.

Anarkitty 05-09-11 11:43 PM

I like what you're doing. I do most of my modeling on a shoestring budget as well, and you've given me some interesting ideas...

Mossy Toes 05-10-11 04:44 AM

Thanks, everyone, for the comments and the rep! As people have expressed quite a bit of interest in the kitbashed/custom models, I feel compelled to point out that in my army showcase (sig, sidebar, top, or wherever) there are a few more similarly kitbashed--yet finished--models, such as some totally scrap-built Havocs and the aforepictured 3 Obliterators (of less note: homemade sonic blasters on the Noise Marines and a banner bearer of whom I'm rather proud among the normal marines).

Mmm, this thread is giving me plenty of incentive to get cracking on my painting. Just as I'd hoped!

Edit: Here, I'll spare you lot the hassle of heading over to that thread:

Chaos Warriors (archive and modern), Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines--hell, there's even a few IG chunks thrown in there!




Chaos Warrior cloak and banner, and his legs are really CSM arms. Hence the green stuff mud...


These are by no means all of the photos, but I thought I'd just...give some examples.

Mossy Toes 06-02-11 07:23 AM

All right, update time!

I've made progress on my Oblits, as you see. Two coats of gold. One more, some wash, then a lighter gold and boltgun metal wash on that part...plus the flesh, which will mirror the white flesh of the middle Obliterator above, I think. And the other parts.




Bikers! Not too much progress on the riders, apart from the fact that I actually got arms on that last guy. I've also taken off mold lines on them, repainted, and re-drybrushed a bit of boltgun metal...but that's unimportant. The big thing is the second coat of red on the "bikes," the dark flesh on the scales (I will work up to a bone color), and the first layer on the saddles.





And now the new purchase: Berzerkers. I've added in a few bodies, arms, legs and backpacks, strategically spread out between the box, to bolster its numbers from 12 to 16. Two squads! Please forgive the glue-frosting on quite a few of them--have I mentioned how old and tacky my super-glue is? I actually have to take the head off of my bottle and daub a stick into it, then anoint the blessed model. Then, of course, it takes hours to dry.

I really need to get some new glue. Ai, my aching wallet. Buying this squad was hard enough on it. "CSM on a Shoestring Budget" is deservedly this thread's title...

This is one squad, in all its glory. I've had that raised squad leader's base for ages, and been trying to come up with a worthy use for it.



Now for the next!




And finally, all of them together. I'm thinking that I want to do both these squads (and when I get them, both squads of Plague Marines) with a very pale, bone-colored armor that's leaking blood at the joints (or vile, rotting ichor a la the Cleaved for the PM squads).


My Defiler is one step closer to completion: full assembly. Well, I need to make a few more swabs of green stuff, but...otherwise finished being built. Soon going to move into repainting. My internal debate is whether I should try to salvage the color scheme or start over from scratch. Well, it's a bit late to Simple Green it...but whaddever.




I've started a few objectives, too, for my battles. I'm tired of using flying bases and spare small blast templates. The angel plinth was made a long while back for scenery (from an old D&D model), but I've dragged it--and some barrels, crates, and bitz--together for spoils to capture/defend.



Bitz for one of my next projects: 14 Plague Marines. I'm thinking that a box of 7, plus a box of 10 regulars, and also these bitz scavenged from my friendly local gamer store, all fairly spread around...should manage. I have 3 scythes for each squad I'll make, plus a few gribbly bits. With some green stuff and Finecast Plague Marine bodies...I think I can make this work.


Now, you might be crying out "but Mossy! that's 17 minis, not 14!" Well, fear not, I have a plan. With the 3 remaining CSM--plus a liberal addition of enough other scavenged bitz to make it 5 whole marines--I will have a Chosen squad with 3x flamers and 2x meltaguns. I've started building that supply of weapons, you see.

I'm proud of how self-made some of these are. The meltagun is a chunk of a building pillar, a bolter, and the cap of a plasma pistol; the flamer is a bolter, a metal flamer bit snipped off of an Ork Nob arm, and a meltabomb. Plus, well, a flamer, a meltagun, and a reeeally archive flamer. And then my few remaining spare backpacks. Here:


And that's all for now!

Zodd 06-02-11 05:18 PM

Hi Mossy, Your Shoestring-CMS are working out very well. A lot of good kit-bashing, nice. And the weapons you have made; very chaotic as it seems , fluffwise , a lot of the "bad" guys customises their weapons,. Well they usually don't need to pay much respect to Omnissiah :biggrin:
They have other means..

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