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ceaser543 05-03-11 05:34 PM

My daemons of chaos army. :)
I have just started up my chaos daemons army, but so far i have ->

Blue scribes (all posible upgrades)
herald of tzeench (bolt of tzeench, breath of chaos, master of sorcery and we are legion)
herald of knorne (iron hide)

8 horrors of tzeench (one icon, one bolt of tzeench , changeling)
9 bloodletters of knorne (icon and instrument)
5 plaugebearers of nurgle (icon and soon to be instrument)
10 daemonnetes of slaanesh (icon and instrument)

3 flamers of tzeench

5 Seekers on slaanesh (icon and instrument)

1 daemon prince of tzeench/nurgle (if tzeench give bolt of tzeench, iron hide, daemonic flight, breath of chaos, daemonic gaze) (if nurgle cloud of flys, noixcious touch, aura of decay and breath of chaos)

this is only my basis but im hoping to get more horrors, plaugebearers, a soulgrinder and bloodcrushers to finish off my army. :)

Daemon Prince Paintbox 05-03-11 06:40 PM

You've got the start of an nice little army I feel. I personally love to use a Bloodthirster (just finished my FW one recently, freeking awesome!) Anyway, Bloodcrushers I love and now they're plastic they're even better! I like to use 3 and herald on Juggernaut. A tough unit to shift. I personally tend to go with 2 gods, no reason it's just that's how I tend to go. I would bulk your troops up a little especially bloodletters or daemonettes. Flamers are awesome, certainly wouldn't use more then 3 in any 1 unit. Love Daemon Princes. As for Soul Grinders, I love mine but he's such a bullet magnet and I think you could maybe think to go with a couple of Daemon Princes, or 2 Soul Grinders (just to give the enemy something more to think about).

Good luck fellow Daemon!

ceaser543 05-04-11 03:13 PM

thanks bud! yea.. im trying so get some cash for a greater demon (either bloodthurster or keeper of secrets) and jugernaughts, and stick mr skulltaker on one :D

Chaos40kAD 05-05-11 02:44 AM

Get a thirster, he's a beast. You won't be disappointed. I agree with Paintbox, single grinders get shot up instantly. You can take two regular princes for the price of a phlegm grinder.. I Am still working on which prince loadouts work the best for my army build/play style, but Nurgle princes are pretty savage so far.. Skulltaker is lots of fun. I played him in a game recently and I really enjoyed him. I am thinking of slapping him with a squad of crushers too. It seems pretty epic.

Love me some Daemons <3


Aramoro 05-05-11 08:28 AM

It's a nice force what I would say you should be getting is not a Greater Daemon, too pricey and easy to kill. You need to bulk up your core a but, get yourself more Horrors ,Bloodletters and Plaguebearers if you are going to use the, 9 is just too few.

From there go either Double Daemon Prince or Double Soul Grinder.

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